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10th April 2006, 5:33 PM
Yay! the big day is finally here and we have...11 people accepted! lets all make this a good RPG and the RPG rules and normal rules apply. Oh and don't forget to copy and paste the E-mail from the sign up sheet!

The Legendary pokemon of the world are all coming to the same place - a huge research facility in Orre, that is controlling the pokemon with hypnosis. Deep Blue, a mysterious water pokemon trainer, who has kept his real name hidden behind several false identities, leads the League of Destroyers- also known by the abbreviation L.O.D. They are being ordered to destroy everything in their paths with no survivors for the one thing that every super-villain wants-world domination. Many brilliant trainers have tried and failed to get up the mountain, coming down either electrically shocked, crazy or just haven’t come back at all. DeepBlue at the moment controls one fifth of the legendary pokemon population in over three months. Driven insane by reasons nobody knows, he lusts for power, and wants nothing more than total dominance over all people.



Serenity stood at the port in Slateport city. She huddled her jacket close to her as it was a cold day. The wind blew her long, blonde hair and pokeball earings south-witch just happened to be the direction of her face.
She sighed-she had sent an E-mail to a lot of her old friends but no-one had replied. She wondered if they thought that they could not make a difference-just like her father.
"No," she thought "I will not let my dad stop me from doing what is right." she was going to stop the complete madman that was DeepBlue. Innocet legendary pokemon were being controlled-that was not natural. She thought she would have to do it alone...that's before she saw 11 figures of mixed boys and girls running towards her-some of them waving. They had come, and she knew that together they would stop these catastrophic events.

Mawile XD
10th April 2006, 10:42 PM
Alex smiled: a rare thing for him to do. "So," he called to his pokemon, "Ready for some training? Everybody, go!"

As Alex tossed six pokeballs into the air, letting his first three pokemon appear one by one. His first pokemon, a huge Blaziken, posed as it came out of her pokeball. Alex rolled his eyes - the pokemon was always showing off.

As another pokeball opened, a Sudowoodo came out. He crossed his arms, and grinned at Alex. So, it said mentally, You want us to train, huh?

Alex didn't reply until his Salamence streched his wings, and took off. Alex jumped on, and thought back to Sudowoodo, Yeah. Once everybody's out, I'll tell you.

Alex dropped down three more pokeballs. These all hit the ground at the same time. As a plume of dust wafted up, Alex saw his Grovyle jump into the air. She winked at Alex, and looked into the settling dust, where a Dratini and an Umbreon stood, the Dratini coiled around the Umbreon's neck. Grovyle pulled off the Dratini, held it for a moment, and set it down. The Umbreon stared at Alex, looking into his eyes. You were saying... he said calmly.

Alex waited until his pokemon had circled around him, and then began to speak, instead of think. "I recieved an e-mail from Serenity. Apparently, I need to meet her in Slateport City. Look, I'll show you.

Dear Alex, the message said, We need to stop this awful thing. This guy can’t take over the world! What will happen to our rights, our pokemon and the things we cherish? Meet me in Slateport City if you want to help with this situation.

Best Wishes and a hope you don’t get flattened on the way,

Alex's pokemon looked confused. Who is she talking about? Sudowoodo asked.

Alex frowned. "I have no idea. We might as well meet her, we're already here. What do you say?"

The collective group of pokemon shrugged, and nodded. "Good," Alex stated, "We'll find her after training. Guys, line up."

The pokemon group lined up from Dratini to Umbreon. They all used their most powerful attacks, a Dragon Rage for Dratini, an Overheat for Blaziken, a Rock Tomb for Sudowoodo, a Shadow Ball for Umbreon, a Leaf Blade for Grovyle, and a Hyper Beam for Salamence. The attacks were all focused on seperate boulders, each exploding in clouds of smoke. "Nice job," Alex commented, "You should do really well in battles. You're all great, and I can't imagine how you guys could be so strong. Nice job. Let's go look for Serenity."

10th April 2006, 10:46 PM
OOC: YES!! I speak on the behalf of everyone that has joined and {i think} we say YES!! IT HAS FINALLY STARTED!!!

BIC: Caspian came running beside his jolteon and Houndoom. "Come on you slow pokes, don't tell me i am faster than you!!", said caspian.
"we are way faster, we are just giving you a break." , said houndoom
"what he said", said jolteon

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10th April 2006, 10:52 PM
Tiffany sat down on an oaken chair with a tattered old cushion settled lopsidedly on it. She had just gotten home from after school band, the old Fegley had let them out fourty minutes early! She called her mom from her cell phone despretly, but unable to pick her up, she was forced to walk the seven miles home from Saffron City. She sighed and clicked on the little yellow star labled favorites. Then she clicked on Poke-mail.org. Her mailbox showed up, it said you have 3 new messages. She clicked on the first one, from her mom.

Hey Tiff babes, can you pick up some Pokechow at the Pokemart? I have to work late tonight.

"This is all I need Spirit, I just got home and now I have to leave again!" Tiffany sighed, turning to her right, looking at the black wolfish Pokemon on her right, laying on a navy blue couch, scattered with variously colored flowers.

Spirit snorted and looked at her, <I'd go get some for you, but not like I can go in there and be all like Yo dude, can i have some chow?>, she opened her big red eyes, and winked at her. Spirit was the tough Pokemon, always there for the others, even if she was a little sarcastic.

"Oh yep, you go do that Spirit," laughed Tiffany, ruffling Spirit's silky black fur, right between her ears, her favorite spot.

A small Plusle ran in crying, <Tiffy! Marc pulled my little tail!> she sobbed patheticly.

A matching Pokemon, except with blue instead of red burst through the door, <She just burst out in tears! I'm sorry, it was an accident Laurie!> he said angrily, he'd been through this many times before.

"Guys don't fight, you're supposed to be best friends. Hey what's this?" Tiffany asked, leaning in closer to the computer screen.

Dear Tiffany,

We need to stop this awful thing. This guy can’t take over the world! What will happen to our rights, our pokemon and the things we cherish? Meet me in Slateport city if you want to help with this situation.

Best Wishes and a hope you don’t get flattened on the way,

Spirit opened on ruby red eye, <What the h*** is that supposed to mean?> she asked, pretending to be tough, but she knew something was wrong.

"I don't know, I'd better reply." Tiffany said, clicking on a small blue arrow labeled reply. Both the Plusle and Minun climbed up onto the desk, gazing interestingly at the computer screen as Tiffany's fingers flew over the keys.


I don't know what you mean, but I'll be there, just like always. Kiss kiss from your pen pal!


<Does this mean we're leaving?> asked Marc and Laurie at the same time, Marc hopefully and Laurie tearfully.

<Of course you weanies! Let's get Crystal and Frankie! We're going to Slateport!> Spirit said joyfully as she lept off of the couch and ran out of the room to go get the Charmander and Bayleaf.

Tiffany grabbed her bag, a few dollars, and her Pokeballs, just incase there was a no Pokemon rule at the airport. She scribbled a note to her mom, just as Spirit was returning.

Mom- I went to Slateport to help Serenity, my pen-pal, I'll be back soon. Kisses -Tiff.

She sauntered into the airport, and waited in line for tickets.

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10th April 2006, 11:34 PM
OOC: YES!! I speak on the behalf of everyone that has joined and {i think} we say YES!! IT HAS FINALLY STARTED!!!

BIC: Caspian came running beside his jolteon and Houndoom. "Come on you slow pokes, don't tell me i am faster than you!!", said caspian.
"we are way faster, we are just giving you a break." , said houndoom
"what he said", said jolteon

Alex smiled: a rare thing for him to do. "So," he called, "How are we going to stop DeepBlue? As he picked up speed, he pulled out his sunglasses, and put them on. His body could feel the suspense. He would work hard to protect the world, and everyone else, too.

Those sort of posts get an RPG closed. Just started? I'll end it.

10th April 2006, 11:41 PM
*Just so you know i changed the name in the sign-up recently to one i'll remember better because it's my characters name in almost all of them. Also may i catch a new pokemon in my next post? Also the reason this could be closed for the people put in is because the lengh is to short which is the reason my own RPG was closed because people only put really short posts.*

Having read the E-mail Rai was now on his way from Fortree to Slateport. With his pokemon, Clampearl, Flaffy, Lombre and a shiny Phanpy, he began his trek there. The trek took a few hours but he made it there quite a bit earlier than he expected so he did a bit of training on the nearby routes.

"Phanpy roll out attack that Electrike. Flaffy shock wave that Wingull. Clamperl water pulse that Gulpin. Lombre razer leaf that Poochyena." Every attack hit dead centre. "Good job guys. You've been trained well in my opinion. But come on we better go meet Serenity."

11th April 2006, 4:51 AM
After winning the contest at Verdanturf Town, Marina decided to take the long road to Petalburg City, then go to Route 101 and surf to Route 110, where she is currently, so she could get to Slateport City. Marina was never expecting what her old friend Serenity sent to her in an e-mail

Dear Marina,

We need to stop this awful thing. This guy can’t take over the world! What will happen to our rights, our pokemon and the things we cherish? Meet me in Slateport city if you want to help with this situation.

