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Yami Ryu
20th April 2006, 10:34 PM
And the RP starts now! And incase no one gets the subtle hints. Cause I am bad with them, no one saw the exact same pokemon with the male theif. Cookie to who can guess what it really is!

And Fiona is my character, too lazy atm to go and post her, but I will soon. Just busy busy busy today.



Fiona chewed on her lower lip as she brushed Zosi's lightly colored fur, completely unafraid by the fire horse's fire like mane and tail as they flickered and fluttered in the breeze. She had seen the theif, and another had. But no one believe the loud bragart at all, and least of all did they believe Fiona. Sighing, the young girl stopped brushing Zosi and turned, thinking she had heard her brothers but it was only her imagination.

Just like her father had told her. It was only her imagination.

But she hadn't been the only one to see him, she just knew it! A boy, older than her, had seen him too! But Fiona paused when she remembered who the boy had claimed to see, the pokemon with him hadn't been what she'd seen. He had claimed to see an Ariados, while she had seen-

Fiona was interupted from her thoughts when Zusi nickered and started to try and groom her hair. Laughing at the silly old pokemon, she tried to fend the Rapidash off, and succeeded when she bribed him with a sugar cube. Still giggling a bit, she left the old Rapidash to his sugar and made sure his enclosure was locked. But it wasn't like he still couldn't just jump over the fence if he really tried. As she entered the house, she heard her brothers speaking excitedly, so it seemed she hadn't been hearing things this time either...

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she came into the room where her brothers seemed to be packing for some reason, “Adam? George? What are you doing?”

“Packing, duh,” youngest-oldest brother, Adam, said as the twentyone year old looked up with a serious expression.

“I can see that.. but why?" In answer to her question, he rolled his eyes while George finished stuffing his dufflebag and hefted it onto his shoulder. “Because little sister,” Adam finally started to say, “we are going to war. Dad's already packed, we just came to get our things and tell you to stay out of trouble. Not like you don't anyways.”

Fiona glanced down before looking up to say something, but her brothers had already passed her, and in moments had retrieved their weapons and were out the door. She stood there for several seconds. War meant fighting, and that meant death. And she could lose the rest of her family! But the young teen didn't know what she should do, what could she do? And the answer dawned on her, and she didn't like it. But it was the only way.

She was going to have to find that arrogant bragart, Melodor, and hope he hadn't been made into cannon fodder yet. She grabbed a pack, and stuffed some clothes into it, or whatever her brothers hadn't taken. Then a water container that had seen better days, and some dried food stuffs. She couldn't take as much as her brothers, but what she had was enough to last a few days. As she sprinted through the house to the back door, she snatched up her staff, and as she burst out of the house she whistled for Zosi. And the young girl tried to ignore her instinct of just letting this happen and go crawl under her bed and hide. But fear of losing her brothers and father spurred her into action.


Richard was not happy, and his partner, Rose; an Absol, wasn't happy either. Their emblem had been destroyed. Their key to protection of the village was gone. Now anything could happen. And that meant two young fools claiming that they had seen the perpitrator, but they had not been sure on what the guy had looked like, nor had they agreed on the same pokemon that was his acomplice!

Rubbing his forhead a moment, Richard tried to collect himself as Rose continued to sit by him, silent, but seemingly ever watchfull. Sighing, the man glanced down at the dark type before resting a hand on her head. “Any perdictions girl?”

“Soooru.” She whispered softly before leaning into the hand much like a cat would, and Richard smiled softly, and scratched her snow white fur without a second thought. “You never change old girl.”

“Sol.” Was all Rose said. Richard continued to scratch his parnter, just prolonging the time he would have to go and tell people they were going to get ready for war.


“C`mon you hairy lot! We have to get the walls strengthened while we can! I don't want any chances taken!” Skye shouted as she ran about, pointing out things to people, she was hiding the fact she was scared. Someone had already snuck in once and stolen their emblem of protection. So something somewhere had to be faulty. Bullying the archers into place, Skye darted about again, barely listening to her Lapras, Oceaus, but when she did she answered the Lapras curtly, and then told her to get back to just sitting like a lump in it's pool and ignored the weary sigh from the Lapras.

Skye didn't want to wait untill the army of one of the other villages was upon them to start worrying about two kids saying they had seen the theif. And that got her muttering about kids these days, lying to get anywhere in the world.


Athia, doesn't seem as worried as the other leaders of the three other villages, as they had an advantage to any invading forces. Electric types could attack from afar, while fighter types could deal with whatever the electrics didn't miss. Athia had grown arrogant in the villages pokemon, and their powers. So she didn't seem to think it was such a bad thing for the emblem to have been stolen, but she still had just about ignored the two that had said they saw the theif. Athia, just didn't care.

So the Thunder village was in the same state it had been before the emblem had been stolen.

