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Russian May
15th March 2006, 7:50 PM
O.K., I don't know where to put this thread, but I"ll try here!
Please, can anybody provide me some links where I can download this Pokemon Movies for free! I'm just tired from searching: "Mewtwo Returns", "Celebi: Voice of the forest", "Pokemon Heroes", "Jirachi - Wish Maker", "Destiny Deoxys". I need English language. And also, can somebody tell me, how to use Windows Movie Maker? I'd really like to make my own videos! Thank you!

~Battle Frontier~
15th March 2006, 9:46 PM
It is agains da rule to ask questions about where to download episode or movie videos.
As for Movie Maker, you need videos, musics, and pictures. Then upload it to Windows Movie Maker to creat things.