Best Wishes and a hope you don’t get flattened on the way,

"I really need to figure out what was going on...I hope that my Pokemon are ready, but I can heal them in Slateport before meeting Serenity." Marina said to herself. Suddenly, Naomi, her Flareon popped out of its pokeball, and started looking around.
"Flareon! Flare!" Naomi cried. In translation, that was 'What's going on?'. Marina glanced over at Naomi and started walking towards Slateport City. After walking for at least three hours or more, Marina and Naomi could see the entrance to Slateport City. Naomi started barking and running towards a female figure. Marina followed Naomi until she came upon what seemed like a normal person, but it turned out to be her old friend, Serenity. Marina smiled as she ran towards Serenity waving. Naomi let out a cry of happiness.

11th April 2006, 8:31 AM
Amma sat cross-legged on the ground with her bag before her. Perspiration was slowly beading on her brow as the watching eyes of a dozen onlookers followed her every move. Less than a foot from her face two venemous snakes wound around one another as their gaze unflinching traced the movement of the flute in her hands. The crowd watched as the hissing, writhing mass moved in time with the music she produced; as she reduced the tempo the two serpents in question began to unwind and descend into the bag at her feet.

The crowd was silent for a moment with a combination of curiosity and anxiety. When it was clear the snakes were resting they began to applaud. Several bills and coins were tossed forward towards Amma's empty bowl. She stood and with a bow thanked the grateful audience. As the group dispersed she gathered her belongings and the donations. She had just finished clearing up in time to escape the coming rain.

She darted into the Pokemon Center just as rain began to pound the earth outside. She was fairly well known at most Pokemon Centers. Unlike other trainers she would often stay in a city for a few days at a time while performing her act with her Seviper and Arbok. She smiled and waved at the lady on duty before turning her attention to one of the PC's in the corner.

Travelling often kept her away from family and friends more often than she liked so e-mail had become an important way to stay connected. It seemed a pleasant suprise when she saw a message from Serenity. She clicked the link and began to read.

"Hey Amma,

have you noticed that all the legenderys have gone totally wacko? I heard from my dad that an organisation called Team Destructo is doing this. I want to help, Bring supplys, all your best pokemon and your courage and meet me at slateport city, I'll contact the others and invite them as well. The world could be depending on us, don't let me down!


"Oh dear," she gasped before typing a quick response.

I'm on my way.

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11th April 2006, 3:27 PM
Tiffany stood boredly in line for tickets at Vermillion Airport for ages. She almost fell asleep leaning against the cold metal fence, barring the line from the rest of the airport.

"Next," yawned an old lady at the reception counter, looking bored out of her life.

"I'm looking for the next flight to Slateport, cheep seats if I can get some," Tiffany said, happy it was finally her turn.

"Next flight to Slateport... hm... we can get you to Verdantuff in twenty minutes," she offered.

"Verdantuff!!?? I can't do that, I need Slateport! You think I've never been to Hoenn before?" Tiffany asked, annoyed that she would even suggest that.

<Yeah where do you think she got me? At a pet store?> Spirit asked sarcasticly, putting her paws up on the counter.

"Down Spirit, the lady doesn't speak Pokemon." Tiffany said to her Mightyena.

Spirit grunted and put her paws down on the floor again.

"Fine, the best flight we have is in half an hour to Mauville. That'll be forty five dollars per person." the lady said blandly, staring at the computer screen.

"I'll take it," Tiffany muttered, pushing a fifty over to the lady.

"That includes Pokemon." the lady grumbled

"Fine." Tiffany muttered, pushing another fifty under. this was going to be a long day.

11th April 2006, 5:09 PM
Note-okay...not how I ecpected this...Listen could you all edit your posts so they are like ShyPikachus' ? i specificaly said in the cafe to put the e-mail in.

after we do that then we can move on. We don't want to get shut down because I know how much people wanted this to happen.

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11th April 2006, 9:40 PM
OOC: Whoohoo! I'm a role model! *does happy dance* Anyways... since my edit button won't work, I'm going to finish my post from earlier. I was in school and the bell rang so I couldn't finish.


Tiffany and Spirit walked towards the gate that the old fart had instructed, gate 13.

<That lady was such a b****> Spirit grumbled, <Trying to pull something over on you like that,> she added in a silly voice, <We have flights to Verdantuff town, hehehe. Doesn't she know that Verdantuff doesn't have an airport?> Spirit growled.

"Spirit do you want to go in your Pokeball like the others?" Tiffany asked as she handed her tickets to the blue-clad security guard.

"Have a nice flight ma'am. You're in row 15, seats 3 and 4. That's the side by the window darling," the man said, eyeing her up and down, from her slip-on sneakers, to her emerald green eyes, "Where are you headed to?" he asked her, inching slightly closer, despite the fact that a sign above him said Gate 13: now seating for flight 2343 to Mauville City.

<Where does it look like she's going?> Spirit growled irritably, walking slightly forwards, cutting off the man's path with her furry black body.

"I'm going to Mauville, since you can't seem to read," Tiffany said rudely to the guard's shocked face, "Y'all have a good day now," she grumbled.

"You to you little daughter of a bi-" he began, but cut off when a much older man with a kind wrinkled face and friendly green eyes walked over.

"Now Tom," the old man started, looking angrily at the man, "How many times have I told you not to flirt with the customers? If a sexy girl with a bomb came in here, you'd let her trounce right onto the plane wouldn't you?" he threw Tiffany a wink and waited for Tom's response.

"No.. that's diffrent, this girl, she doesn't uh," he stutered unsurley, he'd been caught in the act.

Tiffany smiled to herself and walked down the rectangular tunnel to the plane. They walked down the blue carpeted aisle, it was speckled with pink and green diamonds.

"Row fourteen, row 15. Oh no!" Tiffany exclaimed, as she and Spirit edged into their seats, right by a door, which indicated... "We're by the wings!" she cried.

<So?> Spirit asked, she hadn't been on a plane since she was a young pup, going to Vemillion City on Tiffany's lap.

"The jets are on there, and they make a heck of a lot of noise," Tiffany grumbled, "but since this is the best we've got.... I guess we'll have to live with it," she sighed as she sat down in the human seat. Spirit settled into a little Pokemon seat next to her.

A red overhead light flashed on: Please turn off all electrical devices, and fasten your seatbelts. A blonde girl in a flight attendent uniform came sauntering down the aisle, occasionally pausing to check people's seatbelts.

"Clear for takeoff!" she squealed, happily running back towards the flight attendant's seat.

The plane began to rumble, and then pull slowly out of the airport, pulling back away from the accordian like tube, which pulled back also, revealing an angry Tom and his boss. The plane sped down the runway, gray pavement pulling away from it, as it began to pull up, the ground slowly falling away from them. In only two hours they would be in Mauville, ready to take the Biking bridge over to Slateport.

Tiffany watched as the plane passed through the clouds, and drifted peacefully off to sleep, despite the noise from the engines. She awoke about an hour and a half later, when the plane jerked noisily from flying straight, to desending quickly.

"This isn't right!" Tiffany yelled to Spirit as she checked her watch.

<Huh? The plane's landing too fa-> Spirit started, but squealed as the plane jerked so violetly that her seat belt snapped, and she flew up into the air.

"Attention all passengers! Our plane has been overtaken by some sort of ice storm! We'll need to make an emergency landing in Slateport! Thank you for your pattience!" came a frantic male voice from over the loud speaker, Tiffany assumed that it was the piolet.

"Ice storm?" Tiffany asked, but was buffetted by another round of turbulence, the plane began freefalling and the jet fell silent.

"Oh holy sh*t!" Tiffany screamed, the other passengers panicked, hugging loved ones and Pokemon crying and confessing their secrets to eachother, sure that they were done for.

<This makes you feel bad that you haven't evolved Francisco yet huh?> Spirit said, sarcastic to the bitter end.

"We've gotta do something!" Tiffany screamed, the only thing saving her from smacking into the ceiling was her seat belt. The passengers were violetntly forced back down into their seats as the jet began to make noise again. Screams of terror filled the room as well as sobbing.

"Attention, we are now landing in Slateport, the ice storm has subsided," the piolet said, trying to supress his glee that they were still alive, but he didn't do so well with that.

"Just like that?" Tiffany asked, "There's something fishy going on here..." she muttered in Spirit's ear.

<yeah I know, and it's not that Magikarp I ate for lunch> Spirit muttered back.

"You ate a Magikarp?! You know what never mind that, we're landing." Tiffany gasped.

<I was hungry,> Spirit said giving a Mightyena shrug, <Your mom told you to go buy Pokechow,>

"Whatever, why couldn't we just catch a flight to Slateport anyways, there's an airport here!" Tiffany groaned.

The plane skidded to a stop on the runway, then pulled aside onto a sandy bit of grass, so they wouldn't get in the way of the other planes landing, there was a plane coming in from Olivine in twenty minutes. The doors opened and they inflated the emergancy slides. Tiffany and Spirit slid down, and not having any luggage besides Tiff's carry-on, skipped over the line for luggage and set out towards the city, where they saw Serenity and a few of her friends standing.

"Hey guys!" Tiffany yelled out, exaughsted, "Meet the gang. This is Spirit," she began, gesturing towards her Mightyena, who nodded in awknowlegement, "Laurie, Marc, Crystal, and Frankie," she said letting out her Plusle, Minun, Bayleaf, and Charmander.

