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5th April 2006, 12:49 AM
I've been going over the "Rate my Deck" thread and there's just one thing I'd like to ask people, what is your strategy in the deck you build? At least, tell us why some of the cards you have in there are in there for the purpose of your deck in the first place. Allow me to demonstrate my deck strategy.

It's pretty apparant that Warrior-type monsters are my favorite monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG and Sword Hunter, being my favorite card, will always be in the warrior-based deck I build. While it is true that some of the cards I use in my deck aren't exactly what one would expect in a deck like mine, but at least hear what I do with them.

LP Decreasing cards: Examples for this are Princess of Tsurugi (I had her in my deck at one point) and Amazoness Swordswoman. While it is true these cards would be better in different decks, but I think they're as good in a warrior-based deck as any other warrior-type monster or card. Besides, it'll help the owner of these cards win the duel faster.

Unusual Traps: Cards like A Hero Emerges are cards that I find helpful in a tight spot. Say it's my opponent's turn, I have two high level monsters in my hand and my opponent has destroyed one of my monsters or I have no monsters at all, I activate this trap card and rely on a little luck and at least make it so that I only have these monsters in my hand and see if I can summon them. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it doesn't but that's the thing about this card game; you never know what your opponent will throw at you so you've gotta be prepared for anything.

Unusual Monsters: Monsters like Hard Armor and Armaill are often ridiculed just because of their ATK and DEF points and their normality. But they have their usage. In fact, believe it or not, these two cards have saved my hide in a couple of duels and one of them actually helped me win one. Besides, one of the other points in this game is to use your cards in whatever strategy you can to win.

While it is true that some of these strategies are flawed, but what strategy isn't? IMHO, the YGO TCG is a game of skill, strategy, luck, and patience. But the point of a game is not just to win, but to have fun; it seems many characters in the Show have forgotten that factor.

5th April 2006, 1:00 AM
Too true, dude. Nice miny article, yo!

My play style is to stay aggressive, and to pull combo's outta my *** to stop my opponent, while putting me into the lead. Basically, a tempo and grace deck. I only ever fail to CC decks, seeing how they have no real resistance.

5th April 2006, 1:17 AM
Burn baby, quick and hard burn! LOL :D

I made a couple friends going to card shops and dueled there against some Chaos, Beatdown, and just themed monster decks like Dragons, Warriors, and everyone's favorite Spellcaster and they all hate my burn deck cause it's so annoying on how it works. I hate feild control decks the most. -_-

Well, I rely on Bad Reaction and Solemn wishes the most. Mainly cause my deck is made for heavy burn and many drae phases.

The burn comes from Eye Of Truth, Rain Of Mercy, Upstart Goblin*, Wave-Motion Cannon, Snatch Steal, Ebon Magician Curran, Fire Princess, Princess Of Tsurugi. These cards pack most of the quick and heavy burns to my opponent.

I then defend myself with G-Binds, Nimble Momongas, Bubonic Vermins, Scapegoat, Swords Of Light and then While my opponent gets crispy burnt, I get my life points as high as I can, so incase he manages to break through all my defenses he has a long way to go to bring me down to his level of life points after the burn he got.

I get my life points really high with Solemn wishes mainly using these cards Upstart Goblin* (burns and lp gains me with a draw), Rain Of Mercy (similar to Upstart Goblin without the draw), Monster Recovery, Reload, White Magicain Pikeru, Graceful Charity, Pot Of Greed or Avarice if I make it Adv. and Nmble Momonga. After playing most of these my life points are like at 12500-15000. The highest I got my lp was 20000. That was a funny duel.

hi 5
5th April 2006, 1:27 AM
In my sellcaster deck(my fav) My strat. is to get out a Weak monster.Then when my oppenet thinks theyt got me they get a Magic Cylinder or Magical Dimension in their face.

I also like to just Rampage through my opponent with strong monster like DMoC and Silent Magician LV8.

As for my ,New e-hero deck(please rate)I ,Like any e hero deck focus on getting out hte fusions

5th April 2006, 2:48 AM
Couple more things I'd like to add for this.

Normal Monsters: Just because there is a deck full of effect monsters does not mean you can't have at least one or more normal monster(s) in the deck. Why do you think I have monsters like Warrior Dai Grepher and Axe Raider in my deck? For clarity purposes? Just because normal monsters don't have effects, doesn't mean that they're useless. The BEWD and DM are good examples, but that's only because of how popular they are among both fans of the anime and the TCG.

Elemental Heroes in a Warrior Deck?: Just because I have one or more E-Hero in my deck doesn't mean that I should have an E-Hero deck. Besides, I don't have all the cards for one. After all, they still qualify as warrior-type monsters and therefore have a place in my deck with or without other E-Hero cards.

Throwstone Unit and it's effect: Throwstone Unit's effect may work on monsters like the Mystical Elf, but that doesn't mean you can't make it stronger in order to use its effect. Why do you think I have cards like Sogen and The A. Forces in my deck? Besides, I've managed to use it's effect and win a duel at one point so I wouldn't call it useless.

