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30th March 2006, 6:05 PM
Feraligatr(1)Unseen Force
Feraligatr EX(2)Unseen Force
Croconaw(3)Unseen Force
Totodile(3)Unseen Force
Espeon EX(2)Unseen Force
Eevee(2)Delta Species[call for family]
Blissey EX(2)Unseen Force
Chansey(2)Unseen Force
Mewtwo 'Delta'(2)Delta Species

Pokemon Revesal(2)
Energy Removal 2(3)
Power Tree(2)
Dual Ball(3)
Energy Recycle System(2)
Professor Elm's Training Method(2)
Rocket's Admin.(2)
Bill's Maintenance(2)
Steven's Advice(2)
Strength Charm(2)

Water Energy(9)
Psychic Energy(5)

I will use my pokemon ex(feraligatr ex or espeon ex) to beat my opponent monster,after my ex pokemon has damage hardly,I will switch espeon ex up to become my active pokemon by using switch(if espeon already is my active pokemon,no need to switch),after that,I will put mewtwo into my bench to move my energy of my pokemon ex which already damage hardly to other pokemon which doesn't have any damage of a little bit of damage on it,then I will evolve my chansey become blissey ex and I can just discard 1 energy from the pokemon which already damage hardly and heal it until full hit points

This really a great combo which can switch energy to other pokemon to provide them attack and can also make u just using 1 energy to heal ur pokemon which has damage hardly(example:my feraligatr ex has damage about 140,I just use 1 energy to heal it become full hit points...that's very good...)

11th April 2006, 8:28 PM
i hope i could make that cool deck! ^^

Shiloh Phoenix
14th April 2006, 12:31 AM
I'd wanna play against you at a tournament! =D