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Chibi Pika
19th March 2006, 1:46 AM
I've always loved Fire/Electric Decks. I've been perfecting my BAR variant for a long time, only to find out about this new HL-on format.

There goes my BAR. >>

I'm going to the Connecticut State Champs tomorrow, so I needed a new deck fast, and after ransacking my rather-large-yet-lacking-in-good-cards collection, I put together this mess. Deck experts are going to be laughing at me.

Pokemon x17

Zapdos EX x1 (FrLg)
Rayquaza EX x1 (Deoxys)
Latios x1 (Trainer Kit)
Latias x1 (Trainer Kit)
Charmander x2 (FrLg #58 & #113)
Charmeleon x2 (FrLg #31 & TRR #110)
Charizard EX x1 (FrLg)
Manectric EX x1 (Deoxys)
Manectric x2 (Deoxys #16 & #38)
Electrike x3 (Deoxys)
Plusle x2 (Deoxys)

Trainers x20

Bill's Maintenance x3
Professor Oak's Research x2
Lanette's Net Search x2
Professor Elm's training Method x2
Wally's Training x1
Holon Lass x2
Energy Recycle System x1
Energy Restore x2
Mr. Stone's Project x1
Rare Candy x2
PokeDex Handy909 x1
Switch x1

Energy x23

Fire Energy x8
Lightning Energy x8
Double Rainbow Energy x2
Holon Energy FF x2
Boost Energy x3

Yeah, I suck. *hides under desk.* Please note that there are several cards I would have preferred to include more copies of, but didn't own more copies of. >>


19th March 2006, 2:30 AM
Try using some dual balls for faster starts and maybe HL voltorbs and whatever electrodes you have instead of 'zard. Then you could most likely dump the PETM's too.

For energy-

10x Lightning
2x DRE
3x Boost
2x Rainbow

Will work much better, use the extra slots and add in more draw cards.

Chibi Pika
19th March 2006, 2:59 AM
Dual Balls got remade? That's good, I thought they hadn't been ever since TMvsTA. I think I have at least one Holon Voltorb, I could check...

Thanks for the crit.


Shiloh Phoenix
19th March 2006, 3:22 AM
lannette's net search, it's better for setting up.

Chibi Pika
19th March 2006, 3:26 AM
^ I love that card, but I only could find two in my binder ;-;