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18th March 2006, 8:38 PM
"The league is now left with the final top ten trainers. We would now ask these finalists to reselect their team mates so trainers will not have to be with the same trainer. Congratulations for your progression in this year Pokemon League and good luck to you all." A femanine voice said over the intercom.

"Eev" a shiny white frosted covered eevee gleed smiling on top of its masters shoulder. It nudged its soft fur against his tan colored face shifting his glasses a little bit up that were dark from the suns rays. My chain brightly shined giving off a bright glare as he picked up his pants that were falling a bit. His pokeballs around his waist on a seperate belt with diffrent pokeballs from premier to luxury hooked on it shone brightly.

"Yup, I know Eevee. I heard, but" Jo said seeing a bench and sitting down, " I'd rather sit and wait for a trainer instead of going to find one. Besides whoever we pair up with I'm sure they'll be strong on account they made it here." Eevee jumped down from my shoulder and landed in my lap curling up. Jo softly petted her as he watched some other trainers that had already been eliminated from the competion mingle with each other.

"It was pretty tough and strange this year with this new change in the league, but we made it to the top ten Eevee. I'd didn't think we would have gone this far." Eevee was breathing slowly as I could tell it was getting sleepy from the petting. Jo smiled and laid my head back staring at the cloudy sky blocking out the sun. He closed his eyes and just waited to see if someone would come up to me eventaully.

"Such a nice day out today." Jo told himself slowly nodding off.

18th March 2006, 9:48 PM
Sayara ran around chasing after her hyperactive Donphan. "Can somebody help me! It drank some caffeine."

"Umb. Umbreon." Sayara's Umreon stopped Sayara and made her look towards Jo who was sat with a white coloured Eevee, much like Umbreon used to be before it evolved.

"Excuse me?" Sayara began asking. "Can you help me catch my Donphan. I was searching for a partner and it got into some caffeine and went mental. My Meganium's gone another way to head it off and i could really use your help."

Kev Chi
18th March 2006, 11:08 PM
Kev had walked into the studium, his Aggron following close behind him. Kev looked at all the other trainers that were surrounding him. For once in his life, Kev was kind of nervous. When he did double battles, he always did it with two of his pokemon. He saw his Aggron looking curiously around the place. "I'm sure he's never seen so many pokemon and trainers in one place..." Kev said to himself.

"Aggron, how bout we go look some more around the studium?" Kev said to his buddy. "Aggr Aggron!" he said, smiling. While they walked around the studium, many trainers took interest in his Aggron. He thought most trainers had never seen one in real life, only on pictures and pokedexs. So, in turn, Kev had meet many of the trainers that been eilamated in the prelimes. "Your Aggron was awesome in your last battle! You must of trained it really well." said one of the trainers. "Thanks...He is my favortive pokemon but I train my pokemon all the same."

Once they had got walking around, Kev and his buddy sat down at one of the food courts. "Ready to eat?" said Kev "Aggr Aggron!" said Aggron, smiling, raising his arms and slaming on the table, bending it a bit. "I'll take that as a yes." Kev said laughing to himself. Kev grabed the rest of his pokeballs. "Come on out guys." The rest of his pokemon poped in front of him. "You guys ready to eat?" They all cried and smiled.

Ooc:Still need partner. PM'ed Cystalmon. If anyone wants to be partners, just say, though if he wants to be partners with me, he gets first pick with me just cause I PMed him. :)

18th March 2006, 11:36 PM
"We've worked long and hard to get here guys. But this may be the tournament we win." At that moment a rolled up Donphan charged into Rai and his pokemon. "Crazy pokemon. That pokemon's trainer should have their pokemon given away if they can't control them enough that they do that."

Plusle and Minun had been carried off when Rai was hit and both cheering pokemon were now stuck on the rolling Donphan who was now slowing down.

"Huh. Plusle? Minun? Where are you? Oh no. They must have been carried away by that Donphan. I hope i battle it's trainer in the next battle. I'll totally wipe the floor with that stupid ground type." Rai then ran off to find the brown pokemon.

The Burnt Shadow
19th March 2006, 3:07 AM
I streched my arms cracked my knuckles when I saw that we had finally made it to the pokemon league. Finally people will recognize me as the trainer I really am. Powerful and almost undefeatable. My pokemon Swampert and Meowth were beside me relaxing. The two of them were my closest pokemon and were the closest thing to a relative. They were among all my pokemon who mostly accepted me as who I am.

"Okay guys let's have a little practice," I said," I won't tell you both anything to do. Now you both or going to fight against each other. Understand?"

Both pokemon nodded and then gave a grin as they stared directly into each other's eyes. I raised my hand and lowered it, signalling to start. Meowth charged up in a great formation with its claws up front. Swampert raised its great massive arms and shielded itself against Meowth's deadly claws. As Meowth continued to voilently and blindly slash Swampert's arms, Swampert released its arms, suprising Meowth and grabbing it. Swampert was ready to pin the cat down, but all of a sudden, a wild Donphan came in charging blindly. I managed to dodge, but Swampert and Meowth were seperated and were sent opposite ways on a tree. I got up and took a look at them both.

"You guys alright?" I asked.

But instead of answering both pokemon had great crimson flames burning angrily in their eyes. I could tell that they were blazing mad at the Donphan. Without grunting or saying anything, Meowth and Swampert charged away chasing the Donphan. I gave a sigh and released Steelix onto the field. The metal snake lowered its head for me to ride on. As I was on the top I ordered Steelix to move out and find Swampert, Meowth and maybe Donphan as well...

19th March 2006, 6:08 AM
Aaron looked around the room, taking in the sights.

He was pleased with himself for making the top 10 and proud of the way his Pokemon battled.
"Misdreavus!" A flash of white light appeared and Aaron's Misdreavus popped out of her Pokeball. She looked around with her wide black and grey eyes taking in the other Pokemon, which included a snow white Eevee, an Umbreon and a hyperactive Donphan, a Swampert and Meowth practice battling, a large Aggron and a Plusle and a Minun.
Suddenly the Donphan rolled through the battling Meowth and Swampert who reacted angrily and chased after it. The trainer released a Steelix and followed after them.
I'd better find a partner Aaron thought.

He decided to approach the Aggron trainer. His Misdreavus followed, floating gracefully through the air.
"Hey, my name's Aaron and this is my Misdreavus, would you like to be my partner?" he asked the trainer, nervously. Misdreavus hovered in the air, eyeing the Aggron carefully.

19th March 2006, 6:18 AM
"Huh?" Jo awoken from his light sleep. He lifted his head to see a cute looking pink haired girl. "Oh yeah, sure I'll help!" Jo said happily looking at the trainers figuire. Jo watched as the brown donphan rolled away speedily through other trainers. "Jesus Christ!" Jo shouted at the donphan. Let's go!" Jo and the new girl started after it.

They both were steadily behind it but the rolling donphan was slowly getting ahead leaving them behind yard by yard. The crazed Donphan then rolled through a trainer and his pair of cheering pokemon.

"Oh my god!" the pink haired girl cried out, "Donphan stop!"

"Holy Sh*t!" Jo shouted from the sight as the pair of cheering pokemon flew in seperate directions. The owner looked very ****** off giving a glare at the Donphan. "Oh man we better stop him quick." Jo suggested to the cute girl.

"What can we do?" the girl panted still running along Jo. Jo thought for a second thinking of his decision twice as the donphan then crashed through a Swampert and Meoth battling. They ran past them not looking back. The girl was beginning to get a little bit embarrassed for all the damage that was going on.

"Do you mind if I use a little force on your Donphan?" Jo asked pulling out an ultra ball from his belt.

"Okay but don't be to hard." the girl said. Jo then stopped sliding a bit on the dirt then throwing the ultra ball as hard as he could trying to get some distance to the donphan. "Come on out Ty." Jo yelled. The ball flew far only making donphan still a bit too far. A huge fire pokemon came out revealing to be a Typlosion. "Typlosion use Quick attack to get ahead of that Donphan."

"Tyyyyy" The typlosion roared ducking down a bit and then shooting forward on one leg having a bright white streak behind as huge dusts blew behind it. Typlosion was next to the Donphan but had to get past it. "Again Typlosion!" Jo ordered as the Typlosion launched another Quick attack pulling way ahead off the crazed donphan. Typlosion turned around facing towards the Donphan apraoching closer at a fast speed.

"Grab it by the ears that are spinning on the side of it and stop it!" Jo demanded. Typlosion braced itself putting its arms forward. Donphan was close now.


"Tyy!" Typlosion roared catching Donphan. The force and speed from the Donphan's rollout pushed Typlosion back far. "TYPLOSION!" Typlosion raored itself pumping itself up lifting his arms with more force. Donphan then was raised by its ears unrolling itself.

"Alright Ty! Good job." Jo sighed.

"Thank goodness." the girled sighed relief as well. Donphan was hanging from it ears smiling with laughter at Typlosion. Typlosion then look a bit puzzled at the Donphan. "Donphan return!" the girl yelled out pulling out the Donphan's pokeball as it turned into a red light going into its ball.

"So what's your name?" Jo asked eagerly awaiting an answer.

"It's Sayara and your's?." Sayara said.

"Sayara, hmm...thats a nice name. I'm Jo" Jo said smirking.

"Thanks Jo for your help." Sayara thanked him as her Meganuim began to approach her that was going to head off her Donphan. Eevee went up to the huge grass pokemon observing it as Jo's Typlosion approached the group as well. "So are you a finalist or did you get eliminated?" Sayara asked.

"Yeah, I'm in the top ten. Are you?" Jo asked hoping she'd say yes.

"Yeah, I sure am." she answered smiling.

"That's one tough Donphan you had, how about we team up, if you want that is?" Jo asked.

"Meowth! Swampert!" An angry meowth and swampert yelled with glaring red eyes stopping Sayara from answering. They seemed to be growling at Sayara since her donphan had interrupted bumped into them.

"I think they're angry at your Donphan, have your Meganuim use sweet scent or something." Jo said calmly looking at the angry pokemon. He wasn't worried a bit since he already had his Eevee and Typlosion out.

19th March 2006, 8:41 AM
"Yeah thanks for your help." Sayara then turned to Jo's two over pokemon. "And i'm sorry about my Donphan. It was entirely my fault. But i couldn't help wondering where you got that Eevee from? It like a silvery white. My Umbreon used to be like that but my mum gave it me as my first pokemon." Sayara let her Umbreon out of its Luxuryball. "Well also i guess we could pair up. By the way every match i was in my pokemon never got defeated. But i did have to substitute a few times. Well see you later. I'm gonna go get some training done." Sayara gave one last look towards Jo and ran off Umbreon and Meganium at her her heels.

