View Full Version : Rank of Guilds in Ravinca for MTG

8th February 2006, 10:24 PM
What is your rank of guilds? I didn't have enough experience with Guildpact yet so I'll just do the four.

1.Senslyna(sp)(guild is incredibly deadly)
3.Golgari(I didn't excactly have any experinece with Golgari at all, so I may underestimate it)
4.Dimir(Decking out is a bit hard, but at least it has Moroii, which I think it should be something different, since it steals youth aka deck out)
Golgari and Boros are kinda tied.

Sergay Wang
9th February 2006, 12:47 AM
As it is so far, this is how I rank them:

1. Golgari- Strong creatures and control spells like Putrefy make a deadly combination. Dredge is also an extremely powerful ability, especially for creatures like Stinkweed Imp and Grave-shell Scarab.

2. Dimir- Despite milling being the most obvious thing that they do, Dimir actually has a lot more tricks then that. Moroii revives the deadly UB Aggro-Control. Dmiir Doppelganger actually has a good deal of combo opportunities. And Transmute is a combo player's dream.

3. Orzhov- The next best control combination. With removal, discard, control as well as life gain, direct damage and decently strong and effecient creatures, it's only major weakness is land fixing.

4. Izzet- My favorite color combination. Counterburn can now be revived thanks to burn spells like Invoke the Firemind. Unfortunately R&D has been hosing counterspells, so it's not nearly as strong as I'd been hoping for. It still has it's strengths and it will definitely be able to boost Counterburn in older formats like Extended.

5. Boros- W/R Weenie is absurdly strong, stronger then Selesyna IMO. And Boros Deck Wins is in too many tournaments to ignore the color combination.

6. Selesnya- Heavily dependant on Convoke in the late game, which means it is dependant on weenies in the early game. A big weakness IMO. Table sweepers like Wrath of God set Selesyna back many, many turns. For the most part, the deck needs support from other colors like Red or Black to make it a powerhouse.

7. Gruul- With the exception of Land Destruction, I can't forsee many Gruul decks being all too powerful. Bloodthirst is not an amazing ability, especially since most creatures with Bloodthirst are extremely weak if Bloodthirst doesn't trigger. A 6 drop 3/3 Flyer like Skarrgan Firebird isn't amazing, but even after bloodthirst, it's only a 6/6 which is fairly mediocre. I'm sure I'm underrating Gruul, as I haven't had any opportunities to use it.