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Emerald Pikachu
28th March 2006, 9:39 PM
Hey, i am a huge fan of Yuugiou shippings, and i was just wondering how many others like to ship Yuugiou characters.

- Which Yuugiou shippings do you support? Why?
- Which Yuugiou shippings do you not support? Why?

NOTE: Pharaoh and Yami are the same person, but the shipping names are different. Same with Yami Bakura and Theif Bakura.

NOTE2: I know that 'Yami' is technically not his name, but i always refer to him as such because it's easier to tell which 'Yuugi' i mean.


- Puzzleshipping (Yami x Yuugi)
- Blindshipping (Pharaoh Atemu/Atemx Yuugi)
These 2 are my OTP. There is a ton of 'evidence' depending on what you'd take as a hint of course. They're pretty much inseparable - in the japanese version they mention each other almost every sentence (outside of duelling). Even though they've been through a lot, Yuugi is the only person Yami actually cried over (when he lost his soul) and when i say cry, i mean he really cried. As in, pounding the ground and repeatedly screaming "Aibou!" into the air. o.o They're extreamly loyal to each other, Yuugi will do whatever it takes to help Yami regain his memories, Yami will do whatever it takes to protect Yuugi. It may be just my opinion (and a kinda biased one at that) but i think it's the sweetest pairing in the series.

- Wishshipping (Yuugi x Jounouchi/Joey) - This is my second fav because after Yami, Jounouchi is the person Yuugi seems closest to. They've been best friends for ages and would do anything for each other. Plus in the subtitles, Yuugi actually said 'I love you' to Jounouchi once. Some people say, it actually meant "I like you a lot" but if you're like me *rabid yaoi fan* then you'll probably like to think otherwise. XD

- Kleptoshipping (Yami Bakura x Yuugi) - I like this pairing because in the original, Yami Bakura said himself that he respects him. And also Yuugi's goals are the same as his own - Send Yami on to the afterlife.
Also in the original, Yami Bakura once said "Any enemy of Yuugi's, is an enemy of mine."

- Heartshipping (Yuugi x Ryou Bakura) - This is probably the ultimate fluff pairing in the series. Yuugi and Ryou are both kind, polite, friendly, and sweet. Plus since they both have a Yami, they'd be able to understand each other in a way that others wouldn't.

- Tendershipping (Yami Bakura x Ryou Bakura) - I dunno why, but i kinda support this. Although the repeated - Yami Bakura beats Ryou, regrets it, makes up with him and they fall in love, fanfiction plots are a bit repetitive.

- Bronzeshipping (Yami Malik x Malik) - I am generally a fan of all the yamixhikari pairings, and this is no exception. I can't really explain my reason for liking it though.

- Polarshipping (Jounouchi/Joey x Mai) - It's obvious that they like each other, but neither of them would ever admit it. I love this kind of pairing. ^^

- ? (Yuugi x Mana) - No idea of the shipping name. Anyways, i know you're all thinking, 'why Yuugi and not the pharaoh?', but i see Yuugi and Mana as having more similar personalities. Both are optimistic and friendly, and want to help out the Pharaoh in any way possible. Plus i kinda like the idea of pairing Yami's closest modern friend with his closest ancient friend. It's cute. ^^

- Apprenticeshipping (Mahado x Mana) - I think it's cute that Mana is so loyal to Mahado and wants to be just like him. If he'd survived, i think they would have made a cute couple.

- Ardentshipping (Honda/Tristan x Shizuka/Serenity) - He seems to genuinely care for her, and i've always felt that he'd probably be more loyal to her than Otogi (Duke). Don't get me wrong, i am a big Otogi fan, but i just don't really see him and Shizuka together.

- Mizushipping (Priest Set x Kisara) - It's a little cliche, but she died to save him. And she is connected to the Blue Eyes White Dragon which is owned by modern day Seto.

- Roseshipping (Pegasus x Cyndia/Cecelia) - What can i say? He's proven that he's obsessed with her and i can't see that changing anytime soon.