When they reached a field Meganium stopped and fell asleep. "Meganium. Why are you sleeping? You need to wake up now." Umbreon soon fell asleep to. "Great now you too. God WAKE UP YOU STUPID POKEMON. And i didn't work." Sayara then sat down next to her two favourite pokemon and let all the others out.

They soon fell asleep too. "What is wrong with you guy?" She looked down to inspect the flowers. They were a rare breed of flower that emited the same polen as a Spore and Sleep powder attack. Soon Sayara also fell asleep.

The Burnt Shadow
19th March 2006, 2:22 PM
I continued to look around for Swampert and Meowth. It wasn't that difficult considering that they broke every tree that crossed their paths. I was also able to see the Donphan since it brought out a cloud of dust everywhere it went. I soon found the smoke stopping at a a certain area. I decided to to get there before Swampert and Meowth to keep them out of worse trouble. Soon Swampert and Meowth were facing the trainer and ready to pounce any moment, but their path was suddenly stopped by Steelix's large tail. Swampert and Meowth looked up angrily, but when they saw my expression, they sighed and calmed down. I hopped off and went next to the two. I recalled all three of my pokemon.

"So you're the trainer of the Donphan?" I asked with suprise," I thought it would be a wild one since it looked rather unruly."

There was only one kid who was where the Donphan was and I guessed he recalled it. The trainer had an Eevee and Typlosion out. A rare Eevee and a powerful volcano pokemon by his side.

19th March 2006, 4:06 PM
Sayara had woken up and heard the conversation between Jo and (what ever burnt crystal's RP name is).

"No the Donphan's mine. And i'm guessing the Swampert and Meowth are your's. Sorry for any inconveniense it caused. But those two pokemon look really strong. How about we have a battle? Two on two."

*Sorry that this is a little to short. Also is outside battling alowd.*

19th March 2006, 4:56 PM
OOC: yeah I'll allow that but I'm getting confused now on where you're at? @.@ I thought you left into a field?

Bic: "No, it wasn't mine." Jo said returning his Typlosion to its ultra ball. "It belonged to another trainer but you just missed her. She had only asked me to help her stop it and my Typlosion did the job." Jo looked in the direction where Sayara left.

"Oh, so are you a top ten?" the new guy asked looking at Jo's Eevee.

"Yeah, I am but if your looking for a pair sorry. I just paired up with that Donphan's owner." Jo said smiling. "So yeah sorry uhh..."

"Elias, the name is Elias." Elias told Jo.

"Oh nice ro meet you Elias, well all this running has gotten me a bit tired so I'm just gonna go take a nap." Jo said as his Eevee returned to his feet loooking at Elias.

"Oh if your going to take a nap I wouldn't do it around her except the park." Elias suggested.

"Why not?" Jo asked concerned.

"There are some fields around here that are filled with beautiful flowers but have pollen that have the same effect as sleep powder and spore. Just walking through it can put someone to sleep. Andyou probably won't wake p. You should just stay around here and not pass anywhere over those trees." Elias explained pointing to some trees. The same direction where Sayara had just passed. "Well, thats all see ya later." Elias said leaving so suddenly.

Whats with him? At first he's a little freindly then he just turns unfreindly whats with that? He must be a loner or something. Oh well, there's nothing wrong on being that I supposed. Jo thought.

Jo stared at the trees a little concerned. "Maybe she's okay. She probably knows those flowers are there." Jo told himself trying to reassure himself. He then looked down at Eevee was staring at other trainers. Eevee had then gave a small yawn tired from the chase. "Or maybe..." Jo then dashed toward the trees pulling out his white bandana that always hung from his back pocket. He put it and tied it around his face so he wouldn't breath the pollen. He went past the trees after putting it on and searched for the cute trainer he met.

"Ee" Eevee gave a big yawn looking a bit flushed and whoozy.

"Eevee is the pollen affecting you?" Jo asked very worried. Eevee didn't reply but laid down and curled itself for a nap. "Oh man, Eevee return." Jo said pulling out a premier ball recalling Eevee. "I must be getting pretty close." Jo said as he kept searching til he then saw her. Sayara and her two pokemon were on the ground. "Oh man." Jo whispered.

Okay what to do? Think, think. I got it. Jo thought as he then pulled out a regular pokeball. "Dragonite help out." Jo said keeping his pokeball in his hand. A tall yellow dragon with small green wings came out. "Dragonite I need you to use safeguard and quick!" Jo ordered. The yellow dragon began to glow blue and then the glow dissappeared. "Good, that should prevent you from falling asleep. Help me carry these three." Dragonite nodded and picked up Meganuim since it was the heaviest. Jo picked up Umbeon and placed it on the young trainer. Jo then picked up the sleeping girl with her Umbreon still on her.

"Come on dragonite let's go." Jo said walking as Meganuim carried Meganuim. They walked into another field except this feild didn't have any flowers. Jo walked a little more into the feild and Him and his dragonite laid the three on the ground. "Good Job Dragonite." Jo prasied.

"Eoouuu." The yellow dragon said looking happy. "You can return inside or you can do what you want. Maybe get a little exercise." Jo suggested. The dragonite then flew up and started to just fly around swooping down at the ground working on its speed. Jo then sat down waiting for sleeping trio to awake.

Kev Chi
19th March 2006, 5:52 PM
Ooc: Sorry Torchic, ex-ty PM'ed me yesterday asking if he could be my partner and since I haven't heard from Csytamon, I'll be ex-ty partner. Sorry again. =/

Ic: Kev saw a trainer come up to him with a Misdreavus. "Did you want to be partners?" said the trainer. "I'm sorry but another one of the trainers came up to me and asked me if they wanted to be partners and I said yes. I'm terriably sorry." Kev said with a bow. "By the way, what is your name? Even though we can't be partners, we can still be friends. My name is Kev." Kev held out his hand and shook the other trainers hand.

"My name is Aaron." said the other trainer, shaking hands with Kev. "It's nice to meet you. Your Aggron looks like it's been trained really well." "Thanks" said Kev "Your Misdreavus looks very well trained also." Kev thought it was about time he looked for his partner. "Come on Aggron...let's go look for our partner... Well, it was nice to meet you again Aaron. Hopefully we'll see each other on the battlefield someday. Don't expect me to go easy on you though... See ya later." Kev started to walk off with his Aggron.

19th March 2006, 10:11 PM
*oh yeah sorry i forgot that part where i walked away*

Sayara began sturing from her sleep. And was shocked to have been moved whilst sleeping and found Jo close by. "W-what happened. Ow my head feels like a Weezing used Poison gas in my head. And what happened to all the flowers. And..." Sayara paused for a moment checking what she saw was correct "How did get here Jo. Or should i say how did both of us get here. Did you move me or something? I think i'd better shut up now so i can get an answer." She just let out a weak laugh.

Not much longer after Sayara woke up her shiny Umbreon did. Its rings were its usual blue unlike a normal Umbreons usual colour of rings is yellow. Soon Meganium woke up and began speaking in their talk.
"Urm. Umbreon how did we get here?" Meganium asked.

"You know Meganium i really don't know. But i woke up slightly when we were being moved and i'm sure i heard a Dragonite."

"Wow a Dragonite. Remember when you battled one as an Eevee. Good job that person and her Delcatty taught you to use Blizzard."

"Yeah but i got lucky in that match. The problem is have you acctually seen me use any attacks except tackle and quick attack in this league?"

"Actually no. Why've you only used those attacks?"

"Meganium. You're my longest friend except Sayara and i think i really should tell you first. I think i've lost my attacks."

"Thats terrible. You've got to tell Sayara." Meganium began to move but Umbreon jumped infront.

"No for now keep it a secret. I'm gonna go back to sleep. You should to."

"Yeah i guess you're right." Both pokemon both went back to sleep.

Sayara was still waiting for an answer off Jo.

19th March 2006, 10:35 PM
"Oh I'm glad you woke up. Well, the owner of that swampert and meowth your Donphan knocked down came and well asked me about the Donphan. One subject lead to another where he told me that some fields here were filled with flowers that had pollen similair to sleep powder and spore. He pointed coincidently to the direction you left and well, I got a little worried so I came to check up on you. I found you and your pokemon sleeping in the field. I didn't know how I was gonna get ya'll out so I had my Dragonite use Safeguard to prevent it from sleeping." Jo explained.

"That was pretty smart." Sayara said lightly laughing. "So your Dragonite carried my Meganuim I predict."

"Yeah," Jo began to blush a bit as he rubbed the back of his head, something he never usaully did. "hey dragonite come here." Jo shouted to the flying Dragon in the sky. Dragonite dived once more and stopped a few feet from colliding with the ground. It landed on its feet softly even though it dove with such speed and force.

"Thats a pretty strong Dragonite. My Umbreon battled one when she was an Eevee like yours." Sayara said pointing to Jo's white Eevee that sat next to him.

"Really? Man your Eevee, umm Umbreon must be strong then to take on a Dragonite." Jo exclaimed looking shocked from the news. "You've got some pretty interesting pokemon. Some are really strong and some are well uhh, lets say hyper." Jo chuckled as he untied the white bandana from around his neck that he used to not breath the pollen when rescuing Sayara.

20th March 2006, 6:17 PM
"By the way Jo" Sayara lent closer. "Thanks for coming for me." She gave him a slight kiss on the cheek.

Whilst her Umbreon whispered. "Oh your god. The world is upside down. Sayara kissed somebody. Unlike when loads of other people try kissing her but fail. It was really funny when she used to set Charmeleon on them though wasn't it Meganium. I miss Charmeleon."

"Yeah i do to sometimes Umbreon."

"I've seen that look before. You liked him didn't you. Now that is gold. Meganium's in love. Meganium's in love. Meganium's in love."

"Shut up. Says you and Sayara's old travelling partner and his Jolteon and Flareon. Plus i'm sure you liked his Umbreon too."

"Oh yeah come on. I was young back then. Only an Eevee."

"Yeah but you still liked 'em."

"You know Meganium. You can be a right b**** sometimes. Ow Sayara why did you hit me?"

"For swearing. Just go and talk behind my back where i can't see you ok?"

"Fine." Umbreon sighed and began to walk off.

"And watch that tone or i'll smack you."

"Yes mother." Umbreon called back.

"Nice one Umbreon." Meganium whispered. "But we'd better run."

"Good idea." Umbreon just gave a laughing smile and began to run. "We'll be back later Sayara."

20th March 2006, 9:45 PM
*sorry i not posted in a while bein caught up in over stuff*

Rai was still searching for his pokemon after the crazed Donphan ran into him. "I swear i will kill that Donphan if they're hurt to badly."

Elsewere Rai's two cheering pokemon had regained consiousness. " Big bro were are we." Plusle asked Minun

"Sis. I have no idea. But we have to find Rai fast."

