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Before You read this is a fan fic. enjoy. Sonic and friends in: Evil's Curse (recommended for teenagers to adults)
part one - A new hero for a new danger

the rain came down suddenly without warning in the scrap brain
zone. The rain was bitter and cold; people took shelter in factories
and under shades. Twenty years had passed since robotnik’s defeat,
but the effects on the planet Mobious were still running. In summer
yellow rain drops created yellow puddles of pools in the streets of
the zone, in winter light purple snow fell and hail was frequent.

In the mist of the yellow rain a blue blur streaked on by, the
sounds of huffs and puffs followed it. When it reached the outskirts
of the zone it stopped to reveal a blue hedgehog named Sonic.

It waits for a moment while he caught his breath back.

"Damn, I use to be able to run twice that speed and twice that
distance without even breaking a sweat!" he said.

He looked up at the rain clouds above they too were yellow. But
this did not bother Sonic, he knew even though Robotnik was long gone
the side effects would still be there. One day he knew Mobious would
heal completely, but not in his lifetime. Besides he something else was on his mind.

He could feel trouble in the air. It made him shiver; he had never
felt so helpless in his life before. He was a hero, he had to save
lives, and it was his destiny. But the days of his youth were over; he wasn't the over keen fifteen years old anymore. He was thirty five
now and he has responsibilities he never knew he ever have.

Those years of peace had done wonders for his spirit, but not for his
speed. But he knew there was still one last hope to save Mobious
from the new danger approaching. He had only a short time to change
the fate of Mobious. He had to train some one to take over his job.
That person was Sonic Junior or 2nd (SJ for short!) his son.


Amy and Sally sat down to repair a leather jacket in the front garden of
their home. They could feel the danger in the air approaching too, but
there was nothing they could do. In the past years long gone by, they
would gladly have taken a stand against evil. But now they were
wife’s of sonic with two sons and a girl. Her and Sally’s son’s were Sonic 2nd [sj for short] and Ko. Their daughter name was Sally 2nd. But things were different now. Sonic had finally accepted Amy as his girl along with sally and they had secretly married, had hardcore sex with the two girls and moved to a quiet cut off village. Sonic was uneasy about the marriage at first until she gave birth to their first child SJ (which came a year and a half later after their hardcore sex). And Sally giving birth to his other son and his daughter

"SJ, its mended!" Amy yelled.

"I'm here!" said a male child's voice from behind.

Amy jumped, Turned round and laughed, trying to hide the deep fear
growing inside her.

"Oh SJ you're just like your father when he was a boy" Sally said, but
her words made her shiver deeply.

SJ was a splitting image of his father when he was young. He had
blue spikes and been born with those cute green eyes Sonic had
received from the fight with chaos. He even wore the same style of
trainers like his father.

"She mended your jacket for you. But it needs washing so you can't
wear it right now!" Sally said trying to show her son the dirt that had
gathered in places.

"Oh, but I want to wear it now!" SJ moaned, unaware of what feelings
were lurking inside his mothers.

"Don't worry; it'll be ready in-" As Amy tried to convine her son
that everything was okay, blue streak came running up to the house.

"Sonic, I'm glad your back dear safe and sound!" Amy said hugging her
husband (she is saying that because she want hardcore sex from Sonic all night along with Sally).

"Not now Amy, I need to talk to SJ,” he insisted pushing Amy away from him (instead she got of herself, but he accepted her asking for hardcore sex all night along with Sally at 9 o’clock p.m.).

He looked deeply into his son’s eyes. Then he shivered, he could tell training him was going to be hard. SJ was not a fighter. But he had no choice. Amy noticed how deeply Sonic was looking at their 1st son. She backed off into the house to let them talk. To her shame a few tears of fear for SJ's safety rolled down her face (but smiled about the hardcore sex her, Sally, Sonic are having at 9 o’clock p.m.). (In case you are thinking Sally a boy, she is actually A GIRL FOR CRYING THE **** OUT LOUD U DAMN WETBACKS!!!!)


They were not the only ones who had noticed the fear in the air. In
the Marble Garden zone at a nice looking house, a two-tailed fox named Tails, stopped walking and suddenly looked up at the sky. A cold shiver ran down his back and he looked around. He was heading back to his county with his son Tails 2nd (A.K.A. nick named T2) which Cream gave birth to. The little two-tailed brown fox next to him was suddenly aware of his father’s sudden stop and with curious eyes wondered what was going on.

