View Full Version : weirdest thing just happened in my game

17th April 2006, 4:17 PM
i was walking in that place in cinnabar island where u get the key to the gym and as i was leaving a gastly appeared and it was fused with a muk. it was so weired i didnt catch it because i didnt want it to glitch my game

17th April 2006, 5:32 PM
What do you mean by "fused"? As in, the two sprites were mixed or it has the sprite of one, and the moves and name of the other?

Either way, it sounds like a Glitch (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=76413).

Russian May
17th April 2006, 5:32 PM
A Gastly fused with a Muk??? Wasn't it Missingno? But he appears only on water... Weird!

17th April 2006, 5:44 PM
Did you happen to catch its name?

17th April 2006, 6:39 PM
crap, it's just a lie. that wasn't programmed, and even if you should say this, well, click the link in Kuratosu's post and see.

RaZoR LeAf
17th April 2006, 8:32 PM
Is.. is this a thread about glitches? I'l be damned it is!