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4th April 2006, 9:49 AM
OK, I know the RPG will be confusing, so any questions, post here.

The plot: Four years ago, a group of kids, known as the digidestineds, fought an evil creature, named MaloMyotismon. He's a Digimon, short for Digital Monsters, therefore, he's made of data.

There're a lot of other Digimon just like MaloMyotismon, but not all of them are evil. Digimon have the ability to evolve, or Digivolve, to another form.

After MaloMyotismon's defeat, an old enemy take the chance to show up. When the other evil Digimon showed up and sealed the enemy away, because of the enemy's sheer destruction and chaos that's more evil than MaloMyotismon, the enemy can't do a thing about it. The enemy...is known as Him.

Him is an evil sorcerer, his powers are unimaginable, it took the Ten Chaos, a group of evil Digimon that the old digidestineds defeat, to sealed Him away into the Dark Area, a place in another world known as the Digital World where Digimon lived, where there is full of darkness and chaos.

The Ten Chaos were known as, Devimon, Etemon, MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, Piedmon, LadyDevimon, Apocalymon, Daemon and MaloMyotismon. All of them were deleted by the Digidestineds' Digimon.

Now, after eight long years (Him was sealed off four years before MaloMyotismon's defeat) , Him have managed to escaped the Dark Area, and a new group of Digidestineds are chosen by a wise man known as Gennai, who's data that looks like a human. Nine chosen Digimon were then chosen for the new Digidestineds, and they're now heading to the Real World to meet their human partners.

And I'll explain Beastmon a little further:

Baby Form: Bitmon
Bitmon is just like any Baby Level Digimon, except he has two small little fangs that are slightly unnoticeable. He's brown in color, giving him a unique ancient-like color.

In-Training Form: Fangmon
Slightly bigger than Bitmon, Fangmon's fangs are now larger than Bitmon, big enough to leave a very deep and serious cut on a human, about 5 cm long, each.

Rookie Form: Beastmon
See the first page of RPG for details.

Champion Form: GreyBeastmon
A larger version of Beastmon, this time, however, GreyBeastmon have an extra extractable toe claw on each foot. A club with spikes on his tail, an even longer neck, and added spikes on his torso and a spike on each of his hip. His claws are bigger, too. Not to mention his bony armor on his head and eyelids. So, when I said if Beastmon grow any bigger, he would be a tank, I was right. :D

Ultimate Form: EleBeastmon
EleBeastmon basically can fly and swim, that's why he's called "Ele"Beastmon. EleBeastmon have two added wings and a tail fin added to his spiky club tail. That's all. O_o"

Mega Form: MegaEleBeastmon
This Digimon is the bomb! He has control over the 10 elements, Fire, Light, Wind, Electric, Grass, Ice, Steel, Earth, Water and Dark. He can unleash 10 attacks, each with its own element of cause. MegaEleBeastmon's feature is an added metal armor to his body, head and neck.

9th April 2006, 1:50 PM
Sorry for double posting, but everyone who joined my RPG should notice this, the Digidestineds will kill of Seasarmon (or make it faint) and then, we will go and find the first crest.

9th April 2006, 9:29 PM
i'll post my three digimon for no further confusion

Dorumon with panjyamon also info you need is on the pages

baby:dodomon (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Dodomon.html)

in-trainingdorimon (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Dorimon.html)same for both digimon

rookie:Dorumon (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Dorumon.html)

Champion:DoruGamon (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/DoruGamon.html)

Ultimate 1:Panjyamon (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/PanjyamonX.html)

Ultimate 2:
Dorugremon (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/DoruGremon.html)

mega:Dorugoramon (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/DoruGoramon.html)


rookie:AgumonX (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/AgumonX.html)

champion:Greymon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/GreymonX.html)

Ultimate 1:Garudamon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/GarudamonX.html)

Ulitmate 2: MetalGreymon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/MetalGreymonX.html)

Mega:WarGreymon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/WarGreymonX.html)

Super Mega:Omnimon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/OmnimonX.html)

if possible later i get a Gabumon X

it doesn't have an in-training or baby so it will have the same as the other two

rookie:Gabumon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/GabumonX.html)

Champion:Garurumon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/GarurumonX.html)

Ultimate 1:MegaSeadramon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/MegaSeadramonX.html)

Ultimate 2:WereGarurumon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/WereGarurumonX.html)

Mega:MetalGarurumon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/MetalGarurumonX.html)

Super Mega:Omnimon X (http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/OmnimonX.html)

10th April 2006, 9:47 AM
Sorry, but you can only have one Digimon, but since your Digimon are X Digimon, and, since Nylf's story have X Digimon, I'll make your character and Nylf's character a special case.

