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25th March 2006, 7:43 AM
This is the deck I've used for a lot of battles with my brother, and I usually won.

Title: White Fire Deck (Unlimited)


Ho-oh(1) - Neo Revelation
Charmander(2) - Legendary Collection
Charmander(2) - Team Rocket
Charmeleon(3) - Legendary Collection
Charizard(2) - Legendary Collection
Jigglypuff(2) - Jungle Set
Teddiursa(3) - Neo Discovery
Dark Ursaring(1) - Neo Destiny
Meowth(2) - Legendary Collection
Persian(1) - Jungle Set
Ditto(1) - Fossil Set
Houndour(1) - Neo Discovery


Potion(2) - Legendary Collection
Gold Berry(1) - Neo Genesis
Super Energy Retrieval(1) - Neo Genesis
Super Energy Removal(1) - Base Set
Energy Removal(1) - Base Set
Blaine's Quiz #3(1) - Gym Legends
Exp. All(1) - Neo Destiny
Full Heal(1) - Base Set
Super Rod(1) - Neo Genesis
Secret Mission(1) - Gym Heroes


Fire Energy(23) - Base Set
Potion Energy(4) - Legendary Collection
Recycle Energy(1) - Neo Genesis

So, what do you think?

26th March 2006, 1:32 AM
Most decks need 14-20 energy and 20-25 trainers. I have no clue how to help with an unlimited deck.