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4th April 2006, 11:52 PM
I thought this would be an interesting topic. For every type of pokemon, post which one you think is the best (you can put your favorite of the type if you think it's the best). After I get enough posts I will tally the results and post the "best of their types".

I would also like to keep the legendary birds out of it, although you can put them in if you think they deserve it. The Phychic catagory is almost a 3 way tie (imo) between Mew, Mewtwo, and Alakazam so I will accept Mew and Mewtwo.

Here's the setup. Please put them in that order so it's easier for me to tally

Also, due to forum rules, please post the reasons for your choices.














5th April 2006, 4:13 AM
Eh. Why not?

Bug- Scyther : He's strong and doesn't die in one hit.

Flying- Fearow : Learns the mighty drill peck and you get him fairly early i the game.

Normal- Tauros : Strong and fast. Kills a lot before they can do anything.

Poison- Weezing : Good defenses. But they really aren't any good poison types in the first games, so I picked one that doesn't die in one hit.

Electric- Jolteon : Easy to get with a good varitiey of moves.

Grass- Venusaur : Again, good defenses and can use razor leaf very well.

Psychic- Alakazam(I'm personally not going to count Mewtwo/Mew) : Highest Special in game besides Mewtwo. "all I'm gonna say.

Fighting- Machamp : Good moves and is more durable then the hitmons. Stronger then Primeape.

Ground- Sandslash : No physical weaknesses is really awesome.

Rock- Rhydon : One of the best atks in the game and learns some strong STABed moves.

Fire- Arcainine : Powerful Atk and a decent Spd. With Fire Blast, he's as good as any other fire type.

Ice- Lapras : Strong special and can stay in the game for a long time.

Water- Starmie : Part phsychic means this guy rocks. Plus it learns good moves.

5th April 2006, 8:44 PM
bug - scyther (good speed/attack)

flying - pidgeot (have always liked it more than fearow and the other non-legendaries)

poison - nidoking (he is part poison)

electric - electabuzz (always thought it was only electric with decent defense)

grass - venusuar (can't think of any that r better)

psyhic - alakazam (mewtwo/mew shouldn't be included)

fighting - hitmonchan (better type coverage than machamp)

ground - nidoking (he is strong and no 4x with water/grass)

rock - areodactyl (no 4x to water/grass)

fire - charizard (strong all around except for 4x to rock)

ice - lapras (strong tank that can do damage too)

water - blastosie (decent attack and good defense make him hard to beat)
notice that all three starter's eveloutions are on there, and only two version exclusives, I feel the starters are usally strong, and version exclusives are weaker than normal, except for legandaries.
btw what do u think r the best Niloc

6th April 2006, 1:03 AM
Bug- Pinser

Flying- Dodrio

Normal- Tauros

Poison- Nidoking

Electric- Jolteon

Grass- Venasaur

Psychic- Hypno

Fighting- Machamp

Ground- Sandslash

Rock- Golem

Fire- Flareon

Ice- Lapras

Water- Starmie

RaZoR LeAf
6th April 2006, 8:08 AM
This isn't a poll forum. Give proper reasons or don't post.

6th April 2006, 7:48 PM
Bug-Scyther (Great Speed and Attack)

Flying-Dodrio(Good Speed and Attack.Also learns Drill Peck)

Normal-Tauros(A awesome Physical Sweeper with high Attack)

Poison-Weezing(great defense)

Electric-Joteon(awesome Speed and Special Attack)

Grass-Venusaur(good defenses)

Psychic-Alakazam(Awesome Special Attack and Speed.I dont use Mewtwo.)

Fighting-Machamp(High Attack)

Ground-Sandslash(high Attack and good speed.Also learns Swords Dance)

Rock-Golem(good Defense and Attack)

Fire-Charizard(Good Attack and Special Attack.It also can learn Earthquake.)

Ice-Lapras(good tank and can learn Thunderbolt)

Water-Starmie(Great Special Attack and Speed.Also it make a good special sweeper)

Dragon-Dragonite(good movepool)

Ghost-Gengar(Great special attack and speed.Also a good special sweeper)

8th April 2006, 6:53 PM
Sure woot21, here are my picks

Bug- Scyther (For its high speed, attack, and yes, because it is a duel type of bug and flying)

Flying- Dodrio (Fast and strong. Plus, like Dragon said, it learns drill peck)

Normal- Tauros (For a nomal type it has a high attack, also, it's fairly fast)

Poison- Weezing (The most solid all around poison pokemon imo)

Electric- Jolteon (Really really fast and very nice special too)

Grass- Venusaur (High defence for a grass type, also has decent special attack)

