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8th February 2006, 9:04 PM
This is something I'm trying to do. I've got the plot kinda sorted, the Limit Break system managed, the character creation and overall sign-ups sorted, but I've hit one major snag. The Materia system. It's driving me crazy how to sort it out so I don't get people signing up with Contain, Ultima, Final Attack etc. I could limit them, but then how do I list Materia to pick for people who haven't played FFVII, and explain their effects? I'll list what I got, but I need major help. If anyone does help, I will give credit for their ideas.

Title: Rebirth Of Armageddon(Umm, how to spell Armageddon would also help, my Word Processor sucks)

Plot:A long time has passed since Meteor and Holy clashed. The names of the heroes who stopped 'The Great Calamity From The Sky' have long been forgotten outside their descendants. Midgar is forgotten by all except one creature. His name is Nanaki, though most call him RedXIII. He is very strange. He's a large red dog, with numerous tatoos on his body, most insignias of XIII, though some lost tribal tattoos who's meaning is known only by him. His fur is flame red, and his eyes a clear orange. His mane is brown, but is turning grey now time has set in. He is what they now call a Cancient, a sub-species of Cetra, the race of beings who created Holy and Meteor. Being a Cancient, he can talk. He is the great chief of the people of Cosmo Canyon, a place where science and nature meet in harmony.

He is old, but his senses that were honed in his travels with the heroes are still sharp. He knows that something is going wrong deep in space. While the thing Meteor created was destroyed, Meteor itself wasn't. Now, it has re-awakened. A dark will from beyond this plane is calling to it, and it is responding. RedXIII possibly knows who is calling it, but fears that if he is right, far worse things will happen. But, to be sure, he must find new heroes. People who have the same abilities as his old friends to save the world. And he must find a way to re-awaken Holy. Time is running short. If Meteor reacts before Nanaki can succed, the land is doomed.

But, deep under the ruins of the lost city, something else is awakening...

The basic idea is something's awakened Meteor, and Nanaki, who's now over 200 years old, is out to find people who can do what Cloud and the others in FFVII once did. But, as the plot goes, twists will make it easier.


Name: (obvious)
Age: (Obvious)
Description: (I'll allow images, but if you use written you must be at least five sentences long)
Personality: (This is differant to history. It's five sentences minimum)
History: (This is very simple. What's your story? I will allow relations, but I don't want you all related to characters in Final Fantasy. You can't be related to Vincent, Aeris or Cait Sith, Vincent as I doubt he had kids, Seris as she definetly didn't, and Cait Sith as he's a stuffed animal. If your Cancient you must have some link to Nanaki)
Weapon Choice(Depends on race and career): (options listed below)
Race: (see below)
Career: (see below)
Your Guardian Summon(s): (see below)
Limit Break Set(Depends on race):-
(see below for options)
Vehicle: (optional)
RPG sample: (Obvious)


There are several races here, all generally linked to the actual game. The names I've given are just to make things simpler. I hope.

Human: Self explanatory. You're human, and a very good all rounder, being able to use weapons, magic and summons all quite effectively. But unless you're like Barret and have a gun-graft, you're Limit Breaks are very unspectacular in terms of appearance.

Cancient: You're Nanaki's race. This is the one where you have to have some link to Nanaki. Like humans, in terms of Materia you're good alround-ers. But as you lack apposable thumbs, weapons are very simple, and career choices are limited. Your Limit Breaks are pretty cool though, working on a beastial and spiritual level.

Cetra: In terms of appearance you're very human like, but you lack in the offensive department. Where you excel is magic and Summon Materia, being able to unlock their true power owing to your innate link to their creation. Your Limits are on a spiritual level, and at later levels get very spectacular.

Jenova Descendant: While Vincent's line may have been lost, Jenova's hasn't. Her blood still flows through people today, and in certain individuals it takes a more direct hold. You speacialise in offensive skills and weapon use, but magic and Summon ability isn't very impressive, so you tend to make up with it by using REALLY powerful Summons. Where you truly stand out though is Limits, because Jenova's cells give you the ability to completely transform, from a human like apperance to things from your greatest nightmares or dreams.

If you want a custom race, PM me. But keep it sensible. You will need to mention the kinds of weapons you can use and Limits you can access.


This basically decides what weapon you use, and what Limits are best suited for you, if you're human.

Soldier: Being a soldier, you have access to some very nice pieces of equipment. Anything along the lines of swords and guns are standard. BUT if in your history you had some sort of accident involving your arm, you can opt out for a gun graft, where you get a gun fitted into your very arm. Soldier positions are kept only to humans and Jenova descendants, but occasionaly allows a Cetra in. But rarely.

Professional Fighter: After being trained by senseis from around the world, your prefer to get your hands dirty and fight close range. You can wield knuckle dusters, spears and staffs very well. Also, is you lack apposable thumbs, hair pins offer a simple but effective weapon for making your head butts even worse. This option of career is open to all races.

Materia Hunter/Ninja: Ahh, so you speacilise in the sly and stealthy arts of the ninja do you? You can wield shurikens very well, and swords are also a valid option. Since you obviously do a bit of Materia hunting on the side, you can get your hands on some pretty nice Materia as well. This is best suited for humans and Cetra only, but Jenovas are occasionaly valid.

Mercenary: Very simple, you do anything, for anyone, for the right price. You can come from any walk of life and specialise in whatever you want. Whatever weapon best suits your taste is what you use. All races can be mercenaries, but this is the most 'keep it sensible' career choice. I don't care if you're a Cancient mercenary, you can't use a sword without apposable thumbs!

