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15th April 2006, 2:04 PM
Well, ehm...I just felt like posting a little ditty here, maybe get some opinions on my writing? o: I'm planning on writing a chapter fic, so I'd like feedback on how I'm doin'.

As for this, it is really just a small drabble. Not exaclty a poem, although you might call it slightly poetic. I appologize that it's not long, but I think it may be enjoyable reading anyway...hmm. +shrugs+ [Oh, and it's not a depressed!fic. Honest.]


C e a s e



It was deafening. The presence filled every gap, smothered every opening. It squeezed the air tight, and seemed to pull the stormy clouds over the sun; a veil blocking the truth, shadowing the earth with the numbness of the quiet. Man and beast paused every journey and every task to feel the echo rush past their ears, rip through their mind, and invade their thoughts.

Nothing broke the chant, yet no verse continued it. Choruses repeated as the song of the night drew out every figment of hope that proded the sorrow of the audience.


It froze time in mid-air, rose above the treetops and coated the grass with a haze of ice. Backs stiffened and faces paled, mist overtook each eye of its beholder. It showed no mercy, no regret; no hesitation would crack the persistence, the simple hope of chilling everything that it pleased.

It snapped branches and cracked leaves, forgetting the blood red backdrop that its enemy had summoned. Nothing could block this -- not now, not ever. It enveloped everything that dared to cross its path; killed every soul that questioned the meaning.

It did not look back.


It did not exist. It could not exist. Where would it nest? How could it breathe? No energy had been spared for its meal. No home was made room for its bed. There was nothing left to give, so it could not possibly take...

It was banished from this dream. The lies had hushed it into quiet; it dare not speak. Every trace was smelted by silence, murdered by cold, numbed by the company of all that surrounded it.

It must be the end.

There was nothing that could stop it. No barrier stood against it, no fortress sheltered from it. Flowing through veins and pulsing muscles, piercing skin and cracking bone, it coveted every bit of the life that it choked. Strangling the courage that hid in fear, it polluted the peace and crushed the chance, grasp not slipping and mind not wandering. It had made a decision, and the assassination was underway.

All reassurance had slipped through the gaps, drained from the place that it was needed the most.

What else could it be?

Nothing was left to be asked. All that had meant was demolished, and there was no return to the way it was supposed to be. Disease had rotted the possibilities, and medication had no argument. Not now.

It can't be this...

Blackness. Nothingness. It happened so quickly. I wanted it to stop. I hoped it would reconsider. Had I offered what was needed, would there be hope again? If the clouds had blown aside, would the sun illuminate the cure?

If only I had one more second; I could have given so much to turn it back.

But I couldn't. Not now.

There was no one left to listen. The stars ignored the plea, and the moon laughed at my expense. But I didn't care. I couldn't care. There was nothing left to care about.


It left nothing in its wake. Every crumb was blown away by the sighs of the heavens. It dreamt in glorious colors; vivid orange, vibrant red, startling yellow...No one had ever seen this before. It was the last promise it had to offer. It made an unbreakable oath, sealed with blood and bonded by soul. Property had been sold and taxes had been excused. Emotions flooded the streets and life had been stilled by the painful dusk. Debts were paid and contracts were burned by the light of what was...

But not now. Not ever.

It had only gone back to where it began.


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