"What’s wrong dad?" the little fox asked.

"It nothing T2. Just the wind... seems... different" he
“Tails, I getting the same felling too,” Cream, said silently in Tails ear.

He looked at his son. He had a confused expression on his face. “ All I know is we and your mother are going to meet with Sonic today,” said Tails.


A lone figure stood at the edge of cliff, lost and feeling sorry for
himself. The figure was a creature known as an echidna. His name was Knuckles.

Unlike some of the others he had not been blessed with the same kind
of luck as them in the last twenty years. It wasn’t the same after Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders, for over twenty years. As the last one of his kind he was doomed to wonder the plains of Mobious forever, carrying an empty, broken heart and seven huge hunks of super and regular chaos emeralds in a big wooden chest. Everyday they both seemed to get heavier. Here is the reason why he has a broken heart.
Here's a Flashback when knuckles heart wasn’t broken.
Rouge was upset. She really couldn't understand why, but she was. And of course, it was because of Knuckles. She loved him, but was afraid of rejection. She knew he couldn't love her; she was a thief, tried stealing his precious emerald. She wanted so much to tell him she loved him, to hold him, to kiss those lips. But she was afraid. Feared held her back. It was unlike her to be afraid of anything.
She glanced up at the night sky on Angel Island. The stars were shinning the brightest they ever shone in ages. They twinkled in the sky as if teasing her. She sighed, turning away from the sky, thinking about that one echidna. He only cared for that stupid green rock, and that was it. She turned around, ready to head home, and gasped. The one person that has been on her mind was standing a few feet away.
Knuckles had a soft smile on his face, looking up at the sky. "They're beautiful, aren't they? The stars." He started.
Rouge looked at him in confusion, what was he up to? She didn't respond. The red echidna glanced at her through the corner of his eyes.
Knuckles smirked, as he fully tore his eyes from the sky and made his way over to the bat. Rouge turned away from him and he sighed, "Rouge? Talk to me." He said gently as he touched her shoulder. She instantly stiffens, which confused Knuckles even more. "Rouge?"
Knuckles felt her inhale deeply before exhaling, but she remained silent.
Knuckles was getting a little worry now, "Rouge, please, talk to me?" He gently turned her around so that she could face him and was surprised to see tears brimming in her eyes. "What's wrong…?" He greatly disliked seeing her like this. Why was she so sad? This wasn't like Rouge; something must really be bothering her.
The bat held her head low, staring at the ground, avoiding his purple orbs. Knuckles gently lifted her chin up, making her stare into his eyes. "Look at me, Rouge. Tell me what's wrong."
She couldn't break her face away; his beautiful eyes mesmerized her. Knuckles stared into her green depths. She was so beautiful. The way the light from the moon glazed into her eyes. Knuckles knew he loved her from the very first day she waltz into his life and threw his world upside-down. He was just slow into realizing it.
"Knuckles…" She whispered, still lost in his eyes.
He smiled; her voice was like music to his ears. "What is it, Rouge?"
She tightly closed her eyes thinking it was now or never to tell how she felt for him. Don't be a coward, Rouge! She reopened her eyes, "I…I…don't know what to say…I'm so confused. But I know one thing, Knuckles…"
"What's that?" He asked to be interested in anything she had to say.
She was nervous, he could tell. He lightly squeezed her hand, reassuring her that everything would be fine, willing her to continue.
She once again took a deep breath, "Knuckles…I have to say this, rather or not you feel the same. I-well, I…I love you. I've been in love with you for a while…I know you probably don't feel the same, I've hurt you, try to steal your emerald, among other things…. You couldn't possibly return my love…" There, she said it. She turned away in shame, only to have him pull her face back towards his, only a few inches away.
