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14th February 2006, 1:26 AM
Attention please, this class on variety show fics is now in session...

Welcome...I am FlamingRuby, the creator of the hit variety show fic "The Ash and Pikachu Show". I bet you're wondering 'How do I make a variety show fic that'll give FR a run for her money?'

Glad you asked! In today's class, we'll look at the basics of a variety show like Ash and Pikachu. (hereafter reffered to as ANP so I don't have to type it so often)

What's in a Name?

Your "show"'s name is how people will remember it, so choose wisely! Some good choices for names include the name of your host character, but in the case of ANP, I used the host character's name (Ash) and the host character's favorite Pokemon (Pikachu). These are not the only choices for names, but make sure your name is a good one!


Depending on how popular your "show" gets, you may decide to write several "seasons" of it...but the big question is: How long do you make them?

In TV land, a season is roughly 50 episodes (sometimes less, sometimes more), but you don't have to adhere to this rule; you can have the season count match your star Pokemon's Pokedex number. (like I do with ANP, each "season" has 25 episodes, which matches Pikachu's Pokedex number). Just to allay confusion, just number your episodes consecutively. (i.e. if your Season 1 finale is, say, Episode 30, the Season 2 premiere counts as Episode 31).

Likewise, it's also a good idea to introduce new elements to your "show" each season to keep readers interested, but we'll talk more on this later.

Puttin' It All Together!

Okay, so you have a show name, enough material for several seasons, and are wondering how to structure your show....it's called a "variety show" for a reason: there's a variety of things that happen on the show, and hopefully you have a variety of material to work with...otherwise your readers will be bored.

Here's the basic backbone of ANP:

--OP sequence
--welcome and intro (Ash)
--Misty/May segement (living comics for Misty, skits for May)
--musical number (Brock)
--closing/credits (sometimes there's an after credit gag, depending on the show's theme

Please note that this plan is not set in stone...I sometimes cut parts of this or add to it depending on the show's theme.

Next: The cast and a grand entrance!

Akilah Imani
14th February 2006, 1:40 AM
Couldn't this have gone into "Tips and tutors" or "Advice for Aspiring Authors"?
We really don't need another thread just for this. If everyone starts a [insert name] 101 thread, this place will get to crowded. I say its better to keep it all in one place.