11th April 2006, 10:40 PM
"Everyone, it's so good to see you! It's a good thing my Azumarill knows icy wind or we would be at least half an hour late for our boat-there it is now." Serenity said, pointing over towards the boat. her father had snagged them a private boat ,as he was a highly paied police officer, complete with driver. A couple of people gasped when the saw how small it was and asked how all of the passengers would fit onto it.
"It's also a good thing my dad is a police officer or we wouldn't have this private boat!" she said. That was her style-suprised comedy. which also means suprising people with funny things...sometimes (eg in the e-mail i hope you don't get flattened on the way) .
Once they were on the boat she explained her plan.
"Listen up everyone! I've devised a plan: We'll each pick a town from this hat and go towards it and try to capture it and tame it. We'll go our seprate ways for a while and then go to my grandfathers place in Agate Village. He goes by the name of Eugan." she said to everyone on the boat.
"Now," she said with a glint in her eye, holding out the hat with all the Orre town names in it "Who's first?"

Note- If you want you can make up your own town names and places.

*sob* riryomitasha has dropped out!!!

Musical Mayhem
11th April 2006, 11:13 PM
Tiffany looked at the hat with a bit of apprehension, she didn't want to be the one who picked the Under, it scared her. She had seen a show on TV about it.

Spirit could tell that Tiffany was hesitating and said, <Fine I'll pick,> she stuck her muzzle into the hat, pulling out a slip of paper.

Tiffany unfolded it, and it said: Wavering Tree Port. Tiffany sighed of relief, she knew that Wavering Tree was a small forest town just south of Gateon Port. Thank the lord, she thought, patting Spirit on the head.

"You did good girl," she whispered lovingly to her, "I've got Wavering Tree Port, thank god." she said louder to the others standing on the boat, she didn't really recognize any of them. And then she turned to Serenity, "Why did you almost knock our plane down, and how did you know we were in it?" she asked curriously.

<Yeah, you almost killed us,> sobbed Laurie sadly.

<Not this again,> Marc groaned, but put his small arm lovingly around his sister.

The Bayleaf, Crystal looked at them and winked, <Those two are great friends, even if they don't seem it,>

"Ignore them, they're really emotional," Tiffany said, pointing to the Plusle and Minun, "They're brother and sister. I wish I had a brother, Oh yeah I do, he just ignores me," she said bitterly, and she sat down on a bench, "Oh well," she said more pleasently, lying down and basking in the sun.

11th April 2006, 11:24 PM
"Well, I got my Gardevoir to read a couple of minds and it sorts itself out." she said she picked out a card from the hat.
"Phenac City. Hey wasn't that the place where the mayor turned out to be the main boss' boss in the shadow calamity? Ah well." she said, looking towards the others who were now picking their cards.

"It'll be morning by the time we get to Orre." the captin said, passing down a heck of a lot of sndwiches.
"Thanks Paolo, for the boat ride too." she replied to him. He was tall and tanned and had a spanish accent. Some girls would fall in love with him instantly but he was an old family friend. he'd even gave her a discount deal on the trip.

Musical Mayhem
13th April 2006, 9:10 PM
OOC: Not much to post about, but where is everybody?

Tiffany and Spirit sat down on a wet bench by the ocean. Mist blew threw Tiffany's wavy hair, and she looked down at the ocean glistening in the moonlight. It was a cool night, but all she could do was wait for the boat to arrive in Orre. The stars twinkled above her and she felt her eyelids droop as she fell asleep.

13th April 2006, 9:48 PM
Amma had ran to catch the last ferry to Slateport. She regretted that she had to recall her Pokemon to their balls, but it was a necessary evil in order to travel faster. Seviper, when recalled, let out a low hiss to express his distaste at being cooped up. It would be difficult, however, to run with a snake or two coiled neatly around her shoulders, their usual perch. "I'll let you out as soon as I can," she promised her pets.

Fortunately, the trip was short. However, no sooner than she had stepped a shore, she spotted Serenity waving from a nearby dock. She gently wormed her way through the crowd of other passengers, dotting her way with "excuse me's" and "pardon's". She sprinted over to Serenity in time to hear her explain how she had acquired a boat. In a matter of moments, the motor would sputter to life and they would begin the voyage to Orre.

Before Amma could release her pets, Serenity drew everyone's attention to a hat filled with slips of paper. Each passenger would draw a slip and investigate the location written on it. Amma rustled the paper about when she reached in before withdrawing a slip with the words "Mercury Falls" printed neatly inside. "Oh dear," Amma muttered. "I have not been to Orre. Where is Mercury Falls?"

13th April 2006, 10:29 PM
*By the way i've only got 4 pokemon so i've added another in for now*

Rai like the others picked a place. It read: The under

"Sweet i got the under. Best place in Orre in my opinion."

<"Great. Just exactly what is the Under?"> Rai's new Vulpix asked.

"It's a place just underneath Pyrite town. Only accessable by a lift in an old Cipher building. Luckly it's abandoned. By the way this is my newest member Vulpix but i call her Vivi."

14th April 2006, 2:13 PM
Note-i'm adding a new character to this-Serenitys' younger sister Natiana. She's a little like Jovi in Pokemon XD-always hanging around. For the record-she got dropped off here.

"Hey, cutie!" Natiana cooed at the Vulpix Rai was showing them. She bent down to stroke it.
"No, they get start.. huh?" Serenity said alarmed at what she was seeing. Her sister had began stroking the Vulpix but it wasn't burning her.
"It must like me," Natiana said "Do I get to pick a card, Serenity?" she asked
"No way-I'm not letting you go off on your own-you're seven! And you might want to look in your backpack." Serenity replied to her sister. She did as she was told and out hopped an Electrike smiling happily and holding a master ball in it's mouth.
" It's an Electrike and a master ball! Does this mean I can capture a ledgendary?!" she asked
"If you play your cards right," Serenity replied. It had gotten dark in the spacy boat and some people were still picking their cards. "Okay, time for bed. We'll be right behind you when we've all picked our cards. Tomorrow's going to be a long day."

Musical Mayhem
14th April 2006, 6:10 PM
"We're going to capture the legendaries?" Tiffany asked, she was obviously not on the same page as everyone else.

Spirit sat up and coughed, disturbed, <Capture, The, Legendaries? As in THE Legendaries? Holy MIghtyena Yen!> (sensored)

"Spirit, you're lucky no one here speaks Pokemon, but me, ya dummy," Tiffany said, folding her slip a few times nervously, "So I'm going here, to Wavering tree port, to catch a Legendary? Holy f- (sensored)" Tiffany squealed.

<Filthy Hypocrite,> growled Spirit, but she got hit on the head by Tiffany.

"Sorry, it's just, I don't think that Pokemon should have to stay in their balls, better yet I don't see me catching a Legendary. Maybe I could befriend it?" Tiffany asked, she was shaken up by this news.

<Someone didn't read the whole e-mail, dummy> Francisco the Charmander said.

<A legendary?> asked Laurie, eyes wide, <I've never seen a Legendary>

<You're such a loser Laurie,> Marc started, but shut up with a look from Tiffany.

<Oh My God!> squealed Crystal excitedly.

"Calm down you guys!" yelled Tiffany, and all of her Pokemon stopped shouting.

14th April 2006, 6:41 PM
Note-Come on people! I'm fealing this is like a three-man (woman) RPG! Lets see some posts!

"How else are we going to stop DeepBlue. We need to turn his army against him. We're each going to go to these different places and capture the legendary that's there. We'll then meet up somewhere and go to DeepBlue head-on." The whole boat was silent at the thought. A flash of light entered the room.

<Hello slateport city, the big F is here!> Serenitys' Blaziken said randomly. Everyone now stared at it. A second flash of light came and an Azumarill csame.
<Yo, you've gotta stop doin' that! Everyones gonna think we're weirdos!>
"Bella, Flamence, I thought I told you to only come out when I tell you to! *sigh* I guess we'd better feed most of our pokemon now." she said, empying her bag of her home made pokemon food.

14th April 2006, 7:47 PM
"So we're actually gonna capture a legendary. Now that will be cool. Wonder which one we'll find?"

<"I don't care 'bout them. I hate legendary pokemon. Except Entei, Montres and Ho-oh.">

"Yeah because they're fire type like you. Anyway i'm probably the worst trainer here. I mean i've got you but you're new so you can't have evolved yet. I've a Phanpy who was my first. I've also got a Clampearl plus i've even got a deep sea scale but i've just not used it yet. I've got a Lombre but that's like my only evolved pokemon."

Musical Mayhem
14th April 2006, 7:52 PM
"Well Spirit here is pretty strong, but I don't know about the others," she said quietly to Serenity, she didn't want them to hear, "But if it's for their own good they'll fight, won't you?" she asked her Pokemon.

<But I don't wanna fight!> sobbed Laurie, she was in tears again.

<Oh, geez, why do you do this to me Laur? Yeah I'll fight whatever,> Marc waved dismisidly at Tiffany.

"See what I mean?" she asked them, "They're lazy,"

14th April 2006, 9:07 PM
"It is quite the group you've gathered Serenity," Amma smiled. "I, too, am not a battle expert. I think I am like a tamer." She reached into the bag that was slung over her shoulder and withdrew plum-sized balls. With a push of a button each expanded and released the creature inside. Her Seviper, named Seele, hissed with displeasure at having spent unneccesary time inside the ball. Corpe, an Arbok, seemed non-chalant. One would imagine him shruggin his shoulders if he possessed them. Finally, the odd ball of the group wiggled forth, a Dunsparce named Carde. "You see, I am a snake charmer," Amma explained to the others.

