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5th March 2006, 4:36 PM
Hey all

I just wanted to say hi
I really like this site

I only just learned what IV's and EV's are so you can call me a newbie :)

To the admins of this site
I really like the pokedex and all
It really helps me get trough the games and think of new teams
Keep it up ;)

5th March 2006, 4:39 PM
hey lukyboy hey heres the rules:::

Here are the basic rules for posting on the Serebii.net Forums

Do Not SPAM.
Do not disrespect the Mods or Admins if they correct you.
Do not reply to SPAM saying that the aforementioned post was SPAM, use the button to alert a mod about the post. Do not abuse the Report button though.
Do not ask questions that have already been asked or that are answered on the site or in an FAQ on the forums
Do not bump topics. (Reply to them in order to push it up in the listing)
Do not Double/Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple etc. Post. There is an that allows you to add to or change what you posted.
Do not have any posts containing useless un-needed smilies (like just having a few dozen random s around.
Do not make posts with the sole purpose of Advertising.
Do not make posts that are just questions in the topic and No Text in the actual thread.
Do not just reply saying: "Yeah, I agree" or "No, I disagree". Explain yourselves.
Do not question the mod/admins way of things. If you have concerns about how certain mods are working, PM/E-Mail Serebii or any other Administrator.
Do not ask for Downloadable things such as Music, Videos, ROMs etc.
Do not reply to topics which haven't been posted in for more than a month. This is punishable by ban.
Do not make clone accounts of yourself and post with those accounts, they will be banned.
Do not post about asking why other users have been banned or not, they aren't banned without them being guilty.
Do not post a thread in the wrong section, check before posting.
Do not make threads with the sole purpose of starting a fight/flamewar.
Do not give your account to a banned user, the offense is ban-able.
Do not make posts asking someone to be banned or unbanned or asking why they were banned or unbanned.
Do not insult users by calling them "n00bs" or other derogatory statements.

Signature Rules
Here are the signature rules on these forums at this time. Follow them to the Letter:
1. No more than 1 Banner in a signature, but you're allowed 2 Banners if you have no other images in your signature.
2. No more than 8 smilies.
3. No more than 6 URLs/Links.
4. No more than 3 outside pictures. (this includes the combinition of 1 banner and 2 images, or whichever combonition you choose)
5. No more than 200x200 pixels per picture and 468x100 pixels per banner.
6. No Signatures with capitals purely, no text berating any person or any site or anything.
7. A limit on colours; No more than 5 different colours to be used. (including normal)
8. No text over 5 in signatures.
9. No unnecesary stacking. If the signature takes more than half the screen it's overly staked.
10. No bitmaps allowed in signatures. (images with the extension .bmp)
11. Animated GIFs above the 500KB size are not allowed.
12. No statements rallying for people to be banned or unbanned.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the following:

1: Your signature will be erased and you given a warning in your own signature or via private message.
2: If it happens again, you will be banned for a week.
3: If it happens again, you will be banned for 3 weeks.
4: If it happens again, you will be banned permanently.

Private Messaging Rules
Here are the rules for private messaging users. Follow them to the Letter:
Do not disrespect users.
Do not harass/flame/bash users.
Do not PM users with the sole intention of advertising other sites and/or forums unless its solicited (requested by the receiving user)
Do not PM moderators saying that they aren't doing their job properly.
Do not PM administrators asking to become moderators.
If you are caught doing any of these offenses you will be permanently un-able to use the private messaging system on Serebii.net's Forums.

5th March 2006, 5:07 PM
Hi and welcome to SPPf! ^_^