Saffire Persian
21st April 2006, 12:01 AM
(Note: Yes, Selene does talk a bit strange. Hope it doesn't bother anybody. And I think I *might* know who the accomplice is. Ditto? )


The air was cold, laced with a sort of frigid malice while a cold wind blowed. The weather was not uncommon here - in the Ice Village, being so far situated in the North. Selene Caminach felt this, even though she was used to such weather, cold not being a bother to her at all. She was sitting underneath a pine tree, on the slightly damp ground, deep in contemplation.


Selene saw what she saw. She would not deny it nor change her story. She had seen a man - a man she was sure of. And a Pokemon - she had thought it looked like some kind of Dog-like figure, but another girl her age who had apparently saw the man disagreed with her.

That was where the problems started.

The Ice Village leader did not believe a word she or the other girl said, instead, looking at them as if they were both glory seekers. Selene Caminach was not one of those dishonorable people, nor, did she believe, was the other girl. And it cut her - the fact that he did not believe her - and made her angry that he would so lightly throw away her statement. Selene came from an honorable family. Sure, the Caminach's were odd in the way of speaking, using a structure used in that of days long gone by. But they were honorable, nonetheless, loyal, priding themselves in their honesty.

He was making her look like a fool.

"I don't understand, Warrior of the Black Ice," Selene said, addressing her partner, Morana.

The Sneasel was leaning against the tree, staring into the distance with her keen, sharp eyes. At her voice, the Sneasel's head turned, only slightly.

"Your eyes do not lie," Selene said. "You saw, and I saw. It makes no sense, the form changing. Unless... nay. It's unheard of. Perhaps I am going mad - seeing things."

The Sneasel cocked her head, before shaking it rather roughly. A smirk came onto her features. "Sneees, sneasel."

"They say you are already mad, Morana, Warrior of the Black Ice. You know this. It's because of your love of battle, I think, that they deem you mad."

The Sneasel shrugged, a rough laugh making its way out of the feline-like creatures throat. She probably thought the whole thing very amusing.

"Nevertheless, we must get down to the bottom of this. I have theories, but I don't know what to think. I would like to discuss it with our Leader, but I do not know if he will bother listening to me again. Perhaps I could speak with his Absol, though. She seems more reasonable, and more willing to listen, but I do not know. I would also like to speak with the girl who also saw the man.... Luna, I think her name was. I do not know how much time we have, though. I think war is on the breeze."

The Sneasel's smile widened, and she muttered something almost inaudible.

"I know you have no qualms against going out to war, but I think it's foolish to do so so suddenly. We would also do better to fortify ourselves here, in the cold mountains. The other villages are not quite so tolerant to our weather. The Snow will defend us, and we can send up a mighty Blizzard, I think, if we pool our strength together. It would protect us for a time, I think..."

Selene abruptly stood up. "But come, I think it would be better to seek out Luna first. "


Without another word, both Human and Pokémon descended into the heart of the village.

Zephyr Flare
21st April 2006, 12:52 AM
Melodor = idiotic glory hog.


Melodor quirks an eyebrow slightly as he continues, a bag on the table in front of him in the form of a small rucksack, a piece of paper sitting in his hands to which he reads with unusual care.

All ready to go and yet not budging; indecision rife as ever.

"Hmm go or not go, either way somebody is gonna be whining at me" he says quietly dropping the letter to rest his head on a hand.

Everything had been so weird today, the Emblem getting stolen and being able to watch it. Why had he just stood there and not do anything? Glory awaiting and no you don't even budge do you?

Nobody was believing him anyway, liar apparently, just because somebody else who just happened to see couldn't tell the obvious that it was an Ariados with whoever it was. Is Fiona or whomever she's called really that dense?

Muttering slightly he glances away from the table to hear the sounds of men already getting ready for the war to get one shotted for not ducking fast enough or whatever.

Course being his age he had been drafted himself for it but still...

“Not gonna get anything outta it, but miss out on the action but if I get out of it I might be able to rake in something for brining the Emblem back”

Melodor grins slightly at that, then he could prove that he had seen it! Bit of limelight, at least getting out of fieldwork for a while would be very tempting for anybody.

“Dordae, ‘fraid you’re gonna be missing out on getting killed for a bit longer, war can wait and so can having orders rammed down my throat, up for a bit of Emblem hunting?”

The Nidorino opens an eye half way, glancing up at his partner with an almost bored look and a snort, oh of course he is the glory hog of this partnership, couldn’t possibly be the walking ego.

“Oh come on, show a bit of enthusiasm here, this is the village we’re talking about, heck how >I< am gonna save it!”

With a slight shake of head, the Nidorino stands with a slight yawn and stretch of leg, either way whatever Melodor decided he would have to come to ensure his safety, Look before you Leap is far too complicated a subject for the human to grasp.