"But if fate has led us here," she continued, "and the threat is real, we must help out anyway we can." A broad grin spread across her face as she gazed at the assembled faces. She turned to her bag and began to rummage through it in search of a map. "Perhaps, if our locations are close by one another, we need not go the way alone."

She sat cross-legged on the deck and spread the map out across its wooden planks. Seviper and Arbok slithered toward her and, winding around her waist, climbed to perch on the girl's shoulders. Carde, the Dunsparce, hobbled to her side. She looked up with a slight chuckle and invited the others to join her in searching for their locations. "Look," she commented, "Mercury Falls is just north of Pyrite Town." She turned to the young man with the Vulpix. "Perhaps we can travel together until then."

14th April 2006, 9:12 PM
"Hmm, that's quite a while from Gaton port-that's where we're landing. Amma, are you going to pick a card?" Serenity asked her friend. The snakes slithered around her which reminded her of a horrible incident that happened to her first pokemon-a sandshrew. An Arbok had used bind attack so agressivly that it killed the creture. She moned in discomfort.

14th April 2006, 9:29 PM
"Yeah might aswell. Plus your snakes are so cool. My brother used to have a Milotic. But where exactly is Mercury falls i've been around alot of Orre but never heard of that place. Pyrite towns kinda like my stop though so we can go until then. I think i should let my other pokemon out aswell." Rai sent out his reamining pokemon. A Clamperl, a Lombre, a shiny Phanpy and a Flaffy. Vulpix ran over to introduce itself as the groups new member. "I just wish i could have had better pokemon. I mean even Clamperl and Phanpy havn't evolved yet." Rai dug into his pocket and pulled out a pink item that looked like an almost full moon. "Do you think i should evolve my Clamperl now or later. I'm asking you because it becomes a sea snake pokemon and you're really good with snake pokemon." Rai said to the girl with the three snakes.

Musical Mayhem
14th April 2006, 9:58 PM
Tiffany walked over to the others, the shining metal of the ship's floor glinted in the moonlight, "I was to Orre once, but I only went to Agate Village and Gateon Port, my mom wouldn't let me go anywhere else. I was five I don't remember why, it was probably those stupid Cypher idiots and their gay shadow Pokemon," she said, disgusted that anyone would do something like that.

Spirit strode over next to her, <Yeah those stupid a**holes.> she muttered through clenched teeth.

"I'm going to have to leave first, since Wavering Tree isn't too far from Gateon," she muttered disapointedly, I really wanted to get to know everyone too, she thought sadly.

Spirit looked up at Tiffany, her huge ruby eyes reflecting the white moonlight, <That's life kido,> she muttered, <And doesn't life suck,>

Tiffany laughed, and ruffled the fur on Spirit's head. "Well guys, I've gotta go find my other Pokemon, they've decided to run off again," she laughed, they were probably playing somewhere.

She and Spirit walked down the deck, past a lifeboat. Spirit kept walking, but Tiffany did a double take. She looked at the lifeboat, it was old and the wood was fading, covered in a deflated orange rubber raft, which moved ever so slightly. She shrugged and continued walking, but there was a slight giggle from under the rubber. Tiffany tip toed over to the lifeboat and ripped the raft off, only to find Laurie, Crystal, Marc, and Frank, huddling under the raft with an unconsious Taillow.

"Is she okay?" Tiffany asked worridly.

<We don't know, we've been examining her for a while. She keeps twitching when we touch her left wing, it's really funny,> laughed Crystal, but when everyone looked at her funny she stopped, <not really,> she muttered.

"Here let's take it over to Serenity and see what we can do," Tiffany said picking up the Taillow and cradling her in her arms. She and the Pokemon strode over to Serenity.

"Hey Serenity, I just found this Taillow, what do you think's wrong with her?" she asked, handing the Taillow to her.

14th April 2006, 10:09 PM
"Oh my god that Tailow looks badly hurt. My brother has a Swellow that was a Tailow and when i was young Flaffy attacked it with thunder shock while it was in the air and i broke it's wing. It looks like that but i'm not quite sure."

<" Rai you know i've never gotten over that. It was a mistake and you know it way.">

"Don't worry Amp i know about that you were also my brothers so you wouldn't listen to me and you were jealose of it having all my attention even when it wasn't mine." Rai turned to all the others. "By the way all my pokemon have nicknames. There's Amp." Flaffy raised its arm. "Pink." Clamperl jumped into the air. "Fleaf." Lombre raised it's arm. "Dirt." Phanpy raised it's nose into the air. "And finnaly Vivi." Vulix called its name out.

Mawile XD
14th April 2006, 10:09 PM
Alex hopped doown a bluff of rocks, near Serenity, and a few of her friends. He jogged over to them. "So," he said, "I heard that you said that we were going to go to Orre, and catch legendary pokemon. By the way, what was your email about? And also, can I pick a name from that hat?"

Alex grinned, and pulled out a strand of paper. He shrugged. "Am I supposed to go to Citadark Island?" he asked Serenity.

Musical Mayhem
14th April 2006, 10:24 PM
Tiffany listened to the names of Rai's Pokemon carefully, committing each to memory, just like she would a human's name, "So do you know how to fix her?" she asked Rai, holding out the Taillow, "I'm not much of a trainer, we do gym battles, but that's it, and you shouldn't even count those as battles," Tiffany said quietly as images of Spirit being slapped by a giant Slaking, Plusle being surounded by rocks from a rock tomb, and Frank getting shoved into a pool of water by a Psyduck appeared in her mind.

<That Slaking will pay for that someday! Along with that son of a b*tch Norman!> growled Spirit.

<Yeah I had to rush in and save my sister from that big thing and then I got pummelled anyways,> grumbled Marc, crossing his short blue arms.

<All I remember is water and more water and the PAIN!> screamed Frank.

"Yeah... we're not that good," Tiffany muttered, blushing, "Anyways, I've heard bad things about Citadark Isle, it's well dark,"

<Yeah that's why dark is in it's name dimwit,> said Spirit sarcasticly.

"Hahaha, you're sooo funny," replied Tiffany in the same tone, eyeing up Spirit.

14th April 2006, 10:26 PM
Note- We're stopping off at a small island in order to stretch our legs and find a pokemon center for this Tailow.

"Hmmmm, looks like it's got a broken wing...no, wait, two," she exclaimed. "Paolo, we need you to stop off at this island ahed, we've found a Tailow and it's got two broken wings!" Paolo swerved the boat causing some of the passengers to fall of their seats. Tiffany held the tailow in her lap while Serenity had a stern look on her face.

When they got on the island thaey rushed down to the pokemon center and banged on the locked doors vigorously.
"Nurse Joy, Nurse Joy!" they yelled.
"Whatever is it?" she asked when she opened up the doors.
"This Tailow has two broken wings!" Serenity answered
"That's very serious0bring it in right away!"

Musical Mayhem
14th April 2006, 10:30 PM
Tiffany walked up to the pink haired nurse, holding the Taillow thinking, Who the heck did her hair?.

"Ooh deary me, we'd better do some surgery on this little one, or maybe just some wing splints," she said looking at Tiffany's face, wondering why she was staring at her hair.

14th April 2006, 10:33 PM
"The only thing that'll heal it's wing would be time. It just needs.." Rai noticed something on it's wing. "It's not broken its just a really deep cut but it looks infected. I'll need to get off as soon as we get near land but i'll need someone to come with me because i've only ever been around Pyrite town and Agate."

<"Poor Tailow. Rai you should capture it when it gets better."> Vulpix said.

"You know that's not a bad idea. But i'll make it fair. Flaffy when i do battle it i won't use you."

<"Erm Rai? I got a type advantage."> Flaffy complained.

"Yeah but that much presure right after it's healed is to much. Fleaf i'm using you. I don't want to hurt it to much so you're gonna use bullet seed till it starts getting a bit weak then use grass whistle. You have mastered that attack haven't you?"

<"Yeah couse i have."> Lombre answered.

Mawile XD
14th April 2006, 10:38 PM
Alex scowled, at his lack of attention. "Erm, hello!" he said rudely, "Citadark Island? The old Cipher base? Geez, pay more attention. Hey, is that a Taillow? It's wing looks pretty bad."

Alex then looked at it, and stroked the injured bird's head.

Musical Mayhem
14th April 2006, 10:39 PM
Tiffany laughed, this kid knew more about healing than Nurse Joy, whom now looked very distraught.

"Fine I'll wrap it's wing and put some alchohol on it, is that good for you now?" she asked angrily.

Tiffany snorted under her breath to Spirit, "Look at my pretty pink hair, I'm so smart he he he,"

Spirit snorted, <I can just imagine what she'd do in our place,>

"Yeah, excuse me Mr. Legendary, but we're going to need to operate on you," laughed Tiffany,

14th April 2006, 10:44 PM
*Sorry i'm only putting this but i couldn't understand any of that you just put ShyPikachu*

14th April 2006, 10:47 PM
"I could teach some charmer's trick for you," Amma said to the boy. "But the decision to evolve should be Clamperl's own. Allow him ti--." She stopped mid-sentence as she saw Tiffany approaching with an injured bird. The concern look on the girl's face was mirrored in Amma's own.