"Wow bro look at that cool metal pokemon."

"Er sis. Its called an Aggron."

"Let's go talk to it."

Meanwhile Rai was still searching. "Let's see. I can see an Umbreon with a Meganium. An aggron with two yellow things around it. But i don't see Plusle and Minun. It's a good job i swapped my Aggron for my newest addition Perappu. Go Par." Rai's little Music Note pokemon came out of it's pokeball. "Par. I need you to look for Plusle and Minun. It's the pokemon i used to capture you aswell as one that looks almost the same but blue were it should be red." The pure flying pokemon flew off and returned in just 5 seconds. It pointed a wing towards the Aggron. "No that's an Aggron."

"No. The yellow things are those pokemon you're looking for."

"Well i guess i'll take your words for it." Rai ran over to the Aggron who was near it's trainer. "Erm. Excuse me but is this your Aggron? If so it's really tough. I'm Rai. And those two are my pokemon too." He pointed at his Plusle and Minun.

Kev Chi
20th March 2006, 9:51 PM
Kev looked down to see the Plusie and Minun. "Huh? Were did you two come from?" Just then, a trainer came up to him. "Oh, so these two are yours? I've heard of them. The cheering pokemon. My name is Kev." He put his hand and shook Rai's hand. "Yes, this is my Aggron. He was one of my first pokemon. He's also my fav." Kev saw the cheering pokemon climbing all over his Aggron, who, in fact, seemed to be enjoying the two climbing around him. "Agg Aggron Agg!" he said, smiling.

"You two!" said a male trainer, with another person standing right next to him. "I thought I remember you. Your the team that beat us in the prelim round! We want a rematch!" said the first one. "This time we won't lose!" said the other. "Well Rai, if your all for some action before the real match..." said Kev "Real match?! You think were joking? Thats it! Let's go Nidoking!" In a flash, a pokemon looking like Aggron showed up. "King!" it said. "Well, lets go Aggron.." "Aggron Agg!" he said, running out to the battlefield.

Ooc: Me and ex-ty are partners now. You can pick what pokemon the other trainer sends out too ex-ty.

21st March 2006, 2:18 AM
Jo started folding his white bandana as he heard Sayara thank him.

"Yeah su-" Jo paused as he felt her kiss him slightly on the cheek. A smirk slowly gre on his face though he held back his excitement for recieving a kiss so quickly from someone he just met that day and an awfully cute one as well. Sayara sat back staring at Jo as he stayed quiet for a few seconds. "Anytime, I was and you as well were lucky to know I found you and that I found out in time that where you were going was a hazard." Jo said cool-headed and calmly turning to his normal self as he placed his bandana in his back pocket making it hang out as usaully.

"Yeah, but thanks." Sayara added giggling a bit. They watched as Sayara's pokemon went off running around talking. Jo's Eevee watched them interested then followed to join the fun then Dragonite followed walking with his hands dangling by its belly following the group as both trainers laughed from the behavior.

"So what other pokemon do you have that got you this far in this years league?" Jo asked trying to keep things interesting for Sayara by stirring up a conversation.

21st March 2006, 7:26 AM
"Well maybe it would be better to show you." Sayara let out all her other pokemon. They were a Tauros, a Mawile, an Ampheros and her shiny Donphan. "I just hope Donphan doesn't go all beserk again. But anyway i've also got a Graveler, a Qwilfish and a Magneton as backup." Suddenly Sayara's Donphan rolled up and began rolling around again.

"Not again." Sayara's Mawile usually was the stopper to when this happens. She ran up to the Donphan and used vice grip and caught it in it's spiked second jaw.

"Thanks Mawile. Also by the way i would have done that before but i just caught Qwilfish so i wanted to see what it could do. I ran to the pokemon centre first though to swap back. So what other pokemon do you have then?"

21st March 2006, 4:35 PM
"If it's a battle you want then it's a battle you've got. Just for fun i'll use my own Aggron, Tricerus." Rai's Aggron came out of it's pokeball.

"Nidoqueen i'll use you." The second opponent sent out.

"Lets finish this fast. Tricerus use Horn drill." The largest horn on Rai's Aggron's head began spinning round fast. It charged at the Nidoqueen dealing serious damage.

Kev Chi
21st March 2006, 7:50 PM
"Eh...I don't know if I want to finish it that fast..." said Kev "Nidoking, use Mega Punch!" said the trainer. Just then Nidoking started charging at Aggron at full speed. "Hmm...Aggron, I want you to dodge and right after, use Iron Tail on it." Kev said. Kev knew that Nidoking was running full speed, it would be wide open if it missed. "Agg Aggron!" Nidoking's attack missed, Aggron jumping to the side and doing an Iron Tail on Nidoking's back.

Nidoking landed on the ground hard. "Nido..." Nidoking slowly got back up. "Ah man, that was a lucky shot! Nidoking, use your own Iron Tail!" "Nido!" Nidoking's tail started to glow and jumped stright at Aggron. It was alot faster this time coming at Aggron. "Aggron, Aerial Ace!" Aggron jumped stright up, and all Nidoking could do is look up. Then, Aggron swiped Nidoking just as it hit the ground. Aggron then backed off, retreating more toward Kev.

"Grrr...Nidoking! Hyper Beam!" Nidoking started to charging up power in his mouth. "Fire!!" "Nido!!!" Nidoking fire all the energy it had. "Aggron, I want to you to take the hit.." "Aggr." Aggron baced himself, taking the hit in the chest. He flew back about a foot and landed on his back. "You alright Aggron?" said Kev. "Aggr Aggron!" he said, getting up fairly quickly. "All right. Good job on taking that Hpyer Beam." "Aggron!" The other trainer was now annoyed. "This battle isn't over!" he said. "I'm afraid it is..." Kev saw Nidoking faint in exashation. "Nidoking..." "Nice job Aggron. Come back over here." said Kev. "Hope your having fun with your trainer Rai..."

21st March 2006, 8:11 PM
Joraiem sat reclining on the bench, in a state of relaxation, observing the battle going on from a distance. He breathed deeply, and released, inhaling the rich air. The tournament had not proved too hard yet, but know it was the finals. And with the announcment of double battles, things just got interesting. He stood up from his bench, stretched, and selected two pokeballs from his belt. Jora threw them, releasing the pokemon inside.

"Light, Dark, come!" A flash of light, which quickly molded into the forms of Espeon, Light, and Umbreon, Dark. The two cat-like pokemon strolled over to Jora, and waited on either side of him. Jora smiled, and started to walk forward, talking as he went. "There's been an announcement. We have to have a partner for the next couple of rounds, beacuase they're going to be double battles. That's what we're going to do now. find a partner." The two pokemon nodded in unison, a sign of their understanding. Jora inclind his head towards the battle. "Let's go see what's happening over there."

.................................................. .................................................. ............

Having arrived, Joraiem reclined against a tree, about ten feet away from the other trainers. Umbreon and Espeon rubbed against his legs, making soft, soothing noises. With some interest, Jora watched the pokemon clash, the nidoking and Aggron. "Maybe we'll find a decent partner after all," he whispered to himself and the felines.

21st March 2006, 8:25 PM
"Nidoqueen get up now." The second trainer called. The large blue pokemon slowly stood up. "Good now use ice beam."

"Tricerus take the hit like Kev's Aggron did." The blue beam shot by Nidoqueen smashed into Aggron's chest. Soon the steel giant was frozen. "Good just as i wanted. Tricerus use horn drill again." Inside the ice Aggron's horns again spun around fast. The ice cracked fast. All the smaller bits were shot in a whirlwind towards Nidoqueen. It fainted soon after.

"You'll regret this soon." Nidoqueen was returned to its pokeball.

"Yeah sure i will. Oh by the way Kev if you havn't realised ot noticed my Aggron's pokeball was made by this old man back in Azalea town in the Johto region. It's a heavy ball." Rai held out the black ball to show him. Then he called back Aggron. "Plus your Aggron's really strong. I can see how you got this far."

22nd March 2006, 2:55 AM
"Wow, those are some great pokemon you got there." Jo said as he reached on his seconed belt pulling out his diffrent balls. "Well you alreay met three of my pokemon. My Eevee, Typlosion and Dragonite so here are the rest of them." Jo said as he releashed his Typlosion and other two pokemon from the balls in Jo's hand. "My last pokemon is a Lanturn but I can't release him here now since there isn't any water around but at least you know my other one." Jo added as his pokemon came out in a ray of red light.

Typlosion made his reappearance to Sayara as his other pokemon revealed to be a huge intimadating Tyranitar and Steelix. Tyranitar gave out a loud roar as it came out slamming his fist in his other while Steelix just looked around eagerly for something. Typlosion watched them a bit for their behavior.

"Man, those two always are eager for a battle." Jo said a little bit embarrassed in front of Sayara cause of his two pokemon. "Everytime they come out of their balls they think its cause of a battle. I don't blame them since they did alot of it to evovle so they could get to their final stage." Jo continued turning to face Sayara as he kept Tyranitar's and Steelix's ball in hand just in case.

22nd March 2006, 9:58 PM
"Sorry to say this Jo but your two pokemon look kinda scary." She was talking about Steelix and Tyranitar. "Also if you don't mind can you please return your Steelix i've got a bad experience with them."

"Mawile." Sayara's Mawile said showing it ment she was agreeing.

"Mawile has this strange thing where she has more of a link to me than any other of my pokemon. Mawile is so much like me. She once tried eating dye to make her second jaw pink like my hair." Sayara gave a small laugh. "It runs through all my pokemon. Each one has something in common with me. Mawile's my girly side."

Kev Chi
22nd March 2006, 11:09 PM
"Thanks, your Aggron was pretty strong too..." said Kev. Kev then looked at the black and gray ball in Rai's hand. "So this is a Heavy Ball...would of been useful if I had to catch Aggron but lucky for me, I caught it as an Aron while I was on Dewford Island with a pokeball..." Kev then remember battling at the Dewford Gym but quickly snaped out of it.

"Well, I think if were going to be partners, we should see each other's pokemon...Let's go guys!" Kev threw his pokeballs and a row of lights came up from side to side, shortly showing his pokemon. "That's Ninetales, Mightyena, Spectile, Starmie and Flygon. I know you've meet my Aggron already."

24th March 2006, 11:05 PM
"Well i dont think i could get my pokemon any more well raised than those are. But anyway i've got these." Rai tossed a friend ball and a luxury ball revealing a Plusle and Minun. A net ball unleashed a Scizor. A level ball released a Shedinja. And finnaly a moon ball unleashed an Espeon. "You've already seen my Aggron. By the way all my pokemon have nicknames."

"Mines SP." Cried the happy Espeon.