Psychic- Alakazam (Very high special and speed, not sure how its stats compare to Mew's and Mewtwo's, though. I'll get back to you guys on that)

Fighting- Machamp (Learns better moves than Hitmonchan, much stronger than Hitmonlee)

Ground- Sandslash (Can learn swords dance ftw, also it's pretty fast for a ground type. Yes I know it's not as fast as Dugtrio)

Rock- Golem (Really high defence, even when compared to another rock type)

Fire- Ninetales (<3 confuse ray + toxic + fire spin)

Ice- Lapras (Learns some really good moves, its stats are also well placed)

Water- Starmie (Its high special and speed are uncommon for water types)

I'm going to wait a bit longer before I tally up the final results, but so far the most controversial type seems to be Fire.

RaZoR LeAf, I posted this topic, uhh, actually, for something to do in my spare time (which I have a lot of) ^_^
Sorry if I went against forum policy.
Edit- Hmm, I must have not read your thoughts well enough to know what you were talking about in your first post. lol, jk RaZoR, that was my bad for not reading up on the rules before posting. Won't happen again.

RaZoR LeAf
8th April 2006, 9:06 PM
It's not a Poll forum. That means you don't give answers without explaining why. Why is Scyther the best bug type? Is it because of it's stats? It's dual types? The moves it learns? If you can't give reasons for your choices, then you shouldn't post. If all you want to do is make silly one word answers, go to Polls where the posts don't count. If you want to continue posting in the real forums, then pull your finger out and make a little effort.

As far as I can see, the only votes that count are those from Drgon Reborn and woot21, and both of them picked Charizard for fire.

AJ Flibble
8th April 2006, 11:13 PM
Reasons eh?

Normal: Snorlax, for being strong and with huge HP to take hits and Double Edge recoil.

Fire: Flareon, for huge offenses, and for the sake of not being Charizard.

Water: Gyarados: Pre-special split, Hyper Beam, and decent stats overall.

Bug: Nobody owns the game like Butterfree, Sleep Powder ftw.

Grass: Victreebel, for strong offenses, Sleep Powder and Razor Leaf.

Rock: Rhydon, for generally being strong I guess.

Ground: See above, or Dugtrio for speed.

Psychic: Mewtwo for being 00ber, or Zam for being the next best thing, even though I hate him.

Poison: See Grass, Acid can get boosted by Swords Dance.

Fighting: Hitmonlee for Hi Jump Kick, Machamp for massive Attack and HP to resist recoil for Submission.

Ice: Articuno, for stats and type combo, or Dewgong for the fun of it.

Electric: Zapdos, for surviving Ground, and drill Peck

Flying: See above, or Gyarados.

Ghost: Gengar: fully evolved, so strong.

Dragon: Dragonite: fully evolved, so strong.

10th April 2006, 6:23 AM
because he doesn't have any additional weaknesses like scyther does. And he has great attack, too.

he's cool, has a great movepool, and excellent stats.

has high hp, learns rest by level up, lasts long in battle.

being half ghost is cool because it makes him imune to normal.

it has excellent speed, looks cool, and makes great use of electrical attacks.

it gets razor leaf, sleep powder, and leech seed. What's not to love?

It lerans all the tms, has stats that allows it to play many roles, and looks cute :D

Ground: Rhydon
High defense, attack, and hp... it's just great.

Rock: Aerodactyl
Imune to ground, high speed and attack.

Fire: Arcanine
Cool, high speed, makes great use of fireblast, and a "Legendary" pokemon as the pokedex says.

Gets STAB on water and ice, lasts long in battle, interesting movepool.

Water: Starmie
Great stats/movepool, second type makes it even cooler. Oh, and it gets recover :)

Walking Contradiction
14th April 2006, 7:40 AM
Bug- Scyther because of its noobster sweeping abilities (It still owns all the rest)

Flying- Dragonite cause of great offence

Normal- Pidgeot maybe? I don't know really

Poison- It's a tough one... I have never used any poison types. Arbok or muk?

Electric- Zapdos cause it can sweep nicely

Grass- Venusaur or vileplume. I prefer using vileplume cause of powder attacks

Psychic- Mew2. Say a reason why not mewtwo?

Fighting- Machamp because of its huge power

Ground- Golem. Same as below.

Rock- Golem. Attack/defence...

Fire- Flareon/moltres/charizard. Moltres is the best but it also has the weakest movepool. I personally don't like charizard. Flareon can have a really huge attack stat...

