View Full Version : Anyone else playing Dungeon w/o Jap. knowledge

1st March 2006, 8:16 AM
I just received my copy a few days ago and I can tell by trial and error and help from the site what to do yet there's still tons more I don't know...Is this game only in Jap. symbols and if so, is it difficult to learn because I wouldn't mind understanding some of the text

Caterpie Master
5th March 2006, 9:21 PM
Well, it's now only in japanese, but it will come out in english.
I'm also a dungeon player who understands nothing, but it isn't a really hard game.
Japanese IS one of the 10 most hard languages to learn, so I won't suggest that.
Just read all the info on the site and the internet, and you will see it's quite playable because you don't have to know everything.

5th March 2006, 9:24 PM
I've been playing it in Japanese too even though I don't understand it. I guess you just get used to it anyway. It's still a fun game for me even though I can't read it. ^^;

5th March 2006, 11:17 PM
I'll just wait for it to be released in English.

6th March 2006, 12:48 AM
I have ordered it today,so I am expecting to get it in about a week.


7th March 2006, 9:10 AM
Yeah..the game is very fun and through Serebii's site, I'm actually getting used to the game though tere are a few parts I don't understand but in do time I will...

10th March 2006, 11:35 AM
Well, I do have the game and yet I can't read Japanese. It's all trial and error into selecting menus. Got the hang of it eventaully...