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18th March 2006, 8:25 PM

Rec stumbeled off the boat, clutching his stomach. He leaned against the wall of a tavern neaxt to the harbor, and tried to catch his breath. Sailing is not one of the things a fire Adept is good at, he thought to himself. I'd better get going. I nedd to find the palace so I can meet King Hydros. But it was hard. All around him vendors cried out, selling their wares. Rec had never seen such a place! Prox, while not a small town, was very remote. nothing could have prepared him for the grand majesty of Lemuria.

But first, he thought, I need a weapon. He walked over to a nearby booth, where several swords where on display. Rec selected a bronze handeled one, with a powerful steel blade. He took a few practice swings, and felt it's balance. Satesfied, he turned to the merchant, who was wating expectantly. "How much?" The merchant was silent for a moment, as if calculating how much he could get. At last, he spoke. "300 gold peices." "Deal." Rec paid him the money, and left, toting a brand new sword in his belt.

18th March 2006, 8:37 PM
Alexar closed his eyes in cool determination and swung the scythe three times. When he opened his eyes, the four pieces of the iceberg fell to the ground. He focused and the iceberg rebuilt itself with Psyenergy. Another round with slashes and the iceberg was yet again split. Alexar shrugged and let the pieces melt in the sun. Enough training for the day. He reached for the pouch in the belt where he used to have his food, only to find it empty. Alexar grimaced and turned towards the market. He hung the scythe on his back and started walking down the street towards the big market stalls.

18th March 2006, 10:00 PM
Kurama was using his rose whip to cut trees and plants so that he could sell them as medicine tro make money. kurama used the money to buy a sword. Then he leaves top go to lumeria. at lumeria he finds he is not just a plant adept but half water too. he found out by tring to use a plant move and moved water.later he found out it was Alexar who used the water and his psyenergy was disabled. And at lumeria he found his first djinn Leaf with the power to heal with plant herbs

Kazuki Yukimura
19th March 2006, 8:01 PM
"Damn, that wasnīt good"

Irisa said, after cutting two trees from a forest, and making then to levitate, using psynergy in the two cases, of course.

"Well, those maybe will be enough for my fire tonight, and, now itīs time for hunting food"

She unsheated a stolen short sword, and started to look for some monster, that, maybe will be her dinner for tonight.

25th March 2006, 5:52 PM
(Akamaru, I'm going to need you to be more detailed than that. that whole post was very confusing. Also, we don't find any djinni until later.)

A sigh of awe escaped Rec's lips. The palace was incredible! It was richly furnished with red and blue, the royal colors of Lemuria. A glass chendelier was suspended from the middle of the hallway, reflecting the sun from a nearby window and casting rainbows on the opposite wall. Tapestrys depicting King Hydros and the four elements lined the walls, and the ground had a plush carpet laid out over the paved stones. An aide walked up to Rec.

"Excuse me sir, am I correct in assuming you are one of the four chosen ones called by his majesty, Hydros?" Rec was jolted out of his reverie. Turning to face the aide, who was dressed in a flowing robe of green, he nodded. The aide bowed, and motioned for him to follow. "Aides have been sent to fetch the other three. they should be on the island somewhere. They, too, will be brought to the castle."

(Sorry for the inactivity. you guys are all on Lemuria somewhere, and will be meeting the aides shortly. Please describe it.)

Kazuki Yukimura
25th March 2006, 6:39 PM
(Thatīs ok Crystamon, we understand)

*Around Lemuria*

"Damn, it escaped!"

Said Irisa, after her īīprey`` escaped.

"But, where am I? This sign says that here is Lemurian... Lemurian, this place brings back so much memories..." In the exact moment that a aide, with a silk-looking robe stopped her, saying:

"Excuse me lady, am I correct in assuming you are one of the four chosen ones called by his majesty, Hydros?" She faced the aide, and answered:

"Who? Me? You must have mistaked with someone, donīt?

The aide answered, in a friendly voice:

"No, Iīm positive of it, so, do you mind to follow me?"

"Enter Lemuria? I...I canīt do it... But, I can enter if you cover my eyes, can you make me this big favor?" Irisa said, with sad looking eyes. The aide nodded, and covered her eyes with a blanket, but, after that, he asked:

"Why do you want me to cover your eyes?"

Irisa answered, with a crying voice

"It wasnīt of your business"