Ice- Articuno the icebeamer

Water- Blastoise. Good defence and hits hard

charizard trainer #1
15th April 2006, 1:09 AM
Bug-scyther... speed baby

Flying-Pigeot... only one i used ever except the legendary birds

Normal-Snorlax... this guy had awesome defence and KO's easily

Poison-hard one i don't use many... does Nidoking count?

Electric-Jolteon... good speed

Grass-Venausaur... what else could possible be better in terms of stats

Psychic- Mewtwo... should i give a reason?

Fighting-Machoke... i've won many battles with this one (Hitmonchan comes close)


Rock-Onix because i like it

Fire-Charizard... look at my username

Ice-Lapras (as everyone else said, a tank)

Water-Gyrados... good at owning

Shadows Follower
15th April 2006, 2:21 AM
It's not a Poll forum. That means you don't give answers without explaining why. Why is Scyther the best bug type? Is it because of it's stats? It's dual types? The moves it learns? If you can't give reasons for your choices, then you shouldn't post. If all you want to do is make silly one word answers, go to Polls where the posts don't count. If you want to continue posting in the real forums, then pull your finger out and make a little effort.

Perhaps you'd care to re-read what I said Shadows Follower. Because it's obvious to me you weren't paying the slightest attention.

The Organizer
15th April 2006, 10:07 PM
It's not a Poll forum. That means you don't give answers without explaining why. Why is Scyther the best bug type? Is it because of it's stats? It's dual types? The moves it learns? If you can't give reasons for your choices, then you shouldn't post. If all you want to do is make silly one word answers, go to Polls where the posts don't count. If you want to continue posting in the real forums, then pull your finger out and make a little effort.

Perhaps you'd also care to re-read what I said Mr Potato Head. It seems you failed to learn to read when you started school.

17th April 2006, 4:51 PM
Bug- Scyther: Out of all the weak bugs, this one worked the best for me.
Flying- Aerodactyle: It's a pretty decent battler, and plus it looks cool ^^
Normal- Snorlax: Do I really have to explain this one?
Poison- The only ones I've ever used were Nidoking/Queen, so I wouldn't know.
Electric- Zapdos: It's a legendary :p.
Grass- Venasaur: My starter, and owned a ton a gyms.
Psychic- Mew: Again, do I really have to explain?
Fighting- Never used any fighting types...
Ground- Marowak: Sword Dance owns
Rock- Aerodactly: Has good defences
Fire- The only one I've ever used in the game is Charizard... XD
Ice- Articuno: Legendary...
Water- Golduck: The only water type I've ever used.
Wow, so may terrible reasons D:

17th April 2006, 5:30 PM
Bug-Scyther-Great Speed and Attack
Flying-Pigeot-Good Speed and Defence
Normal-Snorlax-Great Defence
Poison-Golbat-I don't know
Grass-Venusaur-My Starter
Psychic-Alakazam-Good Attacks
Fighting-Don't use any but Machamp
Ground-Nidoking-I don't know
Rock-Golem-Good Defence
Fire-Charizard-I liked my Friend's
Water-Blastoise-My other Friend's

Shiny Rokon
18th April 2006, 3:55 AM
Best of Each Type and Why:

Normal: Tauros - Great stats, teach some TMs and he won't let you down
Fire: Ninetales - Great Speed, excellent annoyer and thinks outside the box
Water: Blastoise - Best of the starters and all round water type.
Electric: Jolteon - Not only good stats, but also a variety of attacks
Grass: Tangela - better in yellow cause of vine whip, but good all over.
Ice: Cloyster - Make sure he learns ice beam before you evolve, powerhouse
Fighting: Hitmonlee - Stats, true attacks and speed.
Posion: Weezing - strongest of this type, despite being a hard type to work with.
Rock/Ground: Golem - Strong, defense and good for this type.
Flying: Aerodactyl - Flies but with a bit of a defense against electrics.
Psychic: Mewtwo ...
Bug: Parasect - has a chance against mewtwo

10th May 2006, 10:08 AM
Here would be my choices:

Bug- Scyther/Pinsir (They're the only bug pokemon that can actually take a lot of damage and survive.)

Flying- Zapdos (I know it's electric but it is a very powerful user of flying attacks too, such as drill peck.)

Normal- Snorlax (It's slow but I feel that it has some advantage above Chansey. It can also boost its special with amnesia, making it even tougher.)

Poison- Nidoking/Gengar (Nidoking- It can learn a huge range of moves, and it doesn't even need to use poison moves. Gengar - I've tried one and it is a very good pokemon considering - like Nidoking - it can also learn a huge variety of moves. It's also the only ghost pokemon in RBY.)