"Oh my god that Tailow looks badly hurt," the young man commented as the girl with the bird drew close.

"Oh my, yes," Amma said softly. "Perhaps medicine is in my bag." She turned quickly, causing the snakes to sway from her shoulders; and began to search through the bag for a salve to apply to the Tailow's wound or a splint to steady its wing. When she had began her journey she often carried antidotes and other medical supplies. Seele, her first Pokemon, had always been temperamental. As time passed, however, her bond with her snakes grew and she no longer had need for them. She turned back to Tiffany after a moment. "I'm sorry; I have nothing."

Serenity quickly seized control of the situation and directed Paolo toward a nearby island. As Serenity quickly rushed the bird off the boat toward the nearby Pokemon Center, Amma became aware of the impatient youth standing over them. "Errm, hello?" he interjected.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Amma said, raising quickly from the deck. The bangles around her wrist rattled gently as she extended her hand. "I am Amma. Please forgive my... lack of knowledge. This is my first trip to Orre."

14th April 2006, 10:53 PM
*Ok i'm back to understanding i think*

Rai jumped off the boat with Tailow aswell. "Come on guys lets go. Infact Fleaf use grass whistle to make Tailow fall asleep." Lombre then began whistling which made the pokemon fall asleep who heard it but Rai had recalled all his other pokemon. "Serenity thanks for coming with me i don't know this place well."

<"Wait for me it's hard to use an attack and run at the same time.">

"Sorry Fleaf." Rai recalled his Lombre and resumed running. Tailow was now asleep but was still twitching in pain.

15th April 2006, 1:19 PM
"Rai, if anyone's going to capture it it should be Tiff-she found the poor thing." Serenity directed her attention to nurse Joy who was getting irritable through lack of sleep and Tiffany.
"It's going to be okay-I'll keep it in quarantene(sp) for a few days and then I'll releese it into the wild." Nurse Joy said, smiling to be away from Tiffany.
"Sorry about my friend-she's kind of nuts...," she turned towards Amma "And sorry about ignoring you-I'm a sucker for ingered pokemon! Anyway the Tailow is going to be fine and nurse Joy is going to releese it in a few days." a few grones filled the room. Serenity sat down with Tiffany while nurse Joy was examining the Tailow some more.
"I can't believe I got Phenac city-I'm so phyced to be going there! There are so many water types there and I hope I can capture Lugia...I'm a water trainer you know." she said. Then she heard a noise-the Tailow was coming around!

Musical Mayhem
16th April 2006, 12:55 AM
OOC: Sorry if no one got the post about Nurse Joy in Tiff's position, she's just rambunctious and wierd like that. ^_^ Yeah, and by the way Tiff speaks Pokemon, even if they're not hers. Thanks for saying that I should get Taillow, I didn't put her there so Rai could get her, no offense.

Tiffany watched as the Taillow stirred. <Wha- wha' happened? Where am I? Where's tha' bird?> squealed the Taillow nervously.

Tiffany looked at the Taillow, "You're on a small island off the coast of Orre, and in a Pokemon Center. Somehow you broke your left wing- and scratched the right one pretty bad," she explained quietly to the bird, "But what's this bird you were talking about?"

<Bird? Oh, righ'. Lugia, well sort of. I was in Pheanic City and I was flyin' along, oh it was so sweet, but then he just showed up and beat me to a pulp. I landed on a boat- an' then flew with the last of my strength for the firs' cover I could git- a lil' ole lifeboat. He grabbed my wings, I was in shock, I couldn't do anythang about it either!> she ruffled her feathers angrily, <If I was a bigger Pokemon I'd kick his sorry butt,>

<Heh, I'd kick Slacking's sorry a*s if I could,> laughed Spirit, she knew this feeling well.

"Don't listen to her," Tiff said, pushing Spirit aside, "Lugia huh? Well Serenity, here's your chance. According to Taillow here," she started, but she was cut off by the Taillow.

<Name's Robin by the way,> she chirped.

"Robin then, Lugia's in Phenac City. Do you know what's wrong with him?" Tiff asked Robin.

<Nope, jus' flew up out 'a the blue. Very strange. He was actin' all funny an' he just attacked me for no reason,> she chirped irritably.

"Hmm. That's odd, what do you guys make of that?" she asked the others, who looked at her with blank looks, "Oh yeah, I forgot you guys can only talk to your Pokemon. Heh- she says that she was attacked by Lugia in Phenac City, but he was unprovoked," Tiff added. Robin nodded, awknoledging that Tiff was right.

16th April 2006, 11:22 AM
"But why would a Lugia attack such a puny thing as you? No offence."

<"Yeah it is weird. A powerful legendary like that would usually stay hidden away not out in the open attcking stuff."> Vulpix said.

"Vivi you just said almost the same thing."

<"Oops sorry Rai.">

16th April 2006, 11:50 AM
note-I'm making it so that everyone can speak to pokemon as they do anyway.

*gulp* "Tiff-I'm going top Phenac city! What'll I do what'll I do what'll I do?!" Serenity hyperventilated.

<Alright, honey. It's gonna be okay...sure we might get beaten to pulp but at least we have each other...> Serenity hyperventilated more at that from Bella.

"We're going to die!!!!" she said. With everyone coming in to comfort her everything was made worse and she fainted.

Musical Mayhem
17th April 2006, 2:13 AM
OOC: Sorry about the short post, I'm really busy.

<Maybe he was hungry? I don' know! I'm jus a lil ole Taillow, what does a puny thing like me know?> Robin suggested sarcasticly, ruffling her feathers.

"Serenity?" Tiffany asked nervously, "Are you ok?"

Mawile XD
17th April 2006, 2:38 AM
Alex growled, as nobody seemed to want to talk to him. "Sheesh," he muttered, "Pay attention next time. For anybody who wants to know, my name's Alex. When we actually get to Orre, I'll battle anybody. Now please, actually listen, for a change."

As Jack listened to the Taillow, he said, "A Lugia? Consider yourself lucky. It could've Aeroblasted you to death."

Musical Mayhem
17th April 2006, 2:44 AM
Robin ruffled her feathers angrily, <I said it was THE Lugia, not A Lugia! It ain't in its righ' mind anyways, so I don' think it could 'a eatin' me if it wan'ed to,>

Tiffany grabbed Serenity's ankles and looked over at Alex, "We all know your name is Alex, could you give me some help?" she asked.

Spirit strode over, <Hmm... it looks like she konked out. Probably from fear, oh well,> she braced herself for a slap on the head, but it didn't come because Tiff was busy attempting to lift Serenity onto a bench. Spirit just shrugged a Mightyena shrug and helped push her up onto it.

17th April 2006, 10:13 AM
Hmm," Amma stood with her hand extended and a confused expression on her face. In his attempt to grab attention Alex completely ignored her gesture of welcoming. "He does not seem very observant or patient," Amma whispered to her Arbok, Corpe. Corpe yawned, his mouth open wide but with fangs concealed, in agreement. She hoped that the boy would warm up to the group; it seemed that the task ahead would require a great deal of cooperation.

The boat was abuzz with news of Lugia near Phenac City. Serenity, who had pulled the slip for that city, was on the verge of panic. Amma took her by the arm and attempted to ease her fears. "Do not worry, my friend. Perhaps we should all go-- " Amma's suggestion was swallowed by the rush of voices as Serenity went limp in her arms and drooped to the floor. Tiff's Mightyena tried to help Amma set her upright again.

"Can someone check her pulse," the snake charming girl suggested. "We should give her air." She, with the help of Mightyena, layed the Serenity out on a nearby bench. Fanning the air above the fainted girls head, she waited to see a response. "What could have happened?" Amma questioned aloud.

17th April 2006, 10:24 AM
"Errrrr." Serenity groned. A bustle of people came in to see if she was alright. "I wouldn't advice you to fall on this floor-it's hard. My head, my arms, my ppokeball...wait a muinite-my pokeball!" she sat up straight and looked at her pokeball-it was broken and guess whos' one it was. That's right-Solrocks'. The pokemon was in front of them all and floating in the air.

"Sunny!" Serenity said to the pokemon
<What, I didn't do anything, I woke up and my pokeball was shattered. Can we get it fixed?> it asked her
"Not for a while, Nurse Joy's inspecting a Tailow at the moment." she replied
<Why, is she a cop or something?> a few people laughed at that.

Edit notey thing...: Please asomeone rate this thread! I NEED yo to!!!

17th April 2006, 12:25 PM
"I really lke your Solrock. You can have one of my pokeballs if you want." Rai took out an unused pokeballs and handed it to Serenity. "I must say it looks pretty powerful. A pokemon i want to catch soon would have to be Lunatone and last timer i checked they're like opposites of each other."

<"Great i hate rock types."> Vulpix complained.

"Vivi stop complaining."

17th April 2006, 1:11 PM
"Thanks, I love water types though. Solrock, you wouldn't mind being captured again would you?" she asked

<Never, it's horible, new pokeballs stink. They're all cold and I just got mine all nice and warm with all of the stuff I wanted there!>he said

"You can get stuff in a pokeball?" she asked

<Believe me, you can get ANYTHING in a pokeball.>it replied

Musical Mayhem
17th April 2006, 2:29 PM
"I have an idea," Tiff started, Alex looked at her jealously, he obviously wanted to be the one to tell Amma what happened, "Robin here was talking about how Lugia tried to kill her for no apparent reason, and Serenity realized that Lugia was in the same place that she was going and got so scared, she fainted," she looked at Serenity, "Am I right?" she asked her.

