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Seijiro Mafuné
5th February 2006, 6:59 PM
Okay, so this little art piece here was made while I was eating some cookies, and therefore, I felt like writing it. At first it was just a crossover, then it became a cameo party. So… enjoy the twinsanity.

Yeah, you guys do that, while I bop him on the head for misquoting Crash Bandicoot 5.

Hey, at least it has the coolest Pokémon character ever, right?

Yeah, you’re right…


In a galaxy taken by crisis…

(A picture of the galaxy being magnified, while it skips to a battle sequence where dozens of bug-shaped ships are attacking and destroying dozens of other ships.)

The Dark Lord of the Mantis waged a terrible war that was taking the galaxy into chaos.

(Picture of a purple-haired black robot-costumed person who is apparently a head shorter than any other person in the room, while he coordinates a battle.)

Soon, there would only be annihilation left, before he went to the next galaxy to initiate his evil conquer plan, and so on and on for the next twenty movies with bad endings.

(A drawn comic appears, where a child apparently has drawn two pictures: the first one is of the galaxy ships happy while the Dark Lord is angry, while the other one is the opposite, with the galaxy ships destroyed and the DL is happy.)

However, a young runaway Padawan from the Pokémon Jedi Academy School for Gifted Force-Wielder Students in planet Skiddar has gone on a quest to find the one person capable of defeating the Dark Lord and thus stopping the mass producing of horrible movies.

(Picture of a ransacked and battered Noctowl-shaped ship, flying through space, with a dozen of Cascoon ships behind them, shooting crazy red lasers that make noise despite the impossibility of such in open space.)

(During the next paragraph, the mentioned people all appear with their names listed on the bottom.)

Join Kenta, Largo, Falkner, Dash, Flammie, Trunks, Brendan, and a thousand more world-famous cameos than you can count with your brain, as they undergo the most dangerous quest in the entire space, to find the location of the ultimate weapon in the Good Side…

(During the last comment, there was a light illuminating the person from the back, but he was kept in the shadows, so that his actual front was unseen; however, as he is approached, it becomes obvious who it is…)

“Earl, I am!”

And the coolest person in the universe!


Coming to theaters near you after we get the copyrights.



What? It’s not that bad!

Sorry… I was just taken over by his awesomity.

Oh, now THAT is good…

6th February 2006, 9:51 PM
Considering the large amount of poor Star Wars crossovers that have been seen, this looks a refreshing breather. It looks like it may well be funny as well, but then I'm a sucker for people Yoda imitate who speak. A spoof is what that type of fic was crying out for.