Rolling his eyes himself deciding not to wait for the wake up ritual he heads into his room to grab the Glaive, not war standard by any means but enough to get by, usable and he had get a bit of training in how to sue it…

Not that swinging it without lopping your own limbs off is difficult of course.

Coming back out again and using it as a simple stave for the time being, he shooes the ‘Rino into action and heads for outside, may as well get the heck out before he’s forced into the ranked, no doubt somebody will come looking for him soon.

Raposa Dalua
21st April 2006, 4:42 AM
"So you think I shouldn't have worn my glasses while speaking to him, then?"


"I guess that would make sense. Maybe better, more refined clothes would've worked too. Ya never know with those leader types."


"Of course, I can't imagine you being part fire type did anything to help my chances of being trusted."


"Sorry, sorry, I know it's not your fault. That remark was just to see if you were still listening."

"... Dour."

And that was pretty much what the entire conversation was like. From the minute Luna had exited the building in which the village leader had currently situated himself, she had been constantly badgering her poor partner, Cecil, with 'what ifs' and 'should've dones.' Just questions, responded to by short, gruff barks. Frankly, the Houndour that was trailing along to her left had gotten quite tired of her constant poking and prodding, and had pretty much just been barking to amuse her for a little over half thier conversation. Her last remark stung though, as he really didn't want to be reminded that most people did find it a bit odd to have a dual dark/fire type found near Ice village. Noting an actual change in his expression, Luna knelt down next to him, right there in the middle of the dirt path, and hugged him.

"Aw, don't be all glum like that," she grinned as she leaned back, "You know I wouldn't trade you for anything, not even an Articuno that could bake me cherry pies whenever I wanted 'em. You're prolly a lot more fun to hang out with than any old ice based pokemon anyway."

A little freaked out by the corniness of her statement, yet nonetheless satisfied, Cecil gave a happy yip and bounded out of her loosened grasp. He ran a few paces ahead of her, then turned and barked again. He seemed to be running in the direction of her house. 'He's probably cold, this wouldn't seem like warm weather to him...' she figured as she quickened her pace in order to keep up with the energetic black puppy she had for a partner.

"C'mon Ceece, let's get back to the house. We'll get you warmed up, then we can figure out what to do from here. After all, there's no sense in doing nothing, right?" she looked to him for confirmation, and he seemed to nod at her, looking slightly surprised that she was making some sense for once.

"Yeah, we'll map it out. Make a plan. Gotta talk to that other girl who saw the thief too. Though, I can't imagine what she was doing telling that leader of ours that his pokemon accomplice was dog-like. No self-respecting dog would ally itself with a lowly coward such as the likes of him, " Cecil found himself holding his head high with pride as she said this, "It looked more like a bird sorta thing, with a hat. Like one of those Murkrow, the sinister kind I read about in Foul Fowls: Birds Associated with Witchcraft. Which I think is rather stereotypical, but I digress. It definetely looked more like a Murkrow to me. I mean, you saw the bird too, right?"

Cecil nodded, though he didn't look up at her. 'Definetely odd, definetely...' Luna's thoughts trailed off as the two companions continued towards where she lived.

Kev Chi
21st April 2006, 5:49 AM
Well, let's see if I can get back into RPG form.


It had been raining all day, coming down pretty heavy. It had lightning and thundering all day. This was nothing new for Kev, who was standing in his house.

"You know Dais, things in the world are looking just as glum as the weather in our village..." said Kev to his partner. "Aron Ar..." said Daisy, his Aron.

"I can't believe our leader would be so arrogent either...If things are like what they have been rumored...We shouldn't underesimate anything invading us. I mean, how much do we really know about the other villages?" he said "Aron Aron!" said Daisy, bumping her head into his leg, probably meaning for him to keep an upbeat attitude on things.

"I know...we can only hope that we don't go to war but the way our leader acted..." Kev started to remember back to talking with her.

"I swear, I saw the thief of our emblem...It was a guy and he had some pokemon, and and..." said Kev, a bit nervous. "Is that all you have Kev...? I'm quite dissapointed, seeing how your surpose to be one of the "smartest" in our village. If that's everything you've got, I'd suggest you leave. That info is really of no usefulness to me what so ever...Now leave." she said.

Kev had just started to walk out the door when Athia stopped him by saying "Kev...I suggest you get ready for war..." she said. "If you want to make yourself at all useful, make some of those "all great" strategies of yours...Who knows, maybe even that pokemon of yours might do some good..."

Kev had never been so insulted in his life. "Aron!" Daisy tried to snap Kev out of his faze. When she couldn't do it with words, she headbutted Kev in the back. Kev tumbled forward a bit, snaping out of his memory.

