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15th April 2006, 1:19 PM
Has anyone here ever read the series "Mink"? If you havent.. Heres what its about:

Mink Shiraishi was looking for the her favorite band's new CD when she accidently picked up the mysterious Wanna-be CD instead. This software from the future allows her to become Cyber Idol Mink, Japan's latest "it" girl. However, using software from the future is illegal. If Mink is discovered, she'll be deleted.

Also.. For those who havent read it. I suggest you read it because its a very good Manga and its wroth reading ^ ^ (A mod, please close this if its not allowed. I looked on the Search bar thing and found nothing, so I made this thread about it)

16th April 2006, 1:33 AM
Ooh, I saw an ad for this in Ultra Cute and I was thinking about reading it. Sounds good, so I guess I'll buy a copy... when I get some more money... TTU