"I'm named Blade." The carm and collected Scizor exclaimed.

"Names Ghost. So can i go back to sleep now." The lazy Shedinja spoke.

"We not got..."Plusle started.

"...nicknames." Minun finished.

"In case you didn't hear before mines Tricerus." The tall powerful Aggron roared.

"Well those are my pokemon. Bunch of weirdo's if you ask me." Rai gave a small laugh. All his pokemon jumped him. "See what i mean. AGGRON GET THE F*** OFF ME NOW. YOU WEIGH A TON."

"7.34 to be precise."

"DO I CARE YOU'RE CRUSHING ME ANYWAY. God return everyone." He recalled everyone back starting with Aggron. "Ow. His body slam attack really hurts. Wait i wonder if i could use that as an attck." Rai looked through his attack book which he used for his newest additions. "The attack is called beat-up. I've got a new attack for Aggron to learn then. Erm, i'll see you later then Kev." With that Rai ran off towards a quiet area.

25th March 2006, 2:58 AM
"Sorry, sure. Thats way I kept their balls in handy." Jo said as he recalled his Tyranitar and Steelix back. "Typlosion maybe you should come back." Jo suggested. Typlosion just nodded not arguing or complaining. Jo placed the three balls back on his belt.

"Thanks Jo." Sayara thanked giving a relieved smile.

"Anytime." Jo replied as he looked at Sayara for a few moments. "Soo...what you want to do right now to pass the time?" Jo asked waiting for her to suggest something.

25th March 2006, 7:18 AM
OOC: Sorry for the late start... Let's see, there are... 2 people besides me that don't have partners? Someone's gonna be left out...

Suneora and all her Pokemon were right near the stadium, taking occasional peaks inside at the trainers. One woman staring at the trainers with nervousness and anticipation. A Persian yawning and scratching itself. A Lunatone and an S Unown floating around in the air. A Haunter and an Illumise playing a version of hide-and-seek. A Dragonair slithering around, occasionally humming to herself.

"No more waiting," Suneora announced. "I know we seem like outcasts, but we truly do out here, not so much inside."
<"I still detect those noticeable grammar oddities,"> the Dragonair said to her in a misty sort of voice (in Dragonair language, of course).
"Nai weune, Kaleni," Suneora replied pretty much automatically and afterwards blushed slightly. She know that sometimes she talked funny and that she could not cover it up that well. Kaleni's criticism of that was dismissed as not important.
English, please, she commanded herself.
"Sa... so then... yes, so then, let us go in?"
<"Right away,"> Suthemai (Illumise) answered. <"Sureana's creaming me at this!">

There were quite a few trainers and Pokemon in the room. Many of them were conversing with each other; others were having practice battles or were showing off their Pokemon.
Weird how sometimes people treat Pokemon as tools or an army of sorts... Suneora thought. She had always seen the mysterious and individual nature of Pokemon--insight that most likely resulted from her home island's association with nature and the spiritual aspects of things.

"Wanna be my partner?" Suneora caught one guy saying to another.
"Sure!" the other guy replied to him.
Oh yes, Suneora remembered. This is a double battle tournament. No, I've forgotten... it will be tough to find a partner, who'd want to be my partner?
As Suneora contemplated this, she and her Pokemon moved through the area. But moments later, Runaito (her Persian) screeched, causing the other Pokemon (and Suneora) to spin around to see what it was.
"Oh, sorry about that... clumsy..." one of the trainers replied. Apparently he had just stepped on Runaito's tail by accident. He was about a head taller than Suneora, his hair was brown and spiky, and his clothes were pretty casual as opposed to that of Suneora. A Misdreavus hovered right next to him.
"Yes," Suneora responded, "Runaito is okay--that's my Persian..."
"And are all those other Pokemon yours as well?" the Misdreavus trainer inquired.
"Of course," Suneora answered. "And you have only one Pokemon?"
"No, I have six too--they're just in their Pokeballs. Gee, you sure have an interesting way of speaking..." The trainer giggled and glanced sideways at the Misdreavus. Then he extended a hand with confidence but the slightest hint of nervousness. "Oh yeah, I'm Aaron by the way. And your name is--?"
"Oh, um... Suneora. Now... well, a Misdreavus? Misdreavus are so fascinating... the eyes, the mysteriosity..."
"Ha-ha, mysteriosity. Why didn't you catch one?"
"Oh, well, I... I don't really call it 'catching'--it is usually fate that brings the Pokemon to me, and Pokeballs seem much like imprisoning..."
"So that's why you keep all your Pokemon out."
"I wish I could keep more than shu... er, six... at a time. Well then, you know this is double battle, taba... sorry, right?" After saying this Suneora sighed in attempt to calm herself down--her English would sometimes screw up when she gets into conversations and such.
"Yeah, I do know that..." Aaron raised an eyebrow, but in a good way. After that, there was a pause, during which both of them and their Pokemon waited in anticipation for someone to say something.

<"Psst! Suneora!"> Sureana whispered in Suneora's ear. <"What about a partner?">
"Tei airi-le di, to kadato, tei nai lumore jibu-yame!" Suneora whispered sharply to Sureana. She said that she wasn't comfortable with the idea of partners.
"Erm, what did you say?" Aaron asked. "Didn't catch that."
"Nait... er, nothing, nothing important. What I meaned to ask was..."
<"Meant,"> Kaleni corrected her. Suneora quickly shook her head in response. English is weird...
"What I MEANT to ask was," Suneora continued, with a sideways glance at the Dragonair, "will you be my partner?"
Aaron raised the eyebrow in the same way as before--this he had to think about.

25th March 2006, 8:44 AM
*Oh thanks Kiruria!*

"Sure, I was getting worried that there'd be no-one left." Aaron replied.
"I'll show you my other 5 Pokemon, I just hope it doesn't get too crowded.
He threw 5 Pokeballs up into the air and out came 5 Eeveelutions, the fluffy red Flareon, spiky yellow Jolteon, blue elegant Vaporeon, midnight-black Umbreon and purple Espeon.
"As you can tell, I like the Eeveeutions, its sorta in the family. My parents breed Eevee's just outside Fallarbor Town. I started with my Umbreon when he was an Eevee and Espeon (also an Eevee) tagged along, Umbreon and Espeon are quite close because they're twins. Misdreavus was actually the first Pokemon I properly caught. The other 3 were given to me, by my parents each time I passed through Fallarbor.I'm pretty lousy at actually catching Pokemon, apart from Misdreavus I've only caught 3. My parents seemed to notice this rather then the way I raised them."
"Do we have to register ourselves as a team?" Aaron asked curiously, as he looked around for the resigstration desk.

<He does get quite talkative around humans doesn't he?> Espeon said to Umbreon.
<Yes and maybe we should talk to the other trainer's Pokemon. We will be battling with them after all.>

Meanwhile, Misdreavus had floated up to the Haunter and began to speak to it.
<You are of my type.> she said to the Poison gas Pokemon.

Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon were talking amongst themselves, gossiping about the other Pokemon.

<Did you see those Plusle and Minun?> Vaporeon was saying. <Electric Pokemon can be so childish!>
Jolteon shrugged off the comment and replied <Yes I did see them! I thought they were rather cute actually! I'm more interested in that Tyranitar.>
<That Typhlosion is great. Did you see the way it stopped that Donphan!> Flareon was saying, excitedly.
<I'm quite impressed with Aaron's new partner's Dragonair. It looks strong and elegant, like me. I like that in a Pokemon.> Vaporeon eyed the Dragonair.
<Misdreavus has the right idea. She's greeting that Haunter.> Flareon was saying and looked at the other two.
<Yes, we should go and meet her other Pokemon!> Jolteon said.

The group of three broke their circle and trotted up to Sunorea's group of Pokemon, Persian, Illumise, Dragonair, Haunter, Unown (S) and Lunatone.

Kev Chi
26th March 2006, 6:19 AM
Ooc: Seems like I'll have my pokemon talk too, just to make it easier on everyone lol.

Kev saw Rai go off on his own. "Wonder were he's off too..." said Kev "Eh...he proabaly wanted to go do some training too before the real thing started...but man, training is really getting boring..." said his Aggron "I know Aggron but there isn't much we can do. We just have to wait till this thing actually starts. Come on...let's go to the forest...Maybe there will be some other trainers there or something to keep us ocuppied..."

Kev got into the forest, his Aggron following close behind. While travling, Kev saw other wild pokemon, ones he had either caught already or had little interest in. "Well, how bout we set up camp here for tonight Aggron?" "Sure, that sounds fine..." he said "I know it's boring now but I'm sure the action will start real soon." Kev let the rest of pokemon out. "You guys can do what you want while I get dinner rest...but don't go too far." Most of his pokemon went to go play with each other or find wild ones they could play with.

26th March 2006, 7:37 AM
OOC: My Pokemon can only talk to Pokemon, hence the < and >

26th March 2006, 11:29 AM
* sorry i've not been here for a day or two*

"Well how about we have a battle to test our pokemons skills before the rounds are decided. And to make it even better lets use our Shinies. Your Eevee versus my Umbreon."

"Sayara i'm...erm....not feeling to good."

"Oh hi Umbreon when did you get back?"

"About 30 seconds ago. But i don't feel to good."

"You look alright to me."

"Well you know me i can be good one minute then bad the next. I'm gonna go sleep." Umbreon nudged her pokeball and was absorbed inside. Meganium who went with Umbreon stepped up to talk to Sayara.

"Sayara i'm not supposed to tell you, but Umbreon says she's lost her abilities except Tackle and Quick attack."

"Really? That terrible. What am i gonna do now? Umbreon was my best but evolving shouldn't do something like this."

"Well i heard a few months ago that some boys Grovyle evolved and lost it's attacks altogether."

"Yeah i heard that to but it regained its attacks with a few days. But Umbreon's bein evolved for a couple of weeks. I just don't know what to do. Anyway i'll think of that later." Sayara tried to hide the fact that she was worried. "But Jo have you realised that there's like every Eevee evolutio here. I saw that this boy has an Espeon that looks really tough. I've got an Umbreon and you've got an Eevee. That's three of six right there."

26th March 2006, 5:50 PM
"Hmm..well, that sucks your Umbreon lost its abilities.
i was kind in the mood for a battle." Jo said as he watched her Umbreon return to its pokeball by itself. Jo's Eevee then came towards Jo since it overheard its name being said.

"Oh hey Eevee." Jo greeted his pokemon moved beside him and got on his lap. "Well, none of my pokemon has ever had that happened to them. I've trained a a lot with them, so using their abilities by themselves is pretty easy for them to do now." Jo told Sayara.