5th April 2006, 4:20 AM
^hmm. Good point! :D

I wanna make a warrior deck now!

5th April 2006, 4:58 AM
In my Gravekeeper Deck
Monsters: Most focus on the Swarmage ability that the gravekeepers posess, but I also have a few staples like Breaker and Mobius...
Spells: Protecting Necrovalley and the staples...
Traps: Just like field controling cards.

5th April 2006, 5:03 AM
In my Gravekeeper Deck
Monsters: Most focus on the Swarmage ability that the gravekeepers posess, but I also have a few staples like Breaker and Mobius...
Spells: Protecting Necrovalley and the staples...
Traps: Just like field controling cards.

Wurd. Gravekeeper's all da way!

Tamer Zack
6th April 2006, 1:22 AM
My deck is pretty much a DD(Deck Destruction) Hero Deck I use some old and new cards to destroy your deck and the E-Heroes to take out your defenders and your LP.

6th April 2006, 3:28 AM
my deck is focused on summoning strong monsters easily. i noticed you like warriors, have you ever tried using "The Fiend Megacyber"? he's gotten me out of quite a few jams.

6th April 2006, 3:34 AM
Dark Eradicator Warlock. Spell Absorbsion. Those cards are powerful when used right. Increase your lifepoints and decrease your opponents. Play show-style, and you can beat your opponent in one turn with four normal spells. If not, two or more turns, depending on how fast you get him out.

hi 5
6th April 2006, 3:53 AM
I've tried that before but some how it never works...

6th April 2006, 4:47 AM
my deck is focused on summoning strong monsters easily. i noticed you like warriors, have you ever tried using "The Fiend Megacyber"? he's gotten me out of quite a few jams.
He's actually one of the monsters in my deck and he's actually pulled me out of a few jams too.

6th April 2006, 4:58 AM
why not just use Cyber Dragon? One hundred less atk for easier summoning.

The Requiem
6th April 2006, 5:18 AM
Can someone let me know why reading this is near painful?

No, dont do it. I know why.


Yeah. Im a fan of the cards that deal with the "removed from play" pile. And I dont mean your standard cookie cutter chaos crap.

I can build a solid ANYTHING, really, so you'll see me playing things that you wont usually see. (Like the Ebon Magician Curran burn deck I'm working the kinks out of.)

7th April 2006, 5:18 AM
Can someone let me know why reading this is near painful?
Why don't ya tell us why reading this is near painful? Is it because, you don't agree with what I said. Well agree with me or not it's your choice. But you can't expect everyone to have the same strategies in each other's deck. Everyone has their own way of winning and everyone has their own way of using the cards they have in their deck. If you can't accept that, it's not my problem. I'm just stating a few facts and opinions here.

The Requiem
7th April 2006, 5:41 AM
you don't agree with what I said

Well if you wanna concentrate on yourself....

World doesent revolve 'round you yano. If I targeted just YOU I would've been like "can someone tell me why Hard Armor and Sword Hunter make my head hurt" rather than what I did say, thanks.


I kinda forgot to be a little more specific.

My favorite strat using the RFG mechanic is Strike Ninja + D.D. scout plane. Makes Enemy Controller NOT be garbage, gives me an infinity of tribute bait when used CORRECTLY, not "i remove my D.D. scout plane b/c I can, and its gonna eat my field space", but "I remove my D.D. scout plane b/c I have angry monarchs in my hand.". And Return from the Different Dimension for the kill.

7th April 2006, 5:53 AM
sick. a very easy and painful set-up, if I do say so myself.

The Requiem
7th April 2006, 5:55 AM
Yeah, but if its played incorrectly, it doesent work as well.

7th April 2006, 5:59 AM
Hmmm. I can see how that can happen. One mess up, and it's all done, am I right?

The Requiem
7th April 2006, 6:06 AM
Nah, it takes a bit more than that to screw yourself over. I've just seen one too many people removing for Scout Plane with NO REASON behind it.

7th April 2006, 6:08 AM
Ah, okie then.

Scout Plane. Gawd, thta card has some golden times. :)

7th April 2006, 4:07 PM
My main strategy...

Just bring out Dark Magician's with Chaos Command Magician and Breaker The Magical Warrior...in other words, pure destruction with Spellcasters...my favs! Seems everyone underestimates my DMG...hee hee..

7th April 2006, 4:17 PM
hah Pkmnmaster, my stragedy is just the same =) I have a spellcaster deck aswell

anyway on topic one not that important but annoying stragedy, Use Kuriboh with Mystic box to take out a powerful monster and replace with a weak one =) not that important but the only one I can think of at the moment ^^

8th April 2006, 12:51 AM
My strategy: Use cards that all others find to be crap to make a decent deck.

For Example: There have been many people calling an E-Hero deck "pure jank". Thus, I make an E-Hero deck to show that it's pretty good. Or, if I see a card like Legendary Flame Lord, I make a deck around it to see how it works.

However, some strategies are beyond me (i.e, piles of jank)

10th April 2006, 3:19 AM
Yeh...Some strategies are understable and easy to figure out...some are just too complex or too hard to pull off in a duel.