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12th February 2006, 12:56 AM
We are all comprised of many parts. There is the part of ourselves that we wish to reveal to others, and there is the part that we keep locked in deep within our psyches. There is the part of us that wishes to do only what is good and right, just as there is the part of us that feeds on our rage, our sadness, and our fear. Our greatest dreams…and our greatest nightmares.
But there are also parts of us that are mere fragments of a greater whole. A stray emotion, a lost memory, the tiny synaptic pulses that are lost forever to the huge void of the subconscious. The seemingly unimportant details that we dismiss just as soon as we become aware of them. What ever happens to them?
And what happens when we forget something larger than that? What if something as instrumental as your courage is thrown into the void? What would happen if the love you feel gets dropped into the forgotten heap? Who would help you find it? Or, more importantly, how do you get it back?
One can only wonder…

Ah, where to begin? I suppose Hoenn must be where it all began, the entire great mess.
It is difficult to believe that such a peaceful place could give rise to such events - such a clean, uncorruptable marvel of the modern world. But rise they did, and I will tell you how.

The council sat in an organized fashion before the Almighty Lord of Legends, as it always did. Those with a high rank sat at the front bench, known as the legendaries, and all sorts of monsters with above average power sat in the back, all two hundred of them. But the Lord sat in front and faced his miniature kingdom, and they faced him with their modest attire, so it was and so it always had been.

"Sir," the chairman said, "The council will now hear from those who hail of the Kanto Regions. Mewtwo."

The Lord nodded his approval. The legend stood and moved to the speaking position beside the overlord. The rest of the legends, of all sorts of shapes and sizes, ceased their hushed whispers to pay attention.
Mewtwo approached the leader, hovering lightly above the ground. He had rapidly claimed the title of a legend.
What was he? Was anybody to question it? He was, as far as anybody ever wondered, simply Mewtwo. His skin was completely smooth, all sorts of shades of greys and purples over his body.

Mewtwo. Simply Mewtwo. He was not the most attractive being in the world, his skin completely smooth, with two necks, and was what you might call, bald. But this was perhaps the devil's bargain for his other attributes. Mewtwo had an intelligence far beyond any other. It was an intimidating kind of intelligence, one that looked down on you and knew its own superiority. He had come out of nowhere, meeting the Lord out of nowhere, and rapidly obtained his title, despite the mystery which almost completely shrouded his past.

"Mewtwo," the Lord Ho-oh cried. Few things could bring humor to this man, and Mewtwo was one of them. There was safety in Mewtwo - trust, honor and dignity. Something that was missing from many other legends. "It is good to see you, my friend. I trust you bring news from afar."

"Indeed I do," Mewtwo replied, and stood beside his Lord to address the government. "As you know," he announced, "I have spent the past months traveling to thousands of cities across the world. Unfortunately, my friends, I bring dire news. I have seen it with my own eyes. The Arack Kingdom is expanding."

The room burst into sound. The entire council began to talk amongst themselves, in worried tones of voice. The chairman hushed them, as Mewtwo continued.

"As you all know, we have been threatened by this clan before. Even now, they continue to expand, and three new bases have emerged since last we traveled to their world. The next time they threaten us, it is conceivable that we will be unable to defend ourselves from them. Their speed is nothing short of remarkable.”
"What plans have the various countries formed to prevent attack?" Lord Ho-oh asked.

Mewtwo looked over the parliament. Then he looked to the front bench, where the ministers were watching him intently.

"In dealing with this threat, many of our allies are considering Mecha-Fusion."

The parliament burst into chatter again. One monster, a red draconic beast with a flaming tail, stood and addressed Mewtwo directly in a loud, rasping voice.

"You want to kill people and fuse them with robots? This is starting our folly all over again!"

Mewtwo shook his head slowly. "In fact, I do not feel that this will be enough to protect us. I feel that, in order to truly display our might and intimidate hostile forces, we need to construct a full army of these beings."

Outrage. "You're mad!" they all screeched.

Mewtwo tried to shout over the raised voices, and the room calmed as he spoke. "There are three individual aspects to our lifestyle that we must protect with the utmost vigilance. Number one – Ho-oh. We must sustain the world, the pokemon, and Lord Ho-oh. Number two - Residents. We must protect the people in this world from any odd threat, keep a guard around every continent. Keep invading forces out. And number three - Tradition. We have to protect our way of life, and the rights we all deserve. With our current force, we struggle to do this, and how would we fare if the Arack Kingdom marched into our land? I have the schematics for a project that can uphold the stability of each of these institutions – the Lord, the residents, and tradition - by having robotic beings that defend the lands, simultaneously defensive and offensive in every way. If we used normal pokemon it would be the first thing our enemies take out. But if we built them with our DNA, who can touch them? The Mecha-Fusions are a reality. I have worked out every detail. I call it Project Cycle. It will take ten years to complete, but after that time, our safety is assured. Now, it is true that it will cost considerably, but we can budget it." He cleared his throat. "We can also form robot workers to wipe out labor costs."