"Well, if your Umbreon is unable to battle now how about you choose another pokemon to battle? I'll even let you select my pokemon to use against it." Jo said confidently. "It really doesn't matter which one you choose, through the league we had some type disadvantages alot but we managed to pull through so I very confident in my pokemon." Jo smirked as he told Sayara this.

26th March 2006, 7:08 PM
"Well i've got a friend who can re-teach its abilities so i'll send her there. The only question is what sub shall i use? I might switch with Magneton." Umbreon then burst out of it's pokeball and looked furious at Meganium.

"YOU B**** I'LL KILL YOU. MY ONE DREAM IS TO BATTLE HERE AND NOW BECAUSE OF YOU I CAN'T" Umbreon took in a deep breath then a huge blizzard shot out of her mouth freezing Meganium solid.

"Umbreon you re-learnt Blizzard."


"Umbreon stop right now!"

"This doesn't invole you Say." Another blast was shot out Umbreons mouth but this time it was a Shadow ball attack.

"Stop now!" Sayara jumped right infront of the frozen Meganium. The shadow ball hit directly on her stomach. Sayara fainted.

"That is for trying to stop me. You. Eevee. Tell you're trainer that when Sayara wakes her up that she can battle without me. I'm outta here." With that Umbreon left leaving all of Sayara's pokemon shocked. Meganium was then being thawed out by Mawile.

26th March 2006, 7:38 PM
Jo stood in shcok from what had just happened.

"Sayara!" Jo shouted as Sayara fell to the ground after being hit from Umbreon's shadow ball. Umbreon shouted something to Jo's Eevee as it listened carefully to what it had to say after its attack. Jo rushed to Sayara's side lifting her a little bit. Jo looked as Umbreon then started to dash off. "Umbreon come back!" Jo yelled a bit angrily to it as Umbreon just ignored his order. Eevee looked up at Jo as it then turned around and started after the frustrated Umbreon.

Jo watched as his Eevee then take off as well. "Eevee! ****, what to do?" Jo thought as he looked around trying to come up with something. He spotted his Dragonite as long as the other pokemon standing in shock as well. "Dragonite!" Jo shouted to it, "Quick."

Dragonite flew quickly to Jo flying only a few feet off the ground. "Dragonite I need you to stay close to those two. If you get the opportunity stop Umbreon but try not to hurt it to badly." Jo ordered as Dragonite nodded as he gave chase to them. A huge gust came from the Dragon's wingbeat.

Jo looked at the Mawile trying to defrost the frozen Meganuim. "Hmm...Typlosion come out." Jo ordered as his fire pokemon came out without him having to reach for his belt. "Typlosion I need you to help Mawile defrost Meganuim. Use a light heat wave to melt the ice away." Jo told hos Typlosion as it nodded and turned its back toward Meganuim's frozen body. "You might want to move a bit Mawile." Jo suggested to Sayara's steel pokemon.

Jo looked at Sayara and lifted her up to move her away from Typlosions blaze. "Come on Sayara wake up, please wake up." Jo said as he slightly turned the young girls face with his hand.

26th March 2006, 8:39 PM
Mawile moved away and began helping tend to it's trainer along the other of Sayara's pokemon. Even Donphan managed to not roll off going beserk, but it was gathering flowers to give to Sayara when she awoke.

Within a few minuted Sayara slowly began to awaken. The first thing saw was Jo. "Tha..that's two i...i owe you." She gave a weak laugh. "Don't worry i've been hit by Donphan dozons of time before it evolved. I'll be fine." Slowly she stood on her own legs but just collapsed again.

26th March 2006, 8:49 PM
Jo watched concerned as Sayara tried to get on her feet but failed.

"I don't think so." Jo said as he kneeld down to Sayara. "I admire your your attitude trying to get on your own but I won't allow it right now. You need to rest." Jo suggested putting a hand on her shoulder.

"But...my Umbreon.." Sayara said pausing a bit. Jo looked at the direction the three pokemon took off in then at the pokemon waiting and watching. Meganuim had just barely gotten defrosted by the looks of it but looked a bit cold so the idea of riding placing her and riding her Meganuim was pretty much out of the question.

"Well, it's up to you. Do you want to go after your Umbreon or sit here a bit until you gather enough strength?" Jo asked looking at Sayara as Typlosion tried warming up Meganuim from its chill.

26th March 2006, 9:20 PM
"I'll be ok but i'll just stay here untill i can stand up." She looked towards her Meganium. "Also i think i see sparks between our pokemon. I can tell because Meganium give off a certain scent when they're in love."

"She's right you know." Mawile spoke up showing that she was still around. "I just hope Umbreon's ok. She's my oldest friend. I knew her as an Eevee before Sayara caught her. But a trainer captured me first. I escaped though." Mawile was now speaking directly to Jo. "You can't understand me can you?"

"Mawile. I fell dizzy." Donphan called from near a field where a wild Spinda was.

"Did it punch you."

"Erm...one minute i'll ask." Donphan walked back over towards the Spinda who then punched it. "It says 'yes and here's another to remember me by' then it punched me again."

"Donphan you are most probably the most stupid pokemon i have ever met."

"Why thank you."

"See what i mean."

26th March 2006, 9:35 PM
Kanti's brow furrowed, as he ran his finger down the list of his Pokemon, and their attacks. He scribbled a note in the margins with a pen, and turned towards his squad.
"Flygon. You are paired with Muk, as you balance each others weakness'."
Muk smiled happily, and jumped on Kanti smothering him with a slimy hug; a habit he picked up from watching his older brother in Pallet. Flygon saluted, eager to battle with his friend and partner.
"Clefable and Meganium, you'll also be paired up."
The two females of his team grinned and danced in a circle.
"And finally, Snorlax and Quagsire will be working together."
Quagsire smiled, and Snorlax nodded sleepily. Kanti withdrew the Pokemon into their Poke Balls, and placed them on his belt. He stretched, and jogged to the nearby Colluseum to see who his first opponent was.

26th March 2006, 10:00 PM
OOC: LOL that was funny with Donphan and Spinda.

BIC: "Sparks?" Jo said puzzled a bit on who Meganuim liked as he stared at his Typlosion. "Well, at least she's not the only one." Jo said to himself not realizing he said that outloud.

Sayara's Mawile then began to speak to Jo. "Maw, Maw, wile." the steel pokemon said raising its arms then pausing for a bit as it then raised its eyebrows realizing Jo didn't understand a thing it was saying as a sweat drop ran down his head.

"Well, Umbreon is getting away but I don't want to leave you all alone so I'll just wait for you." Jo said kneeling next to Sayara's side.

26th March 2006, 10:44 PM
"What do you mean I'm three hours early!?"
The blue haired woman nodded.
"I'm sorry Mr. Puria, but I'm afraid you are three hours early for the first round. You can register however; may I see your Trainer Card."
Kanti sighed and nodded. He pulled the card from his pocket, and handed it to the receptionist. she glanced at it, and nodded.
"I see you have seven gym badges, impressive. Flygon, Muk, Quagsire, Snorlax, Clefable, and Meganium are the Pokemon registered for the first round correct?"
He nodded.
"You're also allowed three Pokemon to substitute for the later rounds, will you name them please."
"Metagross, Combusken, and Ampharos."
She nodded, and slid his card into her PC. There was a soft ping, and the card was spit out of the computer. She handed it back to him.
"There you are Mr. Puria; have a nice time as a member of the league."
"Thank you."

27th March 2006, 5:23 PM
"Yeah thanks for staying with me Jo. But what do you mean by 'at least she's not the only one.'?"

"Sayara just say. You know what he ment."

"Shut up Mawile." Sayara had gone bright red.

"See you've gone as red as a Parasect's mushroom."

"Just leave me alone for a minute."

"Fine." Mawile then mopped walking away to go towards the other pokemon.

"So anyway Jo. I'm gettin the feeling that you got a thing for me. And being honest i kinda do for you." She moved her hand towards Jo's.

28th March 2006, 3:02 AM
Sayara's soft hand touched Jo's as he began to do something he hardly ever did when talking around girls, he began to blush a bit. "A thing? Well, uhh..I guess... y-you could probably call it that, but you know I'm just trying to...uhh..you know help a girl out that's all." Jo stuttered a bit. What the hell Jo? You never get nervous like this before what the hell is wrong with me? Jo asked himself in his thoughts. Wait a minute...did she just say she did too?

"Well, uhh yeah, I might." Jo admitted as he slighty turned his head to her which was a little red.

28th March 2006, 7:44 AM
Sayara gave a small smile and turned towards her Mawile. "You owe me 10 dollars." She then turned back to Jo. "Sorry bout that. She started a bet to say that you didn't but she was wrong. Anyway i think i'd better go find Umbreon. Mawile you come too but the others are going back into their pokeballs. By the way Jo Mawile and Umbreon have known each other even before i even saw Mawile. She was captured and abused by another trainer. That's when i met this kid who had this machine for steeling pokemon so i used that to get Mawile. It did take a while though for her to come out into the open. That basically why she won't talk to anyone unless their friends of mine. Isn't that right Mawile."

"Dam right Say." Mawile gave a nod so even Jo could understand.

"Also Say's what some of my pokemon call me for short. Aswell as my old travelling partner. But i had to leave him so he could follow his dream of becoming a breeder. That night i just walked away whilst he was sleeping. I never even said good bye." Sayara just started crying and fell back to the floor but this time she wasn't phsically hurt, just emotionally.

29th March 2006, 3:47 AM
Jo returned his pokemon as Sayara told him about her Mawile and her freind of hers becoming a breeder and how she left him. Jo watched as she fell and began to cry.

"Oh come on Sayara, don't cry." Jo said raising Sayara's face with his hand gently, "There's no reason to cry, I mean if he's your freind then he shouldn't be mad or anthing for you leaving him, besides I'm sure you'll meet again someday. What you did was right in my eye's." Jo told her with a warm smile.

Sayara looked at him with watery eye's a bit puzzled on how she left was right.

"See, you said it yourself, you left to help him be a breeder. He would have just focused on his dream and went forward and accomplished that. I'm pretty sure that's what you had planned right?" Jo asked as he pulled out his white bandana again.

Sayara nodded agreeing with Jo. She did intend on doing that, thats why she left but she still wished she could of said good bye though. Jo handed her the bandana.

"Come on, wipe your tears and let's get going." Jo suggested softly as Sayara took it. As Sayara took the bandana, Jo began to jog slowly so Sayara would catch up when she finished, in the direction the three pokemon took off in.

29th March 2006, 3:25 PM
"Yeah you always know how to cheer me up." A Murkrow appeared from behind her with a letter and had a scratched eye. Sayara turned round and instantly recognised it. "I recognise you. Your Ra's Murkrow, Shadow wing. By the way Jo Rai's my old friends name." Sayara still had some tears left but they were stopping. Murkrow dropped the letter into Sayara's hands. It read;
Dear Sayara,
Still a bit angry that you left before you said goodbye. I've disovered a few new pokemon. Did you know Mantine had a pre-evolution? Anyway i'll be sending you a little gift soon. For the mean time The rest was just a scribbled line.
"That's strange."

