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1st April 2006, 2:04 AM
Demon Heart Plot
In ancient Japan our story begins.

The hero of our story is Nanashi Kuroi.

Our future hero is currently a rich boy who lives the aristocratic lifestyle, however he is not the pompous snob most people would think someone of his upbringing would be.

He was a kind and pure child still ripe with childhood innocence, and the people of the town loved him, however love did not help on one infamous night when he mysteriously disappeared.

The “Kidnapping” happened when Nanashi was attending a party on one of his parent’s friend’s estates.

Search parties where sent in all directions but the child was nowhere to be found, or at least, nowhere they could find.

For you see the boy had been taken to the lair of Noteleks the evil demon lord.

Noteleks was notorious for causing chaos and death wherever he spread his wrath.

He has killed men, women, and children to get what he wants, and he wants two things.

The first is to rule the world, the second is fear, fear of him, and the type of fear that’s so strong that not even the sands of time can erase it.

Noteleks had a problem however.

Even though he was a demon lord and could live for many a millennia, his life would still not be long enough so that his legacy would be forever remembered, but he was struck with inspiration.

Why not create an apprentice to carry on his work so that there would be a
100 percent chance that he would be remembered [and when Noteleks says a
100 percent he means a complete 100 PERCENT]?

And so he kidnapped Nanashi and tortured him for three years, morphing him into the evil creature he had envisioned.

For Nanashi the only comfort was sleep.

At least there he was happy; well when he wasn’t having the numerous nightmares that his dire situation had produced.

Noteleks even traveled to the deepest darkest depths of the underworld and stole the legendary Black Blade Scythe.

The weapon was known throughout the entire underworld.

It was said that to use it the wielder must perform a ritual in which the weapon is bound to the user’s soul.

Noteleks performed this ritual on Nanashi.

The transformation was almost complete.

The only thing left to do was literally consume Nanashi with darkness but during the operation Nanashi escaped.

He fled the lair and returned to the surface.

Noteleks roared with rage as he chased Nanashi, but just as Noteleks reached the surface Nanashi cast a spell that produced illusions that made it appear there where many of him.

This trick gave him just enough time to flee the scene.

He noticed that he was surprisingly close to his hometown.

He dashed for it as fast as his legs would let him, but just as he came within earshot of the nearest person he fell into a crevice.

As he lay there wounded the darkness had begun taking over so he used his magic once more and froze himself, and so he lay there for more than a thousand years; slowly healing himself and draining the darkness from his body, waiting to be freed.

And one day he got his wish.

A construction crew that was building a subway found a giant diamond.

It was taken to a museum and put on display, as it’s new star attraction.

One night however it was “stolen.”

The police where puzzled with the case though as it did not at all resemble a normal jewel heist.

The glass on the case and the front door where smashed down, there was a puddle of water starting at the case and leading out, the thief apparently did not have any clue where they where going because the trail of water signaled they had wandered around the museum before finally finding their way out, and the guards where found as if they had been thrown around like rag dolls.

Nanashi finds himself in modern Tokyo.

He wanders the city learning much about our modern world and getting into quite a bit of trouble while doing it.

He eventually finds his way to “The Orphanage For Gifted Children”.

He goes in he enrolls and while they’re asking him the questions he realizes for the first time that he’s become mute.

Anyway he gets in but senses something suspicious in the place.

When some of the kids check him out they label him a weirdo.

Nanashi overhears some of the other students and discovers that this “orphanage” is actually just a holding bay for kids like him [victims of Noteleks], he was only let in to be a play thing for the successful ones.

These suspicions are confirmed when “Mr. Noteleks” pays a visit to the place to give a donation.

A few days later Nanashi sees some of the other kids tormenting another one and realizes that this is where Noteleks sticks his rejects too.

Nanashi decides he has to step in and catches the smaller kid’s teddy as the bigger kids are playing keep away with it.

Nanashi and the bullies stare at each other for what seems like forever and then the leader of the other kids walks up into Nanashi’s face.

The bully hits Nanashi on the cheek but he doesn’t even budge.

The bully swings at him again but in less than an instant Nanashi grabs his fist [still not moving anything else on his body] and begins to crush the bully’s hand.

The bully starts screaming and says uncle and sorry.

As soon as he apologizes Nanashi puts his hand down as fast as he had raised it.

He then turns around and walks away. One of the other bullies throws a ball at him but he simply sidesteps, grabs it, and chucks it like a bullet at the kid, sending him flying.

He then continues to walk away.

It is revealed that the staffs are servants of Noteleks when one of them that saw Nanashi protect the kid tells Noteleks.

He is pleased that “his creation is alive and well”.

Nanashi soon decides that he’ll have to defeat Noteleks.

He gathers some of the others [the rejects] and launches a small-scale war on the demon.

The two forces battle it out many times and in many ways but after in the end the hero triumphs, but in his dying breath Noteleks says, “You fools; there are many more demon lords like myself; some are even stronger than I.You will not be rejoicing when they defeat you. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!"

Nanashi frees the others of their mind control and together they go on many adventures, seeing much, meeting many, and for the most part having a great time doing it.

And that my friend is Demon Heart
The End
This is the first Manga Plot I ever made and I don't exactly remember how old i was when I did it. Anyway what do you guys think of it [by the way this is not designed to be a Fan-Fic, it was designed to be a Manga, remember this when critiquing it, but please do] this is the first time i've posted one of my plots where large amounts of people could see it [mostly due to the fact that i'm scared someone will steal it and say it was thier work]. please critique

2nd April 2006, 7:30 AM

Pikachu Fan Number Nine
5th April 2006, 1:21 AM
Another good plot. I'm telling you, this would be great as a blockbuster film.

10th April 2006, 2:43 AM
Good plot i like it :) ;381;