- Stoicshipping (Priest Seto x Seto Kaiba) - As a friend said, the only one good enough for Seto is himself. XD

Definitely not supported: (Please don't take offence if you support them. It's just my opinion.)

- Prideshipping (Seto x Yami) - I am not really a Seto fan, they are rivals, they're not exactly friends, and i can't understand why Yami would choose Seto of all people, over Yuugi or Jounouchi. Or Anzu, even though i dislike that pairing too, it makes more sense. Plus 90% of all Yuugiou doujinshi i find, is SetoxYami. It's everywhere, and most of the time Yami is a super uke who allows Seto to do as he pleases. o.O Someone is watching a different Yuugiou to me.

- Fragileshipping (Yami x Ryou Bakura) - Ryou and Yuugi have similar personalities, and i can't see any reason why Yami would choose Ryou instead of Yuugi. It always seemed to me as though this pairing was an excuse to ditch Yuugi, who is already far less popular than Ryou anyways. Eh...i like Ryou but his overpopularity is kinda annoying sometimes.

- Revolutionshipping (Yami x Anzu) - Firstly; Yami doesn't love her, he encourages Yuugi to make a move because he knows Yuugi has a crush on her. Dating her would mean using Yuugi's body to date Yuugi's crush, which is something Yami wouldn't do. Secondly, pairing Yami with Anzu leaves Yuugi all alone. It often seems like people don't seem to care about Yuugi. ;_; And thirdly, i am not an Anzu fan. Simply because she doesn't really interest me.

- Peachshipping (Anzu x Yuugi) - It's better than Revolutionshipping, because Anzu's feelings are actually returned. But like i said, i am not a big Anzu fan and i feel Yuugi deserves someone better.

- Replayshipping (Yuugi x Rebecca) - This pairing is cute, but i hate it when people put them together just so that Anzu can have Yami. Why? Because it means shoving poor Yuugi with someone he doesn't love, and pairing his other half with the person Yuugi has a crush on. Even though Yami doesn't love her anymore than Yuugi loves Rebecca. Seems a little unfair on both the guys to me.

- Pegasus x anyone other than Cyndia/Cecelia - After all he did to try to get her back, i can't see him ever loving someone else as much as he loves her.

29th March 2006, 12:27 AM
The list of Yugioh ships I support is, like, five miles long. If it's yaoi or yuri, I probably support it. I'm extrememly flexible in this fandom.

My OTP is Yami BakuraxOtogi (diceshipping). It's oh-so-sexy, even if they only interact once... In the manga. ^^; Oh well.

My almost-OTP is KeithxGhost (idolshipping). It's so close to canon that I get excited just thinking about it. Ghost loved him, I'm 100% sure of it. Too bad Keith is a total jerk and beat his beloved up... Oh yeah, and Ghost dies, but that doesn't stop me either~

Other couples I love enough to mention: MalikxRyou, MarikxRyou, MalikxJounouchi, ShizukaxRebecca, MarikxJounouchi, BakuraxYami, KajikixEsper, RyuzakixHaga, JounouchixEsper, KajikixJounouchi, IsisxShizuka, EsperxGhost, MalikxOtogi, OtogixGhost, NoaxMokuba, SetxSeto, HondaxMokuba... And so many others that I can't even begin to list them all. Yes, I like the "normal" yaoi ones too, namely: MarikxMalik, BakuraxRyou, YamixYuugi, and SetoxJounouchi. For "normal" het couples, I like MaixJounouchi, YuugixRebecca, and SetoxIsis. See the variety? X3

Pretty much the only couples I loathe are: YamixAnzu, YuugixAnzu, MalikxAnzu, MarikxAnzu, IsisxMarik, BakuraxAny girl, RyouxAny girl, and SetoxShizuka. I'm okay with practically anything else. Those ones just bug me for some reason...

Toran Frostbite
29th March 2006, 3:57 AM
And every time a thread on this subject pops up, I am allowed free chances to try and convert people.

