View Full Version : LightningFast Deck (HL-on)

Nicole May
15th March 2006, 12:00 PM
A deck made by me and Avegaille... *usually Avegaille is the one who owns all the cards* =P But anyways, I dunno if you people even bother rating...

11 Lightning
4 Water
15 Energy Cards

4 Electrike (EX Deoxys, Recharge)
2 Manectric (EX Deoxys, Magnetic Tackle)
2 Manectric EX (EX Deoxys, Megashot)

3 Zigzagoon (EX Emerald)
3 Linoone (EX Trainer Kit/Latios Deck [reprint], EX RU/SA)

3 Mareep (EX TTR)
3 Flaafy (EX Unseen Forces)
2 Ampharos (EX Unseen Forces)
22 Pokemon Cards

3 Bill's Maintenance
2 Steven's Advice
2 Wally's Training
2 Mr. Stone's Project
1 Scott
2 Battle Frontier
3 Potion
2 Strength Charm
2 Multi Technical Machine 1
2 Warp Point
1 Swtich
1 Energy Recycle System
23 Trainer Cards

If you're wondering how this deck will work, well, most of the time, it will depend on what cards will come in your hand on your game. The main attacker here is Manectric, not Ampharos. Ampharos is just a supporting Pokemon capable of transfering energy cards, which makes Manectric EX's attack faster (if you have saved up some Lightning Energy on your Bench Pokemon) Or if you like, a fast 70 damage on your second turn, with Manectric alone, if you go first in the game and have used Recharge as your attack for Electrike. Either way, of course, there is a little downside to the deck. Weakness to it is Fighting... o.O; And you have to be lucky enough also...

What is Linoone's purpose on the deck then? Simple. Seek Out. You don't actually need the Continuous Headbutt attack. >.>;;; When you have a Zigzagoon on your hand and a Wally's Training and you go second in your game, you can evolve it immediately and look for the cards to set up faster... =P

So yeah, rate it if you like, and if there are any things which I haven't mentioned yet, tell me...