<That's what i saw,> Spirit said sauntering over.

<I'm sorry if I scared y'all, I didn't mean ta.> Robin said quietly, perching on Serenity's arm playfully.

17th April 2006, 4:35 PM
" It's okay, just ask my mom-I get scared VERY easilly. Anyway, Tiff, what am I going to do about Lugia and in Phenac city and I'm going to die!!!" she got hyped up and then fainted again

<Way to go, faint for a second time why don't you.> Flamence said.

<Shut up you dunderhead. She's very worried! We should do something, like get her a proper resting place insted of this bench.> Bella suggested

<Oh, no! Is she dieing??? Serenity! I don't want you to die!!!> Sunny cryed (litrally)

<No, she's not dieing! Am I the only sane person in this teamexept for Chan?> Bella asked herself

<Who the heck is Chan?> Flamence asked

<The Flygon you idiot!> *sigh* Bella shouted at Flamence

Musical Mayhem
17th April 2006, 4:41 PM
Tiff looked surprisedly at Serenity, she had just fainted again, except this time she was, thank god, on the bench. "Serenity," she jiggled Serenity a bit, "Time to wake up," she jiggled her harder.

Spirit snorted, <You're never going to wake her up that way, what she needs is a good loud noise. Observe,> Spirit howled extremely loudly in Serenity's ear. Serenity stirred a bit.

<See? Much more effective,> Spirit tossed her fur happily.

"Aw shut up, you dummy," Tiff said, playfully hitting Spirit on the head.

Laurie had now joined Sunny in sobbing, <She's going to die?! Please don't die!> she sobbed patheticly.

Marc rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, <You'd swear it was Tiff lying there and not this Serenity chick. Who was she again?> he asked.

<Serenity's the poor girl that got hurt. At least she'll be ok,> Crystal said optimisticly.

"Guys, don't fight. Crys's right, Serenity will be ok. And Marc, Laurie isn't pathetic. Laurie, just stop crying ok?" Tiff said, trying to get her Pokemon bac in order.

17th April 2006, 4:47 PM
< But she's going to die!!!> Sunny said, crying even more.

<Looks like I'm going to have to handle this on my own! *blubblubblubblubblub!* There!> Bella said, unleshing a water gun on everyone and I mean EVERYONE.

< Water, It burns! IT BURNS!!!> Sunny and Flamence exclaimed. a few pokemon eenjoyed it while most humans and most other pokemon didn't.

<There, nioce and calm, besides, Flamence needed a bath anyways.>

Musical Mayhem
17th April 2006, 4:55 PM
Tiffany stood there soaked, "Now that wasn't nessecary," she grumbled.

<Agreed,> Spirit said, shaking herself dry, but it hit Tiffany, earning her a smack on the head.

Laurie broke out sobbing even more and Marc just rolled his eyes. Crystal splashed playfully in a puddle.

<It burns! Get it off!> yelled Frankie, he ran in a big circle screaming bloody murder.

17th April 2006, 5:01 PM
Serenity stirred some more after being drenched by Bella.

< Help me get her somewhere else, anywhere else! She needs to get some dry clothes.> Bella said to Tiff.

<And whos' fault is that? Ohhhh, that's a hard one, wait, I got it. It's your fault!> Flamence siad to Bella who gave him another bath.

Mawile XD
17th April 2006, 10:36 PM
Alex was getting pretty annoyed. Everybody's pokemon were getting wild, and Serenity kept fainting. "If I must." he muttered, as he let out his pokemon. "Everybody, BEHAVE! Show them how you can actually set a good example."

Paying no heed to Alex's words, his team of pokemon began to talk to each other, and play. Alex groaned.

17th April 2006, 11:03 PM
"Just chill will you. The pokemon are just having fun."

<"Yeah but i'm not really that known with the other pokemon so i'm staying around Rai.">

"Vivi just go and make friends will you."


"I give up with you."

Musical Mayhem
18th April 2006, 12:35 AM
Tiff lifted Serenity onto her shoulders, which was very hard, but she took her over to Nurse Joy.

"Is, there, a, room?" she struggled to say. Joy handed her a key and handed it to Tiff, who said, "Thanks," she groaned.

They walked over to a room, and Tiff dug through her bag for some dry clothes. She could only find a spare t-shirt and a pair of jeans with holes ripped through the knees.

"These'll have to do, but they may be too big, they're big on me and i'm really tall." she said, tossing the clothes over to the half contious SErenity.

Mawile XD
18th April 2006, 10:15 PM
Alex glared at Rai. "They'll have plenty of fun in Orre. Isn't that right, Sudowoodo?"

Sudowoodo glanced at Alex, and said, <We'll have fun here. Relax.>

Alex slapped himself in the forehead. Life could be very annoying, sometimes.

22nd April 2006, 11:28 AM
Somebody came in serenitie's room it was Danial.

Danial: Oh hi serenity sorry im late i couldnt find you in staleport so i followed you here,By the way you look hurt what happened

26th April 2006, 7:31 PM
Note to this guy ^ : Use more punctuation, capitol letters and don't script it. Do this or we'll get banned. Sorry if this sounded offensive but it had to be said... CHANGE YOUR POST!

<No! Can't you see she's uncontionus! (sp)> Said Bella. Flamence pulled her back and the boy looked offended.

<Sorry about her, she's always been like this.> Flamence said. He swivled his claw around his head in the I-think-your-crazy motif. Bella used doubleslap on him.

Musical Mayhem
26th April 2006, 8:33 PM
Spirit snickered. Tiff elbowed her in the side and whispered, "Don't be rude, you guys act like that sometimes too," she muttered.

<Well, sorreee!> Spirit whined.

Crystal laughed, <When you whine like that, your face gets all funny!>

"See what I mean?" Tiff asked, surpressing giggles as Spirit shot a small black orb at Crystal.

"Well, I"m going to leave these clothes here for Serenity when she wakes up. I"m going to see what the others are doing," Tiff said, turning and strolling through the doorway, followed by Spirit and Crystal.

26th April 2006, 8:45 PM
A few hours later when everyone had found a room, Serenity woke up. She looked across to the chair and found her favorite clothes, an orange long sleeved top and an electric blue miniskirt on it. Also there was a little note.

Heya! You missed dinner but I saved you some, hope you feel better and meet me in my room so that us and the others can work out what we're doing tomorrow. I'm in room 7g. Paolo is here as well and has been okay about everything. See ya.


There was a little smiley face near her name.

"Typical Tiff!" she thought. She got changed and made her way over towards room 7g.

Nurse Joy was running up the stairs towards her clutching a peice of deep blue paper *hinty hinty!*

"Whoa, Nurse Joy what's up?" she asked the trembling nurse. Nurse Joy gave her the paper, it was a letter.

Dear people whos names I haven't learnt yet,

I know what you are doing and I will not alow it. I will hyptonise your pokemon to work for me if you do not stop now. If you come any further my legends will rip you limb from limb. Beware, this is your first warning.


"Don't worry nurse Joy," I said "We don't respond to threats."

Mawile XD
27th April 2006, 1:17 AM
Alex was feeling very angry, and annoyed. He was in a hotel room, and he should be in Citadark Island. He was going to see Serenity this instant! He walked into the hall, and saw Serenity grasping a piece of deep blue paper. "I'm going to Citadark Island." he informed her. "And why are you holding that piece of paper?"

Musical Mayhem
27th April 2006, 1:21 AM
Tiff strode over Serenity, plucking the blue peice of paper out of her hand, "Well she's holding this peice of paper because it's adressed to us, duh," she said to Alex, handing the peice of paper to him.

<What a loser,> Spirit grumbled.

"I know, the more I see him, the less I like him," Tiff whispered very quietly to Spirit, she knew that she could hear very well. He just seems, off, always angry. He needs to lighten up. Tiff thought moodily. He reminds me of my sister when she has PMS, she snorted despite herself.

Crystal looked at her funny, <When you snort like that your face looks funny!> she laughed.

"Shut up, I just had a really funny thought," she said, not wanting Alex to know it was about him.

Mawile XD
27th April 2006, 1:29 AM
Alex glared at Tiffany. "Well, how would I know? I just saw it! Why do never tell me these things?"

With that, Alex skimmed the paper. "Wow." he muttered, "Like Salamence won't roast it first. Forget it, I'm going to Citadark now."

With that, Alex ran into his room, and jumped out the window.

Musical Mayhem
27th April 2006, 1:32 AM
Tiff stood dumbstruck as she watched Alex jump out the window, Now I know he's a weirdo.... she thought.

"Hey Serenity how do you know this guy? And why the h*ll did he jump out the window?!" she asked Serenity.

<Someone took too many drugs,> Spirit chuckled, staring at the broken window.

Laurie burst into tears, <Is he gonna die!? Oh no! What'll we do!> She sobbed.

<Oh God,> Marc said rolling his eyes.

<That was funny! Do it agiain!> Crystal squealed happily.

