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The Organizer
9th April 2006, 3:22 PM
Very sorry if this is the wrong forum, but i dont know where to post *Mod/mods if you want to close this please do so*

My question is that when ever i try put a image in my signature by means of hyperlink all i see is a red x but know picture, am i doing something wrong? Please help me.

BTW im putting [IMG] after and before the link

9th April 2006, 3:39 PM
you first must put and then

10th April 2006, 1:41 AM
To make an link out of an image you simply do the following without the asterisks:

[*URL=your link's url][*IMG]your image's url[/IMG][/URL]

10th April 2006, 2:17 AM
you probly didnt copy it right

10th April 2006, 3:14 AM
It means that you are taking a picture directly from your own documents. You have to upload an image onto the internet to put it in the tags. A very common hosting site is photobucket. I don't know the link so you'll have to google it.

EIther that or you're doing something wrong with the link.