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14th March 2006, 2:17 AM
Well, i might guess that are some fans of Fire Emblem arround here, so i'm making this thread for those who like the pairings of this game.

Only, for god's sake, i beg you: DO NOT SPAM, understood? Thanks =D

Well, for me, i just played these games (not completed yet), but still, by the supports, i liked their pairings.

Fuuin No Tsurugi (Sword of Seals):

Roy x Lilina: Why not? Dude(s), this pairing is a very cute one! Specially because they were friends since their chilhood! =D

Ray x Sophia: By a weird reason, i wanted to see the A Level Support between Sophia and a random character (Ray was the choise). And since their support started with a "bad step" it ended up cute! x3.

Lou/Lugh x Ellen: Since Lou was in troubles, i needed someone to support him, and luckily, Ellen was first. They have a high respect toward each other, and that's the good part of them. Specially their A Level support is cute! =D

I haven't ended the other games yet, so i'm not sure about the pairings between the characters of Rekka No Ken (Blazing Sword) or Seima No Kouseki (The Sacred Stones).

Still, i want other people to tell their fav. pairings! =D

14th March 2006, 3:45 AM
OMG! You're my hero!

Fire Emblem has so much potential it's not funny. So many characters in each game. XDD. It's almost like Pokémon, but FE has characters with past, personality, and such. :o

I've just played Path of Radiance, which means all my ships are from there. Hehe. But there are so many good ones. ^^

I just adored Ike and Elincia. They make such a nice couple. One of the few straight Ships I truly love. Ike always defended her ideals and allowed her to have her way. But not simply because he was the hired mercenary. There was something else to his decission. The end with them was just... aww.

Then is Titania & Greil. It seems they knew each other for a long time, and she was awfully sad when Greil died. Maybe she was respectful to the fact he had kids and was married once, but it's just a given she loved him a lot. Maybe as a relative, but I always felt she appreciated him in a more intimate way...

And of course, Mia & Ilyana. You'll never get a Ship list from me without the obliged girl-girl one. :D Their support was just soo funny. And sexy. Ilyana bit Mia's leg out of starvation. And Mia was always there, helping her to pull herself together. XDD. And it seems Ilyana had something going for Mia. She always lulled the guys into giving her food, but she was very... condenscendent with Mia. Mega hot! :D

I haven't played other games, thus, I can't say much. :(

14th March 2006, 7:30 PM
I understand, sadly, i can't discuss with you about PoR pairings, since i'm too poor to buy it *coughhack*

Still, by some reason, i think i like Eirika x Seth :x

Or Ephraim x Myrrh (i know, it might be weird, but i like this =D).

For now, i'm still in fanfiction.net looking for possible cute pairings of the non-so-known Fire Emblem games.

14th March 2006, 9:04 PM
Are we ever gonna get "Fuuin no Tsuguri" Stateside?

So anyway, here's a list of all the ones I like in the first Fire Emblem. I'll do Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance later.

Fire Emblem:

Eliwood/Ninian- It's just really cute how he looks out for her and doesn't care about her true identity.

Hector/Lyn- I love how they're always competing and arguing.

Bartre/Karla- I like it because they start out as enemies.

Rebecca/Wil- They grew up together, and he wants to protect her. That's cute.

Louis/Pent- Ok, they're married, but they're A support conversation is really good.

Serra/Erk- My favorite in this game. I love how they're always arguing. Erk's so cute, the way he's all grumpy, and Serra's arrogance is funny. It's perfect.

Nino/Jaffar- He was supposed to kill her, but he ends up falling in love with her and protecting her. Plus, she's the first person who's loved him and whom he's loved. Great stuff.

Raven/Priscilla- I don't think they end up together, at least not that way, but I've got a thing about incest. I like how Priscilla's so devoted to her brother.

Kent/Fiora- They're both uptight and don't want romance getting in the way of fighting, but they fall in love in spite of themselves.

Dart/Farina- Another one where they start off arguing.

Sain/Serra- I haven't gotten all their supports, and I've heard they don't have a special ending, but Sain is so lecherous, and Serra's the only girl who'll actually likes all of it. I think it's funny.

Isadora/Harken- They're engaged, and there's no one else I really like them with.

16th March 2006, 8:25 AM
This has got to be... what? The 3rd? 4th time that there's been a FE shipping thread? It dies every time... But umm... Beware! I have tons! XD (FE freak but not enough to go and import games which she wouldn't be able to understand enough to enjoy completely anyway. XDD)


Eliwood, right? XD

I tend to support the "canon" pairings (the ones with stronger hints, IMO) mainly so that I can be sure that I'll have a steady supply of fics and art to look at. XD

I haven't played PoR yet but soon! XD And I've technically not played Sealed Sword, but... fanart is nice... XD

Roy/Lilina - Eh... it's cute. And technically canon. 'Cause of Hector's dream. XDD

Ray/Sophia - Fanart, really. Their supports are kinda cute though...

