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7th April 2006, 5:30 PM
This story was inspired quite a while ago and it didn't go to well on another forum. A few liked but most didn't even realised it was there... I apoligise if there's any spelling mistakes, I didn't have time to change small mistakes.

Rating: Action, adventure, mild horror
I warn you that this story is not funny. It is not a comedy, or something you’ll laugh to. No. Not this story. This is a story of an ancient evil, of darkness and hatred, and a story of hope and joy. So be warned, do not read on if you’re looking for happy bunnies and cute cats. For Zakus had banished that long ago. But then hope came.

Zakus growled as he cleaned the horses. The stables stank and the horses didn’t like him much either. The stable was a dark brown and damp, with drips of water dripping from it. Bit of hay lay everywhere. He looked like a sodden tramp in his worn brown rags. He hated his master. But being a slave gave him no power. He had do his masters bidding, what ever it was, or else his master would use his will gem on him. The will gem was a faded white opal, which contained mystic powers. Its main power was to control the will of any man or thing, dead or alive. His master would hurt Zakus with it if he did something wrong.

Zakus loathed his master. It was the only reason why he was so rich. People feared him. Zakus turned around and kicked a haystack. All the horses reared and neighed. Zakus growled and sat down on the haystack. He looked at the floor and closed his eyes. Suddenly the stable doors swung open. Zakus was given no clue of this happening. No noise of turning the huge iron handle. Or any talking or the usual noise of footsteps upon hard ground. And in walked his master, wearing high leather boots and a long, purple, cape. By the time Zakus looked up his master was already glaring at him pointing. Zakus shot up. “ZAKUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” his master shouted. Zakus quietly replied “I was just sitting d…” when was interrupted by his master “DON’T YOU DARE DISOBEY MY ORDERS, YOU WORTHLESS MUT!”
He screamed. Zakus looked into his master’s eye. He started to breath heavily. Zakus tried to smooth his voice as he spoke “What did you just call me?” as he raised his eyebrows. “YOU HEARD, YOU STINKY, HORRIBLE, MUT!” His master shouted. Zakus had never grown angry at insults before, and he’d heard much worse. But this time something was different. Something inside gave him rage, which grew, and gave him power. And Zakus decided to use this power, because it felt strong. Zakus adored this new power. “SILENCE YOU FOOL!” Zakus screamed, breathing quickly and heavily now. His master went purple. He stuck his hand down his shirt and pulled free a necklace that was hung around his neck. Hung from it was a faded white gem. Zakus instantly recognized it as the will gem. His master then, slowly, edged his hand into his cloak and drew out a sword. Meanwhile Zakus was eyeing the will gem, for it looked so beautiful to him. He then drew his eyes away and surveyed the sword. It was pretty long but yet his master held it gracefully. His master had noticed this and smiled. He raised his sword and said “You shall now suffer the wrath of the will gem, the great item that shall bring you to you’re doom” and then took a step forward. Zakus was quick to this and spun around and darted behind a haystack. His master pointed his sword at the haystack and started to speak an, odd, ancient evil tongue. He then suddenly hissed and a great lightning bolt darted towards the haystack. Zakus heard the hiss and jumped out the way. A split second later the haystack blew up and Zakus felt the force against his cheek Zakus looked around and noticed a pitchfork stand. He ran over to it and grabbed one. “It’s old and rusty but it will do” thought Zakus. He swung it in his fingers and lunged forwards. His master, swiftly, swung his sword around and it clanged with the fork and the fork was almost wrenched away. Luckily, Zakus was able to hang onto the fork and bring it around in time to press it against his master’s hip. His master moved his head to see what was touching him and then froze. He looked up. His face had turned a pale white colour and his eyes had widened. He hissed and touched the sword with his hand. This time Zakus hissed, in a threatening way. Seconds later, the fork began to glow purple and was thrown from Zakus’s hand. It hovered above him and suddenly darted at him. Zakus was quick to this and leapt out the way. Once the fork smacked the ground, Zakus ran and grabbed it. It was just laying there and his master had nothing about it. He just stared at Zakus as he ran. He looked as though he couldn’t move. Zakus turned around and plunged the fork deep into his master. His master hit the ground, instantly, motionless. Zakus stared in shock. He’d just killed someone, taken the life out of a body, but not an innocent body. He bent down and took the necklace off of his dead master. He put on the necklace and pulled the fork out of the body. He suddenly knew what power felt like. To him it felt good. Zakus killed a living thing. But there were many more deaths to come.

Lex shot up from his bed. The mattress was hot and so was he. “I’ve dreamt” he thought “I’ve dreamt an odd dream” and he got out of his bed and started to ponder around the room. “I’ve dreamt of the evil lord Zakus” he thought.