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1st April 2006, 7:31 AM
Has any one here ever taken a ship that's normally het (EdXWinry from FMA for example) but then gender bended one of the character to make it into a yuri or yaoi pairing? (Example: MaleWinryXEd, WinryXFemale Ed)

or even take a male character, turn them female, and then pair them up with another male character? (Example: Ed/Envy becomes EdXFemale Envy or Female EdXEnvy)

I've done it lots of times. I don't usually go for yaoi pairings, but when I long for yaoi/yuri, so I gender bend in some fan art I do to satisfy that part of myself. and sometimes I turn the villian into an extremely hot chick who tempts the hero, making him surrender to his darkness in the process.

I dunno... any one ever thought of gender bending character in shippings to make them more interesting?

and don't look at me like I'm stupid/stange. Changing a character's sex is no different from changing the character's sexual prefrence in my book >.>

1st April 2006, 8:23 AM
Well, I have played around with the idea of Ash and Misty being reincarnated as the same sex (alternate reality, of course), but I've never really done anything with it.

1st April 2006, 8:49 AM
Not that I recall.
But then, I don't care for Hetero couples usually.
For sh*ts and giggles though I've turned some same-sex into heterosexual stuff.
<3 Hiei x Femme-Kurama for the win. (Not like he screams of masculinity anyway.)

Well no, I take that back, I have in a way.
I used to think Tate was a girl, and for a short period I gained amusement from what I thought was a lesbian incestual pairing.
I grew bored of them pretty fast though, especially after the whole...gender realization. *shrug* Pokemon pairings aren't my thing.

Edit: *thumps* D: Thre's no need to genderbend Envy.
He's a shapeshifter, he can genderbend himself. XP