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4th April 2006, 3:25 AM
This thread will be for discussing the RPG, asking questions, making clarifications, talking OOC, and to read accouchements posted by myself. So far I have a more in depth look at how magic and guardian forces work, clarifying some rules and such. I may add on depending on how things go.


Magic, in this RPG, is manifested by releasing a bit of energy generated by a taught technique. Therefore, repeated or excessive use of spells can rapidly decrease one’s stamina and vitality, with effects ranging from feeling fatigued to falling unconscious. SeeDs are trained to be warriors, with magic used mainly as a support ability. No SeeD specializes in the use of magic in the sense that they can overcome the drawbacks and limitations because they are a “mage.” Though some students might be better at magic than others, it works the same way for everyone.

As you know, there are two level one spells for each element. When I see fit (mainly it will be decided by activity, good role playing, adherence to the rules, etc.) I will upgrade your magic. I will only do this twice, and it will only be for the “core” spells. Once the RPG is underway, I will, at some point, make an announcement that you can make your own spells. Spells that you create should be of your element and be balanced in power with your current core level spell. After third level core spells are reached, further on, you can create more powerful spells. I will be keeping a keen eye on any leaning towards power playing. Creating spells is of your own judgment, but the core spells are there to provide a beacon and guideline.

For example:

(I’ll use fire since no one picked that element)

Fire Level One

Fire Level Two

Fire Level Three

Now, let’s say you have the ability to make up your own spells after achieving the second level. Fira is a moderately-strong fire spell, so if you made an attack called ‘Conflagration’ and it was a huge sweeping wave of fire that could hit multiple enemies, that would not be acceptable. Something of that magnitude would be created well after Level Three.

Also, not all spells have to be damaging. Every element at level one comes equipped with a light damaging spell, and a status spell. Fire level one has fire and confuse. Fire two has a spell called Oil, which coats a small area in a film of flammable liquid. So keep that in mind also when creating spells. They don’t have to all be damaging or status. A thunder spell might make a certain item magnetic. An earth spell might create a pit or quicksand.

As a general rule, the core spells affect a single target. A larger spell, such as Firaga, might catch someone else in its effect, but the focus of the spell would be on the chosen target. Status spells always only effect one being. Also, each element has a certain status effect tied to it - Blind for black, silence for water, slow for quake, et cetera. No one will be able to take another one of those status spells from a different element. So if you were a fire specialist, you would never be able to cast the spell silence. However, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t eventually create a spell called Roaring Flame, that started a fire that made an unbearable roaring sound, and had a silence effect on the chosen target.

Important: Status effects don’t always work. Targets are able to resist unless they do not wish to (such as with Float or Haste). Status effects also don’t last indefinitely, and can wear off at any time.

Finally for magic, remember - SeeDs are warriors first, mages second. You shouldn’t have a great plethora of spells as the game progresses. Between the three core levels, that’s 6 spells right there. I wouldn’t create any more than five over the course of the RPG, so create carefully. If you make up five spells as soon as your able, you won’t be able to make up stronger ones later. I’ll be keeping an updated record of spells and guardian forces in the first post in the RPG.

And just for reference, I’ll provide a brief explanation of the level one spells each person chose. For the damaging spells, you can basically choose how it manifests itself, but it cannot be different each time you do it.

Earth Level 1

--Manifestation of earth…Could be a small tremor, a ranged blast of rock, or the conjuring of a small stalagmite.
--Target’s movement and reflexes are decreases; their actions are sluggish.

Wind Level 1

-- Manifestation of wind…Could be a ‘wind blade,’ a violet thrust of air, an incisive burst of vapors.
--Target floats about six inches off the ground. Can avoid an earthquake like effect, move over obstacles such as a river. Also makes target to natural winds and air magic - can be blown away easily.

White Level 1

--Self explanatory.. Cures wounds.
--Provides target with invisible armor which reduces the strength of physical attacks.

Black Level 1

--Sucks life force from a target and adds it to caster. Creates wounds on another to heal wounds on oneself. Healing effect is less than that of a cure spell.
--Wraps targets head/eyes in darkness, effectively blinding them. (No effect on beings without eyes).

Void Level 1

--Manifestation of space…Could be a blast of void energy, a press of gravity.
--Like slow, but instead increases movement and reflexes.

Ice Level 1

--Manifestation of ice…Could be a blast of ice, a spike of ice.
--Target is lulled into slumber

Guardian Forces

Guardian forces are elemental beings who hail from different planes that travel to the material plane to pursue their destinies of joining with other beings. They lie in natural lairs and wait for someone who feels the energy they emit to come and confront them. Guardian forces challenge the being, usually through combat, to test their worth, and then submit themselves to their new master. They return to their home plane of existence, and wait to hear the transdimensional call from their master, and proceed to cross the planar barrier and attack.

In this RPG, everyone starts out with a GF - most SeeDs-to-be acquire one through an assignment. Each of these guardian forces has an element and is a ‘level one’ GF. There are five levels of each element, and each level of GF is unrelated and independent to the other levels. Guardian forces don’t evolve or anything like that.

Summoning a GF requires time and concentration. Generally it takes about 30 seconds for a GF to respond to the call and break the transdimensional barrier. The longer a GF has been joined to a person, however, decreases this time. The time can be longer if there are adverse conditions which make concentration more difficult. Unlike magic, summoning a GF doesn’t take any physical toll on the conjurer. It does, however, take one on the guardian force. Generally, a GF can only be called once or twice a day before needing to rest in its planar home.

Guardian forces will be obtained in different ways over the course of the RPG. Sometimes enemies will use them in battle, and if that enemy is defeated, the GF will challenge one of you to continue its purpose and have a new master. Other times, you will feel the presence of a nearby GF (this will be said in this thread), and will be able to confront it. Please take note of the following rules concerning GF acquisition.

1.) I am the only one who will say if a GF is nearby or if an enemy has a GF.
2.) When the group comes across a GF, I will determine who the GF will challenge for its ownership. This will be determined, like magic upgrades, by activity, adherence to rules, etc.
3.) If a person gets a GF of the next level, they will not be able to get another one until everyone has acquired a GF of that level.
4.) To prevent bias, I will always receive a GF last.
5.) Not all guardian forces encountered will be of the next level.

All level one guardian forces affect about a twenty foot radius burst, capable of striking a few targets at once which are caught in the blast.

Once more guardian forces are acquired, it may not always be best to use the strongest one you have. Though guardian forces have the unique ability to release their attacks and not5 hit the caster or anyone the caster does not see as an enemy, they do have effect on the environment. It would be unwise to use a level five Fire GF in the middle of a forest for obvious reason. It would be unwise to use most guardian forces inside of a building, with few exceptions. Level one guardian forces would deal less damage to a building than higher level ones. Keep this in mind.

In case you were wondering guardian forces usually enter the plane with some small of elemental energy. A thunder GF may make itself known by forming from a blast of lightning, an earth GF may rise from the ground, et cetera.