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20th April 2006, 2:59 AM
Overabundance - Invasion. Rare
1RG: Enchantment
Whenever a player taps a land for mana, that player adds one mana to his or her mana pool of the same type, and Overabundance deals 1 damage to him or her.

It's like Mana Barbs and Heartbeat. I guess you can combo this with Citadel of Pain and Chimeric Idol. Other then that, Heartbeat is better since you can combo next turn without hurting yourself

The Duck's Rating: 2.25/5

Felix Feral Fezirix
20th April 2006, 1:04 PM
Ouch. I would play this card and take preventive measures to avoid life loss. Then go into Rolling Thunder/Fireball overkill. Or just plain take the damage and kill off the other guy in one shot.

This card isn't something you'll wanna play flippantly. Careful planning is the key.


20th April 2006, 6:18 PM
Play this mid to late game and there go all your opponent's options. 3/5

20th April 2006, 11:23 PM
Play this mid to late game and there go all your opponent's options. 3/5
Ofcourse, paying 4 life for a simple Gifts Ungiven hurts. a lot.

i guess this could work if you have Rofellos and fyndhorn elder and such...

Shadow Trainer
21st April 2006, 12:22 AM
A decent card and can act as Heartbeats 5-8. 2/5

Felix Feral Fezirix
23rd April 2006, 3:18 PM
Those cards that deal damage equal to how much mana you pay for X in their cost can be comboed with this for a priceless kill.

Can you even imagine?


Opponent: Heh! Next turn you're going to die to my 40/40 Arcbound Crusher even if you have 40 life.

Life count for both players: 20.

Meh. You're dead.

Opponent: What's that?

-next turn-

3 mana for Overabundance. -looks at extra 11 lands and whistles-

Opponent: ?

-taps all lands and deals 11 damage to self- Byebye. -drops Fireball-

Fireball: XR. Deals damage equal to X.

Opponent: Nuuuuuuuuuu!

-end image-

There you have it.

23rd April 2006, 9:38 PM
This card is great if you use it correctly (lol Fireball). Of course it's bad to lose life for tapping lands. But, it isn't good to have your opponent to lose life too?


Felix Feral Fezirix
24th April 2006, 12:31 PM
Of course there's Urza's Armour to make your opponent kill himself out of mana burn without you even slapping down Fireball or anything of the sort. But there's also the possibility of your opponent biting you right back with his own Fireball-like spell (from red to black to blue) and killing you. The whole thing's a double-edged sword. It's just if you know how to end the game quick with it.

30th April 2006, 3:38 PM
Of course if your opponent plays Counterspell/Hallow for that combo you are going to cry so loudly...

Felix Feral Fezirix
3rd May 2006, 1:17 PM
Look, if I were playing against a Counterspell deck, none of my enchantments would be sitting on the field in the first place. >_< Geez.

5th May 2006, 1:50 PM
Not really, one must know how to use mana wisely.
Your opponent's spell on average costs 4/5 mana, let the Overabundance come in and pwn.
Your opponent's spells costs 1/2 mana, then you destroy Overabundance.

Felix Feral Fezirix
5th May 2006, 2:39 PM

I didn't get that.