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16th April 2006, 7:35 AM
Alright. I did a half-arse search, and found nothing on this. :D -Claps.-

In another forum I go to, they have competitions for Coordinators..or..those who pretend to be. :3 Like me. In my messed up little world.

I was looking through the RPG boards, and saw that anime style battling was in there, so I figured that adding a Contest Hall would ad something new and exciting.


Things will be judged according to the game, since it's hard to fairly call the damage taken or given by a pokemon. (People playing 'favorites' are among some of the problems with that.) So, since I have a site that gives combos and stat-raising moves and their catagory, It would be no problem to fairly judge the second round.

The first round will also be judged according to the game. Whoever wants to, save the competitors, may vote for whichever contestant the like. While vote-whorring and deals may be cut, it would be easy for an admin (which would be one of the ten judges. Each one appointed to a different type.) Could easily track any PMs they sent out or recieved. It wouldn't be so hard since there's only four contestants at a time if any of the above is suspected. (Time gap varies on rank [normal, Super, Hyper, and Master])

Now, the judges will be admins for the above reasons. No other rank, that I know of, has the power to look into PMs that are both deleted and still in the in/outbox. If there are any other ranks that can do this, then they may also be eligble for judging. The reason there will be ten judges rather than five is this: If one of the current judges wish to compete, or get ill, then one of the five extras may step in and judge until the original is able to resume their spot.


Species: (Totodile, combusken, bulbasaur, ect.)
Contest: (Tough, cool, smart, beauty, cute)
Rank: (Must start with Normal and work your way up.)
Move set:
Lineage: (If there's any non level-up moves. Otherwise do't include Lineage)

Those who wish to compete must fill out this form. If a pokemon has a non level-up move or egg move, such as a Mawile with Guillotine, they MUST provide a plausible breeding line with the moveset of each ancestor AND the pokemon being entered into the competition. Lineage MUST be in order from pokemon with the desired move to current competitor. (Great-grandfather to grandfather, to father, to current ect. There can be as many ancestors as you like, but keep them plausible. I will check into this.)

Also, if a pokemon has a TM move that it can't learn, you MUST provide a plausible Breeding line for that. Reason is because we don't want to have a Caterpie with Fissure in a competition that, by some freak chance, wins. o.0;;

Example: Egg Move(Guillotine Mawile)
1: Kingler (Lv:57 Guillotine, Vicegrip, Hydro Pump, Harden)
2: Omastar (Lv:55 Guillotine, Tickle, Hydro Pump, Spike cannon)
3: Whooper (Lv:5 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Guillotine)
4: Sandslash (Lv:52 Slash, Sand Tomb, Swift, Guillotine)
5: Mawile (Lv:45 Vice Grip, Crunch, Iron Defense, Guillotine)

Example: TM(Aerial Ace Marowak)
1: Aggron: (Lv:42 Metal Claw, Protect, Metal Sound, Iron Defense)
2: Kangaskhan: (Lv:50 TM:Aerial Ace, Reversal, Comet Punch, Metal Claw)
3: Marowak: (Lv: Bonemerang, False Swipe, Areal Ace, Metal Claw)

If a pokemon, even through chain breeding, can't learn a move (Such a whooper and Guillotine), but you still wish to have the move on that pokemon, please give a plausible reason as to why it should be there.

A Guillotine was used to shop people's heads off in times of olde. I'm not going completley by the game because Whooper can use it's tail as a guillotine, Omastar its spiked shell, and Sandslash, it's claws. Basically anything capable of cutting/crushing.

If you doubt your reasoning, find a different move to put in the slot.

Note: Not all move slots must be filled.

Order is on the form incase you are absent to PM one of the judges you selected move for that appealing round. Just PM the judge the moves you want to use while you're gone and it'll be taken care of. A pokemon's moves are subject to change ONLY by the owning coordinator.

Each competition will have a set amount of time a competitor has to submit a move to the judge. (All moves must be PMed to a Judge lest you want your arse kicked because you ruined the element of surprise)

Normal: 1 week
Super: 2 weeks
Hyper: 2 weeks
Master: 3 weeks

This will allow enough time for each competitor to submit their move within a fair amount of time. The limits are subject to change.

Contests will not start until there are four competitors in a catagory.


Each person may enter ONE pokemon in a contest at a time. This is to even out the chances of winning.

A person MAY, however, submit different pokemon in different contests at one time.

Story line:

This MAY NOT happen, but if it isn't to much to handle, then people may have seprate characters for a team of up to six competing pokemon. Interaction between coordinators will be allowed, and relationships may form/end. Anything that happens MUST be kept at PG-13.

Violence between characters will be permitted so long as it doesn't leave any coordinator/pokemon unable to compete.


(I know you all skipped to this part. :P ) All winners shall recieve a ribbon acording to their rank. The higher the rank, the grander the ribbon. If someone that makes good quality banners wants, they could make five banners for each rank and catagory. (Normal, cool; Super, cute; Hyper, smart; Master Tough)

(I haven't made the ribbons yet. I won't until the idea is approved. When/if it is, PM me saying that it was approved and I'll make the ribbons. When they're done, I'll notify either Joe or an admin saying that everything is ready and that we may begin whenever.)

RaZoR LeAf
16th April 2006, 2:29 PM
Since Fizzy Bubbles and PASBL is generally unrelated to SPPf in general (Joe's own words), you'd be better off suggesting this in the ASB forum itself.

16th April 2006, 3:43 PM
Contests were brought up in the PASBL ages ago, but the test-contest to see how the system would work never really finished.
FB does have a zone which contains a contest hall, and you'd have to journey in the zone (Volcanic Mountain) to go to a contest house. (Registration is currently closed though.)

I suppose you could try setting up a contest-oriented RP based on contests in the RPG forum but you'd have to come up with a backstory, I guess.

16th April 2006, 5:44 PM
Thanks, RaZoR. I was looking around before I posted to make sure it was in the right place. guess it wasn't. ^^;;

Ah, well, I've had some problems with FB. I registered in the UPN section, but was banned because they though that my account was made to get around a ban. =/ Never got it resolved. -Shrugs.- They're just doing their job, but they got the wrong person. Oh well. :3

Hm. I can't set up a whole new thread, though. I don't have that power. I can't make any in FB either..or PASBL. It is a good suggestion, though. Thanks. ^_^ I'll use your idea and twist it a bit. Just get everything ready and put a club together. If it works, it works. If not, then too bad. Oh..and by backstory..you mean..? Heh..sorry. ^^;;

RaZoR LeAf
16th April 2006, 6:02 PM
If you want to make it into an RPG, you have to give it a story and plot, rather than 'here's a contest, take part'

16th April 2006, 9:16 PM
xD lol. 'Figered.

Well, as of now, I'm thinking of one. I'm thinking it would be best to go with a FB-type approach, but then people may say: 'FB already has that', or 'ur just trying to get back at FB cuz u wer b00ted. N00b.' The like. =/

While FB focuses mainly on the adventure, I'd like this to mainly focus on the competition. Keeping things original, yet plausible will be difficult, but it can be done. I'm thinking we could still offer the thrill of adventure so that pokemon may level up, work on routines, and gain experience. At the same time, offering the competition.

Actually, it would be a good idea to perhaps make coordination seporate branch from FB. It'd lessen the load on the FB updators, while still offering the funness of the competition. :3 It's like I said before: we could bring in others for updating and judging.

^_^ As for a plot and story, I'm thinking of other competitions to be held for those who managed to reach master rank. I have a few in mind, but those will be discussed with any updators or judges that are appointed should this plan be taken into action.