"Thanks Daisy, I needed that. Hey Daisy, I also remember Athia saying something about another person seeing the thief. Maybe if we can find him or her, it can help us in some way..." said Kev

"Aron Ar..." said Daisy, putting her head down with a sigh. "Hey, I can't help it that I think so much. Someone has to do all the thinking..." said Kev. Just then, Daisy jumps and headbutts Kev in the belly. "Aron Aron!" she said. "Ouf...ok ok, maybe not all the thinking..." he said

"Well, it would do us any good to just sit here and stare. How bout we go on a little adventure and see if we can't find the other person?" said Kev "Aron Ar!" said Daisy, hoping up in excitment.

Saffire Persian
21st April 2006, 4:57 PM
The village was full of hubbub. People were darting this way and that, talking, shouting, yelling. Most of the comments were based around the emblem that had been stolen. In all likelihood, it'd be the talk of the village for weeks. Months, even, depending on how quickly the emblem would end up being retrieved. People were shooting her odd looks - they knew she was one of the two girls who had seen the thief, or, to rectify it better, had "supposedly seen" the thief.

If the village leader didn't believe her, most of the village would follow suit and not. And since he didn't, Selene highly doubted anyone would really believe her story. She wondered if even Luna did.

But they both saw two different things - that put their argument at odds. Luna, a bird. Selene, some kind of dog-like creature. Perhaps a Mightyena.

Odd indeed.


Selene snapped out of her reverie, only to see an older man scuttle off, as the Sneasel waved a claw in his direction. Heh. She tended to have that effect on people. She was very bad-tempered at times.

They both were heading toward Luna's house. It, Selene decided, should be their first and foremost priority. Morana had agreed, though Selene had specifically forbid Morana from even asking for a battle from Luna's partner - the Hound of Darkness Flame.

She still was not happy about it, but Selene doubted that either Trainer or Partner would enjoy a battle-happy Sneasel coming in and demanding one. Especially - especially when they seemed to be getting closer to a real war. They both might have to fight, and if that was true, they'd be getting more than they liked out of battle.

Finally, Selene got out of the crowded streets, into one of the more residential areas. Selene's home was nearer to the outskirts, near the northernly mountains. Her family never did like huge, metropolitan areas. Finally, they arrived, with Morana pointing out the house that belonged to Luna, and Selene assumed, her family.

"Come. We will see if Luna is home. If not, we will wait by her doorstep. She is apt to return home sometime or another."


Lady Myuu
21st April 2006, 10:46 PM



Rain, rain go away, come again another day...

The big boned young woman sat outside, under a small canopy that was just outside her home. She sat on the dry ground as the rain around her poured onto the shelter and rolled off into the ground. The brunet woman sighed as she kept having to change her legs position, the cerculation was bad in them and they always fell asleep at the worst times.

Mitchal wasn't the most fit girl, even if she was often outside. She just... liked food more then being outside. The young archer watched as her companion for almost all her life darted around the rain soaking in the fresh waters. The blue/green shrug would hop and twirl in a little dance as it enjoyed the rain.

A flash of lightening and thunder sent teh startled shrug running for his friend and the wet ball and leaves leaped into her lap and cried for comfort.

Mitchal sighed and petted her friend. "Fuu, we have lived here all our lives. You'd think you would get use to the thunder and lightening."

"Odd.." the cute beady eyes looked up at the young lady. Mitchal just petted his head and ruffled the leaves.

"Yeah, yeah, excuses." Not that she could really understand her companion's speech but sometimes one just knows what someone is implying.

the archer sighed again as she thought about what she had saw, what had happened and how weak she had been to do anything about it. How someone STOLE there seal and she just idly watched it. Of course she thought she should do something, of course she knew she had to do something...

but she thought to much about it, the more she thought the more scared she became and Mitchal had chickened out of doing the right thing....


Her brown eyes turned down to the pokemon and she lifted the oddish up so that they were face to face.

"... I messed up again Fuu." she grumbled, "And no one believes me. No one ever believes people who can't even talk in a full sentence with out chickening out." she sat the little oddish in her lap again.

"I mean even someone else saw it! Two witnesses and they don't believe. Athia doesn't believe. I wish I had curauge like her... ah well." she stood up with Fuu the oddish chanted his name once more.

"Don't be stupid I can't do anything like that." Mitchal actually didn't have any idea what Fuu had said. But she had all ready been thinking about finding a way to prove herself brave.

"Ish?" Fuu replied confused as that was not what he was saying at all.

"... well I guess I could talk to the person who saw it too..."

"... oddish..." Fuu hated it when his friend put words in his mouth.

Mitchal looked out into the rain and decided it couldn't hurt. But maybe she'd wait for the rain to stop first.

Yeah... the rain to stop... then I might go... maybe.

