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23rd March 2006, 1:04 AM
Pokemon: 20
x3 Spheal (HL)
x2 Sealeo (HL)
x2 Walrein ex (LM)
x1 Walrein (HL)
x2 Rayquaza d (HP)
x3 Eevee (DS) (Call For Family)
x2 Jolteon ex (DS)
x1 Umbreon d (DS)
x1 Slugma (DX) (Magma Ring)
x1 Magcargo (DX)
x2 Holon's Castform (HP)

Trainers: 26
x4 ATM Rock
x3 RC
x3 Celio
x2 Great Ball
x2 Master Ball
x2 Power Tree
x3 Mt. Moon
x2 Warp Point
x2 Holon Farmer

Energy: 14
x8 Water Energy
x4 Lightning Energy
x2 Holon Energy WP

Main Cards:

Walrein ex: Main attacker. Puts 1 damage counter on opponent's non-water active Pokemon, if active. Water Arrow does 40 to any Pokemon for [W] [C] and Ice Throw will do 80 for [W] [W] [C] [C], or 120 to a fighting Pokemon. This OHKOs Medicham, Nidoqueen, etc...

Walrein: Supporter. Crush Draw can get energy out, with help from Magcargo. No other purpose, however.

Jolteon ex: ATM Supporter. When I play Jolteon from my hand, each of my opponent's Pokemon take 1 damage counter. Easy ATM supporter, and Second Bite is useful after Walrein.

Umbreon d: ATM Supporter. When my opponent plays a Special Energy card from their hand, that Pokemon takes 1 damage counter.

Magcargo: I teched in a 1-1 Magcargo line because it is optional, but can help. Smooth Over is the only reason, however.

Rayquaza d: When it has a Holon energy attached, each of my [W] Pokemon have no weakness. This gets rid of Walrein being OHKOed by Nidoqueen, so it can stay and do another OHKO.

Holon's Castform: Provides double rainbow energy like Trode and Ton. In addition, its attack isn't half bad. I draw one card for each of my delta Pokemon out, which could be one or two. Mainly energy.

It can do some damage, but I'll need to work out some kinks. I need a lot of help for the trainers, though.

23rd March 2006, 2:38 AM
I would use some Mentor and some GL, I like the deck, however.

23rd March 2006, 3:25 AM
This doesn't work because HL Rein, Dark Breon, and Cargo are the only pokes in your deck that can use ATM rock, and you have a single copy of each. :)

-4 Lightning
-1 Umbreon ds
-3 Celio
-1 ATM rock

+1 Holon Castform
+1 Holon W/P
+2 Rainbow
+1/1 Cargo
+2 Holon Mentor

Try that out

23rd March 2006, 6:02 AM
I'd take out the Slugma/Marcargo and throw in some more energy. You'll need it to power up those two Walrein EXs.

My main criticism with the deck is that it lacks the ability to get the energy you need when you need it. Running 14 total energy when you have Walrein that requires 4 energy each to run the last attack(two of which must be water type) is a little hazardous. I'd run your deck(as with most decks) around 20 energy cards, or at least have some Pokemon/trainer cards that allow you the ability to search your deck(or discard pile) for some.