"Sayara i've got a bad feeling with that letter."

"What do you mean Mawile?"

"Like something bad's happened." At that moment a message came through into her poke-gear she got when she was back in Johto when she was younger. It displayed 2 new messages.

"Two messages. First is..." Sayara looked in shock at what it said. "Ra..Ra's dead. He has was killed the night we split up."

"Now that's bad. But please read the other one."

"Ok." Her eyes were agian watering "The second says that the killer was caught and used a Scythor's blade to stab him whilst he was asleep. His pokeballs were sent to relatives. But it says that he told his parents to send all his pokeballs..." She took a long pause. "...send all his pokeballs..to me." Again she began crying. "It's all my fault. If i hadn't left him he would still be here. But wait he wrote this letter to me so he musn't have been asleep. But still it's my fault. I can class my self as an assisstant to murder." She slumped to the ground and covered her head so she couldn't see anybody.

Kev Chi
30th March 2006, 2:49 PM
Kev had woke up the next morning not feeling well. His belly was in all sorts of places and his face started to turn red. "Man...what a time to get sick..." said Kev "Are you ok Kev?" said his Aggron "No...I think I've come down with a fever..." "Is there anything we can do?" "Well...berries might be able to help... thou I don't know what kind of berries are around here..." Kev said "I have an idea...how bout you and Spectile go out into the forest and go looking for berries...? I'm sure you two would like to go do something."

Kev then told his other pokemon what was going on, even though they were pretty sure what was wrong with him. Starmie used a light water gun upward, making it like rain on top of Kev's forehead to keep him cool, while his Ninetales and Mightyena stayed by his side to keep his body warm. Flygon was more of the guard, sort of speak, going around a small area to make sure no wilds came near Kev. "Ready to go Spectile?" said Aggron "You know it. This will be fun. Maybe we'll battle some wilds." "Well, let's just remember what we're out there for.." and they set off.

1st April 2006, 6:18 AM
"So which one of these is your first Pokemon?" Aaron asked Suneora.
"First Pokemon... is Su-Kanaori." With that, Su-Kanaori turned around and floated towards the two trainers, hovering next to them and giving a small squeak to get their attention.
"Heh, that's new," Aaron replied. "I've never heard of a trainer starting with an Unown before."
"Yes, and of how I found my Pokemon... that with Su-Kanaori is the most mysterious--to this day I cannot determine why it came to me..."
<"'Tis for you to find out eventually,"> said Su-Kanaori in an enigmatic voice and a wink of its eye.
"It makes sense," Aaron added, "it's an S Unown, which is also the first letter of your name... kind of a coincidence!"
"A coincidence..." Suneora thought, looking as if she was trying to remember something.
<"O deshu,"> Kaleni clarified then nodded at Suneora. <"Coincidence. Noun. An event that happens by some fortunate chance, often where something seems to connect when it looks as if it shouldn't.">
O deshu is easier to remember, Suneora thought, and that word sounds like "something that happens under or with something"... not quite what it's going for. I guess Kaleni reads the dictionary... that little erudite... Hey, there's a big word I know!

"So," Suneora changed the subject, "what do you feel about Pokemon battles? Do you share any sort of connection to your Pokemon?"
"I guess as time and battles go by," Aaron answered, rubbing the back of his head, "things just come naturally. But they're pretty great for really getting to know your Pokemon, and of course they're fun, even though there's the risk of getting hurt... But the good thing is, I've never heard of Pokemon actually... dying... in battle..."
"Too bad, I wondered about that," Suneora commented, a dark tone in her voice. "I'd say that is your only saying I no agree with--don't agree with..." Suneora cast a glance at Kaleni before continuing, "though it could be possible, with some powers Pokemon have. Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon would especially be known to..."
"Hey, cut it out, we're not here to tell ghost stories!" Aaron interrupted, sounding a little squirmish. With a sigh, he continued. "Oh, you gotts answer the question you asked before, the one about..."
Suneora held her hand up and nodded. "Mostly I'm not comfortable with contests--no, competitions..." Contests are another form of Pokemon competitions. "...but I suspect a few of my Pokemon like it, so I almost go with them... And, I do connect to them really well--sometimes I feel magical around them..." And at this, Suneora smiled dreamily before continuing, "like the two of us--me and the Pokemon--awaken a higher power, a source of inspiration and... and..." Before Suneora could finish, Runaito rubbed against her leg and purred.
"...and I'm trailing off," Suneora concluded, but she kept the same smile as before.

By that time, many of the trainers' Pokemon were talking to each other, except for a few exceptions. Vaporeon was glancing at Kaleni, waiting for the opportunity to talk. Kaleni was keeping watch over Suneora, like a teacher watching for misbehaving students. Illumise sat quietly amongst the crowd, too shy to speak much, though she was watching Flareon with some curiosity.
<"And I caught your name--Su-Kanaori?"> Espeon asked the Unown.
<"You know so much by hearing,"> Su-Kanaori answered.
<"Aaron never sees a point in nicknames... So are you excited about the battle?">
<"I battle not for mere competition--rather I so do to experience awakening. My sight must so much as keep clear regularly through this procedure.">
<"Do you always speak in riddles?">
<"Let this not be a riddle but rather a figurative way of communicating.">
<"Whatever. Oh, what 'awakening' are you talking about?">
<"Yet you wonder why I first picked my chosen. In my race, we seldomly intervene with the extraneous to our realm, but then there are times when we find chosen. Then, we have destinies to bond with these and tendencies to awaken themselves and ourselves through their own will...">
<"...What language are you speaking?"> He was taken aback at Su-Kanaori's weird way of speaking.
<"Ah, one composed of several intricate phrases dedicated to hone the reasoning of my chosen, all to prevent further baffle.">
<"Just a wild guess... by 'chosen', do you mean Suneora?"> At this phrase of Espeon's, Su-Kanaori's eye lit up.
<"My friend, you are truly the psychic I perceive. Our powers, yours of vision and mine of mystery... would supplement each other in double battle.">
<"You sure like to use big words.">
<"And Suneora doesn't--get the point?"> Su-Kanaori winked a couple of times, while Espeon stared at it blankly.

<"Lookin' sharp, are we?"> Runaito said to Jolteon in a smooth purr.
<"Um, yeah, ha ha! Nice one!"> Jolteon snickered.
<"You got the fighting spirit in you, huh?"> Runaito said rhetorically, sitting down and leaning towards Jolteon.
<"Well, I am looking forward to the battle,"> Jolteon answered, a little unsure of himself.
<"What's your favourite atack to use?"> Runaito asked.
<"Hmm... Thunder maybe, or Pin Missile--something along those lines. You?">
<"Faint Attack and Pay Day.">
<"Wow, that's pretty neat--being able to just make coins appear like that. Many trainers--and businesspeople--would flip at the idea of having a Paydayer.">
<"Heh, yeah, and most people I met were like that, so I felt. That's how I found Suneora--she's the last to want to become rich.">

<"Don't you love those nights when the full moon is out, and you just want to bask in it and feel at ease?"> Munedriva asked Umbreon.
<"Yeah, that's often how I feel when the moon is out... Heh, and one passing Zigzagoon once said I looked cool in the moonlight--but perhaps she just had a strange crush on me...">
<"Sometimes I wish I could have a crush, but I don't even know whether I'm a boy or a girl...">
<"Huh, you act more like a girl.">
<"Probably because I hang around a female trainer.">
<"I think there's more to that,"> Umbreon teased. <"But I guess you can have a crush on a Solrock...">
<"Eh, no, I don't like bright sunlight, it blinds my eyes.">
<"Wow, me too.">

2nd April 2006, 8:57 PM
Jo kept moving when he noticed no footsteps running with him behind him.

Where is she? Jo thought as he turned around noticing Sayara still on the ground with a Murkrow next to her. Sayara was covering her eyes trying to avoid looking at anyone. Whats wrong with Sayara now? Jo asked himself concerned.

Jo slowly walked over to Sayara who was still covering her eyes. Jo just stood over her with a warm smile and a hand out waiting for her to reveal herself not asking what was wrong.

I think its better if I just don't ask whats wrong. It'll just probably make her think about whatever is wrong even more. I wish there was a way I could help her.

3rd April 2006, 5:53 PM
Sayara slowly stopped crying to see Jo standing close by. "Sorry bout that Jo. You know how i said i left my old friend? Well he was killed the night i left. He did say however that i'm having his pokemon. It's just the fact i could have saved him if i had stayed then left in the morning." Mawile who was also crying lifted head up to show she was still crying. "That's either a fake tears attack or you miss him to."

"No it's that i'll be able to see his Mawile again." Sayara just gave a small laugh trying to make it sound asthough she had gotten over it. But she hadn't.

"Typical Mawile in love. You know she once fell in love with a statue of a Mawile back in the Whirl Islands in Johto."

"Well it was in full colour."

"Yeah but i would've fought by the fact it was cold."

"Yeah but you would've remembered we're steel types and always cold."

"Yeah cold hearted sometimes."

"Yeah thanks Say." Mawile gave Sayara a dirty look.

10th April 2006, 12:19 PM
Jena entered the stadium looking around, "I wonder if we are late or not?" She asked herself looking around. She brushed her hair off of her shoulders and cracked her knuckles. "Ah, i always look forward to a good battle, i wonder who my opponents will be?" She asked turning to her Dragonite.

Her dragonite tilted its head, "Dra" He said. Jena smiled, "I know you'll be ready dear friend." She said and headed around looking for someone so she could ask directions and questions of the league. Dragonite followed closely keeping an eye alert at all the trainers.

Jena shifted her eyes onto dragonite uneasily, you see her Dragonite had a rough past and refused to be in a pokeball. So dragonite follows Jena everywhere even if it attracted others attention. Jena came to a stop to rest hoping someone would see her, so she could ask a few questions.

11th April 2006, 2:43 AM
Jo watched as Mawile eyes swelled up with tears and Sayara eyes as well did the same. Ahh..man I don't know what else to do to cheer her up, not only that we still have to go get...thats it. Jo thought.

"Come on Sayara, I'm sorry your friend is gone but right now what is more important? Mourning over the loss of a freind or going after your other friend, Umbreon?" Jo told her softly avoiding looking her in the eye by staring at the direction her and his pokemon had left.


Umbreon was dashing and jumping over bushes easily with ease. Eevee was doing the same mimicing every move the dark pokemon made, Eevee was sure to do it with no missing detail. A dragonite flew over head watching the two even though the trees were in the way of its veiw.

