View Full Version : 750 character limit in signatures

Expert Evan
17th February 2006, 9:54 PM
In recently adding an image of my newest shiny pokemon, I noticed I was unable to save my signature since it exceeded 750 characters, so I had to truncate some stuff off.

I was wondering since the smileys here take minimal characters if its possible to have shiny smileys as well for some of us that like to display our shiny pokemon in our signatures.

I may have to resort to making one image for all my shiny pokemon eventually if necessary.

RaZoR LeAf
17th February 2006, 10:04 PM

Locke Yggdrasill
17th February 2006, 11:13 PM
Or, heck, just combine them all into one image. o.o

17th February 2006, 11:46 PM
I don't think that works correctly with vBulletin, because of the lack of file extensions at the end of the URL. Use *******.com (http://*******.com) instead.

18th February 2006, 12:22 AM
Im using tinyurl right now and its working...

Expert Evan
18th February 2006, 5:06 AM
I went ahead and combined images into one which seems to work like a charm.