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18th April 2006, 8:57 PM
Shock & Load

Pokemon (23):
4x Pikachu
1x Raichu FRLG
1x Raichu EX SS (I know its unmodified, but go with me here)
3x Dratini (DS)
2x Dragonair (DS)
2x Dragonite (DS)
4x Bagon (DS)
2x Shelgon (DS)
2x Salamence (DS)
2x Mewtwo (DS)

Trainers (9):
3x Wally's Training
2x Suprise! Time Machine
2x Mr. Stone's Project
2x Lannette's Net Search

12x Lightning Energy
12x Fire Energy
4x Metal Energy

Strategy: This deck is my first ever built deck. I'm not good at TCG. At all. So go with me here. The strategy of this deck is to power up, and just keep hitting them. Let's look at the Lightning dimension of this deck. Either getting Dratini or Pikachu into play is good here. Getting Pika into play, and if I don't have the energy I need, I get Wally's Training and get out Raichu FRLG. This lets me use Recharge, getting two lightning energy from my deck and attaching them to Raichu. I then have a choice. I can power up my bench and get some good damage in by using Thunder Reflection, OR I can Suprise!Time Machine and switch to Raichu EX, doing massive amounts of damage to the defending Pokemon with Mega Thunderbolt. I then would like to switch out to Dragonite.
Dragonite's Delta Charge lets me attach Lightning energy to anyone of my benched Pokemon. Doing this can let me recharge or charge up Raichu EX, or I can charge up Mewtwo. That gets to my other part, the fire part of the deck.
Mewtwo can use his Delta Switch power to move energy around to guys as I please when I put him on my bench. Then, using Salamence's Fire Dance or Dragonite's Delta Charge, I can put Fire and Electric energy on him. I could be attaching 3 energies per turn to Mewtwo! His attack, Energy burst does 10x damage for each energy attached to Mewtwo and the defending Pokemon. He is also a basic Pokemon, which gives me the benefit in which I can search for him with Lannette.

Block of words. Hopefully some are patient enough to read

18th April 2006, 10:18 PM
alright, here's a bit of advice:

everyone says trainers are more important than anything else, in other words you need trainers most. you should take out these cards:

- 2 fire energy
- 2 lightning energy
- 1 metal energy
- 2 Pikachu
- 1 Bagon
- possibly the Salamence line completely

and the cards to add in:

+ 1 Salamence [delta]
+ 1 Dragonite [delta]
+ 2 Briney's
+ 2 Rare Candy
+ some [delta] type cards (such as Holon Ruins and Holon Mentor)

~fuzzy out~

19th April 2006, 12:38 AM
You are right. I do want to put in Holon Research Tower, making Salamence's Delta Blast BEASTLY. And I have really been trying to get a hold of Rare Candies, but I can't >.<

Shiloh Phoenix
19th April 2006, 4:38 AM
if you have that much delta species stuff, run metanite.

19th April 2006, 8:01 AM
I did see that on PokeGym. I just need to get Metagrosses. But the thing is, I like this deck because I like to do things my way, using my favorites to win. I love Mewtwo and Raichu, so I like this deck.