<Down south we'd say: Tha' guy's off his rocker. Y'all are lucky y'aren't like tha' jerk,> Robin said, perching on Tiff's shoulder.

27th April 2006, 5:32 PM
Serenity stuck her head out the window.

"ALEX YOU A******! GET BACK HERE!" she yelled. Bella laughed. She had been in the room with most of her pokemon including the Solrock who everytime she tryed to capture it, ran away crying.

She looked at Tiff.

"I've been friends with that boy for seven years but never has he done anything as stupid and show-offy as that." Bella rolled on the floor in hysterics. She was back to her usuall bubbly self again.

"I hope you're having fun because he's about to get himself killed." Serenity said to her. She just laughed harder.

Musical Mayhem
27th April 2006, 6:31 PM
Tiff shruged, "I guess people change," she said, gazing out the window where Alex had fallen.

<I'd say he had a complete brain transplant,> Spirit said nonchantedly, striding over to Tiff and sitting down.

<That was funny! I hope he does it again!> Crystal squealed happily, bursting into a fit of giggles.

Laurie was still in tears and Marc wrapped his arm around her, <He's not gonna die, he'll be ok, you'll see,> he told her comfortingly.

Tiff rolled her eyes.

Mawile XD
27th April 2006, 9:30 PM
Alex, annoyed, rode on Salamence's back as he listened to people make jokes about him. "That's not funny." he growled under his breath. "Whatever."

To give the people a clear view that he was not stupid enough to commit suicide, Alex flew window-level and told Salamence, "Fly straight to Citadark Island."

28th April 2006, 10:07 AM
"Right, this is too much-I'm going to have to do something nuts." Tiff looked at her. Serenity plucked her pokenav from the inside poket of her shirt and got on it.

"Dad, yeah, it's me. Look, Alex has done something crazy-he's going to Citadark island ahead of schedule and I didn't want to tell him but the legendary there is extra angry. I need to to close the entrances. And hurry!" she put the small phone down. "As soon as you know it, he'll be right back here!" she said with a smug grin on her face.

Musical Mayhem
28th April 2006, 2:58 PM
"Sounds fine to me, just as long as the one at Wavering Tree Port isn't mad, I'm good," Tiff said, leaning back against the wall and closing her eyes.

<Tired?> Spirit asked her, leaning next to her.

Tiff opened one eye, "Yeah, I wish it was nightime. I guess the times in Orre are way diffrent from the ones in Kanto," she said sleepily.

<Yeah! Time Zones!> Squealed Crystal, who didn't seem tired at all.

<Typical. I wonder where she gets all of that energy,> Spirit grumbled.

"I probably fed her too much sugar," Tiff muttered.

28th April 2006, 3:19 PM
"I have sleeping pills!" Serenity said to her. she laughed. Her and the others returned to the room to revise the letter.

"So...can we be posotive it's from DeepBlue?...Wait, I think I've forgot...Natiana!" Serenity exclaimed. She ran out to the boat where natiana still lay fast asleep.

"Get up! We need to revise the situation." she said to her. When they got back in she asked her question again.

Musical Mayhem
28th April 2006, 3:27 PM
Tiff yawned and opened her eyes, "D*mn time zones," she muttered, rubbing her eyes, "Okay I'm awake now," she murmered.

<Can't say the same for Spirit though,> Crystal chuckled. Tiff looked at Spirit who was sleeping against the wall.

"Huh, I though Mightyena were nocturnal. Oh well," Tiff said turning back to her other Pokemon, "Okay Laurie, no crying, Marc, no being mean to Laurie, Crystal, don't be so hyper, and Robin, well you're not technicly mine," she told them.

<Tha's alright. Down south I'd owe ya some debt, but y'all are up north, so I dunno how we work thangs up here,> Robin said, perching on Tiff's shoulder.

"You don't have to be mine if you don't want to," Tiff said to Robin.

<Is all righ' I'll come with y'all, but I"m still no' yours, jus' so y'all know,> Robin said calmly.

"Okay, let's get to buisness then," Tiff said happily.

28th April 2006, 3:36 PM
<Lets see....blue baper, creepy sense of humor,> Flamence said
"You mean like yours?" I asked
<No! Anyway, It's too creepy to be anybody else exept DeepBlue! What's for dinner!> Flamence said. Everyone did that fally downy thing with the sweatdrops like they do in the anime. Even the pokemon.

"Flamence, you're too much even for me." I said. Flamence did a closing song and dance

<I'm too sexy for my shirt! Too sexy..> he sang, slapping his own butt. I quickly withdrew him to his pokeball in embarassment.

Musical Mayhem
28th April 2006, 3:48 PM
Tiff stood against the wall, horrified, "Well, uh, that was weird," she said frightendly. (is that even a word? Anyhoo)

<He scares me.> Marc said simply.

Laurie looked like she was going to cry, <Why would he do such a thing?> she wailed.

"Laurie, I said no crying. So what're we going to do about DeepBlue you guys? They seem pretty dangerous," Tiff said, gazing at the others.

29th April 2006, 11:44 AM
"Don't worry, I have a fire stone-I'll evolve him soon enough. Maybe then he'll actually be able to be sane for at least ten seconds," she looked at the sky, the sun was setting with a mighty orangey redish glow. "Flamence was actually right about something, we need to get some food. Otherwise we'll be too tired to work out if this is from Team Destructor or DeepBlue himself.

Someone began to come up the stairs. Bella growled.

"Quick, be on your gaurd-you don't know who it could be." Serenity whispered. They were about to attack when nurse Joys' head popped up.

"Dinner's ready." she said

Mawile XD
29th April 2006, 7:06 PM
Alex scowled when he saw that the gates to Citadark Island were closed. He then brightened. "Salamence," he said, " Fly me over the gates."

Salamence nodded, and dropped him off after flying him over. Alex quietly stalked around the Island. Something had to be watching him. For once, Alex was scared. He crept farther into the evil - looking island. He turned a corner. There, looking straight at him... was Mewtwo.

29th April 2006, 7:31 PM
"This is too much," Serenity said, getting up from the table where everyone was eating dinner. "I can tell that Alex is in danger-I'm going to find him!" she shouted. She ran, picking up her balt and scooping Bella up from the floor. She went outside and releesed her flying pokemon-Vibrava. Tiff ran after her yelling curse words at her.

"Take care of Solrock and make sure he doesn't cry...too much. If you need me, call me-I'll be back soon." she said to her. She jumped on Vibrava and they went off towards where they knew Alex would be.

"Chan-as fast as you can to Citadark island!"

<Okay, but I go reeeeeealyfast,> it replied. It started to speed up. <Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!>

They were ripping down towards Citadark Island. People looked like ants but they still passed many types of pokemon like Altaria and Hoothoot. They got towards the boarder that surrounded Citadark island. a large gate was spread around it.

"Thanks, Chan. Can you see....ALEX!!!" A purpley figure with large legs was sticking its' stubby fingers straight towards Alex and his Salamence. There was an eeary purple glow around them too.

As soon as the figure heard Serenity, it turned its' head and she could see that its' eyes had filled with a heartless crimson red colour. It raised its' other hand and the same forcefeild went around Serenity, Bella and Chan.

<Weeeeeeeeird> Chan said. Serenity groped the forcefeid trying to find a way out but they were moving closer to the purple creture.

They moved close enough for Serenity to make out that the figure was actually a pokemon, Mewtwo to be precise.

"What have they done to you? You used to be free, not frea-kish. You don't know-you're being hypnotised. Snap out of it-you have to!" she yelled at it, looking into its' soaless red eyes. She thought the redness faded away for a few seconds, it twitched. but then it went back to normal.

<I don't have to do anything that you tell me. I serve DeepBlue.> it replied. It moved, with them too and took them to a hollowed out cave.

<Stay here if you want to stay alive.> it said bluntly. It then left. Serenity turned her back on Alex.

"I hope you're happy now. I came out here to get you because I heard that the legandary was loose. Now we're both trapped here. You're the only person that can get us free. You have your bag. You packed for the city. I thought I'd just find you and we would go back. You're the only one-you have to capture Mewtwo."

Mawile XD
29th April 2006, 7:38 PM
Alex nodded. "I am happy. Salamence, Hyper Beam these barriers!"

Salamence fired a laser - like beam at the barriers, shattering them. Alex ran toward Mewtwo, who had come back to find the noise, with a Master Ball in his hand. He hurled it at Mewtwo. It hit it's body, and Mewtwo disappeared inside...

2nd May 2006, 7:39 PM
Mewtwo broke free.

<Ha! You think I would be open to capture? I used substitute!> it said, growling. It lunged at Alex but Serenity lunged at it and took the body slam full on. She fell to the floor.

"You are the most pompus, self centered jerk I have ever met...but you're my friend." She turned over. She seemed to have broken her leg and arm but she actually pulled an important vein in her back. She couldn't walk for the time.

<Serenity!> Bella and Chan the Flygon came rushing over towards their fallen trainer.

<You suck!!!> Flygon yelled at Alex in its' childish voice. Alex looked somehow hurt.

Mawile XD
2nd May 2006, 9:09 PM
Alex bent over Serenity. "Are you okay? Mewtwo's about to attack. Go Sudowoodo! Use a Rock Slide!"

Sudowoodo blasted Mewtwo with falling rocks, but when the attack was over, Alex saw a faint barrier around Mewtwo. "Try a Brick Break!" Alex roared.