Klein/Thito (Tate...) - Canon, really...

Clarine/Rutger - Cute. XD

Igrene/Asthor - Married. Then... separated...

Miledy/Gale (It was Gale, right? XD) - Um... it's somewhere in the story... I think... XD

Meh... that's all I can think of... Sacred Stones!

Seth/Eirika - Well... It's quite nice... XD

Lyon/Eirika - He DID like her, after all...

Ephraim/Tana - Mostly because I like Tana and want her to be happy. XD And it's really cute on Tana's side...

Seth/Natasha - Pretty nice A support, though a bit sudden.

Joshua/Natasha - Nice all the way through. XD

Colm/Neimi - *points to sig* Childhood friends pairing, and very sweet and adorable. :D

Innes/Vanessa - Because I can relate with Vanessa and her fangirl crush on Innes. XDD Just kidding, just kidding. Hahaha.

Artur/Lute - Hilarious and cute. 2nd favorite pairing for SS, definitely. XD

Gerik/Tethys - XDD They "kiss" in their A.

Gerik/Marisa - More of a Gerik/Tethys person, but this is pretty funny too...

Franz/Amelia - Awww...

Ewan/Amelia - Because Ewan is a little pervert. XD Well, it's pretty cute too in a different way from Franz/Amelia...

Rennac/L'Arachel - Fanon pairing! Technically... I wish they had an ending, but it isn't so. At least... I don't think so...

Gilliam/Syrene - Pretty canon...

Garcia/his wife - XDD Expect more of these! Heehee.

Yay! Now we finally get to Blazing Sword, which is my favorite of the three! And also with the pairings I'm most "dedicated" to...

Matthew/Leila - OTP. No... I don't want Matthew to go and dig up Leila's grave... Just for the lovely remembrance scenes that come with this... *points to sig and link in sig* XD *writes too many Matt/Leila fics*

Heath/Priscilla - Guy/Priscilla is cute, but ultimately, Priscilla seems to go more for the mature knight-types. XD Very romantic A support, and I find it the best out of Priscilla's pairings. Besides, Guy would totally lose to Heath if they were to duke it out for Priscilla's affections. XD (I'm talking about personality-wise here, but technically, lances beat swords... XDD)

Erk/Serra - It's my favorite of Serra's pairings. Oswin/Serra doesn't interest me as much, and Matthew goes with Leila. Even in the Matthew/Serra ending, it still mentions Matthew mourning for Leila. o__0

Kent/Fiora - Marriage in the A support! And they're both so similar... XD

Wil/Rebecca - Very cute childhood friends pairing, and very nice A support... I seem to choose mainly those pairings that have the two characters moving together romantically in the A support... XD

Pent/Louise - Come on now... They're married! They have two kids! And they're so freakishly adorable as a couple that it makes you almost sick from all the sugary love. XD That aside... *cough*Fic for this too*cough* Kinda... XD

Isadora/Harken - Just about canon... And very romantic. XD

Jaffar/Nino - Now... seriously... Is there anyone who thinks that the game hints at Erk/Nino more than Jaffar/Nino? XD That and... it's far too cute and romantic, though I'm not as nearly obsessed over this as I should be... It's probably because of my dislike for Jaffar for Matthew's sake. XD

Dart/Farina - Funny pairing. XD A pirate and a money-hungry mercenary. Can't be any better! XDD

Bartre/Karla - Canon, and Fir is very cute. XD That and this is a really funny pairing, though I don't see what Karla sees in Bartre. XDD

Canas/his wife - They have a son. XD

Dorcas/Natalie - They be married. XDD

Hawkeye/his wife - They have a daughter. XDDD

Hector/Lyn - One of the two pairings with a "song". It's your classic bickering couple, really, though I don't find myself loving this as much as I like other bickering couples... probably because there are so many other pairings to love. XD

Eliwood/Lyn - My very first FE fic was a VERY well-written Eliwood/Lyn which was sweet, adorable, and funny. So can you blame me for liking this? XD

Hector/Florina - Read above. XD And it's cute...

Eliwood/Ninian - I have to admit that I don't really like Ninian, but... it's a nice relationship... (Ends up sending Ninian back to the Dragon Realm whenever she plays. XD)

Guy/OC - XDD I'm JUST KIDDING!! Hahaha. I wouldn't want to turn my OC into some Mary-Sue... Though I'm interested to see whether or not I can even pull something like this off in the slightest without receiving any criticism... Really, it would probably just end up being a brother/sister relationship though... 'cause I'd be too chicken to do something like this. (Though, if she's a Mary Sue already... But I haven't received any flames yet about that in the... year... or so... that I've had this fic so I'll just be content in believing that she's not... That and she's passed multiple litmus tests. XD)

...Wow! I think that's it. XD

17th March 2006, 4:27 AM
Yay! Someone else finally posted, so I can get on to Sacred Stones.