Electric- Raichu/Jolteon (I'm not mentioning Zapdos again because I feel that there are better pokemon to represent the electric type. These two are better because I feel that they have variety in their moves. Raichu - A fairly powerful user of the electric type and also very fast. Electrode is faster but doesn't have the power to back it up. Jolteon - An anti-psychic pokemon that isn't weak. This is due to its pin missile attack, the only non-bug pokemon to be able to use it. It also can take a psychic attack without dying.)

Grass- Exeggutor (I don't usually use grass pokemon but i've heard that this is one of the best grass pokemon with good attacks, and that it is also a psychic pokemon. It's also one of two pokemon that uses egg bomb, and the only one to back it up with decent power.)

Psychic- Alakazam (Mewtwo is the best psychic pokemon but is so ridiculously overpowered that we shouldn't count it here. Alakazam is usually the next choice for trainers who want a powerful psychic pokemon. It's high special stat allows it to use powerful special attacks efficiently. It is a very good user of psychic attacks. Just don't teach it attacks like hyper beam though.)

Fighting- Machamp (I don't usually use fighting pokemon but Machamp is by far the best of its type. Unlike Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan Machamp isn't plagued by the low HP and defenses of those pokemon. It also has huge attack power to back up its moves. I believe it can also use a lot of attacks too.)

Ground- Sandslash (I don't use this type either but I've heard that this one has decent speed. That's always a bonus for any pokemon. It's not as fast as Dugtrio but it doesn't need to be. It also gets decent attacks too, boosted by good attack power.)

Rock- Golem/Rhydon/Aerodactyl (A hard decision here. All three of them have their good and bad points. Golem - Very powerful, but slow. It learns a lot of moves, both physical and special. I think it has good defense. Rhydon - I think it's faster than Golem, and it has fairly decent attack power. Very weak with special though. It also has a large amount of HP. Aerodactyl - The fastest rock pokemon that is also a flying type, it has poor defense and a fatal 4x weakness to ice. It's still good though in that has good attacks.)

Fire- Charizard (I think that it's better than Moltres because of its varied moves. Whilst Moltres can only learn fire attacks - and some flying attacks - Charizard can learn many kinds of attacks, some of which can cover its weaknesses. Earthquake is one of the best of these. It works well against rock pokemon, which is good because Charizard has a 4x weakness to rock. It also works against Poison pokemon, and is probably the most used way to defeat any Gengar your opponent sends out. And with fly in Yellow, it's almost unstoppable.)

Ice- Articuno/Lapras (Both are very good at what they can do. Articuno - The stronger of the two, Articuno has some very powerful ice attacks, and could probably be called an anti-dragon pokemon. One shot of ice beam from it against a Dragonite usually faints it unless it is a very high level. It also learns some good flying attacks. Lapras - Basically an icy snorlax with higher speed, Lapras is a very powerful ice/water pokemon with very decent attacks. It can learn a large variety of attacks from Ice Beam to Psychic - if you have a TM. Lapras has higher HP than Articuno too, so it can last a long time - even when it is being constantly being hit by electric attacks. Surely being able to survive Thunder from a Mewtwo must be good.)

Water- Starmie (The Raichu of water types, Starmie is a very fast water pokemon. It is a dual type water/psychic combination - only shared by Slowbro. It can learn lots of attacks from hydro pump to Thunder. It even learns recover too. It is poor in defense though, but the rest makes up for it. I think it learns harden to counter that though...)

11th May 2006, 4:40 AM
My best of each type:
Bug- Butterfree
Flying- Pidgeot
Normal- Persian
Poison- Beedrill
Electric- Pikachu
Grass- Victreebel
Psychic- Mewtwo
Fighting- Hitmonchan
Ground- Sandslash
Rock- Golem
Fire- Charizard
Ice- Lapras
Water- Blastoise

Sorry, my computer is very slow, thats why come out two posts are the same so I deleted one of them.

The Mighty Wurmple
11th May 2006, 8:03 AM
Let's see...

Bug-Scyther =3 Awesome Speed and Attack, it's a great sweeper!

Flying-Gyarados. Really strong. 'Nuff said.

Normal-Kangaskahn comes sedond and the winner is...is... Snorlax!!!.................................

Poison-Vicrtreebell! See below for reason.

Electric-Lecty( Electabuzz) or Jolteon. Both have fairly good stats and are good sweepers.

Grass- Victreebell! Toxic+Wrap owns!

Psychic- Alakazam! It owns every pokemon! Note the Special of it.

Fighting- Machamp. See above why except with Attack!

Ground- Rhydon. Awesome Attack, awesome defence. Need I say more?