Pilot: You speacilise in transporting people and stuff places. In case of emergency, you prefer to keep the enemy as far away from your vehicle as possible. So spears and guns are your prefferred choice of weapons. Jenovas, humans and Cetras all qualify for this job.


Swords(in general, can be one or two handed)
Knuckle Dusters
Hair Pins(This is the only thing a Cancient can wield, and only Cancients can use them)
Gun Arms(Gun graft recipients only)
Guns(can be hand guns or rifles, your choice)

If you want a custom weapon, PM me.

Limit Breaks are abilities you can call on in a tight spot. They are in four levels, each with two Limit Breaks at each level. The higher the level, the more powerful the Limit. BUT when you start the RPG, you can only access LV1 Limits, and then you gain more as you go along. I'll decide when you can access a new Limit level. These are the types and races that use them:

This applies to all races. Basicaly, you use a very elaborate attack based on your weapon. These are available at all levels, to anyone. These are purely offensive. You can use ones from existing Final Fantasies, or create your own. But if you create your own you need to explain how they work thoroughly. You can have the same Limit as another RPer, but your sets can't be identical.

Only Cetra and Cancient can access these. Basically you call on the power of the planet to help you. These can be used at all levels, but generally remain unphysical until the later levels. These can be used to heal or strengthen you and your allies, weaken your foe or just lay a beating on the foe. This sort of move is like those of RedXIII and Aeris.

This can be accessed by anyone, but relates to your career. If you're a pilot you can call on an offensive vehicle or creature to attack the foe. If you're a soldier you can activate a piece of high level offensive weaponry, such as a sattelite or bomb, and use it on the opponent. These can only be acceses at LV3 +.

Only Jenovas can access these. Basically, you transform into some sort of creature with access to hellish powers. If you choose these purely, you're only allowed four limits instead of eight, as these Limits are both powerful and spectacular. BUT you can have these as your second choice, and have a Physical alternative at each level, such as, for an example:

Physical: Braver
Morph: Galian Beast

Physical: Blade Beam
Morph: Death Gigas

Physical: Meteorain
Morph: Hellmasker

Physical: Omnislash
Morph: Chaos

But, be aware that Morphing comes at a price. You lose control, and your attacks are randomized. Your Morphed form has access to two types of attack, a physical special, and a magical special. The odds of using the physical are 3/4 and the odds of using the Magical are 1/4. And if you do Morph, you can only mention initiating an attack, I'll decide what move you use by the unbiased method of rolling two dice I keep next to my computer. Power comes at a price. If you do pick Morph as a Limit choice, you must use this sign up as well:

Morph LV1:
Name: (obvious)
Description: (five sentences minimum)
Physical Skill Name: (obvious, a good example would be Berserk Dance)
What It Does: (I'll be nice here, one sentence minimum, but I'd prefer a thorough description)
Magical Skill Name: (again, obvious, a favourite example of mine would be Beast Flare)
What It Does: (this must be much more thorough. Is it elemental? How big is it's blast radius? Does it cause status effects? What on earth does it look like? Do you turn around and blow up in their face?)
Endurance: (this decides how long you can stay in that form before losing conciousness. The three levels are low, mid and high. What it is decides it's endurance is. A gigantic demon bird would have high, while a psycho in a hockey mask with a chainsaw would be low)

Once you morph, the only ways to change back are via either defeating the opponent or losing conciousness. For the latter, I post a warning saying if you are near to losing conciousness.

Guardian Summon(s)
My favourite bit. Rather than simply just finding a Summon Materia, a certain set of Summons serve as your protector, as they know your going to save the world. As the Summons get more powerful, the number in a group gets lower. Once all these go that is when the RPG will begin.


Element Masters:
Choco/Mog, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan

Lords Of Havoc:
Odin, Alexander, Hades

Bahamut In All His Glory:
Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, Bahamut ZERO

Lords Of The Beasts:
Phoenix, Leviathan

Elemental Havoc:
Typhoon, Kjata

Ultimate Summon:
Knights Of The Round

Five sets. I'm currently collecting images and info, so this is an area that will be improved. I'm personally hoping this'll mainy attract people who've played FFVII, but I'd best make sure. Before you ask though, my character will be getting the Bahamuts. Sorry to get your hopes up. To be fair though, you can only actually use your Guardian Summons once you find their Materia. They just serve as your guides before that. This system is just to stop one person getting all the Summon Materia. That, and I think they needed a bigger role.

Ok, that's what I've got. I SERIOUSLY need some help with how to organise the Materia system. The idea I currently have is that the RPer signs ups, and then I decide what materia they start with from what their sign-up tells me about their character. They can then, in RP, customise themselves to whatever extent they see fit. But then there's actually explaining to a non FFVII player the Materia system...

15th February 2006, 8:48 PM
Well the way you give out the materia seems fine, other than that, I suggest letting them pick around 1-3 starter meteria of their choice (fire, earth, lightning, ice, cure and all) and then customize during the RPG.

As for explaining it to people who have not played the game, then the easiest wayto explain them are crystalized orbs of magic that are absorbed by the character's body/ placed in weapon slots (depending on whether you are using movie or game theams) that alow the user to cast all sort sof magic.

Thats basically it.

Hope that helps at least a tad XP

15th February 2006, 8:54 PM
Yeah, I'll probably go with that. I'll say that materia attach to weapons and armour, but I'll set no limits. The weapons simply decide how effectively enemies fall to you. Right, now to just c + p all this with edits. GREAT. And I'll set the basic the four you suggested for base. Thanks loads Ookami.