Umbreon could see the two pokemon giving chase after it and it was annoying her since she wanted to be left alone. Umbreon then jumped onto a log jumping into tree branches making her way to the top. Umbreon noticed Dragonite getting closer into range and fired a Blizzard attack straight towards Dragonite.

Dragonite noticed this and tried to dodge but got hit on its right wing.

"Draaa!" Dragonite cried out falling on the ground on its side. Umbreon gave a grin watched Draginite land.

"Serves you right." Umbreon sneered sticking her nose in the air.

"Hey whats you problem!" Eevee yelled landing oftly on a tree branch across Umbreon. Umbreon didn't notice the pre-evolution land until it spoke out to her.

"You're my problem! Can't you see I want to be alone?" Umbreon yelled back in her speech.

"Yeah, but we were told to follow you. We were only obeying our master, unlike you who hurt yours. How can you do that?" Eevee exclaimed angrily.

"What do you know, we just barely met." Umbreon said launching another Blizzard attack.

"So you don't want to talk it over than, fine." Eevee said waiting for the Blizzard to come at her. The blizzard attack hit making a snowy flurry around Eevee.

"That was easy." Umbreon said watching all the snow mist clear up.

"I not that easy to beat." Eevee said in the snowy mist. The mist finally cleared up revealing Eevee not having a single scratch from the attack.

"What?! How?!" Umbreon said in shock.

"Master and I trained really hard, even though it was very hard work and made me feel like giving up, master told me it was for the best. For that training I thank him for one of my favorite moves Protect." Eevee pointed out.

"Hmm, maybe you will give me a challenge after all." Umbreon said diving down the trees rhicothing of them. Eevee used her quick attack to dive down and get to the ground before Umbreon would.

Umbreon made it to the ground to find Eevee waiting for her next move. The two pokemon circled each other watching each other carefully.

Master, please hurry. Eevee told herself in her thoughts.

14th April 2006, 9:26 AM
*Where is everyone else it's like a ghost thread*

"I guess you're right. Donphan, Mawile i've got an idea. Donphan like you do when you use roll out curl yourself up but put Mawile inside you."

<"What? That'll kill me.">

"Mawile i've done it before in another Donphan that was smalled. Plus your a steel type so it won't hurt as much anyway. Now then go find Umbreon and Jo's Eevee."

<"Later's Sayara."> Donphan did as told and hurtled off to catch up with Umbreon.


Soon after they found Umbreon and Eevee in mid-fight.

"Come on Eevee your using wrong attacks. Watch." Mawile jumped into the air and swung her second jaw smashing Umbreon in the face. It knocked her out instantly. "Brick break. Fighting type attack. Dark has a weakness to fignting."

16th April 2006, 4:43 AM
OOC: I know I guess I should PM everyone that is in this RPG, this way I can finally know if everyone has paired up yet or not. I really want to get this League ready so we can battle.

BIC:Jo ran while Sayara only being a few feet behind him. Jo then noticed something up ahead.

"Dragonite!" Jo yelled seeing his Dragon pokemon thawing itself with a flamethrower on his right wing. "Oh man, did Umbreon did this to you Dragonite?" Jo asked inspecting his pokemon.

"Euuuooo" Dragonite nodded.

"Then that means Eevee must be battling Umbreon if she attacked you." Jo said looking down now. "Okay good job Dragonite, return." Jo recalled his pokemon to its ball. "Hang in there Eevee." Jo said running again with Sayara after him.

"I'm sorry for Umbreon attacking your Dragonite." Sayara apologized.

"It's alright, I can understand why your pokemon is mad. I just hope we get there in time to stop your Umbreon." Jo pointed out.


Eevee watched as Mawile knocked out Umbreon in one blow to the head. Mawile brushed her Jaw back as if it were hair in her face while placing her hand on her hip and posing.

"Thats the way it's done." Mawile said.

"Well, yeah! I know Dark pokemon are weak against Fighting moves but I can't learn any fighting moves thank you very much." Eevee said smartly.

"Oh...I didn't know, sorry 'bout that." Mawile said smirking as a sweat drop appeared on her head.

"So what now?" Eevee asked approacing the knocked out Umbreon.

"Now we just wait until our masters come back." Mawile told her as she turned to see where Donphan was. "Donphan! Don't wander off!" Mawile yelled out.

"I wasn't going anywhere." Donphan lied with a foot in the air leading out to an open feild while smiling.

"Eevee!" Jo shouted rushing towards his white Eevee. Eevee smiled happy to see her master and jumped straight up as Jo came and grabbed her in mid-air. "Are you hurt Eevee?" Jo asked.

"Eee." Eevee shaked her head happily then rubbing her head in her masters chest glad to be with her master.

"I'm glad." Jo said now holding his pokemon in one arm and noticing Umbreon was knocked out in the ground. Mawile was calling to Sayara while pionting to the Umbreon on the ground.

17th April 2006, 11:41 PM
<"You do know Eevee that i know Fake tears attack."> Mawile began crying that makes it sound so real. <"Sayara Eevee hit me and it hurt.">

"Mawile i've been around you long enough to know that's fake tears." Sayara ran over to Umbreon. "You ok Umbreon. I'm sorry i got you mad."

<"Yeah it is your fault.">

"Well aren't we grouchy today? Return." Sayara recalled her back to the pokeball. "You too Mawile and Don..Where's Donphan?"

<"He over by the field with that Spinda again. That pokemon just doesn't listen."> Donphan then came rushing over.

<"If you wanna stay here that's fine but watch out for that herd of Tauros.">

"F***. Can you give me a hand with these Jo? Mawile brick break, Meganium razer leaf." Mawile jumped towards the herd and smashed one right in the face knocking it over whilst Meganium fired leaves that knocked out another two. The rest of the herd however was still charging.

*You really can tell Donphan's personallity well. Walking off, being told not to, lying saying he wasn't then doing anyway is so much him. And Mawile being the leader of the group but still girly such as when you put 'Mawile brushed her Jaw back as if it were hair in her face while placing her hand on her hip and posing' really captured Mawile personallity. I just had to say that JoJo@210.*

20th April 2006, 12:06 PM
"So Suneora, we should start to think about which Pokemon will be paired with which," Aaron said. "I was thinking that Lunatone and Umbreon would do well with each other, they can defend against each other's weaknessess. They also seem to be getting along well together, as are Unown and Espeon."

<"They're discussing our partners now."> Vaporeon said to Flareon. <"I hope I'm paired up with Dragonair.">
<"I want to be paired with Illumise."> Flareon replied. <"She's seems sweet.">

<"I assume we shall be partners."> Misdreavus said to Haunter. <"I think we shall have a combination that is undefeatable">

<"We might as well tell our trainer's that we want to be partners."> Jolteon was saying to the Persian.
With that he bounded up to Aaron and said to him <"I would like to be partners with Persian.">

"Ok, thats fine." Aaron replied. "So we have Jolteon and Persian, Unown and Espeon, Umbreon and Lunatone. What do you think about Dragonair and Vaporeon, Illumise and Flareon and Haunter with Misdreavus?"
He awaited Suneora's reply.

24th April 2006, 4:34 AM
Jo watched as Mawile and Meganuim began to launch their attacks at a few of the Tauroses rampaging towards them. Jo didn't even see them coming till Sayara caught his attention.

"Where in the hell did they come from?!" Jo shouted shocked as his Eevee jumped out of his arms getting ready for an order to attack and join Mawile and Meganuim. "Alright, Typlosion you're up!" Jo said throwing a ball from his second belt. Typlosion made his appearance again giving out a roar and flexing its arms downward. "Eevee get on Typlosion's back!" Jo ordered. Eevee nodded as Typlosion leaned downward as Eevee jumped onto its back right above the area where the flames on Typlosion's back wouldn't burn her. "Typlosion use quick attack on one of the Tauros! Eevee use Curse!" Jo told his fire pokemon.

Typlosion gave out another roar and jolted leaning forward leaving a dust cloud where he started as a white streak appeared behind him while Eevee began to glow with black aura surround her. Eevee braced itself on Typlosion's back looking ready as if she knew her master would order her to jump up into the air. Typlosion was approaching the Tauros leading the herd.

"Eevee jump straight up and give them one of those Tauros a Shadow Ball!" Jo yelled. Eevee jumped straight upward into the air and opened her mouth as a small black ball began to form and grow with blue electricity coming from it. Eevee launched the ball and it hit a Tauros at the back of the herd making it fall and rollover.

The leading Tauros then charged forward leaving the herd a bit behind. Typlosion then braced itself as well as it made contact with the leading Tauros only to be sent flying back in mid-air. Typlosion roared in pain.

"What the hell?" Jo exclaimed shocked, "What happened?!" Typlosion landed on its side but got up quickly not having to be told since he knew the Tauros were still stampeding. "Wait a minute...D*mn it!" Jo said, "These aren't regular one-minded, stampeding Tauros."

"Huh? What'd you mean?" Sayara said puzzled, "Mawile, Meganuim keep on attacking!" Sayara said still trying to focus on the battle.

"My Typlosion's quick attack is strong, so I had no worries about going straight forward towards the herd, but that Tauros...Typlosion use Counter! Eevee Dig!" Jo ordered trying focusing on the battle as well.

Eevee dove straight forward into the ground and dissappeared underneath. Typlosion began to glow red as the Tauros that knocked it back used the same attack it used to hit Typlosion. Tauros colliding into the glowing Tylosion only to be given the same treatment as it flew back onto another Tauros.

"These Tauros are alittle more smarter. That Tauros used a Take Down attack which is why my Ty got knocked back." Jo then grinned looking at the feild, "This is should be fun, fighting a smart herd of Tauros. Dont you think Sayara?"

1st May 2006, 4:41 AM
Raising an eyebrow at the ruckus as he walked into the stadium registration area, Silver Etherlight signed himself up and look around, bemused. Sitting himself in a corner, seeing but not really taking in the meaning of anything, he watched, and occasionally saw a glimpse of his Castform, Envy, hovering around him.
He was forgetting something, he knew it, but he forgot what it was, and that was not a good thing at all. So he asked Envy, and Envy did not know, and he realised each and every one of his Pokemon, and none knew. They usually chose not to involve himself in the intricacies of battle, and focused on the battle itself.

The Double Battle League... He had worked quite hard to get in here, and he was not going to be disqualified. No way, not just because he forgot a piece of documentation or something like that.
No way...

Then it hit him, Double Battles, he needed a partner.
Well, that was three hours slower than usual, but it would have to do, but how?
How was he to find a partner in this mess?

4th May 2006, 10:54 PM
"Yeah i guess this is kinda fun. Mawile try Solar beams and Meganium you too." Both of Sayara's pokemon charged a light beam and hit several Tauros. Only few remained.

