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29th March 2006, 12:12 AM
Pyroclasm - Portal, Ice Age, 7th, 8th, 9th Edition. Uncommon
1R: Sorcery
Pyroclasm deals 2 damage to each creature
Chaos does not choose its enemies.
"Leaves more room for the big ones to fight in, you know."
-Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
"When the air burns, only death breathes deep."
Bogardan mage

2 mana that deals 2 damage to each creature. Ofcourse, it totally ruins most of White Weeny, Token decks, and every other deck that runs little creatures. It can also get rid of annoying little chump blockers as well. You have to watch out because it deals 2 to your creatures as well, but if you can abide that, use this.

The Duck's Rating: 4/5

Shadow Trainer
29th March 2006, 3:39 AM
A good card against small aggro decks. 3/5

Felix Feral Fezirix
29th March 2006, 11:10 AM
Red decks. See Selesnya, start stuffing this. Although it wouldn't be such a good idea for goblin decks.......Anyway this feels like uber-cheap Cleansing Beam from Ravnica set for the Boros, except you hit your own creatures too. Not much difference, since if you play Cleansing Beam against a deck with a same colour as yours, you could kick yourself big time......

In conclusion, this card pwns any small creature deck. Remember to keep it big, people, keep those monsters big. Unless you're playing direct damage.....


30th March 2006, 1:28 PM
Of course there IS Aether Flare...

31st March 2006, 1:47 AM
You mean Aether Flash?

Felix Feral Fezirix
31st March 2006, 5:49 AM
Pardon my ignorance, but what in Pestilence's name does that do? Never seen it. Only seen Vial.

31st March 2006, 7:48 PM
Cleansing beam without without the radiance...good combo with Hunted Dragon 3.5/5

3rd April 2006, 6:24 AM
Not to sure, but it's a red Enchantment thing that does two damage to every creature that comes into play. Paired with Furnace of Rath, it's pwnful.

Felix Feral Fezirix
3rd April 2006, 7:52 AM
Obviously. But heck, it only hands it to creatures coming in play. The patheticity. This just clears the board for a larger creature. Pwnage.

12th April 2006, 3:41 AM
You imbecile you...

Comis Patronus
12th April 2006, 3:47 AM

I haven't played TCG's in a long time(3 years.......my dad doesn't approve it anymore) but I think that's okay...Like the card.