View Full Version : MTG COTD: Sonic Seizure

24th February 2006, 7:43 PM
Sonic Seizure - Torment. Common
R: Instant
As an additional cost to play Sonic Seizure, discard a card at random from your hand.
Sonic Seizure deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

yep, it's a wanna be Lightning Bolt. Is it worth it you ask? Is Baldulvian Horde worth it?

It's really a situational card, are there any bomb cards in your hand worth risking to discard? Are there just chump cards that you dont care about? Limited, this card should be pretty useful. Worth the discard? Maybe.

The Duck's Rating: 2/5

Shadow Trainer
24th February 2006, 9:14 PM
As klducks said it's a wannabe Lightning Bolt, if you have alot of useless cards in your hand it's probably worth the discard, but if you have too many cards that you need it might not be worth the risk. 3/5

3rd March 2006, 8:25 AM
Then there's Volcanic Hammer, Lightning Helix, and actually using Lightning Bolt... I have a friend who plays Crowd Control with no creatures whatsoever, and honestly, he does not need this card.

Felix Feral Fezirix
4th March 2006, 3:52 PM
This card is so situational replacements can be easily found. Like the old school Volcanic Hammer, as well as the annoying Lightning Helix. ANd wannabe Lightning Bolt is right, but it's just not up to the challenge. 1/5.

6th March 2006, 2:43 AM
It's a cheaper volcanic hammer with a huge draw back. Shock is good, volcanic hammer is solid, hell, lightning elemental is better than this. One card. On mana. One Card. One Mana. One card. One mana. One Mana.

I suppose it could be used in conjunction with madness, but I'd rather use something that FOR SURE will kill the card that I want it to kill in my hand, then play with this thing and get a game-turning card knocked out of my hand.


Felix Feral Fezirix
7th March 2006, 4:48 PM
In conclusion, this is useless.

8th March 2006, 1:10 AM
Looks like its time to play devils advocate.

This is far from a useless card.

As Shadow Trainer put it: 3/5

You can call this a wannabe lightning bolt all you want. It is STILL 3 damage for R. Drawback aside. And who cares about the drawback anyways? This was in a time where graveyard size was more important for other cards. Again: ITS STILL THREE DAMAGE. They're not going to reprint Lightning Bolt anytime soon, and this is an INSTANT. Lava Spike is a socrery and only hits players, but is able to be spliced onto. This hits either creatures or players, and is an instant, BUT you discard at random. Comparing the two, this card is definately more versatile. Does that mean Lava Spike is a 1?

And let us remember: Mana Leak is a wannabe Counterspell, and yet, its STILL good. Imagine that.

Felix Feral Fezirix
8th March 2006, 10:12 AM
Shrapnel Blast does slightly better as a bigger and more versatile version, since it's an artifact in play you need to sacrifice. lol.

8th March 2006, 10:20 AM
Lava Spike can be spliced onto, is that not better than average?
Lava Spike - Splice Glacial Bolt x 5. Poof, you became Coco Crunch.

8th March 2006, 3:22 PM
Yeah, splicing Glacial Ray onto it is above average.

But I'd take the instant over it in most cases. Such as if I didnt want to run glacial ray in lieu of other burn. Like Seal of Fire.

You know, something that can hit creatures on just R.