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9th April 2006, 5:42 AM
Hey, I've been working on this for the past few days. Haven't got a HEAP of pages done but I just wanted to get some feedback. And just keep in mind that I dont intend to have it hosted on Yahoo! Geocities - I just already had the account set up so it was easy for the purpose of showing it off.


the pages that work are:
-news and updates
-episode guide pages 1, 2 and 3 (3 hasnt been filled out)
-pokédex + Bulbasaur's advanced generation page.

I'd like to point out that the right hand side bar is not completed. When im done it will hopefully include affiliates (feel free to ask if u want to be one) and such, with possibly the drop down menus for the pokedex on all of the pokedex pages, and obviously more stuff on the anime pages like whats coming up soon and even the latest movie. Please also note that I just got the picture of "Date Expectations" from Serebii's site for the purpose of this demonstration. I dont even kno when episodes are airing in Australia, so thats something I have to look into.

Questions I have about my own site:
- Is the yellow in the tables on Bulbasaur's pokedex page too much?
- Should I perhaps add the alternating yellows to the episode guide tables?
- While it makes it a large file, should I go back to having the entire episode guide on one page? Then perhaps having links to pages that simply show episodes by season?
- Should the 'TCG' section on the left hand side list all the sets rather than having a link to 'set guide'?

Also I am looking for staff members! If you can write episode synopsises, get pictures from the anime/tcg etc., get the latest news or otherwise be beneficial to the site I'd like your help! People from Australia who can do this are prefered but I care very little.

9th April 2006, 7:51 AM
Wow, I think your site has great potential. Keep up the good work!

BTW, I'll post all my thoughts on your site later. But for now, I need to go to sleep, its 2 AM and I'm yawning.


9th April 2006, 10:49 AM
your site is amazing,the layout is great and everything is categorised greatly,keep up the good work

9th April 2006, 11:51 AM
Hehe! Pikachu is in the shape of Oz! Clever!

Very well done. Its a Serebii.net for Aussies (like me!) Can't wait for the finished project. PM when it is, ok?

9th April 2006, 1:32 PM
Wow, thats better feedback than I was expecting! Im actually inspired to get a lot more set up now. Need to find a good free host tho. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also just wanted to add that I plan to alter the height and weight on the pokedex to be in measurements used by australians (centimetres and kilograms). Im unsure at the moment whether to still list them in their original measurements aswell.

10th April 2006, 1:32 PM
I have a quick question. How do I stop the site going to the directory (where it shows all of my files) when you click on the "[pokemon #001 - #151]" instead of selecting a Pokémon on the drop down menu on the pokedex page?

11th April 2006, 7:08 AM
Don't double post...

To answer your questions, I think you shouldn't use green headers. The yellow is okay, but mix in some complementary colours. Adding the alternation yellow is up to you; I think it looks fine. The left menu is pretty big already, so leaving it as 1 link is okay.

Overall, I think your site is quite good. ^.^ Keep working on it! I like your Pikachu Australia logo ;D You left out Tasmania though.

11th April 2006, 1:00 PM
I wouldnt normally double post, but I was under the impression that editting the post would not actually make the topic show that a new post had been made and I kinda wanted an answer to a question rather than having my question go unanswered and the topic vanish into oblivion.

The green and yellow was to be like the green and gold of australia. Red, Blue and white (like on our flag) hardly sums us up, and would seem more USA. So kinda unsure what colour to use instead.

Also I tried several times to add a tail to pikachu that would form tasmania but I never got it to look quite right.

12th April 2006, 11:09 AM
Brilliant! An Aussie site, but what makes it Aussie? I think you need to make something unique for the site. You find Pokedex's and games and card information everywhere. I like the green and gold layout, like you said its much more for us. Maybe do a take off of a Pokemon game, like it was set out in Australia. What Aussie cities would have gyms, what kind of Pokemon? I don't know, but you need something that other sites don't have or otherwise people will just glance at it.

12th April 2006, 2:06 PM
Yeh I have been considering whats gonna give it an "edge". Like I mentioned before small things would be measurements in the metric system and such. That makes the pokédex slighty more Aussie in a way. But I realise that isnt going to be enough at the moment.
Im considering a comic perhaps. Much like you're idea where its Pokémon set in Australia - it'd just be a comic rather than a game parody. Probably use game sprites tho cause I really cant draw. I could write it tho if anyone can actually draw!
Other than that idea nothing has really come to me. Of course again I am looking for staff members - so if anyone who wants to help out with the site also has ideas to give it an edge over other sites, they'd probably be very welcome.

As for the Pokémon you'd find in an Australia region...Kangaskahn everywhere! An people from the American Pokémon regions will have this crazy idea that Australian trainers ride Kangaskahn EVERYWHERE! of course in the Pokémon world that probably wouldn't be so obscure.

17th April 2006, 3:49 AM
The colors are kinda... interesting.

But it looks pretty darn good. Keep it up ^_^

In terms of your question, I'm not getting that. Instead... I'm getting a Geocities 404 x3