Now, there was complete anarchy in the parliament. Pokemon stood and shouted incomprehensibly at Mewtwo. They spoke to each other with shock and awe. Only Mewtwo himself appeared calm, he seemed almost certain that his ideals would be upheld, one way or another.
"Mewtwo," shouted an outspoken legend from one of the front benches, "You realize what you are saying, surely! Now, perhaps you are too young to remember the Android Rebellion, dear Mewtwo, but I am not. That was a horror that nobody in this world wishes to repeat! Robots fighting pokemon, by the end of it we could do nothing about it, except shut it down before it destroyed the world! And that is why there is an international agreement amongst mortals, Mewtwo, never to research or manufacture in the field of robotics. Even the automobile fringes on illegal technology. Any machine built must be completely and entirely driven by human. There will certainly be no Project Cycle, unnecessary murder, or anything!"

"Hear hear!" somebody shouted.

"I am aware of the restrictions on artificial intelligence," Mewtwo replied, "But I am also aware of the protocol to bypass it. The international agreement was made with the unanimous decision that robotics may be produced if it is strictly in the interest of self defense. Has the Arack Kingdom not threatened us with force if we do not appease their one-sided material interests? This is a cold war, and we must do everything in our power to make sure the enemies of freedom do not prevail."
"I must concur with Mewtwo," spoke a voice from the depths of the parliament, and heads swiveled to see who might be so mad as to support this notion.

It was an odd pokemon named Mew. This legend was like Mewtwo, although nobody ever questioned this just as nobody questioned that a sphere was round. Some things in this world just were as they were. Mew was a cat-like pokemon, entirely pink. Her face was smooth and clean. Her past was even more shrouded than that of Mewtwo, yet she was greatly admired. People suspected and feared Mewtwo, but Mew was different. She was accepted. She was no genius, sometimes childish, but her intellect was quite remarkable.

"You agree with this madness?" the outspoken counciller demanded.

"Indeed I do," Mew replied, "And it is not madness, but mere common sense. The ban on technology implemented after the Android Rebellion is nothing but paranoid overregulation, restricting us from developing technology on par with Arack Kingdom and any other rogue pokemon. They already have machines, and great ones. The reality of the situation is that the deregulation of robotics is the only way we can protect our way of life. We learn from mistakes, there will be no repeat of the great wars. The Android Rebellion occurred because humans developed robots too quickly, it will not repeat as long as we take great care in our planning."

There was chattering in the hall, now. Mewtwo's ideas could be seen as outrageous, but Mew? Her support turned the tide of opinion, and now many didn't know what to think.
From his position near the Lord, Mewtwo looked out into the crowd and glanced directly at Mew. Mew glanced back, sustaining eye contact for only a moment, and then the glances parted.

Mewtwo lingered in the wings after the parliament was dismissed. Alone, he sat.
His skill above his peers was strengthened by the fact that he was fantastic with his hands, as well as with his mind. His fingers were thin and nimble, there was no tremble in his hands whatsoever, and his patience was remarkable.

He touched the stone floors with those tremble-free hands now, ran his finger across the smoothness of it.

Somebody else entered the hall, now. Mewtwo was not surprised, as he was expecting it. Mew sat next to him, in the Defense Tactician’s place, and said not a word.

"They certainly don't like the idea," Mewtwo said, "They're stuck on the idea of a perfect world without technology. Pathetic, isn't it?"

"Quite so," Mew replied, "But that's why you have me here."

"Indeed. But everything would fall into ruin if they knew what you really were. Everything we've built up to these past few years, we would be a travesty. We're entering a crucial period now, Mew. We have to take meticulous care, every step of the way. I almost have you elected Defense Minister."

"Things will run smoothly," Mew assured him, "As long as our tracks are covered. How is your research coming along?"

Mewtwo smiled. "Better than I expected. Their speed and strength is magnificent, and I have mapped out muscle structure. I can almost begin to create the replica design."

"You know," Mew said, "That you have to destroy them in the end."

"Naturally," Mewtwo sighed, "But it is almost a shame. Such a magnificent creations. But they have such strong spirits, always wanting to do something else. You cannot control their human halves as you can with their robot. It is a pity."

"I wouldn't know," Mew said, and looked down at the floor.

These two figures, embodied opinions in a growing movement, were the only individuals on the planet who could have predicted the storm that was coming.

The story, the real story, doesn't begin until ten years later.

...this has been sitting in my computer for about a month. Some long-lost idea for some roleplay. The problem is, I have no idea what to do next. Make it into some free-form roleplay, make it into some huge quest, scrap the idea, I have no idea. I am in need to see what you think of this, and what you think I should do with it. Help.

Seijiro Mafuné
12th February 2006, 2:27 AM
Scrap this would be useless.

But maybe a free-form thing COULD be good.