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4th April 2006, 12:37 AM
Okay, from now on, if you have any questions about the RP, ask them here. But first, I have some stuff to cover that will be in place through the RP.

1) We won't just fight 'evil' Digimon, I can't emphasise this enough. I don't care if it's a Digimon based on purity and light, the Digital World is in chaos, those who wish to survive want the X-Antibody, we have the X-Antibody...seeing the link?
2) I'll purposely make the situations where you can access Digivolution/X-Evolution. You can start fights as much as you want, but unless I pinpoint a (reasonably) powerful enemy at you, and you alone, don't just randomly gain Digivolution against a Numemon so that powerful Digimon are easy in the future.
3) I'm still forming a list of allies, but two are definite:

Name: Merlin
Species: Wizardmon
Description: Wizardmon (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/3f/Wizardmon.gif)
Personality: Level headed and good hearted, despite the fact he risks deletion as to lacking the X-Antibody, he knows that the world takes preferance over his life. He is still more than willing to take the X-Antbody should the moment arise, but it's not top of his priorites. He is a wanderer of the Digital World, who, unlike some other Digimon, has gathered knowledge on the matter of 'X' and it's source. But, owing to his shy nature, he has trouble getting it across without losing his cool, and telporting away. BlackWarGreymon is an old allie.
Magical Game (A random attack, he starts off by firing a flash of blue lightning, but what happens next only he knows)
Thunder Ball (He generates lightning either from his hands, staff or in the form of a thunder cloud)
Does He Have An Alternate X-Form: Eventually
Does He Evolve With X-Evolution: Eventually

His other forms:

Species: Mystimon
Description: Mystimon (http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/Mystimon.gif)
Core Blast: Fires a magical blast from the Digi Core he holds in his left hand
Blast Fire: He launches a stream of flames from his sword at the foe.

Species: Dynasmon
Description: Dynasmon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/3/35/Dynasmonasda.jpg)
Breath of Wyvern (Opens his mouth to unleash his destructive energy aura, which takes the form of a massive dragon)
Dragon's Roar (A powerful blast attack that is shot from the gems in his palms)
Gaia Crusher (Gathers energy in his fist, which he slams into the ground to create a massive earthquake of destruction)
Viral Wave (Fires an energy blast from his chest)
Lightning Blast (Unleashes an energy blast from his mouth)

No Rookie, Champion or Ultimate

Species: Dynasmon X
Description: Dynasmon X (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/0c/Dynasmonx1231.jpg)
Breath Of Wyvern(See Dynasmon)
Dragon's Gust(A more powerful Dragon's Roar)

And our other ally:

Name: Jack
Species: BlackWarGreymon
Description: BlackWarGreymon (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4b/Bwgm.jpg)
Personality: He's your average strong yet silent type. His reasons for helping are unknown, but Wizardmon has known him for a long time. He has an arrogant streak, believing it often a waste to use his power against those who aren't strong enough to face him. He has no intention of turning on the Digidestined for their X-Antibody, as he already obtained one defeating a SkullMammothmon X. He is usually more one to watch than fight, but when he does he is quick and ruthless. Unederneath his helmet, behind his eyes, what he is thinking of in his long silences is a mystery.
Dragon Crusher: (BlackWarGreymon uses the Dramon Destroyers to slash at enemies. Effective against Dramon Group Digimon)
Terra Destroyer (BlackWarGreymon collects negative energy from the world around him and shapes it into a massive sphere of darkness, which he hurls at his opponent)
Black Tornado (He spins very fast, forming a whirlwind, which can rip and tear his opponent apart)
Ultra Tornado (He spins very fast, forming a whirlwind and sends two smaller ones outward)
War Blaster (Charges his arms and then shoots green projectiles outward)


No rookie, champion or ultimate


Species: GaiOumon
Description: GaiOumon (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/ae/Gaiomon.jpg)
Gaia Reactor (Placing his swords together, he gaters spirit energy and launches it at the opponent in an x shape by swiping his swords)
Rinkazan (Multiple slash attacks with his twin swords)

Well then, any further questions should be asked here instead of in the sign up.

Draco Malfoy
7th April 2006, 8:55 AM
Um a question Nylf.

How do we activate our Crests? Do we do it like the anime? (i.e. experiencing or feeling the Crest's specified emotion) Also if we do, is it going to happen randomly or through particular traumatic and/or dramatic event?

