View Full Version : The name-change thread...... closed?

Komedic Konservationist
13th February 2006, 6:49 PM
Today, I was sitting infront of the computer and browsing the forums, when I suddenly realised how much I hate my current user name. It isn't capatalised, sounds kiddy, and features the n00bish ''master''.
So, I went to the name-change thread, only to find it was closed. Why did it close? I couldn't see a thread about this anywere else, so I decided to ask.

Tropical Spirit
13th February 2006, 6:52 PM
I guess Shining Mew is too busy to take requests now. Don't worry, it will open again soon.

13th February 2006, 7:22 PM
last time she closed it to catch up to all the posts..

RaZoR LeAf
13th February 2006, 7:28 PM
It's called WAITING. Look it up.