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7th February 2006, 3:24 PM
After reading LX's fic about the Starbolts (which rocks, you should read it), I started thinking of my own mutants. I showed the ideas to them and he liked them and suggested a fic. So I decided to post the info here and see if anyone else thinks I should try to make a fic from them. The info's not complete, I'll think of more if I do attempt a fic. And I may change some details, not sure yet.

The Good Guys:
Lunar: Controls the moon so can cause lunar eclipses as well as mess with the water in the oceans and such (cause the moon's phases effect those or something). He's 18. He has silver skin, white hair, and silver eyes. His real name's Astron Celest.

Neutral: Neutralizes things including mutant powers (and gravity, giving her and whoever else she wants, a sort of flying ability). Can be temp or perma.
Her skin and hair are grey since it's a neutral color. That was done by Crayon. Her hair's a lighter grey. Her real name's Himiko Yawa. She's 16. She lives in on of the Ola's rented rooms. No history yet.

Crayon: Can change the color of anything. It can be any color including making things transparents so he can kind of turn himself and others invisible. His skin, hair, and eye colors were originally white, red, and green, respectivally but he's constantly changing them. He's eight and was adopted by the Ola's when he was five. He didn't know his name before the adoption so was named Adam then.

MF: Short for Mutant Finder. Lame name thought of by Crayon. MF can sense mutants all over the world. Many of them don't want to be mutants so he contacts them and they come to meet him so Neutral can neutralize their powers and Crayon can change the color of any of them with unusual colored skin or eyes or whatever. But he can't sense them once Neutral neutralizes their powers. He's 16 and his real name's Keemon Ola. He found Adam when he was 13 and his mom adopted Adam. His skin's brown,. he has brown eyes and he has black hair in cornrows. He likes Neutral and Crayon knows about this so he teases him about it. (I was thinking about naming him Cerebro but didn't want to rip off of X-Men.)

Misty Ola: MF's mom and Crayon's adopted mom. She's not a mutant but knows her sons are. She rents out rooms to Neutral and any mutants that visit. Her skin's brown, she has brown eyes, and long red hair (made that color by Crayon after he overheard her saying she wished her's was like that. it was how he convinced her to adopt him after Keemon found him).

The mutants will form a team named Aura.

The Bad Guys:
Solar: Can control the sun. That includes solar eclipses, making it hotter and brighter in certain places to make it hot for his enemies and partially blinding them for a bit, and making things burn like some kids do with the sun's rays going through a magnifying glass or something (couldn't think of a better way to describe it). No real name, history, or looks yet.

Psych: His mutant name's short for two things, psychic and psycho. His psychic abilities give him the power to read minds and cause illusions. The illusions are usually of things people really fear or hate or they're just really psychotic hence the second psych word. No real name, history, or looks yet.

Aquiana: Can control water, breathe underwater, and turn into water. The thing that makes her evil is that if she sometimes kills people by controlling water when someone's trying to drink it and making them die from choking. I was thinking her and Lunar could have a battle with water since they both can control it. No history or real name yet. Her skin's white, has cascade (blue) hair and eyes. She doesn't have a history yet.

Haven't thought of a name for their team yet.

So, what do you think?

7th February 2006, 4:05 PM
it sounds really good, but as always, it needs a story line

7th February 2006, 4:31 PM
LOL, obviously. I'll think of a story line if I do actually make it into a fic. I'm just wondering if people would like to read about these mutants.