Favorite het 'shipping that makes me go ZOMGMIIIIINE~! would be Keith/Isis (and I wanna know why it's called Veershipping). They don't meet, and he doesn't even get to live to get the ball rolling in the manga, but having Malik in common really helps twist it comfortably in my head.

^_^; I'm also a big fan of Kaiba/Jounouchi, Jounouchi/Yugi, Jounouchi/Ura-Yugi, Jounouchi/Yugi/Ura-Yugi, Honda/Otogi, Honda/Ura-Bakura, Honda/Bakura/Ura-Bakura, Honda/Bakura, Honda/Shizuka, Seigfried/Kaiba/Jounouchi, Mokuba/Shizuka, and probably a few more.

o_O The one pairing I cannot stand though is Ura-Yugi/Kaiba and any incarnation between Kaiba/Set(h) and Yugi/Ura-Yugi/the Pharaoh. I can't explain why, but rivalries like that rub at me like sandpaper in the gut and nausea in the brain.

29th March 2006, 4:44 AM
Haga X Ryuzaki. I totally <3 that ship. It's too damn funny for words (hehe. They act just like an old married couple XD).

Besides Shrimpshipping, I like Haga X Esper, Esper X Ryuzaki, Haga X Esper X Ryuzaki, Haga X Noa, Haga X Ryou, Dartz X Haga, Pegasus X Haga, Dartz X Pegasus, Dartz X Siegfried, Pegasus X Siegfried, Siegfried X Jounouchi, Dartz X Pegasus X Siegfried, Siegfried X Haga X Ryuzaki, Esper X Ryou, Siegfried X Esper, Anzu X Shizuka, Vivian X Anzu, Mai X Shizuka, Isis X Shizuka, Mai X Anzu, Isis X Mai, Anzu X Rebecca, Vivian X Anzu X Rebecca, Siegfried X Otogi, Otogi X Ryou, Siegfried X Ryou, Amelda X Varon, Dartz X Rapheal, and Mai X Varon. The only ships I loathe are Honda X Shizuka, Yuugi X Rebecca, Seto X Honda, Seto X Shizuka, Seto X Jounouchi, Seto X Yami no Yuugi, Yami no Yuugi X Yuugi, Yuugi X Anzu, Mai X Ryuzaki, Haga X Rebecca, and Jounouchi X Mai.

29th March 2006, 5:33 AM
This is the one show that's just the magnet for homosexual pairings next to a couple of other shows I know. Now I have nothing against that, I just think it's just overdone and only evident in the eyes of yaoi fans and not through the eyes of people who see straight love. While there are shows that do have yaoi pairings like Gravitation, there are shows that only show close friendships between friends that always seem to be confused to be love. I am a guy myself, and while I don't have anything against homosexuality I don't like watching two guys kissing one another, which I never see in this show.

*ahem* Sorry about that, but I'm just stating my POV on the subject before I post my fav pairings in this.

Joey x Mai-The most obvious pairing in the entire series from the get-go. While Mai started off as a snobby cheater, she had a good development in her character. But the story arc that was the pinacle of this pairing was the Orichalcos saga with Joey's determination to get her back to the Mai he knew.

Yugi x Tea-One of the pairings that is often jumbled between Yugi's alter persona and the fact that many people don't like Tea. Another argument on this is the size difference between the two. Excuse me for being blunt, but I have an Uncle who actually married a woman taller than he is so that is one of the weakest excuses I can think of. Another thing, is that people say they're just friends; hello, many great relationships start out that way.

Now as for who would be perfect for Kaiba, sorry to say but I'd rather go with an OC who can manage to break that cold exterior of his than Serenity or Tea. As for Serenity, same thing because I'm sick of Duke and Tristan always trying to win her heart in one way or another. But out of all the pairings in this show, the two I've posted are the ones I completely support.

29th March 2006, 5:35 AM
I'd like to ask a question about this... Is Pegasus/Cecelia (sp) the only ship which is 'canon' in this show? Or do other characters actually become a couple?