BTW, I've finished typing in the RPG, check out what Jimmy said. *show a cheesy face*

10th April 2006, 10:13 AM
Sorry, but this is rather important, when the Digidestineds arrived in the real world, they will each find their crests there, and then, they will realize that they then need to go back to the Digital World, and when they got there, well, I planned a surprise, so that's all for now.

10th April 2006, 2:30 PM
I'm going to have to ask, would it be possible for me, over time to form a group of partners akin to what Mimi and Joe did near the end of the Digimon 01 series? They aren't MY Digimon, just Digimon who I meet on my wandering through the Digita World and, over time, decide to help me. They would be:

LoaderLeomon (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b7/LoaderLeomon.jpg)

He would be under the control of a Dark Spiral, and I would meet him underground. This will be after my crests activation, or be the cause of it, so Qilinmon would free him, but spare him, as Qilinmon cannot kill, and neither can Sieg. In debt, LoaderLeormon would say if we ever needed his help to call on him.

Diatrymon (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c0/Diatrymon.jpg)
I'd meet Diatrymon on File Mountain, under the influence of a Dark Ring. He'd race us, and Reppamon would lead him to a forest, and win. Out of rage he'd fight us, and Reppamon would remove the Dark Ring. He'd remember racing us, nd be impressed we're that fast, so say he'd be there anytime we really needed help, or just wanted a rematch.

And finally:

DarkDramon (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f2/Darkdramon.jpg)
Much, much later in the RP I'd meet him, and how will overall depend on the plot, but the definite is I'll try to stop him slaughtering innocent Digimon, and LoaderLeormon and Diatrymon, as Yatagaramon, will arrive. The three ultimates will try to stop him, but fail. DarkDramon will demand to know the location of 'The Bancho', which will cause LoaderLeormon to become BantyoLeomon, who will force a DNA with DarkDramon, becoming Chaosmon. Internally, the two battle for control of their new form, and eventually, Darkdramon explains why he hunted down BantyoLeomon, saying he wanted to fiht someone he could have a proper fight. Eventually, they'll de-DNA, and Darkdramon will agree, with BantyoLeomon's persuasion, to come if I need him.

None of these three are permanent members of my team, just, like how Meramon, Ogremon and Frigimon helped Mimi and Joe in 01, and BlackWarGreymon helped the others in 02, these three will help me. This is mainly so that Gallant can become:

UltimateChaosmon (http://www.digimonforever.net/dex/imgs/0UltimateChaosmon.jpg)

This is not a request for more PC Digimon, this is a request to add NPCs to my character's plot.

10th April 2006, 2:39 PM
Okay. Acceptable. ;)

10th April 2006, 2:51 PM
Sorry I didn't said this before, but I was too busy typing my long post.

The time at the Digital World, is now slower than the real world, therefore:

1 day in Digi World = 10 years in Real World

EDIT: And just not to get anyone confused, it has been thirty years when the Digidestineds return to the Real World, not ten years.

EDIT #2: Oh yeah, I'll wait for more Digidestineds finding their crest before continuing.

RaZoR LeAf
10th April 2006, 5:10 PM
You have an edit button. Use it

10th April 2006, 6:45 PM
OK, now, what good yet new ways of traveling back to the Digital World should we use? I just need one way for all the Digidestineds to go back to the Digital World, except Nylf's character, who had already traveled back to the Digital World. Discuss.

15th April 2006, 4:27 AM
Sorry, but you can only have one Digimon, but since your Digimon are X Digimon, and, since Nylf's story have X Digimon, I'll make your character and Nylf's character a special case.

BTW, I've finished typing in the RPG, check out what Jimmy said. *show a cheesy face*
i don't get what you mean when you say your Digimon are X Digimon, and, since Nylf's story have X Digimon, I'll make your character and Nylf's character a special case.

15th April 2006, 11:35 AM
Erm, is the RPG still going?


28th April 2006, 7:30 PM
No, sorry, the plot's not going the way I expected.