He smirked, "Nonsense, bat-girl." He gently pulled her face towards his, lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Sweet, sensational, nothing could describe the kiss they shared. Once the kiss ended, Rouge stared at Knuckles in shock. "I love you; Rouge, no matter what you've done. The pass is behind us now, don't worry about it." He stroked her cheek with his large hand.
Rouge was overwhelmed. Knuckles felt the same? It was unbelievable, almost as if she was in a dream. But this couldn't be a dream. It was so real, Knuckles was real. His words were genuine, she could tell by the sound of his voice. She wanted to shout out to the world that someone actually loved her. Someone actually loved her…
She threw her arms around Knuckles, giving him another heartfelt kiss, deepening it further than their first one. Knuckles respond with as much velocity. After a few moments, they broke off for air. Rouge sighed in content. She has never been so happy in all her life. Knuckles felt equally the same. Rouge rested her head on his broad shoulder.
The red echidna slightly smiled; glad to have Rouge with him, finally. He glanced up at the sky, noticing something shooting by, he smoothly nudge Rouge, "Look, a shooting star." He pointed to the shooting star that flew by overhead, "Make a wish."
Rouge glanced at the star, than turned back to Knuckles, shaking her head, "What's the point, I already have my wish." She smiled at him.
He smirked, "Really now?"
She smirked back, feeling much better than she had earlier that night. She felt as if a heavy weight was lifted from her slim shoulders. She nodded, "All I ever wished for was someone like you."
Knuckles than turned serious as he softly took a step back from the bat he loved with all his heart. "Rouge…I know this maybe too soon…but I can't possibly wait much longer…I can't live without you any longer…"
Rouge looked at him with a raised eyebrow, what is he doing now? "Knuckles…?"
Knuckles knelt down on one knee, pulling out a small velvet box from somewhere; he took a deep breath, "Rouge, I've been rehearsing this for weeks, actually…And I really do love you, with all my heart…and I know this is kind of weird for me to be actually saying something like this, but Rouge, I know we didn't start off on the best of terms, and during the adventure on the ARK, I found myself falling for you. I must admit, it shocked me at first; actually it scared the hell out of me. I never felt this way before. It was all new to me." Taking another breath, he continued, "I'm sure you can probably guess where this is going, but…" He opened the velvet box to reveal a gorgeous engagement ring. Nineteen beautiful round diamonds were clustered in a three-tiered in 14-karat white gold, resting upon a 14-karat yellow gold band, Rouge gasped at the magnificent of it, "Will you marry me?" He finally asked.
Rouge was in total and complete shock. She wanted to shout out yes, but her voice wouldn't come to her. Knuckles started to get a little nervous when she didn't say anything. Why wasn't she answering?
Rouge finally got a hold of herself and threw her arms around Knuckles, shouting out, "Yes, Knuckles! I'll marry you!"
Knuckles grinned like a madman and placed the ring on her left ring finger. "Good. I thought you were going to say otherwise."
Rouge shook her head, staring at the ring, "Where did you get this ring from?"
"I got it custom made, just for you. You do like it, don't you…?"
She smiled, "Of course I do! I love it, only because it's from you."
Knuckles sighed in relief, "I'm glad…" Knuckles glanced back towards the sky, seeing slight activity up above. "Rouge…"
She also turned to the sky, "Wow, it's beautiful." She said, glazing at the meteor shower that was going on.
Knuckles nodded, "Yeah, but not nearly as beautiful as you." He slipped his arm around her hip; pulling her closer to him so she could rest her head on his shoulder. They sat down under a shady tree, watching the shower.
Rouge smiled up at Knuckles. "I love you, Knuckles."
"I love you, too, Rouge…" He kissed her forehead as they drifted off into a peaceful slumber in each other's arms, under the meteor sky.
Rouge finally got her wish, the man she loved, and a brighter future with him, perhaps forever. And she wouldn't have it any other way.
End Of Flashback

Now his love disappeared all of a sudden. He didn't have his last home anymore because it was two hundred feet under
water. He had been forced to become a hermit and wonder from one inn
to the next. He didn't have that much money to pay his bills at the inns he stayed at and he often had to work off the costs. He began
wondering over Mobious when he couldn't any longer bare to stay and
see the successful lives his friends were having.

A voice from behind him spoke, "Hey baby, what to help clear
that cloud above you?"

Knuckles turned round and instantly felt happy and sad to see the
person behind him.


The Hang Castle zone was once home of many monsters. When they went a robot named Brutus had moved in. But Egg man had destroyed him long ago. Now the hybrids had moved in.

Hybrids turned up on Mobious every now and again. They were a cross
between one species and another. Most of the time they were born
dead or dead early in life. Most of them suffered from deformities.
But in the last twenty years the technology had evolved to help them
survive and now there were thousands of them. But they all had a
problem that even science couldn't solve - they were outcasts!

Tilf was a tiger and a wolf hybred; he sat staring into space in his
underground office. Filing cabinets lined the walls; every sheet of
paper contained the same thing, the plans to destroy Mobious. He didn’t like the plans. But because they were outcast, the hybrids had grown to hate the world around them. Hated had bonded them altogether into an army of mighty warriors. But it was his fault after all. He is the leader of the hybrids.

As he sat there thinking to himself, another hybrid came into his office. Her
name was Talon (she didn’t like the plans either), she was known as the Red Demon to the others of her kind. Her mother was a bat called Rouge and Knuckles (who was her dad) the echidna. She had never met her father before and her mother had abondoed her as a baby. She had red skin, wings and ears like her mothers, but she had spines hanging down from her (medium dreads) head like her father and the same spikes on her knuckles as him. Her eyes were clear blue.

Tilf instantly looked up at her and asked, "What is it my love?"

She smiled, “Oh Tilf stop with the Romance stuff. You want sex badly from me don’t you? I'm only seventeen and you’re nearly twenty-one. Your four years older than me (she blushed red after saying that because she had a secret crush on someone else. She doesn't know who he is since her and his eyes met at a park at age. Ps U will know later on)”!

"Love is something you cannot avoid even at a young adult age Demon," he
replied (he is saying this because he wants it real bad. He want to **** her hardcore and fast. He has a secret crush on Talon. Looks like this lovebird is afraid to tell her he love her).

He stood up and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed dark red, smiled with her eyes closed and saying to herself,” I’m not going to let him **** me hardcore and fast at 10 o’clock p.m. But I’m worried about that boy I saw at the park when I was one and the World. What am I’m going to do?”


"Rouge, why didn't you tell me this when we were still married ten years ago?" Knuckles asked the new comer.

The bat looked at her feet and then at him.

"I was ashamed of leaving her like that alone at the hospital. I
didn't expect our meeting before to go as far as it did,” she said
trying to hid her embarrassment.

"I have a daughter I will never know now."

"I sorry, really I am. I couldn't find you at the time and I
want the child but it would ruin my job as a government spy!"

"So why are you here? To beg for forgiveness?"

Knuckles was full of rage and wild thoughts filled his head. All
this time he had a daughter he never knew about, even if she wasn't
an echidna, it still mattered to him. Why did Rouge always have to
act stubborn like this? He cooled down and forgives her and got back with her again. Not only that they were ****ing each other all night. Before they all did that, he left where Sonic was heading. He also said to Rouge,” Never leave me alone again, Please? I missed you” Rouge said, “ I missed you to and I won’t do that again.” Knuckles left smiling after what she said. Now the chunks and his broken heart suddenly gotten light like a piece of paper. He was with his missing part of him, the love of his life, Rouge.


"I knew this would happen from the start SJ," Sonic said to his
son. "The scientists were too busy to listen to me when I told them
that they shouldn't mess about with the laws nature has laid down for
us. Okay, so hybrids turned up now and again on Mobious anyway I
said. The ones that do are enough trouble as it is. They didn't

"But dad I'm only eighteen. What can I do?" SJ told his father.

"SJ it doesn't matter, I was having adventures at ten years old! Of
course I never thought against evil at the time, but that doesn't

"Both moms won't let you dad, remember what happened last time you tried this?” Ko said.

"They won't have a choice this time."

Sonic shivered as a cold breeze hit him. He had sworn he would never
put anyone's life in danger again since Johnny Lightfoot's death
twenty years ago. Now he was faced with a crisis and he had no
choice but to risk everyone's lives. Even risking the life of his sons. He might even be forced to go hyper.


Later in the green hill zone three blue and one pink streak headed for a church. It was a small church with a small graveyard. When the two blue streaks stopped, the bigger of the two hedgehogs that now appeared walked over to a grave. The tombstone read 'R.I.P Johnny Lightfoot.

We shall never forget you'. A tear fell from Sonics’ left eye.

"What’s wrong?" Ko asked.

"Oh nothing," Sonic replied still crying. "Damn it I knew I shouldn't have arranged a meeting here. I knew it would upset me. I only hope the others can take the pain better then me!"

There was a long silence as Sonic tried to stop himself for get more
upset. Then SJ noticed something on the horizon.

"Err, dad what that strange creature heading this way? Is it a
hybred?" SJ asked, tugging at his father's sholdier.

Sonic looked up his eyes opened wide, "No, its red, err, I mean
Knuckles. Hey, I didn't know you were coming to the meeting!" he
yelled. For once in his life he was actually glad to eye the

Knuckles looked at the hedgehog deeply, he was not in the mood for
anything and scorned Sonics welcome.

"Sorry Sonic, but I'm not in the mood right now for your welcomes right now bro. And I’m not at the meeting to help you either, I came to stop you bicth!" he said with anger in his voice.

Sonic replied with a confused look and an angry voice,” Stop me from what?”


End of part one

Part two is here

Part two: Stop me from what?

“I came to stop you from destroying the hybrids,” knuckles replied in his fighting sprit voice.

“Tell me why you are stopping me from destroying them?” A white streak came later. It was Rouge again.

“I heard your question and the answer is one of them is our daughter,” she said.

“What do you mean our?” Sonic said.

“It’s me and Knuckles’ daughter. You see him and me were married two and a half years ago. He gave the best sex in my life. He did it hardcore, suck on tits, and was fast on me,” Rouge saying it like she is having it right now.

“ Are we off the subject here?” asked Sally 2nd.

“ I think we are because I didn’t want to know,” said Sonic. “So how the **** are we suppose to stop them if one of them are you and Rouge’s daughter?”

“ I don’t know,” said Knuckles.

“Let start smaller. First we need to know what zone they are in,” said Rouge

“ They are at the Hang Castle zone,” said SJ and Ko at the same time.

“ Damn that quick? ****, lets head out then,” said Knuckles,” Sonic I’m sorry for scorned the welcome you gave me.”

“ That’s ok. But still we are…”
“ What is that Yellow and Black streak?” said SJ, KO, and Sally 2nd.

End of Part two.

Part three: It’s some old friends of Amy, Sally, and ours. New characters: Shadow, Epson, Charming, Vector, and Big.

“ That yellow and black streak is Tails, Cream, and T2. The black streak is Shadow,” said Sonic after getting his fifteen year old speed and distance back.“ Um, Sonic is that Sally, Amy, Big, Epson, Charming, and Vector?” asked Knuckles after cleaning himself up and back to his fifteen year old strength.

“ Yes it is,” said Rouge.

“Amy, Big sup,” said Knuckles

“ Sonic some of our old friends are here like Tails, Cream, Big, Epson, Charming, and Vector,” said Amy.

“ Long time no sees Tails. And you too Shadow,” replied Sonic.

“Well, looks like a hero family reunion but saving the world,” said Epson in his samurai smooth voice.

“Well all that talking got us to the zone very quick,” said Charming and Big at the same time.

“How the **** are we going to save your daughter while other hybrids are guarding the place heavily?” asked Cream.

“Leave that to me,” said Rouge

“Are you’re sure?” asked Sally.

Inside the hang castle zone, Talon was wondering would she ever she her parents and her friends. Some of her thinking had done wonders to her heart. It made her cry so bad that she wouldn’t talk to Tiff all day. She had flashbacks of a boy who was one year older than her. When she looked into the eyes or the boy it made it love at first site for her. The same for the boy but was a year older than her. “Why this has to happen to me? Why do I keep having these flashbacks? And who was that blue hedgehog I fell in love with fourteen years ago?” Talon cried herself these questions.

Back with the heroes, SJ remembered what Knuckles and Rouge daughter look like. He remembered falling in love with their daughter at a year old. “When will I ever see her again and or marry her to be my wife when at least 25 years old?” SJ asked himself.

“Everything alright SJ?” asked Shadow

“Yes,” SJ lied.

“You’re lying like a damn idiot. You fell in love with her at only a year old. We’ll try to find her SJ don’t you worry,” replied Shadow.

Knuckles were wondering what was wrong with SJ. Knuckles think that SJ is in love with his daughter. ”Well, I will have to find out the hard way,” Knuckles said.

“Hey Knuckles, we reach the wall it’s full of boys. Rouge, it up to you know,” Sonic replied. Rouge sighed and flew off.

“Hey look it’s a hot chick,” said one of the guards.
“She’s starting to strip right at us man!” said the other guard.

Rouge flashes them with her big tits, ***, and her pussy up close to them. When that happened, the guards were knockout crazy like they were paralysed. They were able to get in the castle. “Here we go,” replied SJ,” Is that Maniac and Manic?”

End of part three.

Part Four: Search, Secure, and Rescue. New Character: Manic.

“Is that is Manic?” replied Sonic. (Sonic thinks,” The **** they doing here?” [Hint to sonic: Don’t think like that. After all he helped you when sally and Amy were both pregnant. Don’t think that you ****ing wetback.])

“Oh no they been captured on the top wall,” someone said behind them.
“Damn he escape and runs fast as me now!” sonic said in surprise,” Manic what are you doing here?” “Helping you liked you helped me with Megan’s pregnancy,” Manic replied. Sonic stunned saying,” But how did you” ”Know about this?” Manic cutting sonic off,” Amy called me about what was going on. Sally and her were highly worried to death when you left them without notice. They deeply love you and left without saying a word, that’s cold hearted man.” “My fault I should of told them,” sonic said while crying. “Its alright man don’t kill yourself over it ok?” Manic asked. “Ok,” Sonic said wiping off his tears (Going back to SJ now.)

SJ turned around and he couldn’t believe it. It was the girl he fell in love with. Talon can’t believe it too. It was the boy she fell in love in when she was born. “Are you, Talon?” asked SJ. “Are you, SJ?” asked Talon. They were highly nervous to walk near each other. Then SJ moved near her (A touchy moment of course. Just like Rouge and Knuckles.) “I fell in love with you when you was born.” SJ said in a passion voice.

“That’s the way I fell in love with you when you’re a year old,” said Talon.

They were kissing a lot after that touchy moment till they were to battle two guards.

“If they have out a lot of guards?” said Vector, “Then they must know that we are trying to save the captured people!” replied Epson. “Me, Tails, Cream, T2, and, Rouge will fly the rest of you over the wall,” smartly said Charming.

They went over the wall when all guards were knocked out and released the captured people for the plan they about to release.

“WE DID IT!” shouts out Tails.

“Don’t yell, whisper ok Tails?” whispered Sonic.
“We did it.”
Going back to SJ and Talon, after kissing they did it hardcore right in front of Amy, Sally, and Rouge.
“Those two make the perfect couple,” both said Sally and Manic.
“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they look so cute with each other,” both said Rouge and Amy.
Shadow knocked the guards out for SJ and Talon since they were doing it.
All they heard were moans and groans from SJ and Talon's hardcore sex.
Several hours later the gang knocked every one in the hang castle zone saving the capture citizens.
Tiff came and said,” My love we got to... nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!”
What do u thinks is going to happen next? Till next time stay on the cliffhanger.

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Part five comming soon. Please reply good or bad so i can inprove.

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I must say, TTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long my eyes were kind of woozy so i stopped reading so i won't give a rating on that, sorry.

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read most of this last night, finished up this morning, it is a very good fic, just about the right length, enough description too.

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Part five comming soon. Please reply good or bad so i can inprove.
Sorry people that I am takng too long to make part five still deciding how I going to end it in the next 10 parts. 4 of them of the final showdown 1 the aftermath and the next five based on relationships so it will take a month or so. In the mean time give me ideas on how to end it, i like it when the people of free speech choose or reply me on how to end it.

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well, you don't HAVE to end it in 10 you know, mine origonally was going to end in about 10, now I'm on 22 with enough ideas to go up to 40 and beyond, chalk it up. If you have the ideas, do them. THAT is what truely makes a fic.

14th March 2006, 12:31 AM
well, you don't HAVE to end it in 10 you know, mine origonally was going to end in about 10, now I'm on 22 with enough ideas to go up to 40 and beyond, chalk it up. If you have the ideas, do them. THAT is what truely makes a fic.
Thanks man i might be gone all this week to continue the story. Wish me luck and please add me to ur friends list

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People part five is here enjoy.
Part 5: Confessions of love (Part one of the final showdown)

SJ and Talon didn’t hear what was going on so they were still doing it like it was no tomorrow. That was until Tiff yelled to the top of his lungs. “TALON, WHO THE **** IS HE?” Tiff yelled to the top of his lungs along with a broken heart. Talon jumped up in fear when she saw Tiff. She thought to herself ‘he was looking at SJ and me doing it? How am I going to explain this one?’” Tiff let me explain,” she said. “ There’s nothing to explain about you ****tish *****,” Tiff replied leaving a mark in Talon’s heart. She cried of a broken heart. ‘How could my friend just say that in front of my face?' That was until SJ hopped up going all in Tiff’s face yelling,” Don’t talk to her like that. If you loved her so much why did she keep rejecting you? FACE THE MUSIC, SHE DON’T LIKE YOU!! I HAVE DEEP FEELINGS FOR HER,” Tiff had a comeback and replied,” Oh, tell me how you fell about her then!”
“This is how I feel about her,” SJ saying,” Its like I get to know someone that’s not only apart of the two parents that raised her, she’s a part of me. She’s my angel that I love down to my soul and all of my heart.” Talon was starting cry tears of joy and happiness when she heard SJ saying these things. “ I loved her to my fullest extinct that it gave her the power to pull herself up from a cliff of a mountain. I will do everything in my power to make her happy. Even if I have to take a bullet for the one I love. (That sentence came from bullet for my valentine. I don’t own this track its on need for speed most wanted and Burnout: REVENGE and Ea games, sports, etc.) THAT IS HOW I FEEL FOR HER AND THAT’S ENOUGH FOR YOU TO KNOW!” SJ finished saying. “You’re just saying that so you can get in her 36-DD size chest again,” Tiff said without thinking. This made both Talon and SJ blush since they did it. “Tiff that’s the only reason you loved me. SJ loved me for the right reasons while you did for the wrong,” Talon replied in a brave, courageous voice of tone,” So I’m leaving our friendship behind me and put SJ and my love in front of me.” “That’s it,” Tiff said when angry and punched SJ. Everyone came and say SJ fighting the leader. “I’m not letting SJ fight this battle,” Sonic said. “No Sonic, this is SJ’s battle now Sonic,” Shadow said knowing he did the same for Maria when he was going after egg man. “For earth,” said Tails, Tails the 2nd, Cream, Big and team chaotic. “For what’s right for the remaining hybrids,” said Amy, Sally senior and junior, and of course Ko. “For our daughter’s love and happiness,” Rouge and Knuckles said knowing SJ is right for their daughter and their daughter knew SJ was right for her. Rouge and Knuckles also knew he was right for their daughter because they herd everything he said and how he feels for Talon. That was the hard way for knuckles to find out.
End Of Part Five
Part Six Coming really soon.
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Part six: The battle begins

SJ started to fight back and was fast at kicking and punching like he was a super sayin 3 off of dragon ball z. Tiff dodge about 30% of them, but was hit hard by 70% of them. The battle raged on for over 3 hours. “Had enough yet *****?” SJ yelled out. “NO, I’m just getting started.” Tiff spoken in a devilish way. To SJ’s surprise, Tiff turned into his dark side, Dark Tiff. This made the match SJ 45% and Tiff 55% chances of winning this battle. Things were not going SJ’s way. “ Heartless angle, dine upon this dark magic,” Tiff said in a bloodthirsty way. Next thing to happen was a dark halo hanging over SJ’s head causing him to take massive damage till where he can barley throw a punch. Who the ***** now mo fro. (Mo Fro Noun. Slang for Mother ******.) It was not long until sonic jumped in to help him out. “Awwww daddy to the rescue,” Tiff gloated out. Sonic said nothing but jumped and attack tiff so fast that the speed of light was acting like a 1000 hands. Tiff could barley see sonic because he was distracted by the streaks of blue leftover from where he attacks. “ Who needs daddy now,” the angry hedgehog busted out, “ It’s over!” “It ain’t over TILL I SAY its over!!!!!” Tiff fired back. Talon was crying when she saw SJ on the ground for over two hours. Thoughts were just ramming in here head seeing a dead SJ lying there. ‘ Why now? Why you have to die? (Sob) I thought we were going to have one big family. Could it be that your love to me was a lie? I can’t stand to see you like this.’ She rushed in and started to heal SJ with anything she had. That even includes her life. When Tiff saw Talon helping SJ out he aimed a dark matter ball at her. “ No you wouldn’t?” Sonic demanded in a sad way. “ YES I WOULD!” Tiff said evilly. He fired the ball and out rushed sonic to stop it. Talon turned around and saw the dark matter ball. She couldn’t move. If was like she a paralysed.
Will sonic be able to stop the dark matter ball?
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