Sudowoodo sprinted forward, but was frozen in midair by psychic energy. Alex flung out his remaining pokeballs. Umbreon was his only pokemon to actually hit Mewtwo with an attack: a Faint Attack. Mewtwo looked slightly hurt, but was still able to wipe out Alex's team.

Alex thought for a moment. Psychic type pokemon were usually weak to Dark or Ghost attacks. His thinking was cut short when Mewtwo fired a series of psychic waves. All of his pokemon were hit. They all looked ready to drop to the ground. Alex sighed. He wasn't sure of what to do...

2nd May 2006, 10:05 PM
"Alex, keep trying pokeballs-he's got to weaken soon. Take mine as well," she pointed towards at Bella and Flygon.

<Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!> Chan lunged into the beast, and again, and again, and again. It seemed to have endless energy. It also created a lot of dust which got Mewtwo in the eye. "NOW ALEX!" she yelled

Mawile XD
2nd May 2006, 10:07 PM
Alex nodded. He frowned, and scrambled for his bag. Mewtwo coughed in annoyance, as he was in a dust cloud, and couldn't see. Alex emptied his bag of Ultra Balls, and threw one, straight at it's forehead. Alex began to sweat. Mewtwo was the strongest pokemon he'd ever attempted to capture. Alex watched as Mewtwo once again disappeared into the Ultra Ball...

2nd May 2006, 10:10 PM
"Yes, yes, YES!!!" she screamed. Mewtwo had been captured. Somewhere DeepBlue had a defeat! "You did it, you pompus jerk!...Sorry, force of habit. Alex just stared at the pokeball. He then grinned a little, then a lot.

"Now for the barrier..."

Mawile XD
2nd May 2006, 10:12 PM
Alex glanced at Serenity, not really caring about the insult. He had done it! He then told Salamence to fire another Hyper Beam at the barrier. It shattered again, and Alex grasped the Ultra Ball.

2nd May 2006, 10:28 PM
"Alex, would you help me onto Flygon, the fall actually pulled an important vein in my back so I cannot walk," Alex pulled her on after the long explanation. Once they were in the air they saw that the gate had been shattered too. People scurried around and lauged merrily seeing that Mewtwo was gone.

"Alex, lets land down there, i can talk to Tiff to say we're okay." Alex didn't look too enthusiastic about this but agreeed.

Tiff, we're alive! And Alex caught Mewtwo!... A news circle surrounded them. Get downstairs and switch on ONBS, you'll see! She retreted her PokeNav

"Now, Alex, DON't go show off on me." she whispered to him.

"Ancha, here and amother ONBS update! These two children have done what may have thought to be impossible, they have capture the hypnotised Mewtwo!"

Serenity blushed. "It was Alex," she said, patting him on the back, still on her Flygon. "He was the one that caught it!"

"And there you have it, Citadark island victory..." she turned away from the two and started talking about interveiwing the locals.

"Well, we better get back-I'm sure Solrock will be in tears." They rose into the air once more and dissapeered into two specks of green and dark blue.

Musical Mayhem
2nd May 2006, 10:45 PM
Tiff yawned, this time zone difference was really killing her. She glanced at the clock on the wall- 7:00 p.m. Back in Kanto, it was 2 in the morning!

"Man Spirit this is killing me. You wanna go watch the news?" she asked Spirit.

Spirit looked up at her drowsily, <Sure, but don't expect me to be too attentive,> she muttered.

Tiff and Spirit walked down to the main area and hit the button on the TV. ONSB came on.

<Darn, in Kanto the gay story about Ash is on right now,> Spirit grumbled.

"This is breaking news! Mewtwo has just been captured! He is no longer tormenting Citadark Isle! here's Jake with the scoop," a man blared at the news station.

"Oh my God!" Tiff screamed, "That's where Serenity and Alex are!"

<wEll, at least the news is good for something,> Spirit yawned.

Mawile XD
3rd May 2006, 9:43 PM
Alex hesitated while flying away from the newscasters. He considered letting Mewtwo terrify them, but he might still be hypnotised. Alex sent out his Salamence, and climbed onto it. "Fly straight to the others!" Alex commanded. All right, all right, I will. Don't rush me. Salamence growled back.

4th May 2006, 9:34 PM
They were up in the air. Alex just seemed to be concentrating on the air ahead but Serenity was quite pale.

"Alex," she said, his head turned a little to show he was listening. "I know this may seem obvious but could you please not do anything that stupid again. I was really worried about you." she blushed but he could not see through all the fog.

They finally touvhed down ground and Serenity got off, forgetting about her injured nerve...She landed on her face.

"Help. Me!"

Mawile XD
4th May 2006, 9:51 PM
Alex sighed, and picked her up. "So," he said, "Where are we going? Our pokemon can't fly us around in circles? We're supposed to join the others! We got to Citadark Island really fast, let's get back really fast!"

7th May 2006, 3:22 PM
She lent up against Flygon and tryed her pokenav.

"No connection-looks like we're stuck here for a while." she looked around the area. It was foggy everywhere.

"Come on, lets go try and find the pokemon center."

Mawile XD
7th May 2006, 4:23 PM
Alex groaned. "Great. Wait a second..." A grin crossed his face. "Blaziken, go. Use a Sunny Day to clear up this fog."

Blaziken grinned. She blasted a red jet of light into the air, and cleared up the mist. "Okay. Salamence, go look for a Pokemon Center." Alex said.

7th May 2006, 4:53 PM
"I never realised you had a Blaziken-guess I'm not very observant. My Combusken is a heck of a lot of trouble!" she laughed. His Salamence came back and alerted them that a pokemon center was just north.

Alex helped her get there but when they eventually did there was a sign pinned up on it.


For unruly behavior and violation of section B4769-To not hypnotise pokemon outside of battles and without a good purpouse.

Well at least it's getting around." she said as they made their way into the pokemon center.

Mawile XD
7th May 2006, 5:07 PM
Alex placed his pokeballs in the healing machine, and pressed a button. In a few seconds, his poemon were healed. "Come again soon!" Nurse Joy trilled. Alex stomped over to her. "Do you want my pokemon to get hurt? Do ya, do ya, do ya?"

8th May 2006, 5:28 PM
"Do my friends always have to be nurse Joy haters? Alex-you should be grateful, she heals our pokemon for free. Free," she got up and pulled him away from her. She could actually walk now that she nhad sat down. Also nurse joy had looked at it and gave her a huge cusion(sp). She tryed her pokenav again.

"Hey, Tiff! We're in the Moonstone island pokemon center. We just landed here and we're sorta lost.she said.

"I know, we're behind you." and she was. Standing before them was all the people that they had left behind.

"What are you waiting for then?" she asked. She put down the phone and griinned. "Shaow us the way back to the pokemon center!"

Musical Mayhem
10th May 2006, 9:12 PM
"I don't know how to get to the Pokemon Center, you know how bad my sense of direction is," Tiff said, her cheeks flushing.

<I can lead you guys there,> Spirit said calmly, as if being lost didn't scare her, which it probably didn't.

"Lead the way then Spirit," Tiff said happily as the MIghtyena began sniffing the ground, leading them slowly towards the Pokemon Center, through the mountains.

Mawile XD
10th May 2006, 9:21 PM
Alex sighed, and said, "I'll fly up ahead. If I can find the pokemon center, I'll tell you."

Alex sent out Salamence, and once more soared into the air. Something was creeping him out. He wasn't sure what it was, but it wasn't Mewtwo. It wasn't as scary as that. Still, he had heard that there were pretty powerful wild pokemon in this area, and he didn't want to be shot down.

10th May 2006, 9:46 PM
They got to the pokemon center and Tiff caught Robin. Paolo and Natiana were almost asleep but were awake enough for the boat trip. They got back on the road...or the water!

"Finally, back to buisness-Orre here we come and we are going to capture your legendarys!" she shouted. There was a simulatanious shouting of the word "Yeah!" after. She grinned.

Mawile XD
17th May 2006, 10:13 PM
Alex shrugged. "Hey, should I send out Mewtwo? I've gotta get to know it. I mean, it might still be hypnotized."

Musical Mayhem
17th May 2006, 10:21 PM
"So that's what the news bulliten was about?" Tiff asked with a laugh, "All right you guys, be ready to see the all mighty Mewtwo! First of the captured legendaries!" Tiff exclaimed in a voice that reminded her of a gameshow host.

<I hate it when she does that!> Marc grumbled, crossing his small cream arms.

<It reminds me of good old times!> Laurie sniffled; tears already showing in her jet-black eyes.

Marc rolled his own, matching eyes, and said angrily, <Laurie!>

<I wanna see Mewtwo! Do you think he'll give me his autograph?!> Crystal asked, jumping up and down. Her jumping was shaking the floor, which knocked Laurie and Marc over, the small Minun falling on top of his sister the Plusle.

<How sweet!> the Bayleaf exclaimed, causing her to jump even higher.

"Oh brother," Tiff muttered under her breath.

17th May 2006, 10:28 PM
"I'd let it out when we get to Gaton port-we wouldn't want it blasting us to death if it's still under hypnosis. I've also made a decision-we're sticking together. I've seen what that Mewto can do-we've got to stick by each other as a team of we could all end up pushing up daisys!"

Sunny looked puzzled. "DEAD!"

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