*Sorry it's short i'm being pestered to come off my computer*

4th May 2006, 11:12 PM
Jo watched in aw as many Tauroses fainted and rolled on the ground from the gaint Solar beam Assault Sayara's pokemon gave them.

"Wow! That was a powerful solar beam..." Jo paused then snapping back into the battle. "Alright, Typlosion let's finis the rest! We can't let Sayara hog all the Tauros can we?" Jo grinned. "TYPLOSION OVERHEAT!"

Typlosion gave out a loud roar rearing its head back and swinging it forward with its mouth wide open as a huge continious blast of fire came out aiming for the remaining Tauros. The fire attack pushed the Tauros back as they tried to break through the attack. Typlosion stopped its attack as all the Tauros except for one were knocked out.

"That's how its done." Jo grinned.

"But there's still one left." Sayara pointed out.

"Not really. Eevee! Come out and finish it!" Jo ordered.

Eevee then came straight out of the ground from under Tauros hitting it straight up sending Tauros a few feet in the air. Eevee landing on the ground and calmly moved a few feet away as Tauros then landed where Eevee had landed knowing that the Tauros would of landed there.

"Told ya." Jo smiled as he called back his Typlosion into its pokeball as Eevee walked to him and nudged herself on her master's leg. "So what you want to do now?" Jo asked placing his Eevee on his shoulder. "I thinking wew could go catch a quick battle and with some other trainers somewhere? Hmm..."

The Burnt Shadow
5th May 2006, 8:25 AM
OCC: Haven't been here for a while. Sorry...

As I got up, I haven't been active in pokemon training for a while due to several reasons. I got off my bed with Swampert and Meowth by my side. They were truly worried about my condition since I didn't look good. Meowth and Swampert wanted to help me up, but I just stopped them since I didn't want any help from anyone. But all of a sudden, I fell on my knees on the floor and vomitted. Swampert and Meowth shrieked at what had justh happened. Swampert carried me on its back as Meowth followed.

"I'm okay no really," I said my stomach began to burn.

Meowth and Swampert instantly took me to the trainer's clinic for medical care. I was on standing in front of a sink and soon I vomitted once more. Swampert and Meowth turned away, they were awfully disgusted with what happened. The doctor arrived to me.

"Okay could you tell me what's wrong with you," the doctor said.

"Nothing really," I said as I felt the burn getting worse.

"Well your pokemon didn't just take you hear if you weren't feeling weak," the doctor said.

"who're you calling weak?!" I yelled as I held on my stomach," I'm fine, I just saw something really disgusting that's all."

Meowth and Swampert looked at each other.

"Are you sure?" the doctor asked.

"Yeah," I said," Swampert, Meowth let's get out of here."

As we walked in the outskirts of the stadium to train, Swampert and Meowth were very worried. But they decided to just follow what I told them. Swampert started off with a hydro pump while Meowth retaliated with agility. As I watched I saw the two fight intensely. They were truly my strongest pokemon. But I soon sat down holding my stomach. Swampert and Meowth were about to attack each other, but when they heard me groan, they rushed over to me.

"Don't worry about me," I said," I'm..."

I needed the bathroom once more. Swampert and Meowth decided to disobey me just for once and took me to the clinic for a real check up...

OCC: If you're thinking what I think you're thinking then no he's just sick, for the moment...

7th May 2006, 1:56 AM
OoC: I just signed up, so yeah I'm in the Center

Melanie walked into the crowded Pokemon Center, her Totodile sitting on her right shoulder. Her backpack bulged with supplies she had packed before arriving at the Center.

"It's worse than I thought! How are we ever gonna get registered all that other stuff we're supposed to do!?" Melanie exclaimed to her water Pokemon disappointingly, that looked around and gave a "I dunno" expression to her in reply. Melanie approached the counter, the only empty spot for her to stand in.

"Hello. I'm here to register, or more like confirm my joining the Double Battle League." Melanie said to Nurse Joy and sat by the computer.

"What is your name?" Nurse Joy asked, clicking and typing a few things onto the keyboard and computer screen.

"Melanie. I'm from Olivine City." Melanie said, her Totodile leaping onto the counter to stretch his small legs.

"Ok Melanie. You've been confirmed for competing. Good Luck!" Nurse Joy confirmed, smiling.

Melanie left the counter, sitting on a booth near a window.

"Now we gotta find someone to be my partner and we can battle!" Melanie said to Totodile, who nodded in eagerness to battle. {Totodile!} he replied happily, sitting on the table.

"There sure are alot of trainers and Pokemon here." Melanie muttered to herself, looking at all the trainers and Pokemon relaxing or eating. Totodile focused his gaze on a bowl of Pokemon food, being eaten by a Raichu. {Toto.....} Totodile said in a sad, hungry voice.

"Fine, we'll get something for you to eat before we find a partner." Melanie replied to Totodile's hint of hunger, standing up and heading towards where they kept the Pokemon food.

Melanie purchased a bag of Pokemon food, then returned to her booth, setting Totodile's bowl on the table and poured some food into it. Totodile ate happily, smiling all the while he ate. Melanie kept her eyes open for any trainer searching for a partner, she really wanted to battle. She had been traveling for days, and she wanted to battle.

OoC: Sorry my first one stinks. ^_^' I'll have more words next time.

7th May 2006, 2:15 PM
*Sorry about the late reply*

Serenity was really anxious. Her two Evee evolutions swirled at her feet again and looked up at her. She could tell they were nervous-she was too.

It was the day after and she approched the desk to sign up for the leauge. A nurse Joy was standing there after just signing someone else up.

"Um, hi. I'd like to sign up-I've already passed the entry test." Umbreon and Espeon growled at her. They did that to most people, she gave them a warning look.

"Alright, just enter your details here and proceed to the waiting area."

she did so and sat next to another girl. She was pale and shivering even though it wasn't cold. Then she realised it. No partner-no pokemon leauge.

7th May 2006, 9:28 PM
Melanie saw the girl sit next by her, shivering.

"Are you alright?" Melanie asked her, Totodile becoming aware of the second trainer. Totodile quickly leaped onto Melanie's shoulder, holding the last of his Pokemon food as he watched her two Pokemon near her feet.

OoC: That's all I can post........

8th May 2006, 10:09 AM
"I cannot possibly find a better combination," Suneora complimented. "Their personalities combine harmoniously..."
"Well gee," Aaron replied, "you didn't need to compliment me that much..."
"Yes, and you must forgive me..." Suneors said with a little blush as she looked down a little bit. "many say that I talk strangely... but not important, only because I normally... normally talk another language..."
<"Speak, not talk,"> Kaleni corrected. Suneora automatically held up her hand as if to push the Dragonair away.
"So that's what you said earlier was," Aaron realized.
"Precisely," Suneora commented. "Oh and, we should go outside--'tis very busy in here..."
"Not to mention noisy," Aaron agreed. The two began to head outside.
"Kami, jibu-yome," Suneora turned back to her Pokemon. She called the partners outside with them. Some of those partners continued their conversations...

<"So,"> Flareon inquired, <"what's your favorite attack to use in battle?">
<"Ummm, I don't really battle that often,"> Suthemai replied, <"but I'd say Moonlight...">
<"Sounds pretty,"> Flareon commented. <"I saw Umbreon use it once--it sounds so relaxing...">
<"So we're... battling together?"> Suthemai added. <"I much prefer that to battling by myself...">
<"Why--is it because you don't know what to do?">
<"It's just so intense--I feel secure when someone else is by my side...">

<"Alas we are destined to merge our spirits into one,"> Su-Kanaori declared, her eye glowing with determination and seriousness. <"Let us surpass the limitations of strife and unclarity... dust that threatends to put out the glorious flame...">
<"I... much appreciate your pep talk,"> Espeon replied, taking a few moments to figure out what the Unown just said.
"Thrive with it," Suneora commented--she had overheard the conversation. "Su-Kanaori always riddles... apparently to let us think, to make us more clever... it really has mysterious purposes."

<"Let's use Bite together and then... oh what, you don't know Bite?"> Persian clarified.
<"Ummm... nope,"> Jolteon answered. <"We both use Double Team or Agility then shroud them with needles and coins--how's that?">
<"Gotcha. And you could paralyze them with Thunderbolt while I go in there with Faint Attack--don't worry, I don't get paralyzed...">
<"How come you're the one that goes in for the gold? OK--you should start with Taunt so we don't get Will-O-Wisped or something...">

Kaleni danced around Vaporeon's Aurora Beam.
<"I find it so moving, yet so effective..."> Kaleni commented.
<"Just be careful not to get frozen,"> Vaporeon instructed.
<"OK, you try."> Then she fire a graceful Water Pulse, which Vaporeon leapt in and out of.
<"We should enter contests!"> Vapreon complimented.
<"Unfortunately, we're in battle land...">

<"So can you turn invisible too?"> Sureana asked Misdreavus, having just reappeared from invisibility herself.
<"I can try..."> Misdreavus offered. <"I've never done it before.">
<"It will prove to be a huge advantage if you can,"> Sureana commented.
<"OK..."> Misdreavus then faded but didn't turn invisible--the outline of her head was still visible.
<"Not bad for a first,"> Sureana complimented.

<"Hey, I just realized,"> Umbreon noticed, <"that together, we have no weaknesses. Normally a Dark-type Pokemon like me would be weak against Fighting and Bug attacks, yet your Psychic and Rock attacks would be good against both.">
<"I can hypnotize anyone you have trouble with,"> Munedriva offered. <"At least Suneora says I'm better at hypnotism than Sureana--her Haunter--is. In fact, the 'driva' part of my name means 'hypnotic'.">
<"And the 'mune'...">
<"...means 'moon',"> Munedriva continued.
<"Yeah, it sounds like moon,"> Umbreon commented. <"Gee, we should prepare offenses as well as defenses...">
<"I'm always defensive, but you have Faint Attack and such... oh, but I could kick in a Meteor Mash or two...">
<"We'll figure something out,"> Umbreon declared.
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8th May 2006, 3:49 PM
Umbreon and Espeon saw the Totodile watching them. They let out low growls simultaniously.
"Sorry about that. Yeah, I'm just fine....oh, I can't kid myself-I haven't got a partner! I'm going to have to go back home to my sexist brother!" Umbreon and Espeon looked scared at this.

"Could you be my partner?" she asked her

8th May 2006, 10:19 PM
"Sure! I'm in need of a partner too!" Melanie replied happily, smiling. Totodile hid on top of Melanie's head, alittle intimidated.

"I wonder when we can battle, I'm ready to compete!" she said excitedly, putting up Totodile's food bowl. Totodile then leapt on top of the table, watching Espeon and Umbreon.