Rock- See above. Or Golem.

Fire-Arcanine or Charizard. Both have good Speed, and Attack.

Ice- Dewgong >=O I don't know why, probably because it's one of the only ice types in the games...

Water- Blastoise! Has awesome Defences and Surf does a lotta damage!

11th May 2006, 6:41 PM
Bug- Pinsir, best stats of them all and can actually use a couple of good moves, but no stab.... >>

Flying- Zapdos probably, NO ZAPDOS IS NOT UBER, okay movepool, excellent balanced statistics, gets thunderbolt and drill peck to rape eggy with.

TAUROS - powerhouse

Poison- Nidoking and Tentacruel tie here. Nido has a better movepool but Tenta has awesome special, both have 2308570923 weaks.

Electric- See Flying.

Grass- Exeggutor is better than Saur imo, but Saur has Razor Leaf and awesome CH rates.

Psychic- Zam. No need to explain that.

Fighting- Poliwrath - amnesia

Ground- Golem. Can go BOOM unlike Rhydon. Good def and att. oh yeah and ELECTRIC IMMUNITY.

Rock- ^^

Fire- Ninetales because she is damn sexy.

Ice- Lapras - has an excellent movepool.

Water- Starmie. Twave, surf, blizzard, thunderbolt, recover, speed all in one package? Sex on legs right there.

21st May 2006, 1:48 PM
Bug-Butterfree. Great pokemon. Looks good. Isnt Syther
Dragon-Dragonair. Doesnt suffer from 4X Ice weakness.
Electric- Jolteon. Brilliant all round pokemon.
Fighting- Primeape. Strong and Fast.
Fire- Magmar. Unique. Interesting. Ninetales. Cutest ever. One of my fav pokes.
Flying- Fearow. Drill Peck=best flying attack
Ghost- Haunter. Only Ghost pokemon I like.
Grass- Victreebel. Unique and learns good moves.
Ground- Dugtrio. Fast and Strong.
Ice- Dewgong. May be weak but it is the coolest and cutest.
Normal- Tauros. Strong. Fast. All you could ever want in a pokemon. And before the special split.
Poison- Victreebel. Versitile. Unique.
Psychic- Alakazam. Super fast and the same IQ as me. :-P
Rock- Aerodactyl. Fast. Strong. Versitile
Water-Dewgong. See ice. Blastoise. Strong and my fav starter.

FireHead Hank
21st May 2006, 2:15 PM
Fire - Arcanine, one of my favorites, awesome and cool pokemon, way underestimated

Bug - Beedrill, it looks really cool....but unfortunately his stats suck....

Flying - Dodrio, it has three heads, how cool is that?;) .....

Normal - Tauros, good stats AND design...but unfortunately damn hard to find/catch..:/

Poison - Weezing, helps a lot on a NB team...eats focus punches for breakfast..

Electric - Magneton, one of my favorite pokemon, cool "robotic" design

Grass - Venusaur, the best Kanto starter

Psychic - Hypno, awesome pkemon, often overlooked because of Alakazam

Fighting - Poliwrath, unique dual type, good in general.

Ghost - well, not much to pick from...I like Gengar the most of those three.

Ground - Marowak, I like the "pokemon with weapon" thing

Ice - Lapras, WATER ABSORB ftw

Rock - Onix....it's just a CLASSIC in some way

Water - mh, I dont like water, but Kingler is cool.

Dragon - I dont like dragons either, but the Dragonite line is unique and good.

Hope I didnt miss any type.

21st May 2006, 5:25 PM
Bug- Butterfree. With some training, it can be unstoppable.
Flying- Pigeot.

Normal- Persian

Poison- Nidoqueen




Fighting-Hitmonchan. With it's punches, has the potential to not be just Fighting.




Ice-Articuno, as much as i don't like legendaries, this one owns

Water-Starmie, of course.

29th May 2006, 6:11 PM
In my opinion:-

Grass - Exeggutor - I find it more useful than any other Grass type.

Water - Lapras - high defenses, and it can pull off a STAB'ed Ice Beam.

Fire - Charizard - It's the best looking Dragon based Pokemon.

Electric - Jolteon - Has a high Speed and high Special Attack.

Rock - Golem - high Defenses

Ice - Jynx - I happen to hate Articuno.

Rock - Golem, see above (times 2).

Dragon - Dragonite - It's a Dragon.

Psychic - Alakazam - Because s/he is.

Bug - Scyther - I like him more than Pinsir.

Poison - Nidoqueen - I'm a girl. Nice seeing a uniquely female POkemon.

Fighting - Machamp - I like it more than others.