View Full Version : Sam/Danny Shippers Unite! New Episode {Double Cross My Heart Airs}

20th April 2006, 7:07 PM
Hey there Sam/Danny Shippers from Danny Phantom, there's a new Danny/Sam Shippy episode coming up only this time Danny get's jealous. Here's the information;

9:00pm Danny Phantom #39: Double Cross My Heart
Description: Samís got a new crush: Gregor, a goth transfer student from Europe. And Dannyís jealous, although he wonít admit it. Instead, he convinces himself that Gregor is an undercover operative for the Guys in White, out to get Danny Phantom. When Sam finds out Danny has been spying on her, sheís furious, but Dannyís suspicious grows when the Guys in White show up in Amity Park. The mystery deepens as Tucker tries to help Danny uncover Gregorís intentions. Is Danny right? Is Sam truly in danger from Gregor and the Guys in White, or is Danny just jealous of Sam and Gregorís growing romance?

Link: http://www.tv.com/danny-phantom/show/8938/double-cross-my-heart-summary!--spoilers-/topic/5316-238298/msgs.html&page=12

Talk Danny/Sam fans, talk! :]
I'm so excited for this episode. Its in the US.

22nd April 2006, 5:31 AM
Yayness ^_^ I've known about this episode for a few days, and it may just explain some of the storyboards I've seen onthe Danny Phantom Online Forums and circulating on the Net...

D/S Forever! :D