View Full Version : adding pictures on your signature

10th April 2006, 2:18 AM
how do you add banners on your signature? I can't seem to do that. so can you please help.

10th April 2006, 2:20 AM
it's different from a regular website here, you use tags instead of html code (never learned that junk, anyway...)

just [img](image url here).

oh, don't forget the / in the last tag. it helps.

10th April 2006, 2:38 AM
Okay, really. Why do people keep putting things that they need help with in the Site Discussion section of the forums? Why can't they put their questions and such in the Newbie Lounge where they belong? It's just something I've noticed since I joined the forums way back when. Something should REALLY be done about this problem. :/

Anyways, if you still don't get how to put pictures in your signature, read this: http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=91015