Yami Ryu
22nd April 2006, 12:50 AM
[Hey Saffire, look, SEXY HOT MEN! *points* *hits Saffire when she's distracted and locks her in a closet* << >><<>> SHHH *flees*]


Fiona knew this had to be a crazy and insane idea. And under normal circumstances she would have just stayed home, under the covers, and tried to pretend everything was fine with the world. As she walked slowly through the village, ignoring some of the looks she got, for 'lying' or because of Zosi, she tried to keep in mind why she was doing this and not hiding like she wanted too.

'All I have to do,' Fiona told herself, 'is to find the other guy, and get him to help me.' Nodding her head slightly at the thought, she set out to find him, hoping he hadn't become cannon fodder or something already. Gulping a little at where her thoughts started to slugishly lead, Fiona shook her head slightly to clear the thoughts from her mind. And because she wasn't watching where she was going, Fiona walked right into a person. Oofing slightly as she bounced backwards and stumbled a little, she would have fallen over if Zosi hadn't nipped her shoulder and 'caught' her. Even if it would leave a bruise later on, Fiona was greatfull to the Rapidash.

She heard an impatient sound as she glanced up, and Fiona blanched, stuttered and quickly fled the other way, yelling for Zosi to come. The old Rapidash just snorted at the man and his Seviper that glared intently at the pokemon and human as they retreated.

"Seva, sevip sevaper.?" The large Seviper hissed out smoothly as he looked up at Leander. Whom only shook his head, "No, you don't need to go teach the little liar and that old thing a lesson, Blade, we have more important things to do. Come." And with that Leander headed to where the warriors were heading to.

Fiona was breathing hard as she finally slowed down, and then doubled over, bracing herself with her hands to her knees. This was not a good day. This was far from a good day. Ever since she had seen that man and the pokemon with him, her luck had turned sour. And then it had gotten worse when no one believed them because she and the other witness had seen different pokemon.

Zosi whickered softly and Fiona let out a stressfull sigh as she stood up, absently patting the Rapidash as he nuzzled and chewed at her hair. She didn't understand him really, as he wasn't her real partner, but atleast she understood comfort when offered. Sighing again, Fiona gave the pokemon a final pat. "Come on Zosi, we have to go find Melodor. And hope he's not with the fighters yet."

The fire horse whinnied softly as he fell in line behind the girl, looking like some battered old warrior himself with his horn half gone and the rest of it adorned in scratches and scars.

Fiona started to lose herself to her thoughts again, and hope that she'd run into the second witness soon. She was starting to lose her nerve, and was wanting to go back home and just pray her father and brothers would be fine.

Zephyr Flare
22nd April 2006, 1:36 AM
Standing outside now with Dordae reluctantly beside, Melodor had already started to head towards the gates, ignoring or dodging the majority of people and not wanting to be suddenly force drafted and losing this chance.

It was all seeming endless though, people popping out of nowhere, okemon, glares and hushed whispers just for going past.

'Charming' he grumbles, glancing over to the Nidorino who luckily due to being a little pointy, posionous and smaller was not suffering half as bad.

Sighing a little angrily Melodor decides to stop where he is for a few before making a real break for it, completely oblivious to the fact Fiona should be able to see him.

Kev Chi
22nd April 2006, 3:34 AM
Kev walked by to his closet to were all of his stuff was. Laying in his closet was broadsword, dull silver in color and about 2 feet in length.

"Never thought I'd actully have to use this thing in battle..." said Kev. "Aron Aron!" said Daisy. "Haha, I know, I'm sure you'd liked to get alittle excitment in. War looks like its on its way anyways, no matter what we say..."

Kev then went into the kitcken area of his house, already sitting on the table was some bread, chesse and bits of meat. "Well, I guess this will do for now." said Kev to himself. "Aron Ar!" said Daisy. "Oh yeah, thats right, you need your water with iron ore. I know how much you like that stuff.

Kev grabed a bag laying off to the side of the kitcken. It was a pretty ragged and brown backpack, something that looked like it had been already through a war before this one. Kev stuffed it full of all the stuff that was on the table and the water that was put into bottles.

"Well, looks like we're all ready. I'm kinda excited to get out of the house for once." Kev said while covering his bag with leather so things wouldn't get wet. "Aron!" said Daisy, running all over the place. Kev could tell she was excited. "Well, first we'll see if we can find the other witness. Once we find him or her, we'll she what he or she thinks, then go from there..." said Kev. "Aron." said Daisy, agreeing with Kev.

Kev, with his armor, cholthes, bag, and his partner, Daisy, walked out the door of his house. Rain poured, soaking Kev in a matter of minutes. Kev took about 5 feet from his house, turned around, bowed to his house, and went off into the village.

Raposa Dalua
22nd April 2006, 4:02 AM
Luna was greeted with the strong scent of baking bread as she opened the door to her home. The smell itself was quite a wake up call, knocking her out of the half-daze she had drifted into while walking home. 'Amazing how the smell of that bread can waft all the way from the kitchen down the hall to the living room. Behold, the power of diffusion,' she thought with a grin as she trailed inside her house, letting the door hang open behind her.

