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Cooltrainer Nick
14th February 2006, 9:54 PM
Sup.Im Cooltrainer Nick(just call me Nick).

Uhh..I've been with Pokemon ever since it first came out in the U.S.I got into it when I bought my first pack of cards at K-Mart.;136;

Now,I'm a PKMN Video Gamer,PKMN Expertise Researcher in the Anime,and is currently on the look for Pokemon Doujinshi and Manga downloads(if you know any sites with pokemon doujinshi([online reading] or where to download any pokemon manga pm me)

That's all.


My favorite PKMN of all time is...ABSOL!(Changes every month or 2)

14th February 2006, 10:20 PM
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14th February 2006, 10:40 PM
Hello, Cooltrainer Nick and welcome to SPPf. I hope you've read the rules, and if you haven't, it's a MUST to do so. The common rule breakers do are double, triple, etc. posting and spamming unnecessarily on purpose. Accidental repeated posting, however, are a different story especially if it's in lag or so. So remember, the edit button does not bite... as do with some members.

Lastly; have fun, stay out of trouble, and stay active here at SPPf. Also, if you haven't figured it out, SPPf stands for.. Serebii Pokémon Pages forums.

Be on the lookout for the [hidden] rabid Plusles that will know the instant someone breaks the rules. Courtesy to the ruler of rabid Plusles, PsiUmbreon.

15th February 2006, 12:18 AM
Hello. Welcome to SPPf, and I hope you don't get banned...unlike some other newbies...*cough*

Anyway, PM me if you wanna be friends (although only 8 people have actually done that to me), and PM me if you need any help (2 people)...yeah...I'm not that helpful, am I?

15th February 2006, 12:20 AM
You seem like an alright guy, welcome to SPPf. Remember to read the rules and follow them, don't want to get in trouble, now do we? :)

Akilah Imani
15th February 2006, 12:40 AM
Welcome to SPPF Nick.


15th February 2006, 2:52 AM
welcome have fun and don't spam.

This phrase is getting old.

The Mighty Wurmple
15th February 2006, 8:08 AM
Hey there Nick!
PM me if you wanna be friends or if you need help or if you just want to chat.
Have a great time here and abide by the rules!

15th February 2006, 10:39 AM
Hey Nick if you wanna be friends, PM me

Fluorescent Adolescent
15th February 2006, 10:42 AM
Do you go on NB? I believe I have beaten someone with the name of you countless times :)

I'm expecting a "no" response to save you the embarrassment 8D

But yeah welcome anyway. With a title like sup, who doesn't want to welcome this duder ;D

Virtual Headache
15th February 2006, 3:36 PM
Rocket's Registeel, there is no reason to make posts like that.
Don't do this again.

Welcome to the forums, Cooltrainer Nick!
I hope you'll have a great time here :)

15th February 2006, 5:47 PM
Welcome to SPPf Cooltrainer Nick, I hope you fit in well here ^^. Remember to post well, and have fun around the forums!

15th February 2006, 6:39 PM
Welcome to SPPF... I sure hope youe enjoy your stay.

Cooltrainer Nick
15th February 2006, 9:30 PM
Hey I'll PM all you guys cause that's what I need is freinds.

Ryan-I NB,I was TR Nick.