EDIT: Also, I know that we may have to battle a variety of Digimon: including the supposed "good" ones. Well I know that some Vaccine Digimon are "evil" or do as they please (i.e. Dynasmon, the Royal Knights, etc.) I don't have a problem facing Vaccine Digimon in general as the World is in Chaos anyway but I do feel a bit "sensitive" about the Angel Type Digimon. Nearly all Angel Type Digimon have either a Virus counterpart/corrupted form or their later Digivolutions do. Such as Ophanimon/Lilithmon, Seraphimon/Daemon, CherrubimonVaccine/CherubimonVirus etc. Mostly, from Vaccines, generally mostly it's the Angels that have them, the other non-Angel/Celestial type Vaccines don't. I think that we shouldn't fight Angels in their Vaccine forms. I'm not saying we should fight Vaccines at all, I think fighting Corrupted Vaccines would spice this RPG up. But we shouldn't fight the Angels. I'm not saying that the Angels are perfect nor shouldn't we fight them, but I'm saying we should but in their non-Vaccine Forms. Angels can be corrupted or non-corrupted. Better known, Virus and Vaccine. Non-corrupted is their main form. Corrupted is also called "Fallen Angels". I believe that there would be no non-corrupted Angels such as Angemon fighting us because, A) Angels HATE fighting. They'll only fight to protect others or against evil B) They wouldn't kill even for their own lives; they only kill evil. They value other lives better. C) Imperfect Angels exist in the world. If Angels don't do part A or B, they turn corrupted, into their Virus form. D) In this chaotic world, there wouldn't be many angels left any way, they'll either be dead or corrupted or some how mirculously alive but in refuge.

Any Angel that does "bad" stuff continuously turns "bad" Yes, they won't IMMEDIATELY turn to corrupt mode, it'll take long for a Seraphimon to turn into a Daemon, so evil causing Angels WILL exist in this RPG. But I believe after a while, after they caused enough damage, either out of desperation or some reason, they turn into corrupt mode. So say that we face an Angewomon. She kills ten Gabomon because she wants the X-Antibody. She then kills more. Then she kills EVEN MORE. After a few rounds with her, poff! She digivolves to Ophanimon while fighting against us but then turns into Lilithmon. So what I'm trying to say is that we should fight Angels but they would inevitably turn corrupt in the end. Same as a Lilithmon on OUR side realises true light and turns into Ophanimon after participating in heaps of fights against evil. So I say when we fight enemy Angels, at first they are in their original form but when Mega, they FINALLY turn into their Virus counterpart. This only applies to Vaccine Angel type Digimon. All other non-Angel Vaccine Digimon such as Omnimon and Gallantmon don't apply.

Also I really don't mind having Virus Digimon as Allies any more. This world is in chaos and is imperfect; anyone who wants to contribute to save the Digital World should. It's their own free liberty. I know I don't run this RPG, nor am I aiming to. I just wanted to present my findings, my thoughts, my ideas and help contribute.

7th April 2006, 9:02 PM
we shouldn't fight the Angels. I'm not saying that the Angels are perfect nor shouldn't we fight them
Can you say oxymoron?

Yes, I know there's the corrupted/non corrupted things with Angels. I'll cover the background to the angels in this, and how we'll fight them, just to clearify.

1) The Digiworld in this is mainly 5 regions, the northern ice fields, the southern rainforests, the eastern celestial plain and the western dark area. Everything between them is desert, as after all the fighting that's almost all that's left. There are, though, bits of the desert that remain untouched. This relates to the RPs start, so I'll leave this untouched.

2) The areas speak for themselves. Now then, we don't actually go to the celestial plain until much later in the RP. This is where we'll spend most our time beating up 'good' guys.

3) I agree thoroughly with the corrupted/non-corrupted part. Though there will be a reason for the corruption revealed, but again, spoilers, so I'm saying nuttin'

4) We won't be fighting any Mega Level Angel Digimon, because, as masterwanabee said, they would have to be corrupted to be alive and wish to stop us.

5) Our allies will include Angels, as there are more ways to get the X-Antibody. If a Digimon is about to be deleted, they can, instead of having their foe take it, transfer their X-Antibody to an ally. This is how Kudamon got his, and will be mentioned in his backstory. This is how the ones we meet who are uncorrupted will have theirs.

And the crests? Yeah, pretty much the same as the anime. When the time comes I'll explain it. For now, just be ready to gain champion, as it will not be an easy fight when the time comes.

Draco Malfoy
8th April 2006, 4:01 AM
I think everyone's ready now... You should start the RPG soon. You soon now double check the Sign-Ups, get everything set we're good to go!

8th April 2006, 8:35 PM
Hey, this is seeming pretty fun - although, about the Crests... if it is like the anime, I think it would be good for you to remain in control of when this happens COMPLETELY - so we don't have anyone going, say, "i hope we win omg digivolution" or "i luv you please save me wow tis teh glowin!" if you see what I mean. It would just be an easy system to abuse. ^^;

8th April 2006, 9:28 PM
As I said, I will isolate situations where a character can gain Digivolutions. These will be, what most RPs call, boss and sub boss battles, depending on how powerful you want/I make your foe. Now then, in my case Kudamon's foe will be consistent, if at differant stages, and he will be Dracmon. The reason for this will be explained in time, and it isn't a random rivalry like:

"OMG you are ' certain digimon' I must hate you"

You can have any Digimon as a set rival, or you can just request a battle for Digivolution and I'll arrange it.