Cecil seemed unaffected by the aroma, having bounded inside the minute she had opened the door. He nudged her leg, trying to get her to move so he could close the door, thus cutting off the biting cold draft that was currently flowing through the gaping hole in the wall. Once this task was accomplished he bounded over to the living room, jumped up and over the back of the couch, and situated himself on the small armchair nearby. He turned 'round and 'round in a circle and laid down contentedly, looking as though he wasn't planning on getting up again for a good hour or so. Luna reached out and ruffled the short, bristly fur on his head as she passed him, choosing to walk around and sit on the couch like a normal creature. She stretched out across it's plain green surface, absentmindedly tidying up the little coffee table positioned near the window, which faced out towards the streets. Dark green curtains hung from it, complimenting the walls and the furniture nicely. Beyond the drawback curtains was a thin white veil, which could also be drawn back if need be.

She cast her amber colored gaze around the room, noting the very... green walls in the living room. The top halves of the walls were a pale green color, the bottom halves were two shades darker. The bottom contained imprints of flowers and leaves, all in a slightly lighter green color. The border situated between the top half and the bottom half was of small, white wildflowers sprouting up between large blades of grass. Overall, the room had a very outdoorsy look to it, containing many things that were usually covered by snow in an area like this. A little vase filled with dark fuschia and purple tulips sat in the far corner, on the other side of the large window.

"So, yeah, I'm just now realizing that I have no idea what to do," she muttered aloud, running a hand through her now rather unkempt looking blue hair. She heard an amused snort from Cecil, and promptly threw a pillow in the cheeky little dog's general direction. A gruff bark indicated that she had made a direct hit, and she grinned slightly.

"I suppose it would be more helpful if I attempted to locate whatserface... Celes? Selvina? Person-with-name?" she paused for a moment, then continued, "Eh, I'd remember instantly if I saw her. I'm not good with names unless I have pictures to go with 'em. Whoever she is, she'll hopefully know more about what to do than I do. I understand just looking for the theif but... where do we start? How do we go about looking for someone who, according to the rest of the bloody town, wasn't even there?"

Cecil lifted his head up, his dark blue eyes darting towards the window. Beyond Luna's incessant rambling, he could hear the sound of footsteps. A stranger was coming closer to the house. A stranger... who hopefully had some food for him, if he was lucky. He jumped off his comfy little chair and headed for the door, barking. Luna, finally noticing that something was up, got up and went after him. She traveled over to the door and opened it before her newfound guest even had a chance to make her presence known. A sort of pale looking blonde stood beyond the doorway, accompanied by a rather miffed looking Sneasel. Luna resisted the urge to shout "We don't want any!" and slam the door in her face. Instead, she raised her hand in greeting, and used the other to support herself against the wall. For, the minute she had opened the door, she found herself needing to use one leg to support herself and the other to hold Cecil back, who seemed intent on pouncing on the green eyed girl.

"Hey there- Ceece, stay back, it's very doubtful that she came here just to give you something to eat," she smiled sheepishly at the girl in front of her, "Don't mind the Houndour, he's just overly friendly," she chuckled a little, "Can I help you?"

Saffire Persian
24th April 2006, 2:42 AM
If Selene was surprised by the door suddenly opening even before she had the chance to make her presence known, she didn't show it. She merely stood at the door, listening as Luna addressed her without so much as blinking an eye. Selene observed that this girl obviously didn't recognize her -- or if she did, she showed no sign whatsoever. Selene supposed this was to be expected, considering a great number of the population consisted of blondes.

Luna, however, easily stuck out with her blue hair. She was now in the middle of restraining her partner, a black, blue-eyed Houndour who seemed more energetic than the whole of the village children combined.

Morana snorted, coming up to Selene's side, and folding both of her lethal looking claws across her chest, giving the dog a very keen, deep glance. A smirk crept onto the Sneasel's muzzle.

"My apologies for disturbing you," Selene said, watching as the dog struggled against the hold of his partner. "You are Luna Giget, are you not?" Both Selene knew she was, but it felt wrong of her not to ask.

"I do not suppose you would remember me," Selene said offhandedly, shifting into a more conformable standing position. "I am Selene Caminach, daughter of Eldon and Marlyne. This is my partner, Morana, Warrior of the Black Ice -" the Sneasel merely shrugged at the introduction. "I am the one who also claimed to have seen the man and his accomplice who stole the emblem from our village.

"There seems, as you know, to have been a disagreement between our tales of what commenced. I am here to rectify this. I am sure you saw what you saw, and I saw what I saw. I do not think either you or I are dishonorable people, as are our partners. To put it plainly, I have come to see if we might put an end to this difference between us, and to shed some light on this matter. "

Selene then stopped herself, aware that she was likely sounded long-winded, and allowed Luna to speak.

