View Full Version : Pokemon- Dont back down! AMV *Finish Spoilers*

Pokemon Trainer Robert
14th February 2006, 2:45 AM
Alright Alright..Now this is my VERY and I mean VERY first time ever making a Pokemon AMV with a Movie before, And Its the 8th movie. This project I was saving up for especially this movie, But I already know someone did alot with this one. He/She inspire me to use the 8th movie. I worked on this AMV till 3am late last night and got done till 6pm today. I put all of my effort into this amv and it was a very large project since the movie was 1GB for my Movie maker I had to constantly stop and wacth the video by saving it as a movie file. Any way I think I should stop chattering now...>.><.<...Enjoy pokemon fans. I do hope this video came out great....I almost collaps in my own room when I got done forgetting the time to eat and rest.. Any way thats all I have for now, I am back and freshing new ENJOY!

Title: Pokemon- Wont Back Down!
Anime: Pokemon The Movie 8
Song: Never Turn Back (By Crush 40)
Credit song: Time has come.
Spoilers: Yes
Link: http://www.youtube.com/w/?v=KhMm3baHOdw

I hope you enjoy ever since my absence, Been waiting to get more songs and episodes for a AMV but this will do hope all of you like it.

EDIT: NM found the delete button, Any way tell me what you think about it