29th March 2006, 5:36 AM
I'd like to ask a question about this... Is Pegasus/Cecelia (sp) the only ship which is 'canon' in this show? Or do other characters actually become a couple?
It didn't become canon until it was revealed in the episode after Yugi's duel with Pegasus.

Toran Frostbite
29th March 2006, 5:56 AM
It didn't become canon until it was revealed in the episode after Yugi's duel with Pegasus.

When does it matter when it was revealed as a canon relationship? Pegasus had a fiancée/wife; you can't change that, even if you say, "but he wasn't married before episode (insert # here)!" That's like saying Dartz was canonically single up until the point it's revealed he was also married with a daughter. *shakes her head*

Anyway, those are (to my knowledge) the only two canon relationships in the anime.

29th March 2006, 12:36 PM
Oh my god. I go back so much now. XD

My OTP, and I know it's odd but when aren't my pairs...?:

Ryuzaki/Roba. Yep. Rex Raptor and Esper Roba. I think that if they got to know each other better, they'd have a lot of chemistry. Ryu is definitely a lot kinder than Haga but still acts like a total hardass, whereas Roba seemed like a total hardass at first but we found out why he was dueling and omg. :D

It's just....awww.

And btw, Yami/Hikari couples make me die a little inside. Just a little FYI. They're overdone TERRIBLY and I'm sick of seeing so much Bakura/Ryou, Yami/Yuugi and Yami Malik/Malik and there is like NO other pairing seemingly written/drawn other than het ones. And het makes me puke :/

29th March 2006, 3:52 PM
I am a guy myself, and while I don't have anything against homosexuality I don't like watching two guys kissing one another, which I never see in this show.

Indeed, I am a guy myself (too), and while I don't have anything against heterosexuality, I don't like the idea a girl and a boy kissing each other. Alas, sometimes it happens, then I just hide in my closet, and pretend it doesn't happen. It works.

However I think that a lot of prejuidice exists, that a girl and boy can't be just good friends. And eventually need to engage in the romantic liaison, if they show some caring for each other.

IMO it is quite obvious that Anzu regards Yuugi "just" as a close friend. And she seems mature enough to me, to make the clear cut between friendship and romantic relationship.

My favorite ship would be Yami/Yuugi. Two bishonen that inhabit the same body are simply predestinated to be together. Since they have to face all hardship in life together, they will forge automatic a strong bond together. Even it isn't a explicit romantic/erotic relationship, is certainly goes beyond "normal" friendship. They probably can always sense each others toughs and feelings to some extend. Of course such a "forced" close relationship can be a tough challenge, but each relationship has its challenge to overcome.

Seto/Yami, Seto/Jonouchi. I like them both, but i'm not overly obsessed with it, at least not yet.

Others character I like from Yugi-Oh are Isis, Noah and Valon. But I couldn't find a good pairing for them. Valon clearly showed affection for May, but y'know that would be a hetero ship.

29th March 2006, 6:14 PM
Here's the shippings that I support

Yami/Yugi,and Tea.
Joey,and Mai.
Kaiba,and Serenity.

29th March 2006, 7:36 PM
Well I claimed it, so might as well start with Yuugi/Rebecca. Originally when I started liking this couple, it was right when we met Rebecca after duelist kingdom. I knew a lot of people hated her guts, but I loved her. She was so cute and I loved her being such a little brat at first. XD For some reason though, I just liked her interaction with Yuugi in these two episodes so I started pairing them up in my mind. It wasn't until months later she was dubbed....and then even more months before she reappeared in Japan. But all the waiting for worth it. Especially since she actually had developed feelings for Yuugi and acted even cuter now. ^^ So my reasoning for loving this couple isn't to keep Anzu away or any of that stuff. My reasoning is because I loved Rebecca from the start and thought Yuugi and her would look cute. The fact that love actually found it's way into the show was just a bonus for me.

My second couple then would have to be Seto/Shizuka. At first I never paid any attention to this couple, but over time I found it cute. Shizuka and Seto did look pretty good together, and I liked the whole idea of Shizuka going for the guy her brother wants to kill. ^^;