Lady Myuu
24th April 2006, 5:50 AM
And so Mitchal waited. And waited. And waited. for the rain to stop so she could go find... whats his name... Kev? Yeah him, find him and talk to him about what he saw. SHe had to do something soon but she loathed the idea of getting wet.

Plus it gave her a good reason NOT to do anything. Which was fine by her, as she all ready thought up 101 reasons why not to go out. One being she had 100 reasons not to go out.

Fuu had been rather oblivious to her partner second thinking as the little green veggie pokemon was once again running around in the rain. THe small weed pokemon was having another great time before once again, a roll of thunder and...

Fuu had run back to its companion and leaped into her lap once more. Claiming it as sacturery from the terrifying storm. Mitchal once again reminded Fuu that it had lived in this town all his life and he needed to get over thunder storms.

It was a thunder village after all.

The young woman continued to protest her venture out into the rain holding the whimpering ball of leaves when she noticed a figure coming. Walking towards her. In the rain. Mitchal got to her feet and look out rather confused as to what was going on.

Who was coming this way in such weather? she tried to make out the figure but it seemed the rain was falling to hard to give her much help.

"Hello!?" called out the young archer. She waved her arms trying to catch the attention of the person that was all ready coming her way, she didn't have any idea that it was indeed Kev, the same person she was thinking about going out and finding.

He seemed to like the rain more then her.

Yami Ryu
25th April 2006, 2:50 AM
Fiona didn't notice anyone was in her way untill, like before, she walked right into the guy and stumbled backwards with a startled yelp. Once again, Zosi grabbed her shoulder in his mouth, preventing her from fully falling over. Fiona quickly caught herself after the aid from Zosi, fearing she had walked into Leander again, but found she had only walked into a young man, maybe a few years older than herself. And it was the same one she was looking for!

"You!" Fiona shouted, pointing at him, and then grabbed for a sleeve of his shirt. "We have to talk, it's important!"

Kev Chi
25th April 2006, 4:32 AM
Kev continued to walk through the village, seeing all of the people stare at him when he walked by.

"Aron Ar..." said Daisy, her voice a bit nervous. "Yea, I'm a bit nervous too...word must of got out about how we saw the thief..." said Kev

Just then, an old man took his walking stick to Kev's head, Kev falling forward and the stick breaking. "Maybe that will help you see the thief better, ya young idiot!" he said, pulling another stick out of his bag.

"Least I think better then you..." Kev mumbled to himself, his face full of mud. "Did you say something you whippersnapper?" said the old man. Kev sweatdropped. "A...I said you sure think better then me sir!" The old man gave him a funny look and went off.

"Aron Aron?" said Daisy. Kev moaned. "Ouch....yea, I'm alright. Sometimes I wish I had a medal head like you." he said. "Aron!" said Daisy, a bit angry. "No I don't mean your stupid. You just saw what happen."

Kev then heard a voice, sounded like someone was trying to get his attention. He turned to see a husky looking girl sitting under a roof, waving her arms, and what looked to be an oddish.

"Aron Aron." said Daisy. "Your right...she does kinda look like a chicken flapping her arms like that..." Kev shook his head. "A chicken? You better behave yourself. For all we know that could be the other person and if she heard us, guess who's going to get slapped across the face?" said Kev

"Aron?" said Daisy. "Yes me." said Kev. He sighed. "Let's just go meet her..." So Kev and Daisy walked over to the girl with the oddish.

Myuu could have alot of fun responding to this post. =P

Zephyr Flare
25th April 2006, 8:13 PM
Melodor made a face over getting bumped into, turning his head and lookng about to snap something before stoping to blink mindlessly.

When the sleeve was grabbed he couldn't help but glare.

"How to make this a bigger mess than it already is exactly or are you after a sellout?" he answered back not looking happy before his glare turns to the Doredae nudge of his leg.

"Oh don't you start... Ugh fine, ok if it's important you better say it fast, we were leaving" he grudlingly grumbles, clearly not looking at Fiona.

Raposa Dalua
26th April 2006, 4:20 AM
Cecil noted the smirk that crept across Morana's face when she glanced at him, but the silly dog only grinned lopsidedly in return. Had they been closer friends, he might've taken the smirk as a challenge, and would have proceeded to chase the Sneasel around the house. However, she was just a stranger, and it would just seem rude if he had started running about. By this point he had calmed down a bit, allowing Luna to relax and drop her leg as she listened to Selene introduce herself. Although, while the blonde was speaking, Luna couldn't help but think 'Geeze, my last name is Gadget, not Giget... Oh well. Not like this is the first time it's been mispronounced.'

