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~Water Lucario~
7th April 2006, 9:29 AM
So welcome to the thread for this exciting RPG that puts you in an adventure far greater then any experience!
Discuss the RPG here and check here often for rare secrets and items for those who see it first.
So have fun and train hard.

Click here for the RPG (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2938500#post2938500)

7th April- An egg has appeared on the floor, who is in it?- Owner is crystal-zephyr.

7th April- The gym leaders will be played by me so post to tell me when to battle.

7th April- The Potion company are in Taffeta town so why not stop by and get a free potion.

11th April- A new town has opened named Willow County

12th April- New players are here from Team Flame!

14th April- Sign up for the contests here (You have about 2 days or so) and HAPPY EASTER!

14th April- The next town to open will look cool! and you can only go there if you have a water Pokemon (clue: If you want to swim it is only safe to DIVE in deep water).

8th April 2006, 1:33 AM
seriously, like i said in the rpg. i will not battle the gym leader unless my pokemon evolve!![or you play as a easy opponent.] A milotic vs. a bagon and a chikorita. that is a very fair battle.

~Water Lucario~
8th April 2006, 2:50 AM
Battle wild Pokemon and other players in the RPG and your Bagon will, anyway the gym is easy because it is the first, I will use Lapras and Luvdic.

8th April 2006, 4:10 AM
but i want to fight a kingdra and lapras for max levels!!!! how do we battle?? and do we determine if we level up?? and like ex-ty, can i have my chikorita know sleep powder for example. like castforms shock wave?? or bagon's dragon claw?[that is a bit much] and i was thinking, what if i got a salamence to battle the first gym leader??? lol that would be pure funny.

~Water Lucario~
8th April 2006, 12:47 PM
You battle like me and ex-ty are doing, take turns using attacks and I will say who wins. If i see you battled good then I will say that you leveled up/ evolved. Your Pokemon can learn sleep powder when you level up, why not just battle a wild Pokemon to level up.

8th April 2006, 2:36 PM
why not?? i guess i will. another random question just popped into my head. is there any gym trainers??

~Water Lucario~
9th April 2006, 4:56 AM
No gym trainers but you can make some up if you want and battle them.

9th April 2006, 5:18 AM
sweet!! me = major experience. hahahahah!

9th April 2006, 10:27 AM
How would i make my Poliwag, when it evolves into Poliwhirl, then evolve into Politoed?

9th April 2006, 3:46 PM
maybe just use friendship?? or maybe some one else is going to get a pokemon that needs to be traded?? i have no clue.

~Water Lucario~
10th April 2006, 8:58 AM
When your Poliwhirl has trained enough, I will make an event happen that will allow you to get either a Poliwrath or Politoad.

11th April 2006, 1:16 AM
Ok i have posted a registration form and although late...will be on her most of the time and can catch up quickly...just tell me when i can start :)

good luck with ur stories everyone...me,magby and team flame are coming for your asses

~Water Lucario~
11th April 2006, 7:57 AM
Let the riegn of Team Flame start... Trainers be prepared!

13th April 2006, 12:48 AM
who is max and sally form willow county.

13th April 2006, 1:23 AM
How am I going to do a contest?

13th April 2006, 1:49 AM
just a reminder foxkitty, you need the Pokéblock case.
P.S. é = alt code= 0233

13th April 2006, 1:54 AM
What was the last part for? Yeah, I know Ivan told me in a pm, but thanks.

~Water Lucario~
13th April 2006, 3:01 PM
Max and Sally will be revealed soon and you don't need Pokeblocks just use a nice looking Pokemon. I will release items that will help you with the contest.


14th April 2006, 10:15 AM
I'm gonna enter the contest with my Castform

17th April 2006, 12:07 AM
I'm gonna enter the contest with Poliwag if i can

17th April 2006, 12:35 AM
The contest will start on TUESDAY so if your in it, enter at the cafe thread.
If you enter you just need to write what your Pokemon is doing and the best idea will win!

You need to post what you wll be doing!!!!! did you not read this!! posted in the rpg by the way.

17th April 2006, 12:43 AM
Oh sorry.

Surskit would spin around using bubble then double team but keep using bubble. The bubble attacks would merge into a type of bubble dome.

~Water Lucario~
17th April 2006, 3:55 AM
You can write what your Pokemon is doing in the RPG. Just sign up here with the Pokemon you want to use. After Tuesday you can start posting what your Pokemon is doing then I will chose a winner.

Crystal-zephyr, Yours is fine just copy and paste it in the RPG on Tuesday.