Oops, yeah, I meant Eliwood, and I edited it. Thanks.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones:

Ephraim/Tana- They've been friends for a long time, and she has a crush on him. It's cute.

Ephraim/L'Arachel- I haven't actually done this one, but I want Tana with Cormag this time, so I'm gonna try it. I'd like to see how Ephraim deals with L'Arachel's bragging, it oughta be funny.

Eirika/Seth- He rescues her and protects her, and when she worries that he's only doing his duty, he tells her that it's more than that. Classic fairy tale romance.

Forde/Vanessa- I love how Vanessa is totally uninterested in Forde's advances, but she ends up falling for him anyway. I tend to like lecherous guy/resistant girl romances. Plus he teases her about liking Innes, that's so cute.

Ross/Amelia- He wants to look out for her since she has no family and says he'll be her big brother . . . even though she's older than he is. Aww!

Colm/Neimi- One of my favorites. I love how Colm accuses Neimi about being a crybaby, but he really looks out for her. Plus he was with her when she had no one else. And I usually like the childhood friend pairings.

Artur/Lute- I like how he gets along with her despite all the tricks she used to play on him when they were little. And she does look out for him. Oh, and it's so cute in the end when he confesses to her, and she doesn't know what to do because it isn't in any of her books.

Joshua/Natasha- This is another one of my favorites. An assassin falling in love with the woman whom he's supposed to kill. And the whole coin toss thing was very romantic.

Cormag/Tana- Not sure if it works out yet, but she beats him in an argument, and then they watch out for each other on the battle field. Plus they bond over their animals. I think it's cute.

Kyle/Syrene- They get along well, and she helped him a long time ago when he was visiting her city. She gave him a figurine she'd carved, and he started a collection because of it, though he always carries hers with him. I enjoyed their conversations.

Garik/Marisa- A girl who's in love with her captain. It's funny when she gets mad at him for slighting her, and he totally doesn't get it.

Rennac/L'Arachel- It's such a pity that this one doesn't get a special ending. When I saw that it didn't, I thought I'd made a mistake, like I'd forgotten to save after one of their conversations or something. But I love how he's so annoyed by her, and she thinks he's uncultured, but he ends up realizing that he's happy following her, and she's impressed by his dancing. It was just so wrong!

17th March 2006, 4:43 AM
Flourspar+ Grado King. (Sacred Stones)
My memory is fading me. I can't remember either of their real name's.

It's a cute ship. Chapter 13 (or was it 14?) is a really sad chapter and all. How you have to kill her make's me feel bad because she loved the king so much.
I really felt she was a well-developed character after I finished reading that Flourspar-Myrhh dialogue.

17th March 2006, 4:48 AM

I'm not... as much a fan of Tana/Cormag. There are people who say it's the Heath/Priscilla of Sacred Stones, but ultimately, I find Heath/Priscilla to be FAR FAR FARRRR more romantic. Really, "if only time could stop" is just a lot more romantic than "i'll find you even if you're wandering the world so you can work for my country!" IMO. If there had been a declaration of love in there somewhere, it would have been better...

And Ephraim/L'Arachel IS funny... but L'Arachel just bugs me... o___0 It's weird because I loved Serra in FE7 but I guess it's because Serra had more of a backstory and more of a reason to be like that while L'Arachel is... just... though Innes/L'Arachel is pretty funny too. XD

XD You should try out Gilliam/Syrene too if you haven't already. I'm not a fan of either character, but they have a VERY nice A support. Gilliam basically asks her to marry him. XD

*nod* I wish Rennac/L'Arachel had an ending too! T__T He was the only male character who could really handle her, IMO. Ephraim is kinda just... "Oh. I don't understand women." and Innes is all "FRELIA >>> RAUSTEN" >__> And poor Joshua stood no chance. XD

18th March 2006, 2:15 AM
Meh, Ephraim is still... inmature in that theme, typhical from most of Main Male Characters D:

Roy/Lilina - Eh... it's cute. And technically canon. 'Cause of Hector's dream. XDD

I totaly agree, i saw that Support just right now xDD Poor Hector, he will have a huge moustache 10 years later

Eliwood: "A great moustache eh? Ahh Hah hah!"
Hector: "Grrr You Laughed! Hm. If that is my future, i'm not sure i will like it."
Eliwood: "Why not?"
Hector: "That girl that would be my daughter... She gets taken by this boy that appears later... A boy with red hair!"

That explains it =D 100% cannon (including the fact that Lilina haves a crush on Roy).

*cough* I haven't got more supports on Fire Emblem: Seima No Kouseki recently D: so i can't say pairings about it.