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Selene, and you too, Morana," she grinned at the Sneasel before shifting her gaze back to Selene, "I'll try to actually remember your name this time. So sorry, I'm just horrible with names. My mom keeps telling me I'm going to forget my own name one of these days..."

"Aaanyway," she continued, "It's good that you sought me out, 'cause I was hoping to get the chance to talk to you about this thief thing. And if I would've had to try and locate you, I'd be late by about ten days. I wouldn't even know where to star-"

Luna was cut off as she heard a shout from down the hall. Her mother was yelling about something or other. Most likely, she had said something along the lines of "Close the bloody door, we're not here to heat the entire town you know!" The blue haired girl flushed from embarrassment, and smiled sheepishly at the blonde before her.

"How silly of me! I really ought to invite you in, can't have you standing out in the cold like that. So sorry, really," she stepped back, extending a hand towards her still very green living room, "You're welcome to sit where you like; there's a long, turny sorta couch (shaped like a C!) and there's the armchair. You'll have to wrestle Cecil there for the armchair though, he's rather attached to it."

She pointed to the cushioned chair, already aware of the fact that the blue eyed Houndour was headed in its direction. He had obviously had enough of standing in front of the door, listening to those two humans talk.

Lady Myuu
27th April 2006, 10:56 PM
ooc: *pretends to not notice the dust covering her own rpgs...* What dust? I see no dust... you all must have something in your eyes... *cough*

Kev can you do something for me? whenever someone new is about to talk, just tap the enter button twice so that its easier to read. So instead of having daisy nad Kev tlak on the some paragraph tap it everytime someone new starts to talk ^.^'; make it easier to read.


Mitchal blinked as she watched the seen perform before her. She blinked again as her oddish gave a cry of alarm when the old man decided to take a stick to the boy.

Mitchal was glad she did not venture out far from her porch, was also glad she wasn't the one getting beaten on. She would have yelled for hte old man to stop if she hadn't put to much thought about it.

"Aron Aron." said Daisy.

"Your right...she does kinda look like a chicken flapping her arms like that..."

Mitchal was not amused, "Excuuuse me?" she called out placing her hands on her hips (which made her drop Fuu and the poor grass ball fell to the ground with a thud). She thought up a snappy retort but of course put way to much thought into it and of course she 'chickened' out from using it.

"You might want to get out of the rain. Uum... you don't want to catch a cold." great, Mitchal sounded like a mother. The girl mentally kicked herself for being so introverted.

Kev Chi
28th April 2006, 5:46 AM
Sorry. I did that because I didn't want to absorb the whole page but now that I have permession, I'll go nuts. :D

Kev took a step back and took a defensive postion, expecting to get slaped. The lady snaped back at Kev but didn't slap him. Kev let a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness. I've endured enough pain for one day." said Kev

The rain was starting to get to Kev, so he decided to go to where Mitchal was sitting. Kev sat down next to her, Indian style.

"Wonder if this was the person I'm looking for?" said Kev to himself. Kev took off his bag and sat it next to him.

"Umm...My name is Kev." Kev had a perticual nervousness when meet a member of the opposite sex for the first time. "I'm guessing you saw that little thing with the old man right?"

While Kev was introduing himself, Daisy also decided to introdue herself to her Oddish.

"Aron Aron!" said Daisy, jumping up in happiness.

"So I'm guessing you've heard about the emblem being stolen?" said Kev

Yami Ryu
28th April 2006, 2:48 PM
Fiona was inwardly greatful the older boy wasn't looking at her, it had taken all her courage to do this, and even with Zosi she probably wouldn't have been able to speak if she had known she'd instantly get a look like she was crazy.

"I know you say you saw an Ariados, and I know you probably won't believe me, but think! All the ones with Ariados partners are either old, or young, or were on missions!" Fiona paused before continuing, "I-I saw the man before you had, and his pokemon. I think I know what the pokemon really is but no one would believe me even if I said! I don't even have a partner yet," and with this she glanced to Zosi, as the Rapidash had been her mothers not hers, and sighed before looking back at Melodor.

"Please, we have to find who, or what really took the emblem before a war happens. I don't want to lose the rest of my family. Please, please help me."

Zephyr Flare
28th April 2006, 8:34 PM
Melodor turns his head slightly, still in miffed mode but enough to make it clear he was listening with a quirked eyebrow.

Inwardly ignoring the fact a certain 'Rino is glaring rather harshly he sighs slightly before glancing to Fiona properly.

"All right you've got me on that one... But if you're gonna tag* along with us least you can do is help, I'm gonna hardly be any used if I get drafted and dragged off into the ranks" he grumbles the last part, with the recent it wouldn't be that surpising if anybody tried to sell him out.

*He says tag to make him feel good, he means help just has a stupid way of putting it :x

Lady Myuu
6th May 2006, 2:36 AM
*sigh* Lock via request by author. Sorry guys.