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Bling Slaking
4th April 2006, 10:35 PM
Ok I know it's on Geocities but I don't know what other free server to go with hehe. It's for my little brother as he likes animals, comics, etc and I get bored at school during the last half hour hehe so I make em.

The link is in my siggy.

Anyone know how I could create it better etc? :p 'Cause it's just started and all.

5th April 2006, 4:15 AM
If you want a banner done right, do it yourself. Purchase Photoshop, and make a good banner. On another note, your site is pretty great for a Geocities site. :)

Bling Slaking
5th April 2006, 2:48 PM
Aww thanks lol. Do you think there is any way I could improve on it? I suppose if download photoshop I could probably do the comics in that too. Though half the fun is doing them in paint half-arsed. :p

8th April 2006, 6:29 AM
A banner doesn't make a site...>>; especially a Comic site...

It's good, im gonna read some now.


Bling Slaking
8th April 2006, 1:45 PM
The story is a bit wack at the moment. It's not meant to be "funny" but more following the characters as they travel the fictional world, etc and maturing. I've already got better at drawing the characters on Paint and an actual story developing. :p

Ok, is anyone here good at making forum banners on Photoshop? This is the last thing I'm gonna ask! I just can't get hold of it yet and would love one with one of the characters on for a forum..

Virtual Headache
9th April 2006, 6:24 PM
Please don't double post.
It's against the rules.

If you need a forum banner I'd either recommend you to put that into your sig or to check out one of the shops in the Fan Art Requests (http://serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=45) forum.

17th April 2006, 4:51 AM
That's... kinda cool. oO

I don't care for the style... but the site does look good overall ^^;