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8th February 2006, 8:04 PM
Today, I thought we should have a look at the Guild Lands and debate whether they are better/worse than the dual lands of the set...as in Boros Garrison versus Sacred Foundry.

Boros Garrison


Boros Garrison comes into play tapped.
When Boros Garrison comes into play, return a land you control to its owner's hand.
T: Add RW to your mana pool.
Sacred Foundry

Land - Mountain Plains

(T: Add R or W to your mana pool.)
As you play Sacred Foundry, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Sacred Foundry comes into play tapped instead.

Guild Lands:
Boros Garrison (RW)
Dimir Aqueduct (UB)
Golgari Rot Farm (GB)
Selesnya Sanctuary (GW)
Gruul Turf (GR)
Izzet Boilerworks (RU)
Orzhov Basilica (BW)

Dual Lands:
Overgrown Tomb (GB)
Sacred Foundry (RW)
Temple Garden (GW)
Watery Grave (UB)
Stomping Ground (GR)
Steam Vents (RU)
Godless Shrine (BW)

Advantages of Dual Lands:
Unlike the old dual lands and the Guild lands, they don't have to come into play tapped if you have the life to spare--which is typically early in the game.

Being able to provide two types of mana from the same land is excellent and will prevent you from getting mana screwed late game.

Farseek can pull them out of the deck because they have basic land types.

Disadvantages of Dual Lands:
By turn 4 or 5 you'll want every point of life you can get, so this thing will probably be a land drop that does nothing the turn you get it.

They are expensive...some of the most expensive cards in the block.
Advantages of Guild Lands:
Guild lands allow your deck to make more mana with fewer cards.

The land produces two mana, so essentially the mana penalty is a one-turn deal. You will have more mana with fewer cards used, freeing up your hand.

In the long run, this will put you one mana ahead of the game as opposed to just playing basic lands.

They're cheap (commons!)

Disadvantages of guild lands:
They are HORRIBLE topdecks late game.

They must come into play tapped.

During the turn you play them, you're out 3 mana. Meaning if you play this early, you will have virtually no mana until turn 3.

I like the Guild Lands more than the dual lands because they give you mana advantage, but they only work in their respective guild decks.

8th February 2006, 11:06 PM
Guild Lands come into play tapped, but they also return a land to your hand. Sometimes, that can be advantage because if you don't draw lands...and they do free up space for mana. Dual lands are better I think, although I don't know why its so much money(I know they're really good, but really).

9th February 2006, 1:44 AM
Advantages of Dual Lands:

Both Land Types (farseek, fetchlands, thereby easier to get, plus bonuses in Invasion block).
Can come into play untapped
Color Help (Provides either color of mana.)
Least Drawback (Life = most expendable resource. Sui-black proves this well.)

Advantages of Guild Lands:

Makes up for a missed land drop (IE, produces two mana).
Color Help (Provides both colors of mana.)

Thats my thoughts on them.

Sergay Wang
9th February 2006, 1:58 AM
Guild Land Disadvantage: (not listing things previously mentioned)
-Unplayable on turn 1.

Guild Land Advantages: (list listing previously mentioned)
-Can go around Horoki, Dust Drinker. Return a land, untap the Guild Land, then replay the other one.
-Can mana a decent combo with Stone-Seed Hierophant. Although, Stone Seed Hierophant isn't exactly a good card.

Paying 2 life for a Dual Land is vastly overrated as a downside. 2 life doesn't hurt nearly as much as say.... 10 life you might lose from Ungerground River if you need colored mana. And anyone who has played Psychatog during Type 2-Odyssey knows it happens sometimes. And playing a Guild Land in the late game is exactly as fast as playing a Dual Land, even in late game, since Guild Lands come into play tapped and require the return of one land.

14th February 2006, 6:15 AM
And you can also get around one of the downsides by tapping the land you return before you play the Guild Land...doesn't say anywhere on the card that you have to return an untapped land, so you're only out 2 mana not 3, but what you can do with that mana is limited.

Sergay Wang
14th February 2006, 10:20 PM
-You can play a deck with a mana base of only Dual Lands, but cannot with Guild Lands.