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17th March 2006, 7:50 AM
Yeah, so, are the any romances in this show which you particularly like?

Me? Well I sorta liked Edna/Skinner, I thought if was hilrious as how they actually became a couple.. (poor Bart).. Though, after the debarkle of when they tried to get married, one must wonder what state this ship is in..

Milhouse/Lisa - Well, perhaps I don't exactly see them as a couple, but the times in which they make it clear that Milhouse has a crush, it's funny!

I'll add more when I can think of more

17th March 2006, 4:40 PM
Edna and the Comic Book Guy rocked my world for some reason. They are too cute together. I blame Edna is "blissfully sleeping in the many fold of my spiderman t-shirt." I wish she stayed with him longer after her relationship with Skinner ended.