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11th March 2006, 2:36 AM
Yo. Since my last (pitiful) attempt at making a superhero fic was AWFUL, I decided to start anew. Original characters, yay.

I'm pretty sure this might be PG-13, or R. Since it has blood, but not that much (yet), I think it might be PG-13 for now.

Here's the prologue. It was about 3 pages on Microsoft Word.


In the times of Medieval, with knights and such, there was a kingdom known as Kagornia, where many citizens, brave knights, and great kings lived.

The names of the king, citizens, and most of the knights are unimportant. One knight, however, IS important.

His skin is white, and he has black hair to match his beard, though it is quite hard to tell through the gold armor that he wears. A large, silver “D” is printed on the torso piece. The helmet has one long visor, where this knight can see the world outside the armor he is in. This knight’s name is Dargon, and he is the strongest, most skillful, and most humorous knight that Kagornia has ever known.

But, he will soon undergo a deadly transformation that will change him into an evil villain.

One night in Dargon’s stone house inside the king’s castle, he heard a knock at his wooden door. Curious, he put on his torso armor for protection, and walked to the door to answer it. He opened it, revealing a very old man in a black cloak, with a long, silver beard, hair to match, and a long, pointed nose. The old man was holding a bottle with a strange, green liquid in it.

“Greetings, sir knight.” greeted the old man “I am Lankos, a wizard from the far side of Kagornia.”

“What is your business here, Lankos?” asked Dargon, feeling uneasy about the bottle in Lankos’ hand.

“I come bearing a potion that shall grant you eternal life, sir knight.” replied Lankos.

Dargon wished to defend Kagornia for all eternity, so he grabbed the bottle, but, before drinking it, caught a slight glimpse of a twinkle in Lankos’ eye. He paused for a moment, considering the possible explanations. But, he then dismissed the matter…

…and drank the potion.

Dargon immediately felt a strange and painful sensation, like his internal organs were being shifted around inside him. He looked at his bare hand, and saw that it was turning a strange shade of black, and that claws sprouted from his fingers. He looked down and saw his bare feet mutate, gaining a black color, his toes merging together, and finally sprouting talons.

Dargon then felt two somethings sprout of his back and pierce his armor. He looked to Lankos, who was smirking.

“Oh, did I neglect to mention?” the wizard said evilly. “That potion, although it grants you eternal life, also mutates you into a creature that is half man, half dragon. Your wings just sprouted out of your back, and they will enable you to fly. Your mind will eventually succumb to evil, and you shall become a monster, bent on destruction.”

“Curse…you…wizard…” said Dargon weakly, as his facial feature protruded and turned black, to form a dragon’s head. He felt his mind contort, expand and contract, until his identity was no more. He then forged a new name in the bowels of his now evil mind…


Dragafor, the newly recreated Dargon, glared at the wizard Lankos, who was now revealed to be a wizard that practiced the arts of the dark side of potion-brewing. Dragafor knew what to do. He quicly leapt upon Lankos, brutally mauling his body, until the dark wizard was no more than a bloody, mutilated corpse. Dragafor stood up, his claws stained with blood. He reared his head back…

…and let out a roar that struck fear into the hearts of all residing in Kagornia.


Dragafor, despite what most people thought of dragons, was actually quite intelligent. He had retained his grinding molars, but his incisors and canines had become incredibly sharp, perfect for ripping meat. He can breathe fire, but only a limited amount. A new organ in his body transforms bits of platinum rock into fuel for flame.

Dragafor had invaded Lankos’ home, then read one of the dark wizard’s books on magical creation. He then found out how to magically create an army of dragon people like himself, but to do so, he needed a large amount of people. But he knew where to get so many…

…he was going to transform the citizens of Kagornia into an army of dragons that will obey his every command.


Dragafor stood atop a cliff, ready for his army to be born. He began chanting magical words, then cast a very powerful spell over all of Kagornia, which transformed its citizens into his new army. He then took his army forth, conquering many other lands, such as the land of Nutokia, and the land of Herkavia.

But, all things come to an end, which is what happened to Dragafor and his army. One very legendary land, the land of Eruoika, consisted entirely of light wizards and warlocks. They cast a spell on Dragafor and his army, sealing them into a large stone cliff, for all eternity…

…until now. A group of researchers stumbled upon very unusual formations in the rock. Curious as always, they hacked at the rock, and unwittingly unleashed Dragafor and his army of dragon people back into the world. They slaughtered the researchers, then went into hiding in the canyon, a magical barrier preventing anyone from discovering them. Dragafor is plotting to take over the world, just as he nearly had, all those centuries ago.

He plans to rule the world in the twenty-first century…

…and crush all in his way